Oct 012012

Translating your geeky interests into a decorating style is so much fun. If you’re not a fan of DIY projects, there are all kinds of things you can buy to make your domicile as awesome as it can be. If you don’t pay your bills for the next few months and feel like saving up for this instead, no one would blame you. This functional NES controller coffee table would make for way more than just a conversation piece!

Fully Functional!!

One of my favorite ways to display my action figures is on a simple shelf. I really like the floating shelf style if you anchor it to the wall securely, you don’t want your valuable treasures falling to the floor the next time you see a Game Over screen and throw your controller at the wall. Here are some examples from my living room:

If you are a fan of projects you can do at home, you can make your own wall art pretty easily. All you need is a blank square canvas and something to put on it like a quote from your favorite movie or a printed out picture of your favorite superhero. Just add glue, markers, or Mod Podge to make a unique work of art. The space you live in should reflect your interests, so don’t be afraid to frame some posters.

Make that mint condition Millennium Falcon replica the focal point of your wall or china cabinet!

*Notes from Dan* :

This is the second blog from our resident gamer girl! You can see more of Kayt’s work at her Etsy Shop. You really should stop in and look around!


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