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Survival of the Fittest

Published 16 October 2018 | Discover: Lands Unknown

Survival of the Fittest

Preview the Competitive Mode Featured in Discover: Lands Unknown

Order your own copy of Discover: Lands Unknown at your local retailer or online through our website today!

In Discover: Lands Unknown, four of your five scenarios may see you working with other survivors out of necessity for your own victory. You may cooperate or compete with the other players within a single scenario. However, the fifth scenario included in each copy of the game game offers something very different—a cutthroat competition where only the strong can survive. The exact backdrop of the competitive scenario you find in your copy of Discover: Lands Unknown can vary from game to game, but they each see you going head-to-head against other players. The last survivor standing is the winner! When escape is of little concern do you have what it takes to achieve victory?

As we've explored in our previous previews, Discover: Lands Unknown is a Unique Game, meaning that the copy you buy will be different from every other copy in the world. The mix of components found in every copy of Discover is completely unique—even copies that have the same terrain will find different landmarks and challenges on their boards! Today, however, we're taking a closer look at a feature found in every copy of Discover: a competitive, head-to-head scenario that pits you directly against the other players in the heart of an unforgiving wilderness.

Join us today as we preview the competitive mode found in every copy of Discover: Lands Unknown!

The Stage Is Set

While the first four scenarios in Discover can be played solo, the competitive scenario requires at least two players to play. Furthermore, while any number of players can win in the first four scenarios, the fifth scenario will only feature one winner—one survivor who will stand above all else. While the backdrop of this scenario is linked to the narrative of the other scenarios found in your game, the focus is on the competitive aspect of the game.

For the most part, you'll be playing the same game as before, surviving frigid mountains or arid deserts, crafting supplies, and gaining enough food and water to make it another day. However, there is now the additional threat of other survivors attacking you, not only to knock you out of the game, but to steal your precious resources. Instead of your goal being escape, it’s to outlast the other players. If every other survivor falls to hunger, thirst, sickness, or damage, you win the game!

The True Enemy

While monsters still lurk around every corner, your true enemies in the competitive scenario are the players sitting around you. During the fifth scenario, survivors can attack one another anytime after the first turn of the game. Attacking another survivor also comes with the additional cost of three stamina. This stamina costs means an attack must be well planned, as closing in on a survivor and performing an attack will likely take up the majority of your turn.

In this scenario, the attacker has rolled a 10 and the defender has rolled an 8. Because the attacker's die is showing a result of 10 or higher, he deals one damage to the defender and steals a resource!

You may choose to wait for your enemies to succumb to the elements… but perhaps you decide to hasten the natural course of things. Attacking another survivor is similar to combat in other scenarios. The attacker rolls the gray twelve-sided die, and the defender rolls the red twelve-sided die. If you roll  ten or higher, your target takes one physical damage and you can steal a resource! But every attack must be made with caution—if the defender rolls ten or higher, you'll be dealt one physical damage and lose a resource of your own! Ultimately, you must weigh the risks: attacking another survivor may win you the game, but can you overpower your enemies while surviving in turn?

Even though this is a competitive scenario, survivors can still team up to take down another survivor. During an attack, any survivor within two spaces can play support cards to assist the attacker or defender. Because everyone has access to these cards, forming these temporary alliances can be key to surviving long enough and claiming victory.

Weapons of War

Unlike the other four scenarios in Discover, no survivor has their own supply of project cards in the competitive scenario. Instead, all project cards are available for any survivor to craft throughout the game. With new dangers from your fellow survivors, crafted items that raise your defense or attack will be in high demand, but do you dare to fight for the scarce resources spread throughout your environment?

In this deadly environment, it will be the best prepared survivor who can rise above the rest. But you must always stay vigilant: harsh conditions and threatening enemies are still present, you’ll still be drawing night and threat cards, and if you aren’t careful, thirst and hunger may take you before the other survivors. 

When you’re not engaged with your opponents in combat, you’ll still be exploring your unfamiliar surroundings. While landmarks within the normal game offer very specific rewards and narrative experiences, exploring a landmark in the fifth scenario gives you a random exploration card to assist you in your quest. These cards may provide essential resources or give you more weapons to defend yourself, but regardless of what you find, these landmarks will be essential to your victory.

It's only natural that survivors will be drawn to these landmarks in search of rewards, but once a landmark has been explored, it can never be explored again. If you want to find more exploration cards and gain an edge over your opponents, you'll be driven to venture further and further into the wilderness. 

Last Survivor Standing

Though every copy of Discover: Lands Unknown features a competitive scenario, the exact contents of each game are unique. Crafted items, exploration cards, landmarks, enemies, night cards, survivors, and more can all be wildly different between copies of the game. But whether you find yourself under the scorching heat of a desert sun or surrounded by salt water as far as the eye can see, only the hardiest survivors can come out on top. Do you have what it takes to achieve victory?

Learn the key to survival with Discover: Lands Unknown (DSC01), available now for pre-order from your local retailer or our website!

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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Published 16 October 2018 | Fallout

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

How to Get Along With Others in the Wasteland 

The sandy beaches of New California don’t attract as many people as they used to. Being covered in piles of radioactive waste will do that. It also means that you’ll be on your own as you wander the wasteland in the New California expansion for Fallout: The Board Game. Out here, everyone looks out for themselves, free to pursue their own agenda and gain influence however they see fit.

Order your own copy of New California at your local retailer or online through our website today!

