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A New Generation

Published 23 January 2020 | Star Wars: Legion

A New Generation

Preview the Phase II Clone Troopers Unit Expansion for Star Wars: Legion

“We’re one and the same. Same heart, same blood!”
–Fives, Star Wars: The Clone Wars

The Galactic Republic’s clone troopers are some of the finest soldiers the Star Wars™ galaxy has ever seen. But even the best troops can be limited by the equipment they carry—and wear—into battle. To get the most out of its clones, then, the Republic gradually replaced the uncomfortable armor worn by its earliest batches of clones with a more advanced design that helped bring out their individual strengths.

Pre-order your own copy of the Phase II Clone Troopers Unit Expansion at your local retailer or online through our website with free shipping in the continental U.S. today!

Not only did this Phase II clone armor allow for Republic forces to use advanced tactical gear in the field, the clones wearing it were more prepared for the rigors of battle. Soon, you’ll be able to supplement your Republic armies with this new generation of clone troopers by picking up the Phase II Clone Troopers Unit Expansion for Star Wars™: Legion!

Within this expansion, you’ll find everything you need to add an elite new corps unit to your Galactic Republic armies. Seven hard plastic Phase II Clone Trooper miniatures stand ready to meet any enemy on the battlefield, including a Phase II Z-6 Trooper and a Phase II Mortar Trooper that can be customized in several ways.

You can choose to assemble your Phase II Clone Trooper Leader and Z-6 Clone Trooper with or without their helmets, and the Z-6 Clone Trooper’s heavy weapon can be replaced with the standard DC-15A blaster rifle to add even more variety to the look of your army. Finally, you can build your Phase II Mortar Trooper with the mortar stowed on his back or deployed on the ground, as well as with his visor up or down.

Read on to see more of what to expect in the Phase II Clone Troopers Unit Expansion!

More Than Expendable

Even with countless clone troopers at its disposal, the Galactic Republic cannot hope to match the pure numbers of the Separatist Alliance’s massive droid armies. Each and every clone trooper in the Grand Army of the Republic is far from expendable and, as a result, they need armor that will protect them from the hazards of the battlefield. It is only natural, then, for Phase II clone armor to be introduced when the original design proved more of a hinderance to those who wore it.

Beyond granting clone troopers a greater range of movement, Phase II clone armor marks a technological leap forward for the Republic, allowing the clones to carry a more diverse range of equipment into battle. Unlike their predecessors, then, units of Phase II Clone Troopers can bring a powerful mortar launcher into battle for a potent long-range option. This weapon may be cumbersome to lug across the battlefield, but its attacks have a better chance of hitting targets that may be ducking behind cover. What’s more, taking fire from a mortar takes an extra toll even on droids, quickly bringing them closer to panicking and fleeing the battle altogether.

Far more than simply adding a new heavy weapon to the Phase II Clone Troopers' arsenal, the mortar launcher neatly synergizes with their natural abilities. This new generation of clones retain the ability to boost a friendly unit’s attack with some fire support. But their new armor also makes them more reliable than ever, especially when firing their mortar. This reliability extends beyond a single weapon, however. It can also help a Z-6 Phase II Trooper hit their targets more often, or even enhance a standard  Phase II Clone Trooper that is reinforcing a standard four-man unit.

In addition to enhancing their offensive output, Phase II armor also gives the clones the freedom of movement they need to avoid enemy fire, and some extra gear can make them even more prepared for battle. Some Grappling Hooks, for example, can put them in an advantageous position to open fire. Furthermore, on top of their swarms of battle droids, the Separatists frequently make use of heavily armored troops and vehicles in their engagements, making some Impact Grenades an invaluable addition to the Phase II Clone Trooper’s toolkit.

Despite the many advantages it provides, their armor isn't actually the most meaningful difference between Phase II Clone Troopers and earlier generations. These troops have weathered the early parts of the Clone Wars and this experience makes them more prepared to face the stress of combat. What's more, Phase II Clone Troopers have had the time to undergo additional training, granting them even more flexibility on the battlefield. If they are trained to go on Overwatch,  for instance, they can quickly react to enemy movements, perhaps even setting up deadly ambushes or trapping enemy units in barrages of fire support.

Ready for Deployment

Clone Troopers are dedicated to the cause of the Republic—no matter the cost. With upgraded armor, weapons, and gear, they’ll be ready to confront the Separatist threat head-on!

Look for the Phase II Clone Troopers Unit Expansion (SWL61) at your local retailer later in the first quarter of 2020. Pre-order your copy at your local retailer or online through our website—with free shipping in the continental United States—here!  

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The Blob That Ate Everything

Published 22 January 2020 | Arkham Horror: The Card Game

The Blob That Ate Everything

The Wide Release of a New Arkham Horror: The Card Game Scenario Pack

Something out of this world is coming… from the best four days in gaming to your very own tabletop! 

Pre-order your own copy of The Blob That Ate Everything at your local retailer or online through our website with free shipping in the continental U.S. today!

Gen Con 2019 is long past, but the adventures that you had as you battled against the Blob are only beginning. Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce The Blob That Ate Everything is coming to wide release as a standalone scenario pack for Arkham Horror: The Card Game. In fact, you can pre-order the pack at your local retailer and online through our website today!

Just beyond the edge of the town of Blackwater, something unnatural has gone out of control. After a strange meteor made impact, the town was placed under lockdown by a shadowy government agency—no one was allowed to leave, and only a few select investigators were allowed to enter. That is, until the thing hatched. Time is running out for the investigators as all hell breaks loose in Blackwater. Even as the anomaly continues to grow and devour everything in its path, the quarantine is still strictly enforced. The only way you’re getting out alive is if you can find a way to kill it… if such a thing is even possible.

Today, we meet with designer Matt Newman to discuss The Blob That Ate Everything, the massive new scenario that took over Gen Con 2019 and is coming to a retailer near you in just a few months.

Matt Newman on The Blob That Ate Everything

One day, I walked into the Card Game Department’s room and lead KeyForge developer Brad Andres turned to me and said, “Hey Matt, I thought of a great idea for an Arkham scenario.” Brad had previously helped me with the initial design of Curse of the Rougarou and Carnevale of Horrors, both fan-favorite scenarios. Generally speaking, when Brad comes up with a cool idea, it’s usually wise to listen. So, I replied, “Sure, hit me.” Brad said, and I quote: 

“It’s just a huge blob that eats everything.” I blinked a few times, mulled it over, and said, “everything?” to which Brad replied, “Yes, everything.” I remember laughing for a while, then sitting at my desk for about an hour before finally realizing it was actually perfect.

You see, at the time, I had been considering what to do for this year’s Arkham Horror: The Card Game events at Gen Con and Arkham Nights. I knew I wanted to do something special, something unique, something that would take as much advantage as possible of the event space and the sheer quantity of players. I had already been tinkering with the idea of a scenario with a shared objective—something which all of the players at the event could contribute towards in some way. An event in which the investigators win or lose together, as one huge group. Surprisingly, Brad’s idea of a gigantic blob actually fit this idea quite perfectly. And thus, The Blob That Ate Everything was born.

The Blob that Ate Everything is a love letter to the B horror films of the 1930s–1950s. We love the over-the-top nature of these films that are often centered around a titular foe of strange origin that threatens life as we know it. In this scenario, the players still split into groups of one to four investigators, each with their own play area and encounter deck. However, there are several elements of the scenario which are shared across all of the groups, each of which are managed by an event organizer. Most important of these elements is the health of the scenario’s boss entity, Subject 8L-08 (The Blob that Ate Everything, 37). 

Unlike The Labyrinths of Lunacy, your objective is laid out clearly before you, and you are allowed to communicate fully with the other groups at the event. You aren’t missing pieces of the puzzle which only other groups can provide. You don’t have to wait for other groups to finish a game round or an agenda before proceeding, and you aren’t only interacting with two other groups at a time. Instead, you must rely on each and every other investigator at the event, using teamwork and coordination in order to overcome a creature unlike anything you’ve ever seen in Arkham Horror: The Card Game. Subject 8L-08 isn’t just an enemy; it’s the scenario itself. The treachery cards are things the blob is doing. The enemies are pieces of the blob. The locations are, well, covered in the blob. It’s not just a single card that you are fighting—almost every encounter card represents a facet or a piece of the blob. And when we say it can eat anything, we mean anything. In fact, The Blob That Ate Everything even contains a table listing all of the possible things it can eat.

The table is four pages long.

Subject 8L-08 may eat anything. And we mean anything.

Don’t worry though, the scenario isn’t all fighting all the time! Investigators must still uncover clues in order to research how to defeat Subject 8L-08 to begin with. If you show up toting only bullets, you’re going to find out pretty quickly that the blob does, in fact, eat bullets. 

What I love most about this scenario is that it scales easily with almost any number of players, and that all of the players at the event—be it 4, 12, 48, or even 96—are in the same boat together. To emphasize this, we even added a new type of resource, called countermeasures, which are shared between all of the groups at the event. Countermeasures are extremely useful, but if a group spends one, that’s one fewer countermeasure that all of the groups possess. Oh, and the blob itself isn’t the only threat you face in this unique scenario. There’s something else at work here—you’re just part of the experiment. 

I’m beyond excited for this scenario. I can’t wait to see all of the Arkham community uniting against a common foe, and I am eager to hear the stories that emerge from this unique and zany scenario. Good luck!

It Came from Outer Space

Thanks, Matt!

Hungry for more? Experience the terror that’s sweeping New England! No one is safe against The Blob That Ate Everything!

You can pre-order your very own copy of The Blob That Ate Everything (AHC45) at your local retailer or online through our webstore today!

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Legion 101: Getting Into the Hobby

Published 21 January 2020 | Star Wars: Legion

Legion 101: Getting Into the Hobby

Kevin Valliere Discusses Miniatures as a Hobby

Our community-driven series of articles covering the basics of Star Wars™: Legion continues with today's entry from Kevin Valliere. Here, Kevin demystifies what can be one of the largest barriers of entry for new players: assembling, constructing, and painting your miniatures. Whether you strive for movie-accurate versions of iconic units or are creating a unique look for your army, join him as he breaks down the steps you can take to bring your armies to life!

In the last article, we talked about why Star Wars: Legion is such an exciting hobby to start.

But what if you’ve never assembled or painted a miniature before? It can seem quite intimidating to learn and purchase everything you need at first, but it’s really quite a simple process to go from spare parts to a table-ready miniature. In this article, we’ll take a look at exactly what that process looks like!

