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Collaboration Wrap Up

Apr 1 2020
Very Accurate photo courtesy of Jeeyon Shim

The month of March was a collaboration with our dear friend Jeeyon Shim! Jason & Jeeyon made some mischief, as well as 6 trash-themed games. We’ve also shared one of Jeeyon’s most critically acclaimed games with our patrons, as well as an ultra bonus game that Orion Canning surprised us with! We were supposed to cap off the month with in-person pictures of Jason, Steve, Jeeyon & Jenn all together at HQ in North Carolina, but we decided to keep a healthy hundred-to-thousands feet distance between us all, instead.

Direct links to Patreon posts:

We had a lot of fun this month and will definitely be doing it again- maybe sooner than later! We hope you enjoyed it, too, and we’d love to know what you think!

March is the Month of Jeeyon

Mar 17 2020
Jeeyon Shim with her hatchet

March is the Month of Jeeyon on the Bully Pulpit Games Patreon!

Jeeyon Shim is a game designer and wilderness educator we are proud to call our friend, and we teamed up to do some fun stuff this month to raise her profile among our patrons (who should totally support her, too, if they are able) and, more selfishly, to hang out with Jeeyon more.

The original plan was to do the following:

1. Have Jeeyon and Jason co-design a game.
2. Share a personally curated game from Jeeyon’s catalog with you all.
3. Interview Jeeyon to give you a better idea what her deal is.
4. That’s pretty much it!

But, as exciting projects tend to do, it has grown a little.

Jeeyon and Jason built a framework and then hung six small games on it, all live action games designed to get you outdoors and helping your community while doing silly things like pretending to be trash wizards and lost aliens. So “make a game together” became “make six games together”.

TrashPlay Logo

The result is TRASHPLAY, which is available now to our Patreon backers, along with all of our previously released games. Join us to today and check it out!

And now that word of the collab—and trash play in general—has gotten out, our friend Orion Canning immediately made a game, which we will also be sharing with you later this week!

And finally, Jason and Jeeyon have had a pretty intense month of co-working and co-design, and we’ll capture some of their thoughts on that— and the games that resulted—to share with as well.

This was an experiment. Could we invite someone into our Patreon and deliver a series of interesting things as a result? Could we raise the profile of a friend and help them out financially a tiny bit? So far, so good! Let us know if you want us to do this again!

Star Crossed Nominated for the 2020 Origins Awards!

Mar 12 2020
2020 Origins Awards Nominees

We’re delighted to announce that Star Crossed has been nominated for an Origins Award in the Role-playing Game category! That puts it in some very good company with other well-regarded games, and we couldn’t be more pleased. Winners will be announced at Origins in June.

If you’re looking to pick up Star Crossed for yourself and see what all the fuss is about, you can get the digital edition today through DrivethruRPG or Itch.io!

The print edition is currently out of stock, but we have a new printing in the works right now and should have copies available at Origins!

Packing Our Bags for Gen Con 2019

Jul 29 2019
Jason and Steve with the Fiasco prototype box
Jason and Steve will be bringing Fiasco to Gen Con!

Once again Bully Pulpit Games will be at Gen Con! Our games will be available at the Indie Press Revolution booth (#1348) and you can find Jason and Steve running games at Games on Demand in the Hyatt Regency, in Cosmopolitan Ballroom B on the third floor! We’ll have Star Crossed and the upcoming new Fiasco on offer, as well as a run of our Space Station Fobolex Star Crossed event on Friday night at 8pm! Please Come join us and say hello!

Half a Million Dollars in a Grocery Bag

Jul 9 2019

Recently, Jason invited himself onto the Rolling Misadventures podcast, which is a very clever podcast that consists of Fiasco actual play, spiced up with sound effects and really sharp editing. He brought along an unpublished playset and together they tore it up.

The playset is called Half a Million Dollars in a Grocery Bag, and it originated in an idle thought Jason had – what would it look like if we built an entire playset around a single Object, and made that Object the center of play? The result is always surprising! In this case the titular half million dollars became the center of a sad and funny story about a struggling art gallery, a dying marriage, and the usual smorgasbord of powerful ambition and poor impulse control.

Check out the podcast here: Act One and Act Two!

And download the playset for yourself right here!

Origins 2019

Jun 6 2019

We will be at Origins Game Fair in Columbus, OH June 13th – 16th!

