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WATCH: Four Horsemen | Callisto 6 | Season 2 Episode 2

Jun 14 2019

Watch Callisto 6 live Fridays at 4pm PT on

Kylan Krause and our heroes make a bold move to try to convince the CEOs of all the major corporations to join arms in a fight against “Fletcher”. In doing so, questions will be answered and secrets will be revealed. And our heroes go into battle to prevent one of their nemesis from breaking out of police custody.

Callisto 6 takes place in Los Angeles in the year 2119, where a world of cyberpunk is broken by the emergence of superheroes.

WATCH: Asinine Wisdom: the Bored Game | Game the Game ITTD Special

Jun 14 2019

This week Game the Game is bringing you very special releases of our International Tabletop Day play throughs! In Asinine Wisdom: the Bored Game our very own Jake Bennett and Daryl Crittenden bring the hilarity of their show to your living room… or where ever you’re watching this. We don’t judge. Watch as their guests Gina DiVivo, TJ Rotell, Katie Elsaesser, and Mark Hampton try to make sense of this ground breaking game that explores a wholly original mechanic… words on cards.

Tune in to a new season of Asinine Wisdom Thursday June 27th only on

WATCH: Betrayal Legacy – Part 12 | Game the Game

Jun 13 2019

Want to see how it all began? Check out part 1 here:


In part twelve of this extended Game the Game, players take on Betrayal Legacy by Avalon Hill. In this campaign format host Becca Scott and guests Jay Africa, James Katica, and Xander Jeanneret craft the house’s iconic history to tell a new scary story.


Thanks to Avalon Hill for partnering with us on this video. Conjure Betrayal Legacy here:… Tabletop games are super fun, but learning the complicated directions and rules can be a challenge. Becca Scott is your game tutor, explaining the game mechanics in an easy to follow way, so you can get to playing the games faster.

WATCH: Save the Darkness | Vampire: The Masquerade – L.A. By Night | Season 2, Episode 12

Jun 12 2019

Ib returns to lead a daring daylight raid to free a prisoner from the Inquisition.

WATCH: Armored and Ready | G&S Painters Guild | Season 2, Episode 7

Jun 12 2019

Master painter Jordan Nichols and Will Friedle learn about armor highlighting as they continue painting the Games Workshop Ork.


Miniature figures can help a tabletop gaming session come to life, but painting those miniature figures is an acquired skill. Welcome to the Geek & Sundry Painters Guild! Host Will Friedle is joined by professional guests like Matthew Mercer and Elizabeth Beckley-Bradford to teach you the intricacies and techniques required to paint your own miniatures!

WATCH: The Game of Wolf | Game the Game

Jun 11 2019

Get ready for a howling good trivia game! In this week’s Game the Game, host Becca Scott is joined by Mark Meer, Margaret Dost, and Joseph Limbaugh to play The Game of Wolf by Gray Matters Games. In this 4-12 player trivia game the claws come out as players create a pack or play as a lone wolf for a shot at earning double points. Will our players be able to hunt down the right answers or are they barking up the wrong tree? Watch and find out… fur real. (Ok, we’re done)

Available in the USA through Amazon here:

-Available in Canada through Mastermind Toys:

5 Things We Love About GHOSTS OF SALTMARSH for D&D

Jun 11 2019

Over the past few weeks, Wizards of the Coast has dropped a bunch of announcements for their upcoming D&D products, including the first book for 2019, Ghosts of Saltmarsh. This nautical themed collection of adventures has been highly anticipated since its announcement in February. We sat down with our copy of the book and bring you our favorite bits of treasure from its pages.

Welcome to Greyhawk

Fifth edition continues its slow and steady expansion away from the Forgotten Realms with the town of Saltmarsh, the central hub of the adventures in this book. Greyhawk is one of the oldest settings for the game and the area sketched out around the central fishing community is sketched out just enough to be able to set a campaign in the classic world. DMs with games set elsewhere don’t need to worry too much, though. Each adventure has a sidebar offering tips on how to set the game in other Dungeons & Dragons settings like the Forgotten Realms or Eberron, which is getting a full hardcover book of its own towards the end of the year.