This continues as you play through expanded versions of the four scenarios from the base game and the new Rise of the Master scenario with the twelve map tiles and other components included in this expansion. Every so often, though, you’ll come across someone—or something—that doesn’t want to eat you and take your stuff. If this should ever happen, you might even team up with these friendly souls and work together for the common good.

In addition to its other scenarios, New California also gives you the chance to gather a group of survivors and tackle a fully cooperative scenario. Here, what begins as an attempt to aid a small village in the wasteland soon sweeps you into an ever-evolving struggle that will determine the fate of New California. Along the way, you’ll have to coordinate with your fellow survivors to tackle the many challenges that appear down the branching paths you’ll wander.

Strap yourself in as we took a look at the challenges you and your chummy compatriots will face as you try to make the wasteland a better place!

Making Friends in the Wasteland

During any game of Fallout, a common thread is a struggle between freedom and security. Whether you side with the mysterious Institute while exploring the Commonwealth or back the Brotherhood of Steel in their struggle against the enigmatic Unity, each scenario offers different factions for you to ally with as you pursue your goals and look out for number one.

The New California cooperative scenario continues to explore this dichotomy… with several important twists. Rather than aligning with one side or the other, players work to aid the small village of Arroyo. Pushed to the edge of desperation by a terrible drought, the town has turned to anyone who will listen for help, and they need you to scour the wasteland in search of anything that could relieve their suffering. Luckily, you have heard whispers of a device that could combat the drought. Perhaps you can discover more by visiting the New California Republic…

In addition to the standard dangers of the wasteland, your efforts in this scenario will be opposed by the mysterious Enclave, who wish to spread their influence into New California from their base on the Poseidon Oil Rig far out at sea. Instead of beginning the game with agenda cards to guide you, you and your fellow survivors must work together to complete the main quest. What ensues could take you to a vault hidden beneath the surface of a lake, deep into the heart of the desert, or even onto the Enclave’s secretive oil rig.

As your search continues, a dramatic struggle plays out on the scenario's power track. Completing quests pushes the freedom token along the power track, bringing you one step closer to victory. But any number of events—from a survivor being killed to an Enclave enemy activating—can cause the Enclave’s security token to advance on the track as their influence grows. If you're not careful and the Enclave's power token reaches the end of the track, you and your fellow survivors lose the game. 

Completing the main story quest will bring you one step closer to victory, while gaining a "Security" agenda will push the Enclave's power token back, giving you more time to complete your goals!

Keep your chin up, though, things aren’t all bad. You can always help yourself even more by gaining agendas. Instead of tracking your influence in the wasteland, in this scenario agendas are another way for you to control the power tokens. Gaining an agenda with the "Security" title will move the security token one space backward on the power track while an agenda with the "Freedom" title advances the freedom token toward the end of the track. Better yet, all other agendas let you choose which effect to resolve. So go grab those agendas, hotshot, and save Arroyo! 

More Toys

Going up against the Enclave is no easy task, but luckily New California provides you with a host of 21 new asset cards that should make helping the citizens of Arroyo a bit easier. From weapons to companions to apparel, these cards give you the kick you need to go from zero to hero!

Weapons may be hard to come by in the wasteland, but—for the right price—some of the most powerful weapons you’ve ever seen can be yours. Need to wipe out a large group of Enclave Soldiers? Look no further than your handy Missile Launcher!  You can exhaust this weapon after you kill an enemy to kill each other enemy of equal or lower level in its space and each adjacent space. How’s that for making a splash?

If you prefer keeping your enemies a bit closer, you can always turn to a trusty Rockville Slugger.  You might not be able to blow anything up with this simple baseball bat, but you’ll still have the chance to knock your foes out of the park with this weapon, killing them before the fight even begins.

Not every encounter in the wasteland has to devolve into fisticuffs, of course. There are still a few civilized survivors out here and they prefer to deal with their problems with a Bear Trap.  You can use this card to place a Trap in your space. When an enemy moves into the space… well, let’s just say they won’t be leaving it any time soon.

Finally, you’ll need to do a bit of sleuthing while helping the residents of Arroyo, so it’s only fitting that you look the part. As soon as you don your Detective's Coat,  you’ll get an automatic hit for every test that uses Perception. Additionally, you can exhaust this card at any time to look at the top two cards of the Loot deck, arranging them as you see fit to be sure you find what you're looking for! 

Wasteland Saviors

Arroyo needs your help. Band together to tackle this challenge and you all might just become legends of the wasteland in this fully cooperative scenario for Fallout: The Board Game!

Look for New California (ZX03) at your local retailer in the fourth quarter of 2018. You can pre-order your copy at your local retailer or through our website here!

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How Does This Thing Work?

Published 15 October 2018 | KeyForge

How Does This Thing Work?

Exploring New Formats and Variants in the Dawn of Discovery

"But if we ever do recover the dataprobe, think of what we will learn!"

Great hordes of players across the world are eagerly awaiting the release of KeyForge. So are the countless players who have not yet found a KeyForge community but are ready, nonetheless, to begin their search for the Crucible's many hidden Vaults. Are you one of them? You may be. And if you are, KeyForge Organized Play will be your link to the others.

The Organized Play program for KeyForge is designed to help you find more places to play, to meet more players, and to uncover the secrets of ever more Vaults. In fact, the game's many secrets factor heavily into the first months of Organized Play—the era which shall henceforth be known as…

The Dawn of Discovery!