Step 1: Assemble and Prime

To begin, we’ll need to assemble our miniatures.

For the Republic forces (just like for the Empire and Rebellion), all we need to do is dry fit the various parts together to make sure they fit (using the instructions provided in every Core Set and expansion), then use any old super glue to secure them to the main body. Easy is as easy does.

The Separatist forces, however, introduced a new, harder plastic for Star Wars: Legion minis that, while it allows the creation of miniatures with long thin pieces, like B1 Battle Droids, does require a bit more careful assembly. These miniatures come on sprues, or plastic sheets used in the molding process. Assembling them takes a bit longer, as you’ll need some clippers to cut them out of the plastic mold, and then you’ll want to use a plastic glue to fuse the plastic together. Both methods are easy to do with just a little bit of practice.

Once all of your miniatures are assembled, go to a well-ventilated area and prime them. Generally speaking, a white or grey primer works really well for these specific miniatures. While it’s possible to paint up to nice white armor from a black prime, you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble if you just start with a lighter primer. You can either go ahead and glue your miniatures to their bases before priming, or secure them with a sticky putty and glue them on later.

To prime well, hold the can about a foot away from the miniature, then do a gentle sweeping motion in one direction, only briefly holding down the nozzle. This will give you a light, even coat over the whole model (and help prevent you from losing any cool details).

Let everything dry, then move on to step two.

Step 2: Color Block

Before we get too detailed with our models, we want to make sure we get the overall color scheme right. Start by identifying how many colors you’ll need (it may be just one or two, or as high as ten and up for more detailed and colorful figures). Then, using one color at a time, paint your miniatures without worrying too much about precision. This will be our base coat.

Since we want to water down our paints (so they don’t go on too thickly and show brush strokes), it may take a few layers of color blocking to get a good, smooth color. This is normal! White especially can be finicky, so don’t worry if it takes a bit longer to get to the color you want. For the traditional tan of the Separatist droids, it may take fewer.

As you go layer by layer, clean up your lines and make sure the details are nice and clear. Is the blaster clearly separate from the hand holding it? Have the lines on your trooper’s helmet bled over into the white space?

Don’t worry too much about perfection, especially for your first few minis. What we’re going for is “table ready” miniatures—that is, we just want them to look decent from arm’s length. It’s OK if some details get lost in the mix.

Some of you may choose to stop right here, and that’s fine! If the gameplay is more important to you than the painting, you’ll already have achieved a great product just by getting paint on plastic.

But if you’d like to know a few more ways to make your minis stand out, keep reading.

Step 3: Shade & Highlight

To really give your miniatures an added level of quality, we can do two more easy things.

First, take what’s called a “wash” (think of it like a super-thinned down dark color) and apply it to your mini, taking care to wipe it off the tops of areas or any flat and smooth areas. This wash should run naturally into the cracks and crevices of your miniatures, giving them some really nice shadows that help the brighter colors stand out.

Second, for highlighting, put a bit of paint that’s lighter than the color you want to highlight on a wide, flat brush. Dab that brush generously on a paper towel, getting most of the paint off. Then, gently, flick the brush back and forth over the tips and peaks of your miniature. If you’ve gotten enough of the paint off, this will just catch the edges and give a really nice highlighting effect that takes seconds over the more complicated methods.

Step 4: Base

Once the miniature itself has been painted, it’s time to base. 

There are a number of ways you can accomplish this, and it will ultimately depend on how much time and effort you want to put into your mini. You could easily paint your whole base one color (black looks great, unsurprisingly) just to give it a nice, clean look.

Or you could go to your local hobby shop and purchase basing textures and foliage to give your base a forest feel or a desert feel. The sky’s the limit! And don’t forget: you can always go back and do a base later if you just start off by painting it one color now.

Step 5: Protect

Finally, we want to protect our miniatures.

There are a number of matte varnishes you can buy as a spray can that work wonderfully. Go to a well-ventilated area, give the can a good shake, and use the same technique I mentioned in the priming section. 

Matte varnish will give your miniatures a flat finish, so if you want shiny armor you may choose to go back with some paint-on gloss varnish to give it some shine again.

Doing all of this will make sure that not only do your miniatures look great, but that they stay looking great throughout all of the handling and transport you’ll need to do.

And with that, you’ve got everything you need to know to take you miniatures from zero to hero. But whether that’s hero of the Republic or hero of the Separatists is up for you to decide!

Coming up in our next article, we’ll start to talk about the next step: what happens when you throw your painted minis on the battlefield and kick off a game of Star Wars: Legion.

Need tips on painting your Star Wars: Legion miniatures? Check out a tutorial on our YouTube channel here!

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The Looming War

Published 17 January 2020 | Legend of the Five Rings LCG

The Looming War

Preview Enlightenment Format Cards in Clan War

Pre-order your own copy of Clan War at your local retailer or online through our website with free shipping in the continental U.S. today!

The specter of war looms large over the Emerald Empire. All-out war has come to Rokugan and conflicts between clans have become more and more complicated. Strategic alliances must be forged to defeat enemies old and new. What will the political landscape of the Emerald Empire look like when all is said and done?

Join us today as we preview multiplayer-centric cards in Clan War, a new Premium Expansion for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game!

Clan War expands the conflicts of Rokugan into all-out war with two different multiplayer game modes, the rules of which can be found here. The Enlightenment format sees three or more players racing to claim all five elemental rings on their provinces, while Team Conquest allows four players to join up into two teams to break each other’s’ strongholds. When the clans clash in open war, none can be victorious alone!

Allies and Enemies

The Enlightenment format introduces a new mechanic in the form of keeping claimed rings on provinces. While these rings can later be taken by your opponent, they can also trigger some potent abilities on a variety of cards in Clan War. The Crab, for example, can collect rings in the Slaughtered Village (Clan War, 13), and should the province be broken, they can enact vengeance on their foe before the rings are taken from them. Meanwhile, the Crane can protect their rings with Model of Courtesy (Clan War, 14), ensuring that even if their provinces are broken, the Left Hand of the Emperor can still triumph. The Scorpion utilize a similar trick, using a Shadowed Alleyway (Clan War, 18) to move their rings out of danger when a conflict is taking place at a province. With subtle manipulation, even if the Scorpion lose conflicts, they can prevent their enemies from gaining any ground.

But it’s more than just provinces that interact with this mechanic. Kobo Ichi-Kai Jujutsu (Clan War, 64) can of course work in a single-player format, enhancing a character’s military strength by their opponent’s claimed rings. While this will often provide a boost of one or two skill in single player games, it can be far more potent during multiplayer games, potentially boosting your samurai to greater heights.

The Lion also benefit from rings on provinces. When the Righteous Akodo (Clan War, 41) is attacking a province with a claimed ring, she gains two political skill, making her a valuable player in any conflict for any one fate. But the Lion can do far more than boost skill. From their Privileged Position (Clan War, 79), they can ensure they will not be ganged up on if they keep your honor low. In an Enlightenment game, alliances are constantly shifting and you never know when a betrayal is waiting in the wings. Privileged Position can ensure your safety to some extent, limiting the amount of times a conflict can be declared against you during a turn.

While the Lion can limit conflicts, the Unicorn have a whole new way to turn a battle on its head. Diversionary Maneuver  (Clan War, 90) completely cancels out a military conflict and replaces it with a different battle at a different province. While this can of course be used on the same opponent’s province, it may also come about as part of a deal, and find your Unicorn forces attacking a different player entirely. The Unicorn can run down any target, and having them on your side could be vital to victory.

Every clan will also have access to neutral cards to give them the edge in multiplayer battles. Seize the Day (Clan War, 93) works in the traditional Legend of the Five Rings: the Card Game format, but excels in multiplayer games where you can become the first player for free. The more opponents you have, the longer it will take to reclaim the first player token. When you need it most, Seize the Day can provide you an opportunity to act first and strike down your foes; all you have to do is reach out and take it.

Players can also mitigate their opponent’s strongest characters by listening to Hige’s Sermon (Clan War, 92). Though playing this card is Heresy, it provides every player the opportunity to bow an opposing character. By working with your allies, you can use Hige’s Sermon to strike fiercely at your enemies, bowing several of their characters. Just make sure your closest friends don’t betray you when it’s their time to bow a character. 

The Specter of War

Though Rokugan is a land built on honor, who can you trust when the specter of war looms so brightly? The Clan War is coming, what side will reign victorious when all is said and done? Find out when Clan War releases this February!

Discover your allies and enemies in the Clan War Premium Expansion (L5C28) for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game, available now for pre-order from your local retailer or our website with free shipping in the continental United States today!

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The Widow's Sting

Published 16 January 2020 | Marvel Champions: The Card Game

The Widow's Sting

Announcing the Black Widow Hero Pack and Game Mat for Marvel Champions: The Card Game

"No one will ever know my full story"
   –Natasha Romanoff, Black Widow #1 (2014)

Pre-order your own copy of the Black Widow Hero Pack at your local retailer or online through our website with free shipping in the continental U.S. today!

KGB assassin, agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., villain, hero: Natasha Romanoff has taken on many roles, and played many sides in a life shrouded in mystery. But throughout every new stage of life, Natasha has developed a unique set of skills that she now uses in the role of the Black Widow, international super-spy. Soon, you'll be able to make use of these skills as you battle villains from across the Marvel Universe.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the Black Widow Hero Pack for Marvel Champions: The Card Game!

The Black Widow Hero Pack includes a pre-built deck for Black Widow utilizing the Justice aspect, the Taskmaster nemesis set, and additional cards to help increase your deck building options! With well-rounded base stats and a Preparation card for every occasion, Black Widow is always ready for what’s coming next!

The Dance of Death

As one of the world’s most notorious spies, Black Widow (Black Widow, 1A) is always rewarded for proper planning. Within the Black Widow’s hero cards, you’ll find a variety of Preparation cards. Each of these cards is an upgrade, with an effect that triggers automatically when a specific event occurs. For example, Widow's Bite (Black Widow, 10) won’t do anything when it’s played, but the Widow’s trap will be sprung when her prey appears. While Black Widow is always prepared for enemies, she can also ready a quick escape by playing a Grappling Hook (Black Widow, 8) that can be used to avoid a treacherous situation. Black Widow also has plenty of ways to ensure these Preparation cards are in constant rotation.

Even if most of these cards can only be used while Black Widow is in her hero form, her alter ego Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow, 1B) is just as vital of a role, keeping your hand stocked as you prepare for upcoming operations, whether it's undertaking Covert Ops (Black Widow, 3) or performing a Dance of Death (Black Widow, 4).

