Nov 302013

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On this episode of Modiphius Calling we’re joined by Lynne Hardy, line editor for Achtung Cthulhu and creator of steampunk pulp RPG Cogs, Cakes and SwordsticksJeremy Hogan talks about his Kickstarter hitDreaming Spires which lets you build Oxford University with all the famous names. Plus, hints on running a period game in World War Two or the Age of Steam.

Note: Dreaming Spires Kickstarter closes today (Nov 30th) please check it out!




Running Order:
01:14 – News from Modiphius: We went to print with the first books! The Floor Tiles look awesome and Chris visits Battlefront to talk about the DUST rpg with the playtest about to kick off.
05:55 – Interview with Lynne Hardy about lining editing the Achtung! Cthulhu books and Cogs, Cakes & Swordsticks.
18:26 – What’s On Your Table: Zombie State, Wars of the Roses: Lancaster Vs York, King of Tokyo, Mice & Mystics
34:12 – Interview with Jeremy Hogan about Kickstarter Dreaming Spires
50:40 – Mobile Gaming: Lords of Waterdeep, Tiny Deathstar,
57:58 – Up For Debate: How to Run a Period RPG
1:11:12 – Close and thanks. Next show Olivier from DUST Studio and James from Mantic talking about Mars Attacks

Music courtesy of Joshua John O’Connor and Bob Spelled Backwards

Episode 7 Links: 

What’s on Your Table:
Chris: Zombie State
Josh: Wars of the Roses: Lancaster vs. York, 

Lynne/Josh: King of Tokyo
Lynne: Castle –

Interview: Lynne Hardy–swordsticks.html

Mobile Gaming:
Chris – Lords of Waterdeep – $6.99
Lynne: Tiny Death Star: FREE!

Roundtable: Up for Debate: How to run a “period” RPG: Chris, Josh, Lynne
20s slang link:

Interview: Jeremy Hogan, Dreaming Spires,


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