As you might have read in our introduction to KeyForge Organized Play, the Dawn of Discovery focuses on the exploration, discovery, and enjoyment of new decks—as well as the different ways you can play the game.

The truth is that because KeyForge is an entirely new species of game—a Unique Deck Game—it lends itself well to a wide variety of formats and variants, which arrange themselves, quite neatly, across the spectrum of casual to competitive.

Today, as we look forward to getting our hands on some of the game's quadrillions of possible decks, we'll take a closer look at its many formats and variants… some of the nigh-infinite ways you can go about exploring and enjoying your decks!

Hmm… We maintain that enjoyment is probably the most important part of the mix. All the same, before we get too deep into any discussion of the game's formats and variants, let's take a quick look at how the game stands apart:

  1. There is no deck-building.
  2. Every deck is unique.
  3. Every deck is generated according to an algorithm that guarantees the deck is playable.
  4. There are no resource costs to play your cards.
  5. There is a tremendous amount of skill potential in choosing the right House to activate, the right creatures to use, and the right cards to play (and the right order in which to play them).
  6. Reading the evolving "metagame" will be a uniquely challenging prospect for players coming to KeyForge from other card games.

Why do we raise these points before we address the game's formats and variants directly? Because the Dawn of Discovery is all about exploring the myriad possibilities hidden within the game, within its cards, and within the different decks you might collect. The more you explore these things, the more you'll see how all these points (addressed above) express themselves in your games.

For example, the sealed format is a long-time staple of competitive card games, and it will be a central part of KeyForge, as well. But "sealed" decks in KeyForge are quite different than those from other customizable card games. You don't gather a random pool of cards and then build a deck from it; instead, you get a random deck.

Okay, so that's a point…

When all your decks are completely unique, how is sealed any different than your standard Archon format match? It's different because you're not choosing the deck that features your favorite card combinations. You're doing your best with whatever you open. You're learning how to play the deck during the event. And your opponents are all learning how to play their decks during the event, as well.

Formats and Variants

There are two formats: Archon and Sealed.

  • In the Archon format, you choose the deck or decks you bring to an event.
  • In the Sealed format, you open one or more decks at the event and play with no advance knowledge of the deck's strengths and weaknesses.

Simultaneously, each of the game's variants offers a slightly different take on the value of your deck or decks, and many of these variants can be applied to either the Archon or Sealed format.

  • In the Reversal variant (also known as "Best of the Worst"), you and your opponent swap decks and play. This variant works because the algorithm behind deck creation ensures that every deck is playable. It can be illuminating because even if you lose, your deck wins, and you might learn how to play it better.
  • In the Auction variant, players place their decks into a common pool before the event and bid chains for the decks of their choice. You might see one deck that's clearly better than the others, but how many turns will you be willing to deprive yourself of cards in order to play that deck?
  • In the Adaptive variant, you and your opponent play best two out of three. Game one, you use your deck. Game two, you use your opponent's deck. If there's a third game, you bid chains for the deck that won the previous two games.
  • In the Survival variant, you start with a number of decks (at a smaller event, this would typically be two) and play in normal tournament rounds… except that if you lose with a deck, that deck is eliminated, and you cannot play it again. In order to stay in the tournament, you need at least one deck to survive!
  • In the Gauntlet variant, you and your opponent each bring three decks to a best-two-of-three match, then choose one of your opponent's decks to eliminate. To win the match, you must win with both of your two remaining decks.

And don't forget all the variants that you and your friends might dream up… After all, the variants listed above are just some of the ways the game might be played, and each is a new concoction of decks and player skill and strategy and discovery.

Maybe not that one—but is there another variant you can dream up that might add more excitement and enjoyment to your games? You'll have plenty of chances to try new variants during the Dawn of Discovery!

What Will You Discover?

Tournament play. Casual play. Archon. Sealed. Apply any variant you want. There's no shortage of ways to enjoy KeyForge and its Organized Play.

Everything's new. Everything's still wafting through the air. Everything's still to be decided. Decks to discover. Formats and variants to explore. Games to win. Vaults to open. Prizes to claim (which we'll see later on). And that's just where we're going with…

The Dawn of Discovery!

The game's future holds all manner of events and prizes. After all, this is a game set atop a planet that's been assembled from the fragments of countless other planets. You have alien species, cities, cultures, and technology from all across the galaxy. And the game's Organized Play program can draw from all of these.

So buckle up—the flying saucer's about to belt off at full speed. Where are we headed next? You can keep up with our travels by following us on Twitter @FFGOP and #KeyForgeOP. And this week, we're curious to hear which KeyForge format or variant excites you most!

No… The answer is not "Brobnar." Brobnar isn't even an option.

Okay, okay… We want to hear which KeyForge format or variant—or Brobnar—excites you most. But if you vote for Brobnar, beware the consequences!

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10:50 to Arkham

Published 15 October 2018 | Mansions of Madness Second Edition

10:50 to Arkham

A Scenario Preview for Horrific Journeys

It is absolutely necessary, for the peace and safety of mankind, that some of earth’s dark, dead corners and unplumbed depths be let alone; lest sleeping abnormalities wake to resurgent life, and blasphemously surviving nightmares squirm and splash out of their black lairs to newer and wider conquests.
   –H. P. Lovecraft, At the Mountains of Madness

Order your own copy of Horrific Journeys at your local retailer or online through our website today!