In the Name of Justice

All of Black Widow's espionage actions are undertaken in the name of Justice, so it's fitting that this aspect fills out the rest of her deck! While aspect cards can of course be used in any deck, these new Justice cards synergize particularly well with Black Widow. For example, Agent Coulson (Black Widow, 34) is a solid ally for any hero looking to thwart a villain's plans, but can specifically help Natasha find one of her many Preparation cards. But this doesn’t mean Coulson is useless with other heroes, as several new Justice cards in the Black Widow pack are also Preparation cards! This includes giving you access to Counterintelligence (Black Widow, 17) to outwit the villain’s schemes.  

As always, this Hero Pack also includes an additional card for the other three aspects, increasing your deckbuilding options. In this case, each of the other three cards take the form of a Preparation card, providing new ways for Black Widow to be effective in any aspect. For example,  Rapid Response (Black Widow, 31) lets an ally return from the brink of defeat thanks to careful planning. And if your team is under the leadership of Black Widow, you’ll always be prepared for anything!

Like any Marvel hero, Black Widow has her own personal demons to contend with. The life of a spy is dangerous, enemies are around every corner, and even your employers can turn their back on you at a moment's notice. Receiving a Burn Notice (Black Widow, 25) requires all of Black Widow’s attention, as she suddenly finds herself on the run without support, and her best prepared plans can crumble around her.

But that’s not all Natasha Romanoff has to worry about. With perfect memory, the insidious Taskmaster (Black Widow, 26) can copy nearly any move he sees, making him one of the deadliest mercenaries in the world. The more prepared you are, the stronger Taskmaster becomes, gaining boosts to his attacks and schemes based on the number of upgrades you control. And even if you defeat Taskmaster, you can never truly be rid of him. He's always hiding in the shadows, working with the main villain and lending them his skills when he is used as a boost card. With the skills of some of the most iconic Marvel heroes, Taskmaster is no easy to foe to overcome, but Black Widow will have to find a way if she hopes to complete her mission.

Necessary Preparations

Launching alongside the Black Widow Hero Pack will be the Black Widow Game Mat!

This 24" x 12" slip-resistant game mat gives you plenty of space for your hero’s deck, identity card, upgrades, supports, and more, while showing off beautiful art! Prepare for your mission with the Black Widow Game Mat at your side!

Mission Accomplished

When you need a job done with grace and subtlety, there is no better agent than the Black Widow. Not only does she have the skills to accomplish any task, proper planning and preparation means she’s ready for any fight. Will the villains feel the Widow’s sting when the Black Widow Hero Pack releases in the second quarter of 2020?

Prepare for battle with the Black Widow Hero Pack (MC07en), available now for pre-order from your local retailer or our website with free continental shipping in the United States!

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Explosive Speed

Published 15 January 2020 | Star Wars: X-Wing Second Edition

Explosive Speed

Preview the Fireball Expansion Pack for Star Wars: X-Wing

“That thing’s a disaster.”
   –Kazuda Xiono, Star Wars: Resistance

Some starship pilots make a name for themselves in the heat of battle, showcasing their skills as they shoot down enemy fighters. Others take a different path entirely, beginning their careers as racers, working around the clock to keep their cobbled-together ships in the sky long enough to cross the finish line.

Pre-order your own copy of the Fireball Expansion Pack at your local retailer or online through our website with free shipping in the continental U.S. today!

Whatever route they take, these pilots need nerves of steel if they’re to find success. A rare few —such as Kazuda Xiono—live in both worlds, building a reputation as both a racer and a starfighter pilot. Soon, you can help Xiono on this journey to become the best pilot in the galaxy with the Fireball Expansion Pack for Star Wars™: X-Wing!

This expansion features a beautifully detailed, pre-painted Fireball miniature that can bring its incredible speed to your Resistance squadrons. In addition to this miniature, you'll also find four ship cards representing the brave pilots willing to fly this explosion with wings. Finally, seven upgrade cards invite you to add your own improvements to the ship while two Quick Build cards offer useful pre-defined combinations of pilots and upgrades to get your ship into the battle.

Join us today as we take a closer look at what you’ll find in the Fireball Expansion Pack!

An Explosion With Wings

Designed for racing rather than combat, the Fireball immediately sets itself apart from the other ships you'll find in a typical X-Wing squadron. While it is armed with wingtip-mounted laser cannons and missile launchers, these weapons are secondary to the features that give this ship the speed and maneuverability it needs to win races. When they find themselves in a space battle, then, Fireball pilots rely on the breakneck speed and tight turning granted by the SLAM action to give them an advantage against enemy fighters.

But harnessing such incredible speed comes with its own risks. The Fireball is an old ship with a reputation for bursting into flames or exploding at the worst times and this affects how you fly from the very beginning of a game of X-Wing. No matter who’s in the cockpit, the Fireball is dealt a facedown damage card during setup, and while this may seem like a serious disadvantage, the Fireball can quickly turn it into a strength. Its pilot can choose to expose a damage card after taking the SLAM action to remove the disarm token that comes with this action, keeping its weapons systems online for an attack.

This ability makes the Fireball a threat to nearly every ship in play, but it also requires pilots who can handle its blazing speed while also managing the many problems that arise. A veteran of the Galactic Civil War as well as an experienced racer, Jarek Yeager is no stranger to high pressure situations. He exhibits grace under pressure while at the controls of the Fireball, continuing to pull off challenging red maneuvers while he has two or fewer stress tokens. He can do this even better with the assistance of his trusty bucket of bolts R1-J5,  who can quickly repair any major issues that pop up with the Fireball while Yeager is pushing the ship to its limits.

Yeager is certainly a highly skilled pilot, but that doesn't mean R1-J5 has to back him up forever. He can also take control of the ship himself, using his mechanical expertise to look at and choose which facedown damage card to expose at crucial moments. This can be especially useful when using the Fireball’s built-in Explosion with Wings ability, but it can also help him deal with the unpredictable outcomes from using Coaxium Hyperfuel to rocket himself forward.

Unlike Yeager or Bucket, other Fireball pilots are less accustomed to the challenges that come with flying a racer. Trained as a starfighter pilot, it’s only natural that Kazuda Xiono would take a more combat-oriented approach. He starts with a significant advantage over all but the lowest initiative pilots, rolling an additional die while defending or performing a primary attack against other aces. This advantage slowly dissolves as the pressure mounts and the Fireball takes damage, but even then Xiono remains effective against top enemy fighters.

Xiono can press this advantage even further with the help of an Advanced SLAM that gives him the chance to perform another action after he activates the ship's SubLight Acceleration Motors. Alternatively, he can make up for some of the Fireball’s offensive shortcomings by outfitting it with a Targeting Computer that allows him to acquire locks and help his shots find their targets.

In addition to his skills as a pilot, Xiono is a novice mechanic who can put his own spin on the Fireball itself. With his help, you receive a Ship damage card of your choice while resolving Explosion with Wings. Not only does this help you avoid a devastating Direct Hit  later on, it can also give you more opportunities to activate it throughout a game. If you choose a Disabled Power Regulator,  for example, you’ll always have a card to expose after it repairs itself. This comes at the cost of ionization, but you can also use this time to repair your other damage cards to keep their negative effects from multiplying.

Feel the Rush

With its powerful engines and unpredictable nature, the Fireball might be more at home on the race course than in battle. But any pilot with skill to tame it can bring down the galaxy’s deadliest aces.

Harness the power of this blazingly fast racer with the Fireball Expansion Pack (SWZ63), arriving at your local retailer in the first quarter of 2020. Pre-order your copy at your local retailer or online through our website—with free shipping in the continental United States—here!

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The Saga Concludes

Published 14 January 2020 | Star Wars: Destiny

The Saga Concludes

Announcing the End of Star Wars: Destiny


Star Wars™: Destiny launched in 2016 with the innovative Duel Dice System, enthralling players with game mechanics that were quick to learn, but difficult to master. Bringing iconic Star Wars characters, locations, ships, and weapons to life on your tabletop, Star Wars: Destiny let you step into a galaxy far, far away through nine sets of booster packs, six starter sets, two draft sets, and a two-player starter set. These epic skirmishes have cultivated some of the most passionate fans in gaming.

We’re extremely proud of what we have accomplished, however, the upcoming Covert Missions booster set will be the last product produced for Star Wars: Destiny. Star Wars: Destiny products will continue to be sold on the FFG website as long as stock remains.

As Star Wars: Destiny draws to a close, Organized Play for this game is also coming to an end. We hope to have you join us for the final Star Wars: Destiny World Championship, taking place on May 1–3, 2020, at the Fantasy Flight Games Center in Roseville, Minnesota, and serving as the ultimate culmination of skill for Star Wars: Destiny players. Tickets will become available on Wednesday, January 15 at 12:00 PM Central Time, and can be found here! Players with reserved seats can claim their seats by filling out the form here

Even if you can’t join us for the Star Wars: Destiny World Championship, one final kit is coming to local retailers near you—the Echoes of Destiny kit. Launching after the World Championship, this kit supports a series of trilogy sealed tournaments, as well as a special tournament that will provide participants with one copy of every card and die from Wild Horizons, the unreleased tenth set of dice and cards for Star Wars: Destiny. We’ll have more information to share about the Star Wars: Destiny World Championship and the Echoes of Destiny kit in coming months!

We want to thank all the fans who have supported the game since its debut in 2016. For more details and thoughts on the end of Star Wars: Destiny from Lead Developer Jeremy Zwirn, read on.

Lead Developer Jeremy Zwirn on Star Wars: Destiny

Star Wars: Destiny gave me my dream job, countless epic games, traveling across the country to events, and, most importantly, the people. Over the years, I’ve seen firsthand at conventions and tournaments what an amazing community has formed because of this game. I thank all of you for your passion, dedication, and support - you’re one of the main reasons why this chapter of my life has been so great.

When I discovered FFG would start working on a Star Wars collectible card and dice game, I was intrigued and surprised. Star Wars? Awesome! Collectible? There’s nothing like the thrill of ripping open boosters. Cards? I’ve had an obsession with card games for 25 years. Dice? Well, three out of four isn’t bad. Dice and I have had a rocky relationship, so I was skeptical that I would enjoy the game. When I tried a prototype, my skepticism seemed justified - after playing a few times, I just wasn’t feeling it.