The Saltmarsh Trilogy Remastered

The book draws adventures from Dungeons & Dragons‘s extensive history of modules. It’s similar in this way to 2017’s Tales From the Yawning Portal but the sea focus focuses some better advice to thread these different adventures into a cohesive campaign. The Saltmarsh Trilogy—The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh, Danger at Dunwater and The Final Enemy—have a well-deserved reputation as old-school fan favorites. It’s easy to see why; these adventures focus on elements outside of the typical dungeon crawl that D&D is most famous. Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh is more of a mystery investigation, Dunwater encourages diplomacy and roleplaying, and The Final Enemy offers a rousing final battle protecting Saltmarsh from a looming threat detailed in the earlier adventures.

Of Ships and the Sea And Also Wandering Monsters


There’s also a lot more going on in between the complete adventures collected in the volume. Rules for ships and ship battles are collected here with minor tweaks from their appearance in Unearthed Arcana. Tables looking for cannon rules should seek them out on Dungeon Master’s Guild as there aren’t firearms in Greyhawk. There are also wandering monster tables suited for long sea adventures but there are also mini adventures waiting to be fleshed out in between the main adventures. It reminded us of the plot point format from Savage Worlds: the full adventures are the big draw, but the other ones provide connective tissue that can be filled in with bits and pieces from player backstories.

Humble Fishers and Shipwrights

It looks like we won’t be getting a player’s options book this year; instead expect those elements to be scatted through the different books coming out. Ghosts of Saltmarsh doesn’t disappoint in this area. Not only does the book devote space to fitting in existing backgrounds to the Saltmarsh/Greyhawk setting, it also gives players three new complete options as well; Smuggler, Fisher and Shipwright. While the Shipwright’s ability to offer a quick burst of MacGuyver style healing to the player’s ship works well with the ship rules, our favorite is the Fisher’s ability to win people over by telling an outrageous story about what happened to them while out on the sea.

A volume of fully illustrated erotic poetry

Sweet magic items and powerful weapons are always enjoyed by players, but we have never seen an argument over who gets to keep a bit of treasure bigger than the one for this book from the stash of Sanbalet, the big bad of the first part of The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh.

A pirate’s life for me

Images Credits: Wizards of the Coast

Rob Wieland is an author, game designer (Star Wars RPG, Firefly RPG, Camelot Trigger) and professional nerd. who occasionally tweets and livestreams RPGs with the Theatre of the Mind Players while his meat body resides in scenic Milwaukee, WI. 

Everything You Need to Know About VAMPIRE: THE MASQUERADE – LA By Night

Jun 11 2019

Twenty-seven years ago Vampire: The Masquerade was released in 1991, and it’s been through a few iterations thus far along its journey. Our RPG show, Vampire: The Masquerade – L.A. By Night is diving into the Vampire: The Masquerade’s Fifth Edition and the World Of Darkness it resides in. If you’re as excited about it as we are, but aren’t familiar with the universe, here’s a crash course get you up to speed.

L.A. By Night is Geek & Sundry’s show for the new Vampire: The Masquerade’s Fifth Edition and it’s coming up on three seasons long. If you missed your initial ticket into the World of Darkness, we’ve got a spoiler-free recap on what the show is about, and where you can get started. Perhaps most important, you can get started with season one episode one in the video below.

In addition to Episode 1, you can follow them on Twitter, join their Discord, or even watch new episodes every Friday night on Twitch. With all the links and starting points out of the way, here’s the juicy info!

The Setting

The World of Darkness is often described as a gothic-punk version of our own world A twisted urban fantasy setting where myths and legends lurk in every corner for their meal. Crime is at an elevated high, beyond what we know in our regular lives. Vampires spend their nights in Byzantine politics carving up cities like fiefdoms and looking at humans as nothing more than food while Werewolves and other creatures move with unknown goals of their own agenda.

Vampire: The Masquerade is not a new game, but the Fifth Edition advances the in-cannon storyline with the rise of the Second Inquisition. Vampires may be immortal creatures, but when world governments and intelligence agencies learn of their existence—the hunt is on. The chronicle of L.A. By Night begins in, well, Los Angeles (which is where I’m pretty sure Jason Carl the head storyteller lives, so that makes sense). In this city, caught between many factions, a new coterie of Anarchs works to carve out their place in the courts of undead.

We’ve written some primer articles that explain things like the Masquerade, Blood and Hunger, and Debts and Favors that serve as a great starting point for new players to the genre, and also old veteran player looking to see how Fifth Edition changed things.


The Characters

The core coterie of the show features four vampires with various degrees of experience (and age) in the world. The four characters below are often visited each episode by many other characters, faces, and villains who are each played by different guest actors.

