Jul 152014

Tonight we test our new podcast over Google Hangouts, talk early access, pre-order bonuses, Rise of the Triad, Risk of Rain, You Don’t Know Jack, and much more!!

What is Extra Lives?
Extra Lives is an all new video game podcast brought to you by Kyle McCauley and Kyle Penrod (formally of The Backwards Compatible Podcast) where we get down to the nitty gritty and absolute fun that is the wonderful world of games.

Why Episode Zero?
Great question anonymous stranger! While we’re frothing at the mouth to start this podcast, we don’t quite have everything we need just yet. So we figured why not release a half baked product in it’s place until we are ready! When everything is said and done we’ll be recording every week (probably Saturday evenings) via Google Hangouts On Air and releasing both a video version (similar to the one above) and a tired and true audio version of the podcast via our website (forthcoming) and of course at the ol’ CarpeGM.net because we love those guys! Until then feel free to join us in the chat while live on the air (via Google+) every week and let us know what you think!


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