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Welcome Javier P. Beltrán to Bully Pulpit Games!

Sep 21 2021
Javier P. Beltrán headshot photo

We’re excited to announce that we’ve added Javier P. Beltrán to the Bully Pulpit team as our new Production Artist! Javier is joining us to take on layout and graphics work to help support our many projects.

Javier brings a new perspective and additional graphic design and visual arts knowledge to our team. In the last four years he’s created layout designs for RPG books, board game components, and video overlays for streamed RPG shows. He also brings his own traditional drawing and painting skills to the mix. He loves spicy foods, tall tales, and taking the bottom pieces first in Jenga.

Please join us in officially welcoming Javier to the team!

Ghost Court Now Available on Roll20!

Aug 17 2021
Ghost Court by Jason Morningstar | Now Available on Roll20

We’re pleased to announce that one of our favorite games, Ghost Court—the ridiculous party game about ghosts and the people who sue them—is now available on Roll20! If you’ve missed being able to argue with your friends about the finer points of spectral law, now is your chance, no matter the time zone!

PWYW Terms Now Included in Fiasco Playset License

Jun 22 2021
DIY Fiasco - Interactive Fiasco Playset Creator (Wanna Make Your Own Fiasco Playset?)

Hey friends,

After receiving some helpful feedback over the last year, we’re updating the policies around how we share our work and support creative fans and other game designers. In particular, this means that we’re updating our Fiasco Playset License policy to include the option of Pay-What-You-Want (PWYW) terms for releasing your own Fiasco-inspired playsets.

This is a return to the model we used with Fiasco Classic and that worked well for years. It is a first step in more broadly updating our policies—an immediate and practical one while we work on the more complicated aspects of making our content more accessible and easy to use while also protecting the game and our company.

Thanks, as always, for your trust and support! If you have thoughts, suggestions, or feedback you’d like to share with us about this, we welcome it. Write us at feedback@bullypulpitgames.com and let us know. 

Steve and Jason

Pricing Experiments on Roll20 and Itch.io

Apr 23 2021

New Pricing for Fiasco on Roll20

When we first started selling our games on Roll20, it was a bit of an experiment. We weren’t sure what the experience would be like, and we hadn’t anticipated the pandemic making online play so mandatory, so we wanted to keep our prices low to encourage more players to join in.

It’s been about a year, and we think the experiment has been a huge success! We’ve really enjoyed working with Roll20 players and the team behind the service. So moving forward, we’ve decided to invest more of our time into the store. This means more events (like the new #FiascoFridays show on Twitch) and adding more of our games to the Marketplace. This also means we’ll be raising our prices to better reflect their actual price points. This will allow us to pay our team to develop more games and expansions for the Roll20 platform!

If you’ve had your eye on Fiasco at Roll20 and want to snag your copy before the prices increase, you still have time this weekend! New prices will go live on Monday 4/26.

PWYW Releases on Itch.io

In addition to changes at Roll20, we’re also adjusting how we do releases on itch.io. In February we started an experiment there and put out a new game every Friday, offering it for Pay-What-You-Want for the first 24 hours. We were really pleased with the results because while many copies of the games were downloaded for $0.00, others were purchased for twice the typical price. More importantly, a lot more people took an interest and checked out the games, which is great! We were happy that everyone that wanted to play was able to get a copy, regardless of their financial situation.

So the result of this is that we’ve decided to incorporate that into more of our itch.io releases. Moving forward, most of our games that we release on Itch.io will be available for pay-what-you-want for the first 24 hours. You can take advantage of that now with The Skeletons, which is making it’s debut on the platform.

Thank you for reading! We appreciate you giving us space to experiment and grow!

Special Release Playset! Trash Fire 2020

Dec 31 2020

“In These Difficult Times”

2020 has been, as all of you know, a bit more of a fiasco than we’d like. Here at BPG HQ, we could think of no better way* to put the year behind us than to make a Fiasco playset full of our shared pandemic-related frustrations.

This playset it free for download, though some assembly is required. (For example, printing and cutting will be up to you! Though we suppose you could print and fold it. ) We hope that you enjoy reading it and maybe even playing it with friends in your next safe, masked, socially distant Fiasco game!

Here’s hoping for a calm, quiet new year completely unworthy of a Fiasco playset!
We live in hope.

* well, one better way might be burning an effigy of 2020, but that’s entirely up to you. Just make sure you don’t accidentally set something precious on fire.

