Sep 202012

Carpe GM Interview Series – Episode 1 – Cullen Bunn


Notes – Bryan Caught up with comic book writer, Cullen Bunn at Heroic Adventures in Edwardsville IL.

They discuss projects, old and new, Cullen gives advice to aspiring comic writers, and they talk about some “favorites” of past and present.

(:38) “What’s your geek?”

(2:07) “How did you get started in the industry?”

(5:01) “How do you approach writing for Iconic characters?”

(6:56) “Tell us about Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe.”

(9:01) “Any advise for aspiring writers?”

(15:50) “All time favorite comic”

(18:10) “What are you reading currently?”


Media – 

cullenbunn .com

Oni Press

The Damned

The Sixth Gun

Breaking Bad (IMDb)

The Tooth

Devil Dinosaur

Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe

Preacher (Wikipedia)



Thanks again to Sam Gollon of Sammy and the Punk for his contribution to the theme!


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