Victor Temple is played by B.D Walters, a clan Ventrue producer who is the voice of reason and experience to the group. He’s been around long enough to see the old sect wars regarding the Sabbat and has cut his teeth in Anarch politics.

Nelli G is played by Cynthia Marie representing Clan Toreador. Perhaps the most inhumane of the coterie (and I love Nelli G for this), she represents the most iconic of being a vampire. Embracing and loving her immortality, and being too old (and awesome) to put up with anybody else’s shit, while still working hand-in-hand with Victor Temple.

Jasper of Clan Nosferatu is played by Alex Ward. Beginning (and still continuing) to be the most informed of the group, Jasper is the one character who brings more supernatural knowledge about the World of Darkness to the group than anyone else. At the start, it can be a bit uneasy to know whether you should trust him entirely or not… and three seasons later I think that question is still open.

Annabelle is the youngest of the group, a neonate of Clan Brujah and played by Erika Ishii. Fresh off the embrace, Annabelle knows nothing of the world, politics, or what’s happening around her—but makes up for this with her connection to human society and moral compass.

The Basics


Vampires need blood to survive and walking around biting peoples necks is a great way to get yourself killed by the Second Inquisition. Even though the Anarch faction plays loose with the rules, they still acknowledge they’ve to remain hidden. Caught in a valley between rival vampire factions from both the Camarilla and the Anarchs, the coterie is sent to investigate a university where students keep showing signs of a vampire feeding recklessly.

Students are often found light headed, dizzy, sleepy and having a lower blood pressure than normal. When the Anarch Baron catches wind of this, he knows it’s only a matter of time before the Camarilla uses this as an excuse to send in their agents. So, he does what any paranoid boss does: delegates the job of ‘handling’ the problem to Victor Temple, Nelli G, and Jasper. Watch the video above to see how everything plays out…

What clan of Vampire: The Masquerade do you identify with? Tell us in the comments below!

More Vampire: The Masquerade Gaming goodness!

Image Credits: Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition and L.A. By Night

Rick Heinz is the author of The Seventh Age Series, Dread Adventures, and a storyteller with a focus on D&D For Kids, Wraith: The Oblivion, Eclipse Phase, and an overdose of LARPs. You can follow the game or urban fantasy related thingies on Twitter or Facebook or reach out for writing at

Join the World of the Fey in DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Supplement FAERIE FIRE

Jun 10 2019

Do the haunting Wilds call to you? Can you imagine walking inside a dream, through a place where magic runs rampant and colors are unbound? If so, you need to add Faerie Fire, a fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons supplement by Astrolago Press, to your campaign faster than you can say “fae.” To celebrate Pride month, Faerie Fire is currently on sale with all profits benefitting LGBTQ+ causes. You might be adventuring in a wondrous world, but you can help the real one at the same time!

Shannon Campbell is the Editor-In-Chief of Faerie Fire, and they had some time to chat with Geek & Sundry about the supplement and its glorious neon aesthetic, tips for playing a character inspired by the fae, and the new supplement Astrolago Press is working on now.


Faerie Fire is one of the rare cases where you can judge a book by the cover. One look at the cover illustration will tell you everything you need to know about the adventures that await within: it’s bright, colorful, and energetic, with danger lurking just beneath the surface.

“I wanted an aesthetic that was a bit different from what a lot of players were used to in their bestiaries,” says Shannon of the neon style, “and we wanted to do something that artists would be excited about contributing to. So something bold and vibrant and fun was a must. But at the same time, the fey plane is very dangerous, very darkly seductive–so that 80s synthwave vibe seemed like a perfect fit.”

With over 50 creatures, a new subclass, and a module, Faerie Fire has a lot to add to the fairy realm. “When we started development, we felt the fey realm was a little underdeveloped,” Shannon recalls. “[My friend and colleague] Malcolm Wilson was, at the time, GMing a campaign for us that used a lot of fey with very alien minds and goals, so when we decided we wanted to do a book, we naturally gravitated towards that area as we were already having a lot of fun with it in our own campaign.”


While the book is populated with mystical creatures, flamboyant characters, and a new subclass called the trickster monk, that doesn’t mean players on the introverted side should avoid them. In fact, says Shannon, just because the characters are fey that doesn’t mean they all have to be played as extroverted or over the top.

“These characters can be shy, and quiet, and even keep to themselves,” they say. “I think there’s a lot of intrigue to come about from a character who is quiet and contemplative, but still uses pranks and misdirection in combat and roleplay. Besides, introversion is the perfect misdirection in itself.

