Nov 242012

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Hosts – Dan, Bryan, Steve, Tyler, Mack

Topic – In this episode, we make a few announcements about the show, we kick off our next listener contest , and we discuss some of our favorite podcasts and what about them inspires us.

(2:38) Announcements! (WE HAVE A NEW CONTEST!!!!!)

(14:45) On Our Horizon

(27:09) Podcasts that we love



Media – 


Base Raiders (Kickstarter)
Sentinels of the Multiverse: Shattered Timelines (Kickstarter)
Save 15% on your car insurance!
Heroic Adventures, our FLGS
Call of Duty: Black OPs 2
Halo 4
ADELE – Skyfall
The League (TV Series 2009– ) – IMDb

This American Life
Wait Wait…don’t tell me
Kevin Smith’s Smodcast Network
Comic Book Men (TV Series 2012– ) – IMDb
Fantasy Focus Football
Fear the Boot
Role Playing Public Radio
Metagamers Anonymous
Fantasy sports league (FSL tonight)
Push To Regen
Coast to Coast AM
Frog Pants Network
Penn’s Sunday School
Happy Jacks RPG Podcast
Ken P. D. Snydecast
Monkey In the Cage
Postcards from the Dungeon
Mikey Mason(The comedian who’s name I failed to mention that is a host on Postcards From the Dungeon…Sorry Mikey!)

RPPR Actual Play
Ben Gerber’s Troll in the Corner Network
The Moth Podcast

Steve supported Skyfall

The music for this episode’s breaks is “Out of the Mire” by Locrian Manor
You can find them at:
or on Facebook @

Notes – As of this podcast’s release, the post about the podcasts that we  reviewed is being moved and re-organized, due to some issues with iTunes’ interface. Check back very soon!

Don’t forget to check out our new contest page :

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