Dec 082013

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On this episode of Modiphius calling The Achtung Cthulhu Investigators and Keepers Guides are now on sale, we’ll walk through the first half of the Keepers Guide with additional insights and things to look out for.  Chris and Lynne review the Firefly Board Game. Olivier Zamfirescu from DUST Studio talks about new starter kits and plans for DUST Tactics. James Hewitt from Mantic Games talks Dread Bowl, the Kickstarter success Mars Attacks Miniatures Game and wargame scenery. Running time for this episode is one hour and four minutes.

Please excuse the reverb on this episode’s dialogue.



Running Order:
00:53 – What is that intro about? Rita Birch explains!
02.34- News from Modiphius:
03:30 – What’s On Your Table: Firefly Boardgame
16:57 – Interview with Olivier Zamfirescu from DUST Studio
28:15 – Achtung! Cthulhu – Inside the Secret War – The Keeper’s Guide
57:00 – Interview with James Hewitt from Mantic Games
1:02:52 – Close and thanks. Next show an interview with Lenny Balsera from Steve Jackson Games and the FATE team and part 2 of our Inside the Secret War – The Keeper’s Guide

Episode 7 Links: 

Interview – James from Mantic Games:

Interview – Olivier from DUST Studio

What’s On Your Table – Firefly Boardgame

News – Keeper’s & Investigators Guide available at:



Modiphius Webstore (if people buy both they get the same bundle deal as above)

Music courtesy of Joshua John O’Connor
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