“But it can be difficult for some players to throw themselves into the back-and-forth of high-energy role-play, particularly if other players at the table seem confident and breezy. One thing I like is when GMs encourage players to form at least one personal connection with another character before the session begins so you have a pre-existing dynamic. Having a shared history with a more gregarious player might make it easier to jump into the fray and speak with confidence.”


Faerie Fire is available in both digital and print editions, and the digital edition is currently on sale in honor of Pride month. “Faerie Fire is a queer-led book (I’m nonbinary and pansexual) and we tried to include a lot of queer collaborators and queer content in the book as well, so Pride is very important to us,” they say. “To that end, we’re supporting three charities: the Rainbow Railroad is a Canadian charity that provides resources and support to members of the LGBTQIA community seeking refuge from state-enabled violence and persecution; the Victory Fund is a United States-based charity that funds queer candidates at all levels of government; and the Kaleidoscope Trust is a UK-based international charity that provides support to LGBTQIA human rights’ organizations around the world.”


This summer Astrolago Press is releasing its next book, a crafting supplemental called Witch+Craft, after another successful crowdfunding campaign. “It allows you to be anything from a wizard painter to a barbarian taxidermist, with unlimited potential for unique trades,” Shannon says. “The book also includes a new setting, a full adventure, new magic items (and blueprints for crafting), and new spells. We were inspired by the films of Studio Ghibli, particularly Kiki’s Delivery Service, because of the way that film deals with mental health and burnout–self-care is more important than productivity or output, and collaboration is key. We also loved the way that baking, inventing, and painting are all portrayed as being just as magical as Kiki’s witchcraft.”

Stay tuned to the Astrolago Press website for more Dungeons & Dragons supplement news and announcements.

All Images: Astrolago Press

Faerie Fire cover art by Yuko Ota and NPC art by Ron Chan

Witch+Craft art by Sarah Webb


Jun 10 2019

“Welcome to the first day of the rest of your death.”

Monday at the PC Gaming Show at E3 2019, Paradox Interactive took the veil off the gameplay of the highly anticipated Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2! If that quick look wasn’t enough to satiate your hunger, they followed up with an even more detailed trailer on their official website. Join the Masquerade below.

In Bloodlines 2, you are new to the bloody life (unlife?) of a vampire, created in a mass insurrection that floods the Seattle streets with the fang-baring undead. You have to learn to hunt to survive, but even more dangerous, you have to navigate the politics of the strange and complicated new society you find yourself in. Rule number one? Never reveal the existence of the Kindred; never, ever break the Masquerade.

The first gameplay footage feels both familiar and exciting to anyone who played the original game fifteen years ago. Choose your character and your clan, master your powers, and work with the Kindred around you to cement your place in vampire society.

Paradox Interactive also revealed a little more about the gameplay during the presentation, a unique system to grant your character a small boost. “We have the resonance system which means, essentially, vampires can see the emotional resonance of human beings, like fear or desire,” said Cara Ellison, Paradox Interactive Senior Narrative Designer. “They can feed on those people to feel the same things as human beings do, and feel more alive. That can give you extra boosts in the game.”

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 is planned for an early 2020 release on PC and consoles, and is now available for pre-order.

Want to join the Masquerade right now? Tune into Vampire: The Masquerade: L.A. By Night every Friday night on Twitch for more compelling stories set in the World of Darkness. Led by Storyteller Jason Carl of White Wolf Entertainment, L.A. By Night is a dark tale of personal horror and inhuman conspiracy that sees four vampires doing their best to navigate the macabre affairs and terrifying realities of surviving the Los Angeles nightlife.

All Images: Paradox Interactive

Matthew Lillard Previews Beadle and Grimm’s New DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Box!

Jun 10 2019

Dungeons & Dragons player extraordinaire Matthew Lillard wants to see photos of you opening the latest Beadle and Grimm’s box—yes, you! Matthew is one of the founders of Beadle and Grimm’s Pandemonium Warehouse, a company that provides handouts and props for Dungeon Masters as official bonus content for the latest Dungeons & Dragons supplement from Wizards of the Coast. Beadle and Grimm’s recently released their newest box, the Sinister Silver Edition of Ghosts of Saltmarsh.

Not only do we have a look inside the box for you, but Matthew chatted with Geek & Sundry about how the boxes come together and the joy it brings everyone in the company when customers share their excitement for what they find inside.


Minor spoilers for the box contents follow, but nothing that gives away the plot of Ghosts of Saltmarsh.

