Jun 082012

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Hosts – Dan, Mack, Bryan, Steve, Tyler

Topic – A discussion about board games and how they differ from RPGs.  We also talk about the different types of board games that are being produced today, some of our favorites, and we review Smallworld.

(2:15) The difference between board games and RPGs

(9:25) Different types of board games

(14:00) Luck VS Strategy

(22:32) Buddha’s List

(25:30) Our favorite board games

(40:46) Smallworld (Game Review)


 Fantasy Flight Gmaes
Wizards of the Coast
Hero Clix
War Hammer
Chaos Chess
Buddha’s List (Wikipedia)
Go (Wikipedia)
Pass the Popcorn
Logo (game)
Cards Against Humanity (free)
Frag (game)
Betrayal at House on the Hill (game)

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