Several months later, I tried a completely redesigned prototype (an early version of the current game) and something just clicked. It was elegant, highly interactive, fast-paced, and fun. In addition, the depth of strategic and tactical play was quickly apparent to me. Randomness was still a factor, but there were so many ways to manipulate dice that I felt I could control the randomness. As soon as that game finished, I knew I was hooked.

Ever since that day, Star Wars: Destiny has been a big part of my life. It has provided countless hours of enjoyment and unforgettable memories. I’ve met and worked with so many amazing and passionate people all because of this game. It has truly been a pleasure and honor to work on Star Wars: Destiny, and I’ll forever be grateful to have had this unbelievable opportunity—but at the same time, I can’t wait to start work on new projects at FFG. Even though the development of this game is coming to a close, the game itself will not end—each time a deck is shuffled, each time a die is rolled, each time a player tastes victory, the game will live on.

In the words of Luke Skywalker, “No one’s ever really gone.”

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Legion 101

Published 14 January 2020 | Star Wars: Legion

Legion 101

Getting Into the Infantry Battles of a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Star Wars™: Legion is more than just a tabletop war game. It's an entire hobby with a community dedicated to collecting, painting, and customizing miniatures from both the Clone Wars and the Galactic Civil War. Today, we're proud to introduce a new series of articles from members of the community, focusing on all aspects of this engrossing hobby. In this first entry, Kevin Valliere gives an overview of what Legion is and how you can begin building your collection today! 

Everything is quiet, then chaos erupts! Blaster bolts ricochet off nearby walls as your unit scrambles for cover. You return fire, hoping to create a distraction, but it only serves to embolden the approaching enemy. Then, cutting through the battle, the sound of a lightsaber igniting. Your unit almost panics in fear as the saber’s glow peeks around the corner but your fears are allayed by the sound of another ignition, this time from behind you. A Jedi has your back. The fight is on.

Welcome to the world of Star Wars: Legion!

Begun, the Clone Wars Have

First released in March of 2018, the tabletop miniatures game Star Wars: Legion has recently launched its third and fourth factions into the game. Now, the Separatists and Republic forces join the Empire and the Rebellion as playable armies.

Star Wars: Legion is an exciting combination of game and hobby that provides hours upon hours of entertainment at home or in your friendly local game store. But if you’ve never played a tabletop wargame before—or if you’re coming from another one and want to learn more about what makes Legion unique—then you’ve come to the right place.

In the forthcoming series of articles we’ve dubbed “Star Wars: Legion Basics,” we’ll be exploring what exactly Legion is and how you, too, can join the fight.

To start, let’s take a look at what you can expect when you first start getting into this rewarding hobby.

Objective-Based Gameplay

At its core, of course, Star Wars: Legion is a game about war.

In each match, you and one opponent will vie for supremacy with an army assembled around certain criteria (which we’ll touch on in a later article). But it’s not just about wholesale destruction, no—Legion is an objective-based game.

Two matches with the same armies on each side can look totally different depending on which objectives, conditions, and deployment layouts are drafted from the provided battle deck. Perhaps you and your opponent are running Intercept the Transmissions,  where the primary goal is to claim ownership of a series of three beacons strewn about the battlefield. Or perhaps you choose Breakthrough, in which you must try to move as many of your units as possible to your opponent’s deployment zone before the end of the match.

Now, add to that other factors: what if you’re in a Hostile Environment, where not being in contact with a piece of terrain has potentially negative consequences. Maybe the foggy battlefield provides some Limited Visibility, hampering your long-range guns. Or perhaps factors beyond your control have caused your battlefield deployment to be in Disarray, splitting your army in two.

How do you adapt to the situation? How do you overcome your opponent? These questions and more are key to the gameplay at Legion’s heart, and help make sure that every single game of Star Wars: Legion feels fresh and unique.

Hobby Fun For All

But Star Wars: Legion is much more than just a game, indeed, it’s a hobby!

Before you put your completed armies on the battlefield, you’ll want to assemble and customize them in whatever way you see fit. Each Star Wars: Legion Core Set and expansion comes with wonderfully sculpted miniatures that make the Star Wars galaxy come alive on your tabletop, and it’s up to you to decide how you want to stylize them.

Do you want movie accurate Stormtroopers? Excellent! Don’t forget the black strip just above their eyes, it’s easy to miss. But what about a unit with all black armor and red accents? Done and done! The only limit is your creativity. You can give the new General Kenobi commander his classic blue lightsaber, or a fun new color. The choice is yours.

What’s more, you’ll have the chance to flex your creative muscles by painting up terrain expansions like the Downed AT-ST.

And you don’t need to be an accomplished painter or hobbyist to tackle these minis. With just a bit of practice your minis can look table-ready and intimidating. I should know—Star Wars: Legion was my first tabletop wargame, after all!

What Lies Ahead

In the coming weeks, my friends Zach Barry, L.J. Peña, and I will be guiding you through everything you need to know to get started with Star Wars: Legion.

We’ll look at the game’s mechanics from starting to finishing a complete game, and then we’ll look over basic strategy (including building a fully formed army) for each of the two new Clone Wars Core Set factions.

But first, we’re going to take a look at what happens before your miniatures ever hit the table: priming, painting, and detailing. For total beginners to the hobby, this will be a great place to begin looking at what it takes to create a table-ready miniature (and I promise that it’s easier than you might think).

Until then, may the Force be with you, Star Wars: Legion commanders!

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Cosmic Encounter Duel

Published 13 January 2020 | Cosmic Encounter Duel

Cosmic Encounter Duel

Announcing a New Standalone Game in the Cosmic Encounter Universe


Pre-order your own copy of Cosmic Encounter Duel and the Cosmic Encounter Duel Gamemat at your local retailer or online through our website with free shipping in the continental U.S. today!

Today is truly a momentous occasion! The Cosmic Citizenship Council has announced that it will allow two new alien species to join its ranks! 

Wait… ‘two’? That can’t be right. Hold on a second.

Yes—well, kind of! The Cosmic Citizenship Council WAS prepared to let two new alien species join its ranks. However, due to an unfortunate filing error, the Council only made one copy of the filing form, so really only one species can join…

A duel will determine which species is truly deserving to join the ranks of the esteemed Council. To prove their worth, each side must race to gain control of a minimum of five planets. The winner will become a Certified Civilization, while the loser will fade into intergalactic obscurity. This is the one and only way.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Cosmic Encounter Duel, a new standalone game in the Cosmic Encounter universe, and the Cosmic Encounter Duel Gamemat—now available for pre-order at your local retailer or online through our website with free shipping within the continental United States!

Cosmic Encounter Duel is a competitive standalone game for two players where you and your closest frenemy race to be the first to control five planets. Colorful ships, hidden tactics, and your alien’s unique abilities may tip the odds in your favor, but beware! Tricks and traps abound, and you never know what destiny has in store!

Two Species Enter

Becoming a Certified Civilization is a great honor, and the first step in any game of Cosmic Encounter Duel is determining which species you will lead. In the Core Set, you will find twenty-seven new alien species ready to fight for their place on the Cosmic Citizenship Council, along with envoys from across the Cosmic Encounter universe ready to help them on their journey!

Each alien species comes equipped with their own unique abilities that play with the game mechanics in some way, offering you an edge in the fight. For example, the Cheater,  whose very design is to give them a lopsided advantage in any arms race, can reserve an additional Tactic that they can put toward any fight in the game—as long as their opponent doesn't call out how they’re trying to ‘cheat’. How your game of Cosmic Encounter Duel plays out will inevitably be affected by which powers each dueling species has and how they play off of one another.

In addition to your unique species and their ability, you have a collection of twenty spaceships that you can use to traverse across the cosmos and maintain control over the five planets you need to become a Certified Civilization. As long as you have a ship on a planet, you have control of it, even if your opponent also has ships there and you must share control. You will be able to deploy these ships to fight in duels, act as reinforcements, or draw them back for a tactful retreat. Just be careful not to lose them to the Warp or let them be claimed by the black void between the stars and end up lost in space forever!

One Species Wins

Once you decide which species you will lead into this fight, you are ready to launch your ships and let the duels begin! In Cosmic Encounter Duel, you and your opponent simultaneously take turns where you simply draw and resolve Destiny cards. In the original Cosmic Encounter, Destiny cards merely told you where you would send your ships, but in Cosmic Encounter Duel, Destiny cards have three different categories: Discovery Cards, Event Cards, or Refresh Cards. Discovery Cards have you and your opponent discover a planet and duel for control, while Event Cards ask you both to test your mettle against a variety of challenges and cosmic calamities, and Refresh Cards offer a respite in which you can recover ships, gather allies, and ultimately prepare for another clash!

The game begins by drawing the top card of the Discovery deck, sending you and your opponent off to discover the first planet and have a duel there. Dueling, which we’ll take a closer look at in future previews, has you and your opponent send ships to the planet, execute plans, and resolve tactics. If you can destroy all of your enemy’s ships or if you have the highest clout at the end of the duel, you and species will be victorious and move one step closer to becoming a Certified Citizen.

At the start of a duel, you and your opponent secretly decide how many ships to send to the planet and once they have been deployed, you can call upon any befriended envoys and formulate your plan. To plan your attack, you secretly choose a card from your hand and a standing Tactic from your collection (shown at left) to either guard your ships or blast your opponent's. Then, you fight, sending ships to face-off for control of the planet until the winner claims their prize while the loser retreats.

After you and your opponent resolve a Destiny card, whether it be a Discovery, Event, or Recovery card, you merely check the icon on the bottom to determine which deck to draw from next, and the race continues. Once one of you gains control of five planets, that player wins their place on the Cosmic Citizenship Council and begins their reworking of the Council’s filing system while the loser goes home, defeated, and descends into obscurity. You must ensure your species wins the day!

A Fitting Battlefield

But wait, there's more! To stage your adventures in a truly cinematic fashion, Fantasy Flight Games has also created the Cosmic Encounter Duel Gamemat! This 26” by 36” mat features vibrant original art from Cosmic Encounter Duel atop a high-quality, slip-resistant rubber base. As you become immersed in your cosmic clashes, you can beautifully display your cards while protecting them from stains and spills, whether you're playing in a tournament or just around the kitchen table. Whichever species you choose to lead in their fight to join the Cosmic Citizenship Council, this playmat will help keep your cards and components protected, ensuring that the focus stays where it belongs—on your games!


The Council has spoken. Until the filing error is sorted out, only one species may join their ranks—that spot must be yours! Gather your allies, deploy your ships, and claim the planets you must to save yourself from the most terrible fate imaginable: intergalactic obscurity!