Beadle and Grimm’s was an idea born out of the Stream of Annihilation, the first official D&D livestream event in 2017 that brought players from around the world to play together. Matthew and his friends were chatting during the event, and the idea of high-end components for Dungeon Masters was born. Those friends, by the way, are the same players who have sat around the table with Matthew for the last 40 years or so. The company was founded by the group of five friends not long after.

“[Beadle and Grimm’s] came out of a conversation with the guys that I play with now, with our main DM being a part of that conversation,” he tells us. “The way he DMs, he uses all kind of visual aids. He spends so much time collecting things on the weeks between us playing. And then he asks to show you, lifting it up and having to cover up pictures [like] the stat blocks in the books so you can see the big bad guy.”


The props, maps, artwork, and more offered as Beadle and Grimm’s wares remove that risk altogether, allowing the Dungeon Master to show the players only what they want them to see.

“Everyone DMs but me because it’s just not how my brain works,” says Matthew, “so they all have brought to the table their own DMing experiences that sort of have informed everything. I think the idea of the company was born, and then in discussion came the things we created like encounter cards and customized DM screens. All that came out of real-life lessons we learned over the last 40 years playing Dungeons & Dragons.”

In the two years since the company was created and their first boxes shipped, they’ve learned so much that the difference between Waterdeep Dragon Heist and their current box in development, Descent Into Avernus, feels like night and day, Matthew says. “Where we are now, compared to where we came in, it’s hard to even articulate. When we pitched the idea originally at Wizards, they were like, this all sounds amazing—you’re going to learn so much in the next six months.”


“Now that we’re in the middle of our third box, we know there are certain elements that we want to include in all boxes. We want to do custom DM screens. We know battle maps are a big deal for us. For our customers, we know that encounter cards are a game changer, so encounter cards are big for us. So there’s a bunch of things we can sort of scratch off [the list] right off the top, and start digging in.”

Wizards of the Coast begins working with Beadle and Grimm’s about ten or eleven months in advance of a new supplement. The group combs through a preview document, Matthew says, looking for inspiration of what to include in the accompanying box. “That’s the best meeting we have of the year, sitting down and cracking what can go in the box. It’s the best.”

Beadle and Grimm’s Pandemonium Warehouse is absolutely a labor of love. For Matthew, the biggest reward isn’t monetary, but the moments when people share their genuine enthusiasm for the box with him. “I know it sounds cheesy, but the truth of the matter is, we’re creating things that we really love,” he says. “Our hope is that when people open the box, they’re super excited about being a fan of this game and being a part of this community.”


Beadle and Grimm’s really does love seeing your reaction when you open your newest box! Share it with them on Twitter and be sure to include Geek & Sundry in the tweet—we’d love to see it, too.

Photos: Kelly Knox

All Artwork and Props: Beadle and Grimm’s Pandemonium Warehouse / Wizards of the Coast

WATCH: Restoration | Callisto 6 | Season 2 Episode 1

Jun 7 2019

Watch Callisto 6 live Fridays at 4pm PT on


It’s a new dawn for Los Angeles as the impossible has happened. The destiny of the city has changed and the team has changed with it…



Callisto 6 takes place in Los Angeles in the year 2119, where a world of cyberpunk is broken by the emergence of superheroes.

WATCH: Watch the Night | Vampire: The Masquerade – L.A By Night | Season 2, Episode 11

Jun 5 2019

Annabelle and the Valkyries hit the highway on a midnight motorcycle road trip.

WATCH: A Test of Time | G&S Painters Guild | Season 2, Episode 6

Jun 5 2019

Will Friedle is joined by master painter Jordan Nichols to learn some different techniques. The two try their hand at speed painting and work on their one step washes.

Talisman: Batman – Super Villains Edition | Game the Game ITTD Special

Jun 4 2019

This week Game the Game is bringing you very special releases of our International TableTop Day Playthroughs! In Talisman: Batman, published by The Op, players take on the roles of Gotham’s most dangerous evil doers. Watch as our guests, Trisha Hershberger, Ross Thompson, Jason Charles Miller, & Markeia McCarty fight to break out of Arkham Asylum. This strategic anti-hero game can be played as a co-op or PVP.


Thanks so much to The Op for partnering with us on this video. For more info about this game visit

WATCH: : Your Path To Comics | Roundtable | Season 2 Episode 6

Jun 3 2019

On this episode of Roundtable, Marguerite Bennet, James Tynion, and Cecil Castullucci pull up a chair and discuss the path to comics.