We’re sharing booth #931 with Indie Press Revolution, Evil Hat and Pelgrane Press- check out the map below (we’ll be by the red star)!

The Exhibitor Hall is open Thursday, Friday & Saturday 10am – 6pm and Sunday 10am – 4pm.

We’ll have all of your favorite Bully Pulpit Games for sale! Fiasco (RPG, Companion & all 3 playset anthologies), Durance, Night Witches, Juggernaut, Carolina Death Crawl, Warren, Ghost Court, Goth Court, Winterhorn, Star Crossed and more!

We’ll also have the super secret prototype of the next edition of Fiasco! Designed to get you playing your ill advised caper even faster, we’ll be Kickstarting it in late July!

Jason & Alex will also be running games at Games on Demand, so definitely stop by- Jason will have an eclectic selection of games on offer!

Bundle of Holding – Fiasco Edition

Apr 22 2019

Tl; dr Want to skip the catchy marketing copy we wrote specifically for you? Fine, but you’re missing out on some quality wit, friend. Click here

You may own a print or PDF copy of our award winning game, Fiasco, but do you have Carolina Death Crawl, a swampy Southern Gothic roleplaying card game? What about Radioactive Bison, a live action roleplaying game about being a bison (yes, you read that right) that we released to our supporters on D.rip/bullypulpitgames? Perhaps the live action game The Climb? It’s exactly what the name says, you climb a mountain- but only 2 of you try for the summit. If you like Fiasco, you should definitely give Out of Dodge a spin- its a live-action RPG designed for four people on a road trip (or you can play with chairs in a room, in a pinch).

  • Fiasco Cover

If you pay for the full collection, you’ll get the Fiasco Companion, some of our favorite Fiasco playsets, Winterhorn and The Skeletons. You should consider getting on that sooner rather than later because the level up price will only go up. The clock is ticking!

The charity we are benefiting with this bundle is Mines Advisory Group– a group committed to clearing landmines and unexploded bombs, managing weapons removal and teaching risk education classes.

Sad/happy news…

Feb 28 2019

Bully Pulpit Games is both sad and delighted to say goodbye to Alex Roberts, who has served as our Production Coordinator since 2016. Sad because she’s been an unbelievably valuable member of our team, and delighted because our friend Alex, while continuing to be involved in the sales and marketing of her game Star Crossed, is moving on to greater things.

Alex brought enthusiasm, talent and a deep knowledge of marketing and social media to BPG and has helped our company grow and improve in innumerable ways. She has been a consistent and welcome voice urging us to try new things and take new risks, her strong opinons always leavened with good humor and kindness. Alex has been a dedicated professional and we are so pleased to have had a chance to work with her.

Today is Alex’s last day. We are proud to announce that Jenn Martin is picking up the reins as Production Coordinator. Jenn is a dear friend (she has reset sad robot Jason more than once) and a talented writer, editor and game designer. Jenn is currently the Larp coordinator for Big Bad Con and winner of a Golden Cobra award, and brings experience with big box retail distribution and eCommerce. We’ve already been working with Jenn for a while, and she brings a wonderful blend of experience and joy to the job.

Star Crossed is now Available!

Feb 14 2019

With impeccable timing, Star Crossed is now available! The entire Bully Pulpit Games’ team has worked for a long time to bring this game to you, and we couldn’t be prouder.

Star Crossed is a two-player game about romance and the complications that arise from mutual attraction. It’s light, fun and full of tension and surprises. While the theme is romance, both characters have powerful reasons not to act on their feelings. In Star Crossed you really, really want to, but you really, really can’t.

Your friendly local game store can order you a copy, too! If they don’t have it on the shelf, just ask – our distributors are ACD and Alliance, or they can email us directly for a bulk order.

Of course we’re delighted to release it on this, the Feast of Saint Valentine, but to be honest, Valentine’s day is not the most spectacular holiday for many of us. If you are not that into it, may we suggest two much cooler saints to venerate instead?

Saint Nicodemus the Hagiorite wins the appelation contest, because you can’t beat “The Hagiorite” and you shouldn’t even try. He was a Greek thinker, writer, and bookworm during the reign of the Ottomans. Nicodemus the Hagiorite’s claim to fame, was his devotion to peaceful, contemplative monasticism (hesycahsm) and his writings on spirituality. He set out to codify doctrine, but was also a sensitive and widely read interpreter and translator who appreciated scientific works. Nicodemus believed that God could be found through beauty and its contemplation, and that the existence of beauty proves that the world is not truly evil. If you need a solid saint who was pretty chill and also kind, St. Nicodemus the Hagiorite is your man.