To protect your city, you must leave it behind. In Horrific Journeys, you and your team of investigations are tasked with solving three eldritch mysteries—aboard a bustling transatlantic airship, a luxury ocean liner, and a scenic countryside train. You will contend with cultists, hideous amphibian monsters, and even interdimensional creatures tearing holes in the fabric of reality in three brand-new scenarios that will challenge you like never before.

In the first of three scenarios, a simple train ride to Arkham quickly turns perilous when passengers begin to disappear! You must solve the mystery of your fellow passengers’ final fates before you, too, are lost forever. But before you climb aboard, we invite you to take a closer look at the thrills and the dangers ahead.

Today, we're pleased to offer you a preview of the 10:50 to Arkham scenario from the Horrific Journeys expansion for Mansions of Madness—now available for pre-order at your local retailer or online through our website!

A Vanishing Act

Steam hisses and metal creaks as the 10:50 to Arkham lumbers out of the station. Shadows grow long and the sun’s light fades as the train winds through the New England countryside. Your most recent investigation has left you a bit rattled, but your friend and fellow investigator Harriet seems to be particularly on edge. As you sit down to supper in the dining car, she keeps looking over her shoulder despite the car being mostly empty.

You try to ignore her odd behavior, chalking it up to frayed nerves, but she soon pulls out her journal and begins outlining a wild conspiracy theory. She insists that there is some strange force at work and, pointing to several other passengers in the dining car, claims that this force connects both you and the people on this specific train. Harriet is not usually one for mad theories, so this shift in her demeanor is particularly alarming. You reach out, attempting to calm your friend and ask her what exactly is going on. But just as you do, the lights in the train flicker out. When they return a moment later, Harriet has disappeared!

Now, one friend short, you must put the pieces together to figure out what exactly happened to Harriet and what connects her, and you, to your fellow passengers. Was she taken? Did she run? She can’t be far—there are only so many cars on this train. She can’t have just vanished into thin air… right?

Beyond Your Reach

If you climb aboard the 10:50 to Arkham, you cannot be sure that the sleepy town in the Miskatonic River Valley will be your final destination.This scenario introduces a new mechanic to Mansions of Madness Second Edition in the form of rifts. These new tokens represent weakness in the barriers of reality, which you must be careful to either evade or close, lest you be sucked in and disappear from this dimension.

As an action, you may attempt to close a rift by testing your lore. If you succeed, you may discard the rift, saving both you and your team members from a terrible fate. But if you fail or perform any action in a rift’s space other than moving, you will become Lost in Time and Space.  If this happens, your investigator is removed from the board! No one can come save you, and there is no telling where or when you will end up. You may find yourself journeying to the future, the past, or another world entirely. The only hope of finding your way back is to test your skills against your new environment. You may need recall a location’s history or ask for help from the people around you. But in any case, you cannot allow yourself to panic. The people of Arkham need you. You cannot abandon them now!

Strangers on a Train

Is Harriet’s theory correct? Is there some force uniting you with strangers aboard the 10:50 to Arkham? The only way to find out is to pack your bags and board the train. You may not know where the journey will lead you, but that is how the greatest adventures begin!

Pre-order your copy of Horrific Journeys (MAD27) at your local retailer today or online through the Fantasy Flight Games website here!

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Battle in the Back Alley

Published 12 October 2018 | Star Wars: Imperial Assault

Battle in the Back Alley

Announcing a New Skirmish Map for Imperial Assault

"Coruscant, the capital of the Republic. The entire planet is one big city."
   –Ric Olié, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

Coruscant is the center of the Star Wars galaxy, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bastion of safety. While politicians squabble in the top layers of the city planet, in the undercity far away from the eyes of the Emperor, tactical combat rages on!

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the Coruscant Back Alleys Skirmish Map for Imperial Assault, available now for pre-order from your local retailer! The Coruscant Back Alleys Skirmish Map is a 26” x 26” slip-resistant mat for use in your Imperial Assault skirmish games, making setup quick and allowing you to jump right into the action with a pre-constructed map.

Hidden Alleys

This skirmish map takes your battles to the neon-soaked back alleys of Coruscant, where dark corners and narrow passageways make for tight-quarters combat. The skirmish cards included with the mat add new twists to your games. The Triple Cross sees you and your opponent dealing with neutral gangsters in the back alleys, scoring points for defeating them while they do damage to every character in sight. Meanwhile,  Propaganda War  sees players defending and placing propaganda posters, trying to recruit citizens to the cause of the Rebel Alliance or the Galactic Empire while trying to undermine your opponent.

Battle in the City

Regardless of your mission, the Coruscant Back Alleys Skirmish Map is a unique battlefield that sees classic Star Wars battles rendered in the neon glow of Coruscant, and lets you defeat your opponent in style.

Take your battle to the center of the galaxy with the Coruscant Back Alleys Skirmish Map (SWI61), available now for pre-order from your local retailer!

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The Circle Undone

Published 12 October 2018 | Arkham Horror: The Card Game

The Circle Undone

A New Cycle Begins in Arkham Horror: The Card Game

Order your own copy of The Circle Undone at your local retailer or online through our website today!

“The hidden cults to which these witches belonged often guarded and handed down surprising secrets from elder, forgotten aeons; and it was by no means impossible that Keziah had actually mastered the art of passing through dimensional gates.”
   –H.P. Lovecraft, The Dreams in the Witch House

Judgement. Temperance. Justice. The Tower.