The Rook & The Raven Gets You Ready to Game on Tabletop Day (and Every Day)

Jun 1 2019

On June 1, 2019, gamers around the world will unite to celebrate games and their love of gaming on International Tabletop Day! Here on Geek & Sundry, we’ll be bringing you a day full of fun content, including the premieres of both Callisto 6 – Season 3 and Vampire: The Masquerade LA By Night – Season 3.

Whether you’re the Dungeon Master or the designated note-taker for your Dungeons & Dragons party (every respectable gaming group has one), the customizable notebooks from The Rook & The Raven are practically essential to have on your tabletop. Treat yourself or your super-lucky Dungeon Master this International Tabletop Day by ordering one of these incredibly useful gaming notebooks.


Campaign diaries for both players and DMs feature a unique binding that easily allows you to remove, move, and add pages wherever you want in a notebook that is 100% you, and you alone. Gently pull a page without snapping any rings or binder clips, and they come off the binding without any tearing. Replacing the pages is a simple process of lightly pressing them back on the binding right where you want them in the diary.


Choose the cover that speaks to you or your character, including gorgeous leatherbound covers (now available for preorder) embossed with dragons or one-of-a-kind maps. Inside each player diary you’ll find multiple character sheets–because who can create just one character?–along with pages for spell lists, wet-erase overlays to track hit points and spells, space for note taking, and more. Dungeon Masters will discover prompts for helping tell their stories and special places for taking notes and adding reminders in the margins.

Alongside the easily removable pages, you can add accessories that will have you prepped for any encounter. Spell card holders, tarot card holders, and more can be easily clipped in your diary, ready at a moment’s notice when you need them the most.


Not a Dungeons & Dragons player? The Rook & The Raven has you covered, too! Additional inserts for other game systems like Pathfinder, Shadowrun, Star Wars, 7th Sea, and more have received the same amount of detail and thoughtful attention and are available at an affordable price.

Up your D&D game with the wonderfully versatile notebooks from The Rook & The Raven, and you’ll feel like you’re ready to take on the world(s) at a moment’s notice.


This post is sponsored by The Rook & The Raven.

All Images: The Rook & The Raven

Everything You Need to Know for VAMPIRE: THE MASQUERADE: L.A. BY NIGHT Season 3

May 31 2019

Led by Storyteller Jason Carl of White Wolf Entertainment, Vampire: The Masquerade: L.A. By Night is a dark tale of personal horror and inhuman conspiracy that sees four vampires doing their best to navigate the macabre affairs and terrifying realities of surviving the Los Angeles nightlife.


Season 3 of L.A. By Night starts Saturday, June 1, 2019 at 9:00 PM PT, and Storyteller Jason Carl has prepared everything you need to know to get ready for the beginning of the next tale. Here’s what happened at the end of Season 2 and what has happened in the story in the tumultuous weeks since.

Spoilers for L.A. By Night follow. Read at your own risk.

Four Weeks Ago (The End of Season 2)

The Griffith Coterie made the battle lines clear and drove home their point when they murdered Chaz Price, the Prince’s Herald and Nelli’s sire, sending him to the Final Death. Annabelle then rallied the Anarch Movement in Los Angeles, urging them to be ready for what would come in the nights ahead.


“Vannevar Thomas wants to steal our home. We will not allow this! We will not bow to him. We will not give him our streets, our havens. We will not let him choose our rulers. We will not pay his f***ing blood tax! Freedom over oppression! Liberty over tyranny! Independence over servitude! We the Kindred of Los Angeles make this choice again. We make it here, we make it now, and we make it together!”

Prince Vannevar sent Kindred envoys into Anarch territory to demand obedience and make examples of those who refused. They were met with strong resistance and scorn, as the Barons made it clear that they would not cooperate, and these clashes led inevitably to violent skirmishes almost every night.

Three Weeks Ago

Anarchs from the Valkyries and Nines’ coterie formed a roving patrol that cruised Anarch turf, roughing up any “Capes” they found. When they discovered Camarilla Kindred trying get control of the East L.A. drug trade by manipulating a local street gang, Los Perdidos, they reacted with lethal force, killing a pair of Ventrue neonates in the street.


Nines, busy trying to fend off another incursion downtown, asked the coterie to lend a hand. They obliged and helped Kasey clean up the mess and check for witnesses. Some Los Perdidos interrupt the cleanup, leading to a violent confrontation that left several gang members dead.

