Jul 222014

This week we discuss old school FPS’s, Risk of Rain again, and DOOMBOTS!!!! (whatever those are) Plus we dive deep into the Yogsventure! debacle and Doom….BOTS!!!!

What’s the state of the podcast?
Things are still ramping up! We’ve bought some new equipment to sound better but unfortunately our internet connection was not the greatest this week. Bummer. Video wise you’ll notice it’s like watching a slide show. Audio dips more often than wanted and Kyle M’s mic gain was a little high. But that’s why this is Episode Zero(point)One and not Episode One. Technical issues aside this is a beefy episode that’s packed full of conversation. So sit back, enjoy, and let us know what you think!

What’s on the horizon?
We plan to record again this Sunday so if you want to watch us live and chat check Google+ or my Twitter to find out when we will record. Kyle and I are working diligently to improve the show by trimming the fat (conversations that drag on) and tweaking the format so that there is less awkward silences and more coherent and meaningful conversations. As far as quality, I unfortunately can’t make my connection any better during high bandwidth times but if doing this over Google Hangouts on Air becomes too troublesome, I guarantee we’ll find a better way to do this. That aside I hope you’re enjoying the show and we can’t wait to give you more!


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