Pre-order your copy of Cosmic Encounter Duel (CED01) and the Cosmic Encounter Duel Gamemat (CED02) at your local retailer today or online through our website with free shipping in the continental United States here! These products are scheduled to land at retailers in April of 2020!

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Fit for Royalty

Published 13 January 2020 | Star Wars: X-Wing Second Edition

Fit for Royalty

Announcing the Limited Edition Naboo Royal N-1 Starfighter Expansion Pack for Star Wars: X-Wing

"Enemy fighters straight ahead!"
   –Ric Olié, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

The Naboo Royal N-1 Starfighter is an iconic symbol of the planet's Royal House, its sleek design making it just as effective at carrying out ceremonial duties as it is when defending the planet from attack. Soon, you'll have a the chance add an N-1 Starfighter fit for the Monarch of Naboo to your collection. 

Fantasy Flight Games is happy to announce the Limited Edition Naboo Royal N-1 Starfighter Expansion Pack for Star Wars™: X-Wing, available at AdeptiCon 2020 and online through our webstore during the convention! 

A Step Above

Rather than the yellow finish typical of most Naboo Royal N-1 Starfighters, the ship you find in this expansion features the buffed chromium representing the royalty of Naboo from tip to tail, ensuring that it will stand out from the rest of your squadron as soon as you put it on the table. Those of you heading to AdeptiCon from March 25–29, 2020, will be able to pick up this Limited Edition version of the ship throughout the show. But that's not the only way for you to get you hands on this one-of-a-kind N-1 Starfighter. Due to fan feedback, we will also have a limited number of the Limited Edition Naboo Royal N-1 Starfighter Expansion Pack available through our webstore while supplies last, beginning March 25, 2020.

No matter how you obtain your copy of this expansion, you'll find the ship combat ready. In addition to the striking new paint scheme, this expansion contains a beautiful alternate art Padmé Amidala ship card reflecting the look of her ship along with five other ship cards, seven upgrade cards, and two quick build cards identical to those found in the Naboo Royal N-1 Starfighter Expansion Pack, giving you the opportunity to fly this beautiful ship into battle with iconic Naboo pilots like Ric Olié and Dineé Ellberger.

Fly With Distinction

Marrying form and function, the Naboo Royal N-1 Starfighter perfectly reflects the values of the planet it represents. Lead your sqaudrons into battle with an umistakeable version of one of these iconic ships when you pick up the Limited Edition Naboo Royal N-1 Starfighter Expansion Pack at AdeptiCon and online through our webstore during the show!

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Take the Black

Published 13 January 2020 | A Game of Thrones: The Card Game

Take the Black

A New FAQ for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game

“That’s no law, just a sword. Happens I got one, too.”
–Yoren, A Clash of Kings

The final World Championship for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game is fast approaching, drawing competitors from around the world to come and take part in the only game that matters. But before you enter the lists for Joust and Melee once again, you’ll want to catch up on the latest rules!

A new FAQ (7.7 MB) is now posted for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game, including some small updates to the restricted lists. Take a look at the changes for yourself and read on for more information and insight from developer Danny Schaefer!

Danny Schaefer on the Newest FAQ Update

Hello, A Game of Thrones players!

We’ve released a new update to the FAQ, and with that update come a few changes to the Joust restricted list.

The last FAQ update, posted a few months ago, brought sweeping changes to the restricted list, and we’ve been happy with the results. In the time since the changes, the metagame has looked more balanced, with a wider variety of playable decks and no single dominant strategy. But there are still some areas of concern, which we’re looking to address with this updated list.

In the time since the last FAQ update, Night’s Watch has become the preeminent faction in the game. Buoyed by the release of a pair of very potent cards in The Blackwater chapter pack, alongside the restriction of some powerful cards in other factions, Night’s Watch has performed extremely well in recent months. In order to bring the faction’s power level more in line with the rest of the metagame, Yoren (The Blackwater, 85) and Bound for the Wall  (The Blackwater, 86) are both being added to the restricted list. While the Night’s Watch has access to a number of strong cards, these two stood out for their incredible efficiency and ability to swing games.

The other deck being addressed in the update is the Tyrell-based mill combo deck. This deck exploits the combination of The Queen's Retinue (Long May He Reign, 103) and Unexpected Guile (Pit of Snakes, 44) to eventually force the opponent to draw through their entire deck and lose the game. While this deck has not yet been dominating, it is capable of winning extremely quickly and could easily become problematic if left unchecked. To that end, we are restricting The Queen’s Retinue and Unexpected Guile, along with Oldtown Informer (The Red Wedding, 63), in order to break up the combo and separate it from one of the more potent shadows draw engines.

With this new restricted list, we have high hopes for the metagame for Worlds and in the months to come. Thanks for reading!

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The copyrightable portions of A Game of Thrones: The Card Game Second Edition is © 2015 Fantasy Flight Publishing, Inc. Licensed by George R.R. Martin. The names, descriptions, and depictions applied to this game are derived from works copyrighted by George R.R. Martin, and may not be used or reused without his permission. A Game of Thrones: The Card Game Second Edition, its expansion titles, Living Card Game, LCG, the LCG logo and Fantasy Flight Supply are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Fantasy Flight Publishing, Inc. All rights reserved to their respective owners.

Making a Deal

Published 10 January 2020 | Star Wars: Destiny

Making a Deal

Preview Scavengers and Pirates in Covert Missions

“I'm not gonna trade anything. These are my parts. They stole from me.”
 –The Mandalorian, The Mandolorian

Pre-order your own copy of Covert Missions boosters at your local retailer or online through our website with free shipping in the continental U.S. today!

While war ravages the galaxy, pilots, scavengers, and pirates simply look for a way to survive. While scavengers scrape by to survive with their wits and roguish tendencies, pirates take to the stars in search of fame and fortune. Whatever path you find yourself on, aligning with these rogues can give your team the boost they need to find victory in the battles of Star Wars™: Destiny.

Join us today as we preview the Scavengers and Pirates found in Covert Missions, the next set of boosters releasing in the first quarter of 2020!

Covert Missions introduces 160 new cards to the game, placing an emphasis on alternate win conditions as well as Pilots, Jedi, Sith, Scavengers, and Pirates who can alter the fate of the galaxy. 

The Life of a Scavenger

Scavengers permeate the galaxy, getting by on scraps and pieces while striking deals with others to get the credits they need to survive another day in the Outer Rim. While these Scavengers may seem innocuous enough, they can be vital assets to your team, especially with their own set of unique skills and equipment.

Nar Shaddaa is the perfect place to disappear in the galaxy, a hub of scum and villainy filled with scavengers and thieves just waiting for opportunity to strike. The Nar Shadaa Thief (Covert Missions, 129) won’t be dealing much damage without any upgrades, but can still pester your opponent by stealing their valuable resources. But that’s not all this Scavenger has in store. Upgrading the Thief with a Magna-Glove (Covert Missions, 145) can let you steal your opponent’s weapons and equipment right off of them! And if a Scavenger like the thief is around, you can immediately turn the tables on your foe!

But the Nar Shaddaa Thief isn’t the only Scavenger to be found in Covert Missions. The Jawa Junk Dealer (Covert Missions, 147) is a master negotiator in his little pocket of the galaxy. Whenever you activate the Junk Dealer, you can play a Gray neutral card at a discounted price. Using this ability for a Harmless Trick (Covert Missions, 150), is a surefire way to remove a die for free, letting these little Jawas throw a wrench into your opponent’s plans! Of course, Jawas rarely work alone. In their roaming Sandcrawlers (Covert Missions, 155), an entire clan of Jawas can be transported from outpost to outpost. In Star Wars: Destiny, a Sandcrawler can provide a whole army of Jawas for your team, provided you're able to discard the top 4 cards of your deck. With a Sandcrawler on your side, you’ll have no shortage of Jawa Junk Dealers making deals across the galaxy.

Scavengers get by however they can in the galaxy, their Rogue Tendencies (Covert Missions, 135) ensuring they live to see another day.

A Pirate’s Life

While Scavengers search for scraps, Pirates take what is theirs, travelling the galaxy is search of  fortune to call their own. At the dawn of the New Republic, the Warbird Gang took to the stars, looking to make their mark with a strategic alliance with the First Order. The gang's leader, Kragan Gorr (Covert Missions, 39) made them one of the fiercest pirate gangs in the galaxy. A ruthless entrepreneur, Gorr gives you the opportunity to rob your opponent of their resources if they aren’t prepared to defend themselves, and can overwhelm your opponent if you have other Pirates on your team. His partner in crime  Synara San (Covert Missions, 41), perfectly pairs with Gorr to form an elite team. Synara is a Pirate who is just as ruthless as Kragan, forcing your opponent to discard cards from their hand if they have no dice showing damage. By robbing your opponent of their resources and cards, they’ll be left with few actions when the Warbird Gang is around!

Of course, what good is a pirate without a ship? Adding a Pirate Ship (Covert Missions, 49) to your team lets the Warbird Gang do what they do best, acting as one in the pursuit of fame and fortune. By using the Pirate Ship’s ability, you can clear your opponent’s dice pool of damage-dealing die, freeing Kragan Gorr and Synara San to use their abilities or coordinate an Opportune Strike (Covert Missions, 46).

Whatever your plan, the Warbird Gang will be there for opportunity and profit. As long as you have the means to remove damage dice, your Pirates will thrive and lead you to overwhelming victory. 

Roguish Tendencies

Whether you’re a pirate, a scavenger, or all around scoundrel, everyone needs to get paid to get by in the galaxy. Is this the path you’ll walk when Covert Missions releases in the first quarter of 2020?

Take to the stars with Covert Missions (SWD19a), available now for pre-order from your local retailer or our website

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Available Now – January 10

Published 10 January 2020 | Arkham Horror: The Card Game

Available Now – January 10

New Products Are Now Available from Fantasy Flight Games

Take a look at the latest products from Fantasy Flight Games, now available at your local retailer!

The Things We Do For Love

A new age of A Game of Thrones: The Card Game begins with the The Things We Do for Love! This expansion contains 88 cards that draw on the game’s rich history as both a collectible card game and Living Card Game®, bringing powerful and iconic cards from earlier eras of the game’s life to the second edition of the A Game of Thrones LCG. Whether it be the return of iconic characters like Mad King Aerys or fan-favorite locations and plots, players will find plenty to be excited about.

Within this pack, you'll find three copies of two different cards from each of the game's eight factions, three copies of ten different neutral cards, one copy of four different agenda cards, and one copy of six different plot cards.