The soothsayer’s tarot wove a tale of a grim future, hard to put out of your mind. But when you learn that four people have disappeared without a trace from an estate in French Hill, you begin to wonder if this cruel fate is meant only for you, or for the entirety of Arkham…

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of The Circle Undone, a new deluxe expansion for Arkham Horror: The Card Game—now available for pre-order at your local retailer or online through our website!

Within this deluxe expansion, you'll embark on the fourth cycle for Arkham Horror: The Card Game, and your path draws you back to Arkham itself. The Silver Twilight Lodge is bound up in something sinister, witches and strange rituals have been heard on the lonesome hills around Arkham, and the spirits of the dead do not sleep easy. New investigators and a wealth of new player cards arrive to expand your decks—and you will need them. Arkham has always been troubled, but of late it seems positively haunted…

Disappearance at the Twilight Estate

As with previous deluxe expansions for Arkham Horror: The Card GameThe Circle Undone contains two full scenarios for your team of investigators to test their mettle against the terrors of Arkham, but these are not where your adventures begin. Rather, this expansion thrusts you into the mystery with a prologue scenario “Disappearance at the Twilight Estate.” 

Despite the gloom that has taken hold of Arkham, the days continue to press forward. Nathaniel Rhodes has just been elected to the senate, spreading optimism among the city’s most upstanding members, and tonight, Josef Meiger of the Silver Twilight Lodge will be holding a charity event. But some consequence hanging in the stars foretells that the event is destined for a dark end…

In this scenario, you won't be stepping into the shoes of one of Arkham’s investigators just yet. Instead, you will play as one of four people who attended the ill-fated event and who you will only ever play during this prologue. Each of these characters offers their own unique abilities and skill sets, as well as a starting play area and opening hand, but no deck of additional cards. These unfortunate souls are not investigators, merely people who in the wrong place at the wrong time. Still, you may find you have much to learn from these individuals if you can work through the night’s chaos and find the secrets scattered throughout the estate.

Diana Stanley, The Redeemed Cultist

As you prepare to confront a new crop of horrors in The Circle Undone, you will need to call upon the skills of a new team of investigators, and perhaps no one is better equipped for exploring the secrets of the city than Diana Stanley (The Circle Undone, 4). Diana was once an innocent new business owner in Arkham, and she was proud to be inducted into the prestigious order of the Silver Twilight Lodge. Her admittance was great for business, but her joy soon turned to dread as the order’s meetings became more and more bizarre with each passing week. In her time with the Silver Twilight Lodge, Diana witnessed strange rituals and terrible sacrifices. She was privy to some of the order’s deepest secrets, and while she may wish to get out, she knows too much. Diana is convinced that there are terrible forces converging on Arkham, and that  the Lodge is at the heart of it. Despite the risk, Diana has resolved to take down the Silver Twilight Lodge from the inside. But members of the Lodge know that there are fates worse than death…

As an investigator, Diana is focused on stopping the dark machinations of the Lodge or any other force that would put the innocent in harm’s way. After witnessing the terrible power of the Lodge, her willpower has been weakened to a base value of one, but her resolve strengthens with each successful stand against them. After one of Diana’s cards cancels or ignores a card or game effect, it's placed facedown beneath her investigator card. Diana's willpower is increased for each card underneath her, and if she draws the Elder Sign during a test, she can add one of these cards to her hand to play it again!

To further increase her protective powers, Diana begins each game with Dark Insight (The Circle Undone, 14) in her hand. She can play this card to cancel the effects of a weakness or encounter card, shuffling it back into the deck. If Diana can gather enough cards in reserve beneath her investigator card, she may even become bold enough to use the Order’s own weapons against them. The Twilight Blade (The Circle Undone, 13) lets this Mystic use her willpower instead of combat for an attack, using the events and skills beneath her investigator card as if they were in her hand. Turning this blade against those who would wield it for evil will add a sweet poetry to Diana’s defiance.

But the gifts of the Silver Twilight Lodge have their price. Diana Stanley carries a Terrible Secret (The Circle Undone, 15), and if she is ever discovered, she must either sacrifice her plans and discard the cards beneath her investigator card, or suffer one horror for each tool she refuses to lose. While it would doubtless be safer for Diana to abandon her mission, the shame of what she has already done and guilt over those she chose not to save will not let her rest until the Order is destroyed. Will you stand with her and defend Arkham from the darkness that festers within the city like a poison? Or will your efforts to expose them lead to your demise?

Centuries of Secrets

A new adventure is about to begin. It is up to you to discover the truth of Arkham’s macabre history and the motives of those who thrive in its shadows. But be cautious—Arkham will not surrender its secrets easily, and those who are determined to keep them will do anything to make problems like a few pesky investigators disappear.

Pre-order your copy of The Circle Undone (AHC29) at your local retailer today or online through the Fantasy Flight Games website here!

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A Call to Leadership

Published 12 October 2018 | Legend of the Five Rings Fiction

A Call to Leadership

A Letter from Akodo Toturi, Esteemed Champion of the Lion Clan

With Lion Clan Champion Akodo Toturi elevated to the position of Emerald Champion, he is in the best position possible to strengthen the Emerald Legions. Tensions between clans are rising, and it will fall to the Emperor’s Right Hand to maintain the balance Rokugan was built on.

Join us today for a letter from Lion Clan Champion Akodo Toturi, and the repercussions it will have during the 2018 Winter Court!

