May 252012

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Hosts – Dan, Bryan, Mack, Steve

Topic – A discussion about stereotypical villains and antagonists.  We discuss what those stereotypes are, what makes a good villain, and ways to use them in your campaigns.

(1:24) A few villain stereotypes

(35:32) Our favorite antagonists that we’ve encountered as players

(43:46) Our favorite villains that we’ve ran as GMs

(53:41) Our favorite villains of any medium

Media – 

Dragon Strike
Vladimir Propp
DC Universe RPG (Wikipedia)
Mass Effect
Resident Evil (1996)(Wikipedia)
The Killing Joke (Wikipedia)
Lex Luthor
The Ring
Bio Shock (Wikipedia)
Silent Hill (Wikipedia)
Left For Dead

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  5 Responses to “Episode 2 – Villains”

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  1. I really liked this one. The central villain in my campaign which is close to wrapping up is genuinely neutral, seeking only to extricate herself from her situation. But over the course of her existence she had routinely enlisted the help of endemically evil creatures. Not because she agreed with their personal motives but simply because she wasn’t willing to hug her problems out and didn’t want to throw in with the JUSTICE crowd either. So she amassed a retinue of Mind Flayers, Pit Fiends, and other monstrous things simply because THEY GET THINGS DONE.

    • Sounds like she chose those minions for a few reasons.
      1: Those creatures do get things done because they are unfettered by a moral code.
      2: Due to that lack of moral code, those creatures tend to not ask questions pertaining to the motivation of someone supporting the pursuit of their respective goals.
      3: Recruiting creatures with that outlook, regardless of how dangerous, is probably easier than asking herself questions about the morality of her actions, or, subscribing to the more righteous principles of the “justice” crowd.
      This sounds like a classic version of the “sympathetic” (albeit selfish) villain, sounds like a lot of fun and potential for great role-playing. If you have any questions that you would like to be covered on the podcast send us an e-mail to Thanks for the feedback!

  2. There are lots of great villains, but if I had to pick one, it would have to be the title character from The Day of the Jackal (the original, NOT the Bruce Willis remake). There’s a fascinating appeal to one man and his wits against the resources of an entire government.

  3. This is the second of three experiments on show format, thank you for your input. Thanks for the feedback. Bill the Butcher and Gordon Gekko never even crossed my mind! Fantastic! You should hop in on the forums and share!

  4. Particularly enjoyed this episode. You guys are hitting stride. Keep it going. Some interesting picks for favorite villains ever. I won’t judge anyone for theirs just present my own. Which after much thought I still cannot narrow to just one favorite above the others so here is an oddly eclectic group of my favorite villains: Darth Vader, Artemis Entreri, Bill the Butcher, and Gordon Gekko. They span many genres but each intensely corrupt and evil in their own right.


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