Pick up your copy of The Things We Do for Love (GT54) at your local retailer today or online through our website here!

Dark Side of the Moon

Embark on a dangerous rescue mission in Dark Side of the Moon, the third Mythos Pack in The Dream-Eaters cycle for Arkham Horror: The Card Game! After the man who may hold the key to escaping the Dreamlands is taken by dangerous Corsairs, you follow to a dead world where danger is waiting around around every corner.

Dark Side of the Moon is Scenario 3–A of “The Dream-Quest” campaign. This scenario can be played on its own in Standalone Mode or combined with the other expansions in The Dream-Eaters cycle to form a larger four-part or eight-part campaign. After the events of The Search for Kadath, the investigators in the Dreamlands are drawn even further from the world of the waking than they could have ever thought possible, when Virgil Gray is taken to the cold, distant moon and you have no choice but to follow in hopes of rescuing him. The silence of the place is deafening. There is no wind whistling through the air, no chirping of birds, no idle sound of any kind. And around every corner, some maddening creature is keeping a close watch over their domain. You must remain quiet in order to stay hidden long enough to find Virgil and escape without raising the alarm.

Pick up your copy of Dark Side of the Moon (AHC41) at your local retailer today or online through our website here!

The City of Ulfast

The City of Ulfast is the second Adventure Pack in the Vengeance of Mordor cycle for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game.

After bringing Mordor's vengeance to Dorwinion in Wrath and Ruin, the vile Thane Ulchor has fled to the East just as quickly as he arrrived. Now, you have tracked him to the Easterling city of Ulfast and must gather as much information about his whereabouts as you can without being detected by the ruthless City Guard. Can you blend in long enough to locate Ulchor and bring him to justice? Or will you run afoul of the guards who cast a watchful eye over the streets of Ulfast?

This 60-card pack contains an entirely new scenario for players to continue the adventures they started in the A Shadow in the East deluxe expansion and the Wrath and Ruin Adventure Pack, as well as new cards to help players deal with these challenges, including a new contract and a new Spirit hero.

Pick up your copy of The City of Ulfast (MEC79) at your local retailer today or online through our website here!

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Beyond Reach

Published 9 January 2020 | Legend of the Five Rings LCG

Beyond Reach

Read New Legend of the Five Rings Fiction Today

Under Bayushi Shoju’s regency, unrest has gripped the land of Rokugan. Every clan tests the boundaries, pushing to see how far it can stretch its own power. This is the tumultuous setting of “Beyond Reach,” a new piece of Legend of the Five Rings fiction, written by Robert Denton III.

In the far south of the Emerald Empire, a lone pair of Phoenix samurai travel south into Kaiu lands, searching for Isawa Tadaka, Master of Earth. When they encounter resistance, however, Asako Tsuki makes a dangerous choice, with consequences that will cascade into great danger for far more people than Tsuki and her yōjimbō.

“Beyond Reach” is a standalone story and can be downloaded here (9.0 MB)!

Be sure to check the Fantasy Flight Games website frequently for even more Legend of the Five Rings fiction, and you can pre-order Spreading Shadows (L5C30) for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game from your local retailer or our website today! 

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Under the Ash Mountains

Published 9 January 2020 | The Lord of the Rings LCG

Under the Ash Mountains

Announcing the Fourth Adventure Pack in the Vengeance of Mordor Cycle

“…its floor and the walls on either side were cloven by a great fissure, out of which the red glare came, now leaping up, now dying down into darkness…”
   –J.R.R. Tolkien, The Return of the King

Pre-order your own copy of Under the Ash Mountains at your local retailer or online through our website with free shipping in the continental U.S. today!

You have journeyed far across the lands of Rhûn in pursuit of Thane Ulchor, from the city of Ulfast all the way up to the very borders of Mordor itself. Now, the tunnels of Torech Gorgor are all that separate you from your quarry.

Fantasy Flight Games is happy to announce Under the Ash Mountains, the fourth Adventure Pack in the Vengeance of Mordor cycle for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game! As your journey reaches its final stages, this 60-card pack takes you deep into a labyrinthine cave system where you’ll face dwindling supplies as well as the nameless terrors that dwell there. Do you have the will to find your way through before all hope is lost?

Lost in the Dark

There is no easy way to enter Mordor. Its borders are guarded by ruthless Orcs and following Ulchor’s path is sure to lead to your capture. Fortunately, after accepting their challenge, the Wainriders have led you to the entrance of a tunnel in the black wall of the Ash Mountains. The dark cave before you may offer a Passage into Mordor (Under the Ash Mountains, 106), but you must navigate the intersecting maze of tunnels on your own.

To make matters worse, finding your way through these twisting tunnels isn’t the only challenge you’ll face. There is little chance of finding food or water during the passage and you must move quickly to reach the other side before your supplies—and the cards in your deck—run out. To avoid starvation and elimination from the game, then, you must be more judicious than normal when triggering card-drawing abilities, instead relying on the limited resources available to you.

This task is made all the more difficult by the oppressiveness of the passages around you. Simply navigating the Tunnels of Torech Gorgor (Under the Ash Mountains, 92) is a challenge that slows your progress and drains your supplies considerably. But you’ll find more in this maze of tunnels and passages that takes a toll on your party both physically and mentally. Foul things dwell in the deep places of the world, and these Nameless Beasts (Under the Ash Mountains, 95) are sure to devour some of your supplies, making themselves stronger in the process.

What’s more, the longer you spend in the tunnels, the more suffocating they can seem. As you draw closer to Mordor, the darkness around you seeps into your very thoughts, and despair begins to take hold. A Burning Reek (Under the Ash Mountains, 104) permeates the caverns, calling your attention to your dwindling supplies. You must make haste if you are to survive this foul place.

Hope Endures

It is easy to lose hope in the dark depths of Torech Gorgor, but with a little fortitude—and some preparation—you can escape the horrors that await you. You would do well to push ahead to find your way through the tunnels as quickly as possible, and an ally like a Wandering Exile (Under the Ash Mountains, 82) can help ensure that your path is true. Similarly, nameless creatures and despair aren’t all you’ll find in the tunnels. You could also find the  Stone of Elostirion (Under the Ash Mountains, 84) to guide your way.

While these tools are certainly useful, they come at the cost of removing precious cards from your deck. An ally like Odo Proudfoot (Under the Ash Mountains, 88), on the other hand, can help you locate other useful Hobbit allies such as Merry (A Shadow in the East, 3) in your deck while also shuffling the other cards from the search back into your deck.

No matter how quickly you make your way through the tunnels, you’re sure to encounter some of the fell creatures that reside there. During these times, it’s especially important to protect the hero who carries The One Ring  (A Shadow in the East, 1). Bringing the supplies to keep them Well Preserved (Under the Ash Mountains, 85) can keep them going long enough to finish the quest.

The allies and equipment that you bring into Torech Gorgor can certainly help you overcome individual challenges, but your own resolve and wisdom will see you through to the end. With that in mind, you can always bring together a Council of the Wise (Under the Ash Mountains, 91) and gain additional rewards when you play an event from your hand.

With this contract in play, the high cost of additional threat to issue a Defiant Challenge (Under the Ash Mountains, 89) or make a Reckless Attack (Under the Ash Mountains, 87) can be immediately reduced, helping you plow forward. At the same time, a Leadership hero like Gildor Inglorion (Under the Ash Mountains, 81) can use the resource generated by this contract to fuel his ability, helping the entire party draw the cards they need.

To Mordor

The treacherous Thane Ulchor in nearly in your grasp, but unknown terrors wait in the dark beneath the Ash Mountains. There is no going back now. On to Mordor!

Pre-order your copy of Under the Ash Mountains (MEC81) at your local retailer today or online through our website with free shipping in the continental United States here

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Blood of Baalshandor

Published 9 January 2020 | Arkham Horror: The Card Game

Blood of Baalshandor

Announcing A New Novella in the Arkham Horror Files Universe

Pre-order your own copy of The Blood of Baalshandor at your local retailer or online through our website with free shipping in the continental U.S. today!

Do you want to see true magic?

For Dexter Drake, the magic of fairy tales and myth had been a lifelong fascination, but it wasn’t until the chance discovery of an old book page during the Great War that Drake opened his eyes to the possibility that magic might truly exist.

Years later, the promise of arcane tomes locked away in Miskatonic University’s special collection drew the stage magician to the sleepy town of Arkham, where the weird and the unusual are hidden beneath a thin layer of normalcy. Lured to an auction of occult items, “Drake the Great” and his assistant Molly Maxwell now find themselves targeted by the depraved servants of an otherworldly force of disease and corruption. It will take more than a little misdirection to get the performer out of this scrape.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Blood of Baalshandor, a new novella set in the Arkham Horror Files universe containing four exclusive cards for Arkham Horror: The Card Game—now available for pre-order at your local retailer or online through our website with free shipping within the continental United States!

A Fatal Invitation

Author Richard Lee Byers returns for his second foray into the Arkham Horror Files universe after his first novella, Ire of the Void, that followed the misadventures of astronomer Norman Withers. Now, Blood of Baalshandor takes you back to the halls of Miskatonic University where the clever Dexter Drake is attempting to gain access to the Necronomicon, an arcane tome safely locked away in Orne Library. When Dr. Armitage is unimpressed by the magician’s ‘credentials’, it would seem that hope of unlocking any eldritch secrets is lost, until an invitation to a secret auction promises perhaps not the Necronomicon, but many books like it, along with all the occult knowledge they hold.

The auction itself is filled with colorful characters, psychics and fortune tellers and members of the so-called “Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn”, but the most interesting things are the books themselves, only one of which is in English. Blood of Baalshandor is to be Dexter Drake’s prize, but when the evening turns deadly, he and his assistant will be lucky to escape with their lives. With enemies at every turn, Drake’s greatest feat will be to save himself, Molly, and the rest of Arkham from the dark designs of the city’s most depraved citizens.

In addition to the story itself, Blood of Baalshandor includes fifteen pages of full color inserts. These primary sources provide you with the same evidence that led Dexter Drake to Arkham and that has helped him throughout his investigations there. These include newspaper clippings, maps, letters, sketches, journal entries, and all the evidence you need to follow the investigation alongside Drake and immerse yourself in the Arkham Horror Files universe.

The Magician

After you have accompanied Dexter Drake on his adventure through Arkham’s most dangerous hidden corners, you may choose to ask for his assistance in your own investigations. Blood of Baalshandor includes four promotional cards that allow you play as the magician in the Arkham LCG. While he will make an official debut in a later set, this novella marks Dexter Drake’s first appearance in Arkham Horror: The Card Game.