The letter details a new opportunity for the Lion clan and can be downloaded here (6.6 MB)! After you’ve read the letter, continue on for an examination of the story choice facing the Lion Clan at the upcoming Winter Court!

A Call to Action

The Right Hand of the Emperor commands the military might of the Emperor, and with his new position as both Emerald Champion and Lion Clan Champion, Akodo Toturi is in the most effective position to reinforce that aspect of his clan’s duty. At the 2018 Winter Court World Championships, the top performing Lion player will be given the opportunity to choose what kind of samurai (by family) is to be elevated to the honorable position of Commander of the Emerald Legions. To help offer guidance in the selection of a samurai for the task, here are brief summaries of what the different options mean with regards to the outcome of the decision.

  • If selected, a samurai of the Akodo Family commands with honor and integrity.
  • If selected, a samurai of the Matsu Family commands with ferocity and without hesitation.
  • If selected, a samurai of the Ikoma Family commands with cunning and subterfuge.
  • If selected, a samurai of the Kitsu Family commands with guidance from the recently departed.

How will the Imperial Legions behave under the leadership of their new commander?

A New Leader

This choice is solely in the hands of your clan’s best representative. Who will have the wisdom to choose the proper path? Voice your support on Twitter and tune in to Twitch on November 1 – 4 to discover the fate of the Lion at the 2018 Winter Court World Championship!

Join us every Wednesday and Friday for additional letters as we prepare for a most contentious Winter Court!

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Dextre's Price

Published 12 October 2018 | KeyForge

Dextre's Price

New Web Fiction for KeyForge Is Now Available

No matter how far we run, we can never escape the past.

In KeyForge, the ethereal Archons clash as they compete for control of the Crucible’s countless hidden Vaults, but this is not the only source of conflict. Members of the various Houses often fight amongst themselves, whether it be over directions, contracts, or, for members of House Brobnar, really anything else. But sometimes, these conflicts can have greater consequences than even the messiest Archon battle.

Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announce that the third story for KeyForge: Call of the Archons, “Dextre’s Price” by Nate French, is now available for download here (2.2 MB)! (To learn more about Inka herself, you can check out our introductory fiction here.)

Ordinance 1004381.2

This week, readers get a rare look into Inka’s past when an old friend comes to the spy-for-hire looking for help. Dextre, a scientist of House Logos, claims that someone is watching him, keeping him under constant surveillance, and his growing paranoia has pushed him to seek professional help. But Inka may know more about Dextre’s situation than she lets on…

An old contract, a price that has not been paid, weighs heavily on her mind.

Be sure to keep your eyes on our website each week as Inka the Spider opens more of her scrolls to reveal the colorful and diverse characters of the Crucible!

To jump into the world of the Crucible, you can pre-order your copy of KeyForge: Call of the Archons (KF01) and your collection of Archon Decks (KF02a) at your local retailer today or on the Fantasy Flight Games website here!

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Gods and Monsters

Published 12 October 2018 | Arkham Horror: The Card Game

Gods and Monsters

Arkham Nights 2018 Begins Next Week

The sun’s light grows weaker with each new day as the shadows begin to lengthen, reaching to catch an unwary traveler in their grasp. A creeping mist rises from the ground and curls around your ankles, waiting for the time when it can tighten its grip and pull you to the realm of nightmares. The creatures that dwell just out of sight have been waiting patiently, and soon their moment will arise.

In one week, Arkham Nights 2018 will be held from October 19 – 20 at the Fantasy Flight Games Center in Roseville, MN! We invite you to join in the revelries and unite with investigators from across the mythos during the ultimate celebration of Lovecraftian horror. Even if you missed pre-registration, you can still attend the event and register onsite!

Terrors Untold

At Arkham Nights 2018, you will have a chance to play demos, receive exclusive gifts, and meet the designers who bring your favorite Lovecraftian games to life. The highly anticipated Arkham Horror Third Edition will be featured, as well as Arkham Horror: The Card GameElder SignEldritch HorrorEnd of the World: Wrath of the Gods, and Mansions of Madness.

The maddening event begins on Friday, October 19 at 4:00 P.M. To open the event, on Friday night, Kevin Wilson will be there to meet with investigators and sign autographs. Richard Launius will also be in attendance, along with his original prototype for Arkham Horror. You will have a chance to peer into the past, looking at where it all began, and then play a game of Arkham Horror First Edition with Launius himself on a giant game board!

There will be other play-with-designer opportunities throughout the event, as well as chances to demo and play through beloved games with investigators from across the globe. During the event, investigators of Arkham Horror: The Card Game will have the chance to play through The Night’s Usurper, the conclusion of the story that began at Gen Con 2018 with The Eternal Slumber. (To see how the investigation at Gen Con will affect Arkham Nights 2018, you can check out Matt Newman’s debrief here!) 

The results that players obtain at Arkham Nights 2018 will affect all players of Arkham Horror: The Card Game, adding one of three possible basic weaknesses to a future scenario. Participating investigators will also receive a brand-new extended art promo card!

To kick off the event on Friday night, 24 lucky attendees will have the chance to participate in one of two Card Councils with developers Matt Newman and Daniel Schaefer where they will work together to design a brand-new weakness and player card for Arkham Horror: The Card Game! These cards will then be printed at Fantasy Flight Games’s print-on-demand factory and handed out to every attendee on Saturday. Also on Saturday, the hour arrives for you to don your flapper dresses, trenchcoats, cloaks, and pallid masks for the Arkham costume contest, beginning at 7:00 P.M.!

