Oct 052012

League play for  Magic The Gatherings’s newest release Return to Ravnica, starts October 5, 2012.  Find a a league near you and get in on the action!!!

Join the Return to Ravnica League and experience the newest Magic: The Gathering set in an exciting format!

The top finishers at the end of the league will get an alternate art Knight token!       

Find a League Near You!

Where Can I Join on October 5, 2012?

Return to Ravnica Leagues are happening at local stores all over the world! Check out our tournament locator to find aReturn to Ravnica League near you. Contact your local store to confirm the event venue, start time and date.

What Happens There?

When you join the Return to Ravnica League, you will be given the opportunity to play with the newest cards in an on-going, five-week league. There will be prizes, and players can complete a league badge for fun and excitement.

The suggested format for the Return to Ravnica league is Sealed Deck — Each player receives six Return to Ravnica booster packs to use for building a deck. Please check with your local store to confirm the league format.

Over the course of the league, you will be able to add more boosters to your league deck.

Each participant should play three matches per week, for a total of fifteen over the course of the league. Players joining the Return to Ravnica League late can play extra matches to catch up to the current match cap of three times the current total of weeks of the league.

What Do I get?

Each player will receive a league badge, and each week, if they play all three of their matches, they’ll be rewarded with a guild symbol sticker they can attach to their badge.

At the end of the league, there will be cool prizes including an alternate art Knight token. Your local store may offer other prizes as well. Be sure to contact them to confirm the details of their league.

Players who have general questions about Magic Leagues or any other Wizards of the Coast offerings should contact Customer Service at www.wizards.com/customerservice, or call 800-324-6496 in North America, or check the global contact list for their local Customer Service office at www.wizards.com/GlobalCS.


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