As a talented stage magician, Dexter Drake's (Blood of Baalshandor, 16) ability is based off of the idea of sleight of hand, moving assets into and out of play faster than you can blink your eye. When you are playing as Dexter Drake, during your turn you may use a fast action to discard an asset you control and replace it with a different one from your hand, reducing its cost by one. The asset you play must have a different title from the first (no one would be impressed if you transfigured a white dove into an identical white dove), but the ease that comes with always having the proper implement for the proper moment opens a world of deckbuilding that every apprentice magician will want to explore.

Accompanying Drake on his journey to Arkham is his wonderful assistant and the brains of the operation, Molly Maxwell (Blood of Baalshandor, 17). Going under the stagename The Exotic Morgana, Molly is an invaluable Ally for the magnificent magician. As a fast action, Molly may exhaust and receive one horror in order to allow you to pull off an incredible feat of summoning with your investigator deck. First, you simply name any trait. Then, one at a time, you reveal cards from the top of your deck until an asset with the named trait is revealed. Finally, you draw that asset, shuffling each other revealed card back into your deck. With Molly on your side, you can have anything you need at hand, whether it be a SpellCharmRitualRelic, or Tome, almost like magic.

However, Drake’s sleight of hand tricks may come to a screeching halt if he hits his signature weakness, Yaztaroth (Blood of Baalshandor, 18). A simple Curse but a wretched one, this weakness goes into Dexter Drake’s threat area and prevents him from putting any assets into play. For the price of two full actions, nearly an entire turn, Yaztaroth may be discarded. For a performer whose survival is dependent on his speed, this delay may prove devastating, but with the help of a fellow trained investigator such as yourself, the final curtain may not fall on Dexter Drake just yet. 

True Magic

To save Molly, Arkham, and the world, Drake will need more than his wits and quick hands. He must turn to the dangers of real magic, even if it risks his mind, body, and spirit. Are you ready join the investigation? Add Blood of Baalshandor to your collection and uncover the secrets the would drive many to murder or madness!

Pre-order your copy of Blood of Baalshandor (NAH15) at your local retailer today or online through our website here! This novella will arrive at retailers in April of 2020!

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Attack on All Fronts

Published 8 January 2020 | Star Wars: X-Wing Second Edition

Attack on All Fronts

Announcing Three Expansions for Star Wars: X-Wing

"Gunship, come in. Hawk, we need an evac in the south tower."
   –Anakin Skywalker, Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Pre-order your own copies of these X-Wing expansions at your local retailer or online through our website today!

As war rages across the Star Wars™ galaxy, battles can take place from a planet’s surface to beyond its atmosphere. While some starfighters focus their attention on the fight in space, others cross boundaries, supporting their troops on the ground while dueling with other fighters. Now, new ships are on their way to help their squadrons fight on multiple fronts.

Fantasy Flight Games is happy to announce three new expansions for Star Wars™: X-Wing:

With powerful new abilities and a wealth of customization options, these versatile ships open exciting new strategies for your squadrons. New Clone Wars-era fighters diversify the ships available to both sides, while the agents of the First Order plot the end of the Resistance from a new shuttle. Read on for more information on these expansions!

Xi-class Light Shuttle Expansion Pack

The First Order lurks in the shadowy corners of the galaxy, slowly spreading its insidious influence. Connecting these secretive enclaves is the Xi-class Light Shuttle, which conveys First Order VIPs quickly but surreptitiously from base to base. In addition to transports, these swift shuttles also make ideal command craft, directing forces in raids before slipping away into the depths of space.

Many of the First Order’s most nefarious operatives unfold their schemes from a Xi-class Light Shuttle, including the devious provocateur Agent Terex. A particularly cold and calculating member of the First Order Security Bureau, Terex becomes even more of a menace once he’s been outfitted with a cyborg construct.

Within this expansion, you’ll find a beautifully detailed Xi-class Light Shuttle miniature, along with everything you need to launch it on your own secret mission, including a medium plastic base and two medium ship tokens. Four ship cards let you dispatch some of the First Order’s most elite agents to do your bidding while fourteen upgrade cards let you assign additional crew members to the ship and outfit it with new technology. We’ll take a look at everything included in this expansion in a future preview!

LAAT/i Gunship Expansion Pack

A durable workhorse capable of functioning in space assaults and atmospheric battles alike, the LAAT/i Gunship transports Republic troops to battlefronts on planets besieged by the Separatists. Like the clone troopers who man it, the LAAT/i Gunship is a reliable ship renowned for its ability to get the job done.

Beyond their troop-carrying capabilities, these versatile ships are ideal platforms for Jedi Knights like Plo Koon to support Republic squadrons with their mastery of the Force. Whether making precision drops of clone troopers on contested worlds, supporting Republic formations with interlaced fire in atmospheric battles, or engaging starfighters in the depths of space, the LAAT/i can be outfitted for nearly any role or battlefield.

The LAAT/i Gunship Expansion Pack contains everything you need to add one of these sturdy ships to your Galactic Republic squadrons, including a finely detailed LAAT/i Gunship miniature, four ship cards, fourteen upgrade cards, and two quick build cards. We’ll take a look at everything included in this expansion in a future preview!

HMP Droid Gunship Expansion Pack

The Separatist Alliance’s droid starfighters are known for their ruthlessness in battle, but perhaps none are more ruthless than the HMP Droid Gunship. Armed with ordnance and protected by ray shields, these droid gunships mercilessly devastate Republic infantry formations and starfighters with equal proficiency.

The HMP gunship’s presence invokes fear thanks to predatory droid intelligence and an unpredictable capacity to strafe targets with its sweeping array of laser cannons and devastating weapons like Multi-Missile Pods. Although they were a late-war development for the Confederacy of Independent Systems, their specialized repulsors open up new possibilities for your squadrons.

The HMP Droid Gunship Expansion Pack unlocks new possibilities with a beautifully detailed HMP Droid Gunship miniature and six ship cards, each bringing their own programming and protocols to battle. Your droid gunship can be further modified to your exact specifications with eight upgrade cards, or you can follow the recommendations of three quick build cards to get your gunship into battle as quickly as possible. We’ll take a look at everything included in this expansion in a future preview!

Support Your Squad

Starfighters are needed to fight on multiple fronts. Add ships that can get the job done no matter the mission with these new expansions for X-Wing!

Look for these expansions at your local retailer in the second quarter of 2020. You can pre-order your copies of these expansions at your local retailer or online through our website—with free shipping in the continental United States—here!

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Spreading Shadows

Published 8 January 2020 | Legend of the Five Rings LCG

Spreading Shadows

Announcing the Second Dynasty Pack in the Dominion Cycle for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game

Pre-order your own copy of Spreading Shadows at your local retailer or online through our website with free shipping in the continental U.S. today!

There is a darkness spreading through Rokugan. War is on the tip of everyone’s tongue and chaos has come to the Imperial Capital. Meanwhile, the Crab Clan fights valiantly to defend the Emerald Empire from the shadows spreading in the south. With Rokugan as unstable as ever, can the samurai of Rokugan stop the spreading darkness?

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Spreading Shadows, the second dynasty pack in the Dominion cycle for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game!

Spreading Shadows continues to emphasize the themes of the Dominion cycle, introducing new eminent provinces, cards featuring the rally keyword, and a focus on powerful dynasty events.

Bastions of Safety

Amidst the chaos surrounding them, the Scorpion are thriving, always one step ahead of their foes. Nothing emphasizes this more than Seven Stings Keep (Spreading Shadows, 25), a Stronghold that completely flips conflicts, forcing your opponent to select defenders before they know which Scorpion samurai will be waiting for them or even where the conflict will be taking place. There is a big difference between a force led by  Bayushi Aramoro (Underhand of the Emperor, 8) and one led by an  Adept of Shadows (Core Set, 180), and your opponent may not know what awaits until it’s too late. Of course, in this scenario you know exactly who to commit based on your opponent’s defenders, and can respond appropriately. This is a devastating ability, and though it can essentially only be used in one conflict a turn, it can change the tide of battle in favor of the Scorpion.

While the Scorpion take power in Otosan Uchi, the Crab continue fulfilling their duty in the south. Every day more and more scouts make their way into the Shadowlands, risking life and limb to protect the land they call home. There is one respite in Shinsei’s Last Hope (Spreading Shadows, 26) a bastion of safety in the deadly web of the Shadowlands. Any character who enters play from this new Eminent province becomes dishonored, but costs two less fate to play. The Crab care little about their personal honor in the face of the utter destruction of Rokugan, and the fate you save could mean the difference between victory and defeat. 

Letting Go

Of course, strongholds and provinces mean little without the protection of the brave samurai of the Emerald Empire. These samurai utilize blades, words, and even the elements themselves to protect themselves against the spreading darkness, but some samurai need no tools at all, just a vision. The Inspired Visionary (Spreading Shadows, 36) does not have the gift of words or steel, instead relying on the Kami to win conflicts by stripping your opponent of their attachments every turn. While they aren’t going away permanently, you can ensure that your opponent’s most essential tools are nowhere to be found when they need them most.

And the Visionary isn’t the only character remove attachments in Spreading Shadows. The Disciple of Shinsei (Spreading Shadows, 41) is an unassuming Monk who leaves a lasting imprint on the battlefield with his ability to discard any attachment when he leaves play. This can range from removing a deadly poison infecting one of your samurai all the way to depriving your opponent of their finest weapons. With pure versatility, the Disciple of Shinsei would be a fine addition to any Clan’s dynasty deck. 

Strategic Reinforcements

Spreading Shadows also introduces even more Dynasty events and cards with the Rally keyword to Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game. While death on the battlefield or in court is an honorable end, it isn’t the only way a Samurai’s time in conflicts can come to an end. A simple Dispatch to Nowhere (Spreading Shadows, 38) is a Scorpion trick to get rid of a potential problem in a diplomatic way. If you absolutely need to get rid of a samurai on the field, then a Dispatch to Nowhere during the dynasty phase might be exactly what your clan needs to gain momentum and achieve victory.

While the Scorpion use diplomatic tricks to rid themselves of their foes, the Unicorn are less subtle, using speed and numbers to quickly overwhelm any opponent. A  Twilight Rider (Spreading Shadows, 39), for instance, not only readies another samurai when he enters a conflict, but also swells your ranks with the Rally keyword!