For those who cannot attend Arkham Nights this year, we will also be livestreaming several of the events, including Arkham Horror Third Edition, Mansions of Madness, and Arkham Horror: The Card Game, so even if you cannot attend in person, you can still be part of the madness! Follow us on Twitch to catch all of the livestreaming action.

In addition to the cards created at the council, each attendee will receive a gift bag filled with macabre mementos of madness, and just for Arkham Nights 2018, we have included two brand new items! As mentioned in our announcement article, you will gain an exclusive velvet bag with an eldritch emblem emblazoned on it, a collection of acrylic health and sanity tokens, a promotional character for Arkham Horror Third Edition and one for Elder Sign, and The Night’s Usurper scenario pack for the Arkham Horror: The Card Game. But beyond these implements, you will also receive an exclusive poster and playmat!

Investigators familiar with The Investigators of Arkham Horror may recognize the promotional poster for the haunting play The King in Yellow, director Nigel Engram’s greatest triumph. Investigator Lola Hayes is set to star as the regal and tragic Cassilda, but as the production seems cursed by tragedy and misfortune, it remains to be seen whether the play will ever reach the stage for its one-night engagement.

Then, in the spirit of The Night’s Usurper, the playmat included in your collection of arcane implements features gorgeous artwork reminiscent of the mysteries in Cairo. The 24” x 14” mat provides a high-quality, slip-resistant rubber base to display your cards in style, whether you're participating in a tense Invocation Event or summoning eldritch monstrosities from the comfort of your own home.

Pass Through the Veil

Are you ready for Arkham Nights 2018? October 19 is quickly approaching, so mark your calendars, brush up on your arcane texts, and steel your nerves to stand against the power of the mythos!

Arkham Nights 2018 will be held from 4:00 P.M. on October 19 to 11:59 P.M. on October 20 at the Fantasy Flight Games Center in Roseville, Minnesota! Tickets are available onsite.

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A Venomous Sting

Published 11 October 2018 | Legend of the Five Rings LCG

A Venomous Sting

Underhand of the Emperor Is Available Now for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game

"Rokugan needs strength and leadership. Dissipating our gains and allowing them to accrue to others simply risks all of the clans being weak, at the very time when at least one of them must be strong.”
   –Bayushi Kachiko, "The World, A Stage"

Order your own copy of Underhand of the Emperor at your local retailer or online through our website today!

If the Lion and Crane are the Right and Left Hands of the Empire, the Scorpion are the Underhand, serving just as loyally, but out of sight, waiting in the shadows. Though as change surges throughout Rokugan, so too does the role of the Scorpion shift. The halls of the Imperial City are filled with the crimson masks of liars. The Scorpion have gained great power and are more visible than ever. But whether they are lurking in the shadows or taking center stage in the spotlight, the Underhand will serve the empire faithfully, as they always have. 

Underhand of the Emperor, a Scorpion Clan Pack for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game is available now from your local retailer or our website!

This Clan Pack contains 78 new cards (three copies of twenty-five different cards and one copy each of three different cards), many of which focus on the underhanded and deceptive tricks of the Scorpion Clan. Look for one of the most fiercely dedicated Bushi in the land, silent Shinobi undertaking missions of stealth and sabotage, and Courtiers who dominate the courts of Otosan Uchi.

Duty Above All

The Scorpion have little use for honor in their role as the Underhand of the Emperor. In fact, cards in Underhand of the Emperor give them a boost if they stay below a threshold of six or fewer honor.

One example is the Scorpion's new stronghold,  Kyūden Bayushi  (Underhand of the Emperor, 1). This stronghold can ready any of your dishonored character as an Action, and if you have six or fewer honor, that character gets a skill boost until the end of the turn. Though the stronghold is powerful on its own, if you can keep your honor low, this Palace can also go a long way toward offsetting any skill penalties brought on by dishonor.

While you're focusing on keeping your honor low, Underhand of the Emperor also introduces  Liar's Mask  (Underhand of the Emperor, 20), an attachment that can only be played if you have six or fewer honor. While this can be a tight restriction, this Item lets you to discard a status token from the attached character! Not only does this help you walk the threshold of honor loss, it lets you use cards like Forged Edict  (Core Set, 184) with impunity, their dishonor offset by the Liar’s Mask.

While staying below six honor can be a dangerous proposition and limiting to your honor bids, the rewards you receive in return can be extraordinarily potent. For a preview of more of these cards, click here!

Venomous Sting

While manipulation is the Scorpion’s specialty, sometimes a more direct approach is necessary. As the brother of Scorpion Clan Champion Bayushi Shoju,  Bayushi Aramoro  (Underhand of the Emperor, 8) is one of the most skilled bushi in the Emerald Empire. With five military skill, Aramoro isn’t your typical Scorpion, but he still employs underhanded methods to defeat his foes.

As an Action, you may dishonor Aramoro during a military conflict to drop the military skill of an opponent’s character. Then, if that character’s military skill is zero, they are discarded. The ability to simply discard your opponent’s characters is a devastating tool—fate becomes irrelevant as Bayushi Aramoro strikes down his foes with precision and fury. And with backup from cards like Sinister Soshi  (Core Set, 97), you can eliminate some of your opponent’s biggest threats. For a preview of other high cost characters in Underhand of the Emperor, click here!

