Nov 182013

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In this episode of Modiphius Calling, Godfather of Call of Cthulhu Sandy Petersen talks to us about Cthulhu Wars Miniatures game. Jeff Combos of Exile Studio talks Hollow Earth Expedition and Space 1889.John Houlihan, writer of The Trellborg Monstrosities and Karim Thielgaard, actor & musician (and partly to blame for Chris’s journey to Achtung! Cthulhu). Eldritch Ukelele player Reuben Saunders presents Lovecraftian music suitable for fans of Erich Zann and George Formby. Running time for this episode is 60 minutes.




Running Order:
00:38 – Welcome, John Houlihan on Trellborg and his latest writing projects
06:36 – What’s on Your Table?
08:35 – Mobile Gaming
14:52 – Feature: The Eldritch Ukelele Music of Reuben Saunders
34:43 – Interview: Jeff Combos, Exile Game Studio
42:06 – News From Modiphius
45:18 – Interview: Sandy Petersen, Green Eye Games
54:57 – Catchup With Karim, Goodbye!

In Episode 7 we’ll have an interview with Olivier Zamfirescu from DUST Studio and Lenny Balsera from Steve Jackson Games (and part of the FATE team).

Episode 6 Links:

John Houlihan
The Monstrosities at Trellborg PDF’s

What’s on Your Table/(Video Games) John:
Rise Son of Rome 
Titan Fall
Zombie State Boardgame

iPad Games: 
Ancient Battle Rome
Plague Inc 
3D virtual Tabletop

Jeff Combo:
Hollow Earth
Space 1889

Lords of Waterdeep
Dust Adventures
Mutant Chronicles

Interview: Sandy Petersen   
Cthulhu Wars
Sandy Petersen Bio

Karim Thielgaard

Music courtesy of Reuben Sanders, Joshua John O’Connor and Bob Spelled Backwards


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