Jul 292014

Join the Kyles this week as we talk more DOOM, kickflips in OlliOlli, how to pronounce Anachronox, Google’s cool billion spent on twitch,¬†and of course Risk of Rain. All this and MORE!!!!!

State of the Podcast
Things are coming along nicely. Kyle and I have loosened up a little bit and are starting to have fun with everything (not bad for the third show!). Video quality is still lacking though. If this persist, we have decided that we will either find a better video format or go to strictly audio. What that will mean for interacting with us live i don’t know but we’ll see. Also because this is recorded live, between 39:00 and 45:00 we take a break so that I can tend to an upset child. if only I had a technical difficulties slide i could throw in there……

On the Horizon
We record next week so be on the lookout if you’d like to join in and chat. Kyle and I plan to record a video of some Risk of Rain. and release it soon. Overall, I’d say maybe a few more of these “Zero(point)” episodes and we’ll be ready to go full blown live. Hope you’re enjoying them because I know we sure are!


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