Jun 212013

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Hosts – Dan, Steve, Tyler, Mack, Bryan

Topic – In this episode, we talk about Star Trek- Into Darkness from the Trekkie and Non-Trekkie points of view.  This episode also contains part 1 of a 2 part series concerning Superman.  In part one, we discuss the lore of the “Big Blue Boy Scout”, his history,  and our opinions before we see Man of Steel.  Be sure to check out part 2 of the series where we will be discussing our opinions of “Supes” after having seen Man of Steel,  where we will also present a review and breakdown of the theatrical release in classic CarpeGM style.




Media – 

Probably Questionable (Podcast)
Heroclix Team Base (Pics)
Half in the Bag: Star Trek Into Darkness | – Red Letter Media


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Notes – the interstitial music on this episode is “Perfect Occasion” by Falter

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