Saint Thecla is more of an ass-kicking figure, known for saving herself from being burned at the stake by summoning a rainstorm, commanding a gang of lionesses to defend her from being eaten by male lions, and baptizing herself. Very DIY. She had a weird thing with Saint Paul (#starcrossed?) and after he was martyred she decided to live in a cave for 72 years. Then she became a magical healer, which got the local physicians all riled up. When they came to slay her, Thecla asked God to create a mystical gateway to Paul’s tomb in Rome where, presumably, she went to take it easy for a while. For a variety of reasons (see the whole “baptise yourself” thing) she is not technically a saint, but she is widely venerated anyway, so, go nuts.

If you’ve read this far, thank you for your interest in alternative saints and please consider purchasing Star Crossed! Thank you!

Join us at Metatopia 2018

Oct 29 2018

Metatopia 2018: The Game Design Festival

The Bully Pulpit team will be in New Jersey this week for Metatopia 2018 and we hope to see you there! We’ll be running playtests of Fiasco in a Box (focusing on people who’ve never played Fiasco before, ideally) and participating in a number of panels. Please join us and ask questions! The panel descriptions are below.

If you’d like to meet with Steve, Jason, or Alex at the show, let us know and we’ll make time where we can in our schedules.

D008: “Now What?” presented by Steve Segedy, Christopher Badell, Mark Richardson, Cat Tobin. Once you’ve created a game, what are your options for getting it out into the world? Come ask questions and find out about printing, distribution, and fulfillment options for independent designers and small publishers. We could also include discussion of Kickstarter, BackerKit, contracts, licensing, etc. Friday, 12:00PM – 1:00PM;

D014: “Kickstarting in 2019” presented by Chandler Copenhaver, Steve Segedy. Kickstarter today is a different animal than it was a year or five years ago. Let’s talk about the things you need to know if you’re launching a campaign next year. Friday, 2:00PM – 3:00PM; Serious, All Ages.

D020: “LARP for Tabletop Designers, Tabletop for LARP Designers” presented by Jason Morningstar, Jay Treat, Jacqueline Bryk, Tim Hutchings, Anna Kreider. Live action role playing offers all sorts of interesting insights and techniques that are ripe for poaching for tabletop games – and vice versa. We’ll discuss the affinities, differences, and edge cases in these related mediums. Hopefully you will leave with some new ideas, regardless of which design space you think you operate in. Friday, 4:00PM – 5:00PM; Serious, All Ages.

D025: “So You Want To Be A Good Male Ally” presented by Jason Morningstar, Rob Donoghue, Jonathan Gilmour, Brand Robins. Have you heard your fellow designers and players speaking out against sexism and harassment in gaming and wondered what you could do as a man to help? Join us for a lively and surprising conversation about being a better ally. Friday, 6:00PM – 7:00PM; Serious, All Ages.

D027: “Golden Cobra Announcement” presented by Jason Morningstar. The Golden Cobra Challenge is a friendly contest open to anyone interested in writing and playing freeform games that ran through the month of October. Now we’re ready to discuss our methodology, submission trends, and what we’ve learned about freeform in the process. And, of course, announce the winners! Join us for an informal discussion and awards ceremony. The winning games will be offered throughout METATOPIA, so come play with the judges as well. Friday, 8:00PM – 9:00PM; Serious, All Ages.

D059: “Immersive Theater, Interactive Theater and Public Play: What We Can Steal” presented by Jason Morningstar, Nicholas Fortugno, Amy Ashton, Marshall Bradshaw. Immersive theater, interactive theater, and public games all offer weird untapped potential for designers of all kinds of games. We’ve assembled a panel of experts in these disciplines that are adjacent to our own, and we’ll see what we can learn and borrow from them. Saturday, 7:00PM – 8:00PM; Serious, All Ages.

D074: “Designing RPGs With Safety Tools Included” presented by Philip Vecchione, Senda Linaugh, Alexzandra Roberts. Let’s talk about integrating safety tools into your design process from the foundation. Yes, the x-card is valuable. Let’s talk about design that builds the next generation of tools in from the beginning. Sunday, 12:00PM – 1:00PM; Serious, All Ages.