Sep 172013

Probably Questionable Podcast

– Intro/What’s New?
– Daddy Soda of the Day (Breckenridge Agave Wheat)
– News Stories
– Two Lies and a Fact

Host: Dan
Special Guest(s): N/A





NYPD say three posed as police on Staten Island to get early copy of ‘Grand Theft Auto V’:

Blobfish is the ugliest animal alive:

Vernett Bader Stabs Roommate Who Wouldn’t Stop Listening To The Eagles:

Banff motorcyclist pursued by ‘massive’ grey wolf along stretch of B.C. highway:

Ben Affleck finally comments on playing Batman, addresses criticism:

Justin Bieber’s Instagram Scares BATMAN/ SUPERMAN Fans:

Ohio State students find secret roommate in their home:

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