Jul 122012

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Hosts – Dan, Bryan, Tyler, Steve , Mack

Topic – We discuss the uses of settings in your campaigns, list a few fantasy tropes, and outline the different types of fantasy settings.  This episode also contains a break down of different types of magic and ways to portray them in your games.

(:34) Changes we are making

(2:31) A little about settings in general

(3:10) The truth about truths

(8:27) Fantasy trappings and tropes

(14:44) Fantasy variations

(39:49) What does magic mean to your world?

(43:02) Variations in magic systems


The Game Of Thrones
The Princess Bride (IMDb)
Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves (IMDb)
The Crow (IMDb)
Pirates of the Caribbean (IMDb)
Willow (IMDb)
Conan the Barbarian(Wikipedia)
The Dresden Files
R. A. Salvatore
John Carter of Mars
Harry Potter
Futhark Runes
Skyrim (wiki)
Full Metal Alchemist (IMDb)

The Legend of Korra

Notes – CarpeGM.net is changing it’s look soon, We will be needing art.  We prefer to use art from the members of our community.  A formal announcement will be made soon, but if you’re interested, contact dan@carpegm.net.  Thanks for listening!

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