Sep 052013

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Modiphius Calling returns with a massive Gen Con special covering a bucket load of great games we saw at the show, interviews with Ken Hite (Nights Black Agents, Trail of Cthulhu) and Paolo Parente (DUST, Confrontation, AT43) and we talk about the latest mobile boardgames and what we’re playing.

Running Order
0:56 – Gen Con Lowdown – tons of news, stuff we discovered and coolness from the mecca of gaming.
14:10 – Ken Hite Interview
23:29 – Modiphius News
25:20 – Mobile Boardgaming – We review Lines of Fire and Battle of the Bulge
39:25 – Paolo Parente Interview (please turn up the volume – apologies for the sound quality)
58:50 – What’s on your table (Claustrophobia, Hero vs Guardian, A Quiet Year

Full links below to all the games we talk about and in the next show we’ll have interviews with Margaret Weis (Margaret Weis) and Monte Cook (Numenera / Monte Cook Games). We also picked up interviews with the following who’ll be featured in later shows: Charlie Krank (Chaosium), Chris Pramas (Green Ronin), Jeff Combo (Exile Games Studio),  Matt Forebeck, Russ from ENWorld, Erin Huss (Roleplayers Chronicle), Chris & Rob (Accidental Survivors), 2GM’s & 1 Mic and many more.


GenCon Report:
Shadows of Esteren:
Eldritch Skies:
Kobold Guide to World Building:
BattleLore 2nd Edition:
Star Wars – Age of Rebellion:
Broken Shield:
Firefly Board Game:
Pathfinder Card Game:
Firefly RPG:!shop/c23st
Warbirds RPG:

Ken Hite:
Nights Black Agents:

Mobile Boardgaming:
Lines of Fire:
Battle of the Bulge:

Paolo Parente:
Dust RPG Announcement:
Dust Tactics:
Dust Warfare:
Dust Board Game:

What’s on Your Table?
Battlestar Galactica:
Seattle Doomsday Map –
Noteboard –
The Quiet Year –
Hero vs Guardian –
Villagers & Villains –

The opinions expressed here represent personal opinions of presenters and guests and do not not necessarily reflect the views of Modiphius Entertainment Ltd. 


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