Two Camarilla Kindred, Sanchez and Rycek, appeared on the scene, claiming they were also intending to help clean up. After a tense standoff, both sides agreed to cooperate and protect the Masquerade, Sanchez agreeing to try and de-escalate the situation with Vannevar.

“We won’t back down,” he promised, “but I know that we would all prefer a colder war.”

Two Weeks Ago

One the eve of her nightclub’s reopening, Miranda invited the coterie to meet with her visiting associate, Mr. Hesha, also of the Ministry. The coterie found him at the Church of Scientology of the Valley. There, in a small private library, he discussed the Ministry’s plans for expansion, confirming that the murder of Chaz Prince convinced them to reject Vannevar’s offers and stick to their Anarch alliance.


Reminding Victor that their help comes with a price—”a seat at the table”—Hesha made two requests:
First, allow the Ministry to conceal some of its illegal activities within the Temple of Boom business structure.

Second, meet with a representative of the Thin Bloods and make good on Victor’s promise to allow the “Duskborn”safe haven in the Valley.

The coterie declined to allow criminal activity into Temple of Boom, but agreed to meet with Delilah, a Thin Blood who claimed she could eat and drink normal food and even be out in the sunlight without harm. Claiming to represent more of her kind in Santa Monica, where Baron Therese oppresses them, she asked for permission to relocate to the Valley.

The coterie consented. Before leaving, Delilah mentioned that the Camarilla has murdered some Anarchs in Santa Monica, including some of X’s friends in the Drum Circle, and Baron Therese’s own coterie.

Last Week

By the end of the month, two things became clear: the Camarilla has unnervingly good information on the Anarchs, and it’s using its influence with police and other mortal institutions to put pressure on its enemies, weaving webs of social connections, business transactions, and personal favors to gain sway over important mortal groups.

Urged by Therese to “step up their game,” Abrams, Nines, Fiona, and Therese, pooled their mortal influences to thwart Camarilla manipulation of key organizations and businesses.

Their goal: open up a second front in the conflict, keeping the Camarilla busier while the Anarchs on the street rally for more action.

Abrams loans the coterie some of his personal influence in the mortal world, encouraging them to exercise it against the Camarilla.


The Camarilla seems to have taken the bait, locking horns with the Anarchs in a proxy war that now begins to play out across mortal institutions. The repercussions will be felt but surely throughout the city, at every level. The violence on both sides has started to slow, as both sides assess the situation and prepare for what is likely to be a long, bitter struggle.

Neither side has a decisive advantage… yet.


What will happen next? Find out tomorrow night on the season premiere of L.A. By Night, and tune in to the Geek & Sundry Twitch channel every Friday night for more Vampire: The Masquerade.

All Images: Geek & Sundry

WATCH: Chrysalis | Callisto 6 | Season 1 Episode 12

May 31 2019

: Friday afternoons just got busy again. Get ready for Callisto 6 Season 3’s return, starting May 31! Watch live on


The looming vote for Measure Z and the future of Los Angeles is over shadowed by the unveiling of the true face of villainy…


Callisto 6 takes place in Los Angeles in the year 2119, where a world of cyberpunk is broken by the emergence of superheroes.


Watch live on Fridays at 4pm PT.

WATCH: Game the Game – Tales of Arabian Nights

May 30 2019

Want a primer on the rules? Check out How to Play:



Come on a journey with us to fullfill your destiny! In this week’s Game the Game, host Becca Scott is joined by Aki, Paula Deming, and Laura Sams to play Tales of Arabian Nights by Z-man games. This groundbreaking storytelling game, takes players to the lands of the Arabian Nights alongside Sindbad, Ali Baba, and the other legendary heroes of the tales.

WATCH: The Devil’s Garden | Vampire: The Masquerade – L.A By Night | Season 2, Episode 10

May 29 2019

Nelli and Victor attempt to solve the next clue in the Griffith curse mystery while confronting new developments in the politics of the undead.

WATCH: Make It Pop | G&S Painters Guild | Season 2, Episode 5

May 29 2019

Will Friedle and master painter Candace Dovie put their final touches on their surprise mini from Privateer Press, and maybe learn a thing or two about highlighting. Will talks with Dallas Kemp, the Studio Manager for Privateer Press, and even catches a pro tip.

