Dec 212012

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Interviews – Episode 6 – Contest Contributor, Drew Rose

In this episode, I finally got the chance to sit down with Drew Rose from our friendly local game store, Heroic Adventures.  Drew and I talk a little about his hobbies and what makes him a geek.  Then, we spend a little time talking about the shop.  A little later, we unveil the prize that Drew and Heroic Adventures is donating to our Rating and Review Raffle.  Finally, we finish up with a synopsis on our contest and the prizes that are presently available to be won.  Enjoy!





Media – 

Heroic Adventures’ Facebook page
Fantasy Books Inc.
Gamerstable (podcast)

Drew Supported The Legend of Luther Strode (Image Comics)

Our Friendly Local Game Store, Heroic Adventures

Heroic Adventures is donating a copy of LOTR: Nazgul to our Rating and Review Raffle!


The dark lord Sauron is pleased that you have… chosen… to champion the true destiny of Middle-earth. Some prefer the hopeless cause of men and their miserable allies. Theirs is a fool’s choice! You show no affinity for such delusions. You seek glory for Sauron, and your rewards shall be great!


Be Sure to check out the rest of the prizes available and get the details on how to enter at

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