May 152012

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Hosts – Dan, Bryan, Mack, Steve, Tyler


We discuss the tropes of different storytelling mediums and ways to convey their “feel” to your players as a GM.

(2:07) – Literature

(18:19) – Movies

(26:00) – Television

(39:30) – Video Games

(46:25) – Comics and Graphic Novels


This topic may have been too big to tackle with one episode.  Perhaps a little later we will break this down into a couple of episodes and discuss each of the mediums more deeply.  That should allow us to give more advice on the individual mediums.  Live and learn… please post comments on the forums or send an e-mail with your thoughts.

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  One Response to “Episode 1 – Different Mediums for Different GMs”

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  1. Interesting stuff guys. I enjoyed this very much. Lots of food for thought for GMs everywhere. Keep up the good work, gentlemen.


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