Channel Your Inner GODZILLA With These City-Stomping Games

May 28 2019

With Godzilla: King of the Monsters hitting theaters May 31, 2019, we’re in the mood to make like our favorite kaiju (“strange beast”) and terrorize the nearest city. From wreaking havoc downtown as citizens scatter and hide, to battling other monsters in order to stake our claim as the biggest and baddest, we can get our fix of city-stomping action right on our very own tabletops.

Check out these games that feature giant monsters duking it out to see who is the greatest boss monster of them all!

King of Tokyo (66)

Like Godzilla tormenting Tokyo throughout so many of the classic kaiju films, you and your opponents will stomp your away around the city in an attempt to be crowned King of Tokyo. Taking the classic Yahtzee roll-up-to-three-times-and-score-the-results mechanism, you’ll toss a fistful of big chunky dice to deal damage to your opponents, heal yourself, and/or gain energy cubes. Those energy cubes come in handy since they’ll allow you to gain cards that give you additional abilities and bonuses, from dealing extra damage to your opponents to gaining valuable victory points. There are two ways to become the King of Tokyo: be the last monster standing or be the first to score 20 victory points.

King of New York


King of New York is to King of Tokyo what The Empire Strikes Back is to Star Wars: while the original set the tone and established its universe, the sequel took everything and made it better. This time, you and your fellow giant monsters are in New York. However, there’s more to think about since you can knock down buildings for extra points, move throughout New York’s different boroughs, and deal with the military taking shots at you and all of the other beasts demolishing the city. Along with a fun superstar card that can be passed among players for extra points, King of New York takes the basic roll and re-roll mechanism of the original and makes it into something a bit meatier for more diehard gamers.

Terror in Meeple City


This dexterity game was formerly known as Rampage before lawyers from the classic video game got involved. Terror in Meeple City has you and your fellow monsters literally destroying a city: in this case, you’re crashing through the various buildings and meeples on the game board. Flick your monster’s feet disc to try to knock over buildings, which will spill innocent meeples everywhere. You’ll eat those meeples for points, hoping to collect a complete set of six different colors (variety is the spice of life, after all). Each monster has an ongoing special power as well as a one-time superpower that’ll help you demolish and eat more of the city, and every player has a secret objective for more points. Rawr!

GKR: Heavy Hitters


Among the great giant monster movies is Johnny Socko and his Flying Robot, aka Giant Robot for those of us who used to watch Saturday morning monster movies. In GKR: Heavy Hitters you control a big ol’ robot fighting other big ol’ robots. These Heavy Hitters are matched with three robotic support units: Combat, Repair, and Recon. You’ll use your entire team to power your Heavy Hitter and outwit your opponents in this game of deckbuilding and card management. Only the strongest and smartest will bash their way to victory.

What are your favorite monster games? Tell us in the comments!


Image Credits: Ruel Gaviola, Crytozoic Entertainment

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Tamriel Comes to the Tabletop in THE ELDER SCROLLS: CALL TO ARMS

May 28 2019

Hold the world of the Elder Scrolls in the palm of your hand thanks to Modiphius Entertainment! Based on the core mechanics of Fallout: Wasteland Warfare, the recently announced The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms is wargaming at its finest. With gorgeous resin miniatures based on some of Skyrim’s most famous and beloved faces, such as Ulfric Stormcloak and the venerable Lydia, Call to Arms is sure to appeal to both longtime wargaming aficionados and Skyrim fans alike.


You’ll guide your miniature heroes to Skyrim locations that practically feel like a second home by now, like Dwemer Ruins, tombs infested with draugr, and the snowy forests and wilderness. The game is planned to expand to the other lands of Tamriel you explored in Elder Scrolls: Oblivion and The Elder Scrolls Online.

Modiphius has teased a little about what you can expect of the game mechanics designed by Mark Latham:

In the first wave, players will raise their banners in the fight for the future of Skyrim as they lead the forces of the Stormcloaks or Imperial Legion in the battles of the civil war. Forces will typically comprise 1-6 heroes and 3-15 troops. The first wave of releases will be a Two Player starter set and reinforcement sets of resin miniatures for both the Stormcloaks and the Imperial Army. There will also be a Dragonborne single player set, and more races and characters from across the Elder Scrolls stories are planned.

Like Skyrim, you can play your own way, whether that means seeking treasure and adventure, completing quests, or participating in battle.

You can pre-order the unpainted Dragonborn miniature right now, and stay tuned to the Modiphius website for more updates and information about the game. Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms is planned for a winter 2019 release.

More Wargaming Fun!

Featured Image: Bethesda/Zenimax

Other Image: Modiphius Entertainment

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