Aug 212012

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Hosts – Dan, Mack, Steve, Bryan, Tyler

Topic – This is a big one.  In this episode, we answer(?) some questions about gamer etiquette, discuss some house-rule protocol, and listen to some “man-on-the-street” interviews about  gamer superstitions as we discuss and divulge our own.  Finally, we announce our first CarpeGM listener contest!

(00:37) Episode 10!

(1:30) On our horizon

(9:00) Disclaimer

(10:00) A lengthy discussion concerning gamer etiquette and protocol

(53:15) The Gilmore “Gilly”

(55:41) Gamer Superstitions

(56:15) Man-on-the-street interviews

(120:55) The 1st CarpeGM Listener Contest!!!
Media – 

Dark Knight Rises
Breaking Bad (IMDb)
The Borne Legacy
Fortress America
Geek and Sundry
Fiasco (Bully Pulpit Games)
Zima (Wikipedia)
Paizo Publishing
Postcards From the Dungeon (Podcast)

Heroic Adventures
Ninja – Legend of the Scorpion Clan (Game)

 Notes – The prize for our listener contest is brought to you by our friendly local game store
Heroic Adventures, Our Friendly local game store

            We support our friendly local game store….Do you?

Ninja - Legend of the Scorpion Clan

            Ninja – Legend of the Scorpion Clan

If you would like to enter our contest, send your entries to, or, for more information go to  Thanks for listening!

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