Places We Call Home

Finally, other characters and events in Spreading Shadows directly interact with provinces on the battlefield. For example, the Traveling Philosopher (Spreading Shadows, 34) can allow you to turn one of your provinces facedown, letting you trigger on revealed reactions a second time or strengthening a Mirumoto’s Fury (Core Set, 159).

While the Dragon can hide their provinces a second time, the Crane can deny their effects. Highlight the Flaws (Spreading Shadows, 43) can only be used with a Fire role, but can be a vital asset at your most desperate hour, ignoring the effects of a province when they trigger. 

The Coming Storm

There is a darkness spreading throughout the Emerald Empire; once united in service of the Emperor, the Great Clans now find themselves on the verge of war. What darkness awaits Rokugan now that the Emperor and his heirs have vanished? Find out when Spreading Shadows releases in the first quarter of 2020!

Face the coming storm with the Spreading Shadows Dynasty Pack (L5C30) for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game, available now for pre-order from your local retailer or our website!

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A Legend Reborn

Published 8 January 2020 | Star Wars: X-Wing Second Edition

A Legend Reborn

Preview the Major Vonreg's TIE Expansion Pack for Star Wars: X-Wing

"I can't believe the kid's still in one piece. This TIE is a real ace."
   –Poe Dameron, Star Wars: Resistance

Sometimes a single pilot becomes so closely associated with a ship, they come to define it. Such was the case with Soontir Fel, whose exploits in the TIE/in Interceptor during the Galactic Civil War became the stuff of legend. With the First Order taking up the mantle of the Empire, it is only appropriate that Major Baron Elrik Vonreg continue this tradition, putting his own stamp on an advanced version of Fel’s signature starfighter.

Pre-order your own copy of the Major Vonreg's TIE Expansion Pack at your local retailer or online through our website with free shipping in the continental U.S. today!

Vonreg’s vision guided the transformation of the Empire’s TIE/in Interceptor into the First Order’s TIE/ba Interceptor, a one-of-a-kind precise and lethal craft from Sienar-Jaemus Fleet Systems. Soon, you’ll have the opportunity to add one of these fearsome ships to your own First Order squadrons with the Major Vonreg’s TIE Expansion Pack for Star Wars™: X-Wing!

Within this expansion, you’ll find a beautifully painted TIE/ba Interceptor miniature accompanied by all the cards and tokens you need to incorporate it into your First Order squadrons. You'll find four ship cards—including three limited pilots—and six upgrade cards that give you the chance to make further improvements to your ship. Finally, two Quick Build cards offer convenient combinations of ship and upgrade cards that let you get your TIE/ba into the fight right away.

Join us today as we take a closer look at everything in the Major Vonreg’s TIE Expansion Pack!

The Legacy of the Empire

During the days of the Empire, the TIE/in Interceptor was a marvel of starfighter engineering. Combining superior maneuverability with increased firepower from basic TIE designs, it’s no wonder that the Interceptor was the vessel of choice for the Empire’s elite aces. Incorporating shields and projectile launchers into its design, the First Order’s version improves this iconic ship in every way.   

The TIE/ba Interceptor’s many features make it a formidable ship, even when it’s flown by less skilled First Order Provocateurs.  The ship’s Fine-Tuned Thrusters alone give its pilot a great deal of tactical flexibility, allowing them to reduce their agility with a strain token or roll one fewer attack die with a new deplete token in order to perform a lock or barrel roll action after fully executing a maneuver.

But, just like the TIE/in, the ship is perhaps most effective when it’s in the hands of aces like Major Vonreg.  This Red Baron weaponizes strain and deplete tokens, forcing a ship in his bullseye arc to gain one of these tokens during the System Phase. Unless that ship immediately performs a blue maneuver to remove these tokens, it must suffer the consequences until it defends or attacks!

Although not quite as skilled as Vonreg, “Holo” has just as much flexibility with tokens. This pilot must transfer one of their tokens to another friendly ship nearby at the start of the Engagement Phase, allowing them to shed a stress, strain, deplete, or even lock token to another member of the squadron at a key moment. Alternatively, they can also choose to bolster one of their wingmates with a critical focus or evade token when they need it most.

While “Ember” cannot generate or transfer tokens, they can control how a target uses them. More specifically, “Ember” prevents a defender from spending focus or calculate tokens while a damaged friendly ship is flying close, forcing opponents to break up their formations and potentially disrupting any synergy they gained from flying close together.

The TIE/ba Interceptor has many built-in advantages, of course, but that doesn’t mean the ship can’t be improved. The Major Vonreg’s TIE Expansion Pack features a number of upgrade cards that can enhance this starfighter and other First Order ships. Some Mag-Pulse Warheads, for example, only enhance the natural ability of TIE/ba pilots to put enemies at a disadvantage.

"Holo" transfers the disarm token they gained from their Deuterium Power Cells to Major Vonreg, allowing "Holo" to attack the Resistance Transport at range 1!

At the same time, the TIE/ba is still a fragile ship, even with shields. Equipping it with some Deuterium Power Cells can help it stay in the fight for longer. The ability to recover shields is useful for any TIE/ba pilot, but “Holo” can take particular advantage of this upgrade by transferring away the disarm token and staying just as deadly as ever.

The First Order carries on the Proud Tradition of the Empire and its pilots strive to live up to the standard of Imperial legends. As such, they can maintain their focus while they have two or fewer stress tokens. But the First Order must be careful how they rely on this heritage. An enemy can spend a focus token or suffer a critical damage after defending to force a pilot to flip this card, making all subsequent focus actions more difficult.

Become an Ace

The First Order may have been relegated to the Unknown Regions, but with aces like Major Vonreg and "Holo" at the controls of the TIE/ba Interceptor, they're sure to reclaim the glory of the Empire. 

Look for Major Vonreg's TIE Expansion Pack (SWZ62) to launch along with the sixth wave of X-Wing expansions at your local retailer in the first quarter of 2020. You can pre-order your copies of these expansions at your local retailer or online through our website—with free shipping in the continental United States—here!

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Secrets of the Crucible

Published 6 January 2020 | Genesys

Secrets of the Crucible

Announcing a New Sourcebook for Genesys Roleplaying

Pre-order your own copy of Secrets of the Crucible at your local retailer or online through our website with free shipping in the continental U.S. today!

In the center of the universe hangs the Crucible, an enormous artificial world created by the enigmatic Architects and home to countless beings and cultures. Here, impossibly advanced technologies mix with arcane powers to make for a setting unlike any other. Uncovering the secrets of this mysterious, artificial world will take all your skills—but the possible rewards are boundless...

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Secrets of the Crucible, a new sourcebook for the Genesys Roleplaying System set in the KeyForge Universe!

This 272-page sourcebook allows you to undertake fantastical adventures and uncover the Crucible’s many wonders and dangers. Lost civilizations, cryptic conspiracies, bizarre environments, mutated monsters, and more await!

Secrets of the Crucible contains new character creation options, unique weapons and armor, new skills revolving around the mysterious Æmber permeating the world, bizzare adversaries, and a new adventure builder that puts all these aspects together!

Are you ready to discover a world where anything is possible?

The Keys of Discovery

The first portion of Secrets of the Crucible introduces new character creation options. The Crucible is a diverse landscape full of uncountable species. This book contains 11 of these species to choose from when creating a character, including Giants, Martians, and Robots. But Secrets of the Crucible also features a full set of rules for creating your own species, making your character creation options truly limitless! Traverse the land as an aquatic horse-type species or roll through the Crucible as a giant rock; the choice is always yours!

Of course, selecting a species is just the beginning, Secrets of the Crucible also contains a set of fresh new careers for players to explore. Battle for æmber and glory as a mighty VaultWarrior, or acquire wealth and fortune as a mercurial Trader! Each of these careers has access to a wide variety of new skills and talents introduced in Secrets of the Crucible, including the powerful new Æmbercraft skill, which invites you to learn the secrets of the mysterious substance permeating the Crucible.

Of course, you're characters history and future will inevitably be intertwined with the various factions of the Crucible. Given the enormous number of beings on the Crucible, it is no wonder there are untold millions of groups, factions, houses, associations, and other ways  for them to band together. Referred to as organizations, these groups range from congregations of belief systems followed by thousands of species to a singularly immortal hive mind linking a multitude of small protoplasmic blobs. Wherever there are beings who share beliefs or desires, organizations are formed. Does your character hail from the fierce legions of Brobnar, or from the scientific minds of Logos? As always, your character is yours to craft.

Master of the Vault

But Secrets of the Crucible isn’t for players alone. Game Masters are offered plenty of advice for running adventures in the world of KeyForge! Games set on the Crucible can be as divergent and expansive as the world itself, and it may feel a bit daunting to craft adventures. The wild mix of species, super-science, and fantastical technologies may seem too large to handle, but its beings have motivations and needs that everyone can understand—and thus adventures on this world can be both fun and familiar for players as they explore the Crucible with their characters.

Much of the chapter focusing on the Game Master is devoted to exploring the Science Fantasy genre, depicting life on the Crucible, Introducing NPC templates, and working Æmber into your adventures. The rest of the chapter offers a way for you to quickly create adventures featuring prominent or common elements of the Crucible with an adventure builder template. The adventure builder uses a modular format, allowing segments of the adventure types to be reused to create different combinations each time. The resulting framework may include unexpected twists, moral quandaries, and some of the general weirdness inherent to the Crucible.

These modular adventures are similar to the encounters found in Shadow of the Beanstalk, but with a Crucible twist. The adventure builder contains three categories: Hooks, Escalations, and Climaxes. By combining one of each, you can create your own story full of adventure, twists, and a satisfying conclusion.

Hooks are the initial enticement and incentive for your players to get involved in the adventure. These work best when they are clearly presented, so the players don’t spend a lot of time wondering what the possibilities are. Hooks can be quite cliché, which is great for telegraphing the basic intent of the adventure and can help set up unexpected events later on. Perhaps an Æmber Hunter needs you to fight off a Martian scouting party, or the PCs find a hot lead on a valuable artifact.

An escalation raises the stakes or difficulty of the adventure. Sometimes it challenges the morality of the situation as the PCs decide how far to go in their pursuit of their ultimate goal in changing conditions.

Climaxes are more open and nebulous compared to the hooks and escalations. They represent broad categories of possible resolutions that can always be greatly impacted and even circumvented by PC actions. We’ll take a look at each of these aspects in-depth in a future preview!

Unlock the Secrets

The world where anything is possible is colliding with the roleplaying system of boundless adventures, what adventures await you when Secrets of the Crucible releases in the second quarter of 2020?

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