The Trashfire 2020 dumpster logo burning in an actual fire

Welcome Jazzlyn Stone to Bully Pulpit Games!

Dec 21 2020

Bully Pulpit Games is pleased to announce that we’ve hired Jazzlyn Stone as our new Social Media Manager! She’ll be taking over marketing work from Jenn and Steve to better promote our games and weird projects and generally help us build a stronger community of friendly gamers around BPG!

Jazzlyn comes to us from the world of comic book marketing and has already begun to master how things work in the tabletop gaming scene. In addition to freelance marketing she is also a host, occasional writer, and ten time Slay The Spire winner. Seattle based, her greatest love is a tie between coffee and Donkey Kong Country. You can find Jazzlyn on Instagram and Twitter.

Please join us in welcoming Jazzlyn to the team!

New Release: House Ghost

Dec 15 2020
House Ghost - Bully Pulpit Games + IKantKoan

Just in time for the holidays, we have a new game for you!

HOUSE GHOST was designed by Jason Morningstar and Jessica Creane of IKantKoan and we’re releasing it together today! We’re really excited about this collaboration and we hope you check out the game. Go read more about it on Itch.io (or at IKantKoan.com) and grab a copy for yourself and your own house ghost!

September Collab with Jenn Martin

Sep 22 2020

All through September we’ve been running our “Month of Jenn” collaboration on Patreon, featuring our own Jenn Martin!

Jenn is a joy to play with and a brilliant, understated designer in her own right (seriously, check out her game The Goose of Grillner Grove!). She also happens to be our Production Manager and serves as Larp Coordinator for Big Bad Con, among many other side-hustles. 

At BPG we rely on Jenn for many things, but lately she has been leading the way as we dip our toes into the digital realm, where she is quite comfortable and Steve and Jason are not. If you’ve played Fiasco in Roll20, you’ve seen her work!

Earlier this month we posted an interview between Jenn and Jason where you can find out a lot more about her design process and love of geese. We also shared her game My Little Daemon with our patrons, which you should absolutely check out!

Today we’re releasing the game that Jenn and Jason wrote together over the course of the collab- a fun little tabletop game called Hotel Retrograde, where you play the remaining crew aboard a space station, fixing it up to be a hotel before you (hopefully) get to go home.

To check out all of these games and posts—and all of our past content as well—please come join us on Patreon!

Fiasco Retailers

Aug 2 2020

Wondering where to get the cinematic game of powerful ambition and poor impulse control? Check out these fine retailers who all ordered advance copies through our Kickstarter campaign!

Don’t see your friendly local game store in this list? Try reaching out to them with our Fiasco sell sheet and ask if they can order a copy for you. The official release date is August 12th, 2020.

Store (Link to Website)CityState/ProvinceCountry
Games of BerkeleyBerkeleyCAUSA
Crazy Squirrel Game StoreFresnoCAUSA
Illusive Comics & GamesSanta ClaraCAUSA
Isle of GamersSanta ClaraCAUSA
Black & ReadArvadaCOUSA
Tyche’s GamesAthensGAUSA
Red Raccoon GamesBloomingtonILUSA
Fair Game Downers Grove and La Grange ILUSA
Games PlusMt. ProspectILUSA
The Gaming GoatGenevaILUSA
3 Trolls Games & PuzzlesChelmsfordMAUSA
Tower GamesMinneapolisMNUSA
Atomic EmpireDurhamNCUSA
Game GiantFargoNDUSA
Hex & CompanyNew YorkNYUSA
Time Warp Comics & GamesCedar GroveNJUSA
Gamemasters GuildPonca CityOKUSA
Rainy Day GamesAlohaOR USA
Voyages ToysCannon BeachOR USA
Adventurer’s GuildHarrisburgPAUSA
Game Table CafeMechanicsburgPAUSA
Six Feet Under GamesNew HollandPAUSA
Boardwalk GamesGreenvilleSCUSA
Dragon’s Lair Comics & FantasyAustinTXUSA
Rogues Gallery Comics & GamesRound RockTXUSA
I’m Board! Games & Family FunMadisonWIUSA
Leisure GamesFinchleyLondonUK
Comics, Games & CoffeeChichesterWest SussexUK
Fan Boy ThreeManchesterGreater ManchesterUK
Tea@HartHartlepoolCounty DurhamUK
Battlefield BangkokPrakanongBangkokThailand
The Dice LatteSeoulSouth Korea
Sphärenmeisters SpieleHerzogenrathGermany
Outpost GamecentersAntwerpBelgium