Sep 272012

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Hosts – Dan, Bryan, Mack, Tyler, Steve

Topic – In this episode, we discuss ways to keep your game group engaged when there has been a significant change in scheduling,and we answer(?) a listener email.

(:44) On our horizon

(11:19) Game savers

(21:03) EMAIL!!





 D&D Next playtest
Metagamers Anonymous
Heroes of Newerth
League of Legends
IDW Publishing
Lasagna Quattro Formaggi
Obsidian Portal
Happy Jack’s RPG Podcast
Savage Worlds
Martha Stewart tv movie (IMDb)
Star Wars Saga Edition
Traveller (Mongoose)
Prime Directive RPG
Rogue Trader
Battle Fleet Gothic
Spelljammer (apparently, people still play this)
Scumbag Shang Tsung

Mack Supported Shai-Hulud (Wikipedia)

Notes – Because of a pressing schedule, a late start, and tangential (yet substantive) discussions, we did not quite make it to to our topic in this episode.  Stay tuned…the Sci Fi episode is coming!

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