Unbreakable Honor

While Underhand of the Emperor focuses on the Scorpion Clan, every Great Clan gets three copies of a new character to add to their ranks. What's more, many of these are experts at dealing with the Scorpion Clan’s methods.

While the Scorpion often look to dishonor your characters, a wise Dragon can see past their tricks, and nullify their effects. Kitsuki Shomon  (Underhand of the Emperor, 13) is a Dragon Duelist with three military and political skill. When another character you control would be dishonored, you may instead dishonor Kitsuki Shomon and ready her. With zero glory, Shomon receives no penalty from dishonor, and your opponent must forgo dishonor or find themselves facing Kitsuki Shomon in additional conflicts. 

Meanwhile, Lion Clan Courtier Akodo Kage  (Underhand of the Emperor, 14) attacks the Scorpion during the draw phase, allowing you to change your opponent’s bid if your bid is lower and you are more honorable. The Scorpion often bid as high as possible to tank their honor and gather conflict cards. Akodo Kage forces them to slow down and limits their options during conflicts, forcing them to face their opponent head on. 

For a preview of the other non-Scorpion cards in Underhand of the Emperor, click here and here!

Lies and Deception

The Scorpion are one of the most dangerous clans in the Empire. Determining their motives can be nearly impossible, and through subtle manipulation, they always get their way. Will you pledge your allegiance to the Underhand of the Emperor?

Discover the web of lies in Underhand of the Emperor (L5C15), available now from your local retailer or our website!

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Follow the Whispers

Published 11 October 2018 | Legend of the Five Rings Fiction

Follow the Whispers

Whispers of Shadow and Steel Is Available Now

Order your own copy of Whispers of Shadow and Steel at your local retailer or online through our website today!

In the clan infamous for its liars, schemers, and secrets, Bayushi Yojiro is known as the “only honest Scorpion." As an Emerald Magistrate, his duty is to uphold the Emperor’s laws and ensure justice is done. As a Scorpion, his duty is to loyally serve the interests of his clan—even if that means sacrificing his own honor. As both, Yojiro walks a line as razor-thin as the edge of a katana.

When a dignitary of a rival clan is murdered in the Scorpion-controlled City of Lies, Yojiro is sent to help investigate and bring the killer to justice. His fellow magistrates expect him to prevent Scorpion interference, while his clan expects him to protect its secrets. Where do his loyalties truly lie, and whom will he be forced to betray?

Whispers of Shadow and Steel, a Scorpion Clan novella by Mari Murdock set in the world of Legend of the Five Rings, is available now from your local retailer or our website!

This 112-page novella focuses on Bayushi Yojiro, the Honest Scorpion, as he investigates a mysterious death in the City of Lies. The novella also includes a sixteen-page color insert giving deeper insight into the Scorpion Clan and three copies of two full-art cards for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game!

The Honest Scorpion

Whispers of Shadow and Steel examines the duality of the Scorpion, and what happens when the clan that puts duty above all else has its loyalties tested. While the story in the novella examines the Scorpion’s present, the color insert takes a trip to the past, chronicling the very origin of the clan from the story of Bayushi’s first followers to the purely fictional tales of ninjas in the land of Rokugan. This insert is your view into the world of Hantei’s villains, and makes Whispers of Shadows and Steel a must for any fan of the Scorpion Clan.

New Tools

Every copy of Whispers of Shadow and Steel will also include three copies of two full-art versions of cards from Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game! The first is the Honest Scorpion himself, Bayushi Yojiro  (Whispers of Shadow and Steel, 3). In his role as a Magistrate, Bayushi Yojiro manipulates the rules of conflicts, in this case nullifying status tokens on each character during a conflict.

The Scorpion tend  to dishonor themselves, but with Yojiro on the field, he can cover their weaknesses as one of the Empire’s most trusted Magistrates. Play Bayushi Yojiro in style with three copies of this exclusive full-art character!

However, status isn’t the only weapon the Scorpion utilize. The Infiltrator  (Whispers of Shadow and Steel, 4) is a Follower attachment that can only be played when your honor bid is higher than an opponent’s. As an Action, you may look at the top card of your opponent’s conflict deck and either play that card or discard it. The Scorpion are experts at using their enemies' assets for their own means, and the Infiltrator is the perfect tool to discover these opportunities. As an attachment, you can repeat this process every turn, so long as your Infiltrator is in play. Discover your opponent’s weakness with three copies of this full-art attachment included in Whispers of Shadow and Steel!

Whispers in the Dark

Every Scorpion knows their duty is paramount. But when the Honest Scorpion’s loyalties are tested, who will he betray? What choices call to Bayushi Yojiro? Find out in Whispers of Shadow and Steel!

Discover the meaning of duty with Whispers of Shadow and Steel (L5N02), available now from your local retailer or our website!

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Enter Rokugan

Published 11 October 2018 | Legend of the Five Rings RPG

Enter Rokugan

Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying Is Available Now

Order your own copy of the Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying Core Rulebook at your local retailer or online through our website today!

The Emerald Empire stretches out before you—a land of honor and tradition, divided by the seven Great Clans and united under the rule of the Emperor. Whether you’re caught in a web of intrigue and lies at the Emperor’s Winter Court, investigating the murder of a prominent official, or battling against the encroaching Shadowlands, the world of Legend of the Five Rings is full of adventures. And now, you can embark on those adventures for yourself.

The Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying Core Rulebook is now available, giving you everything that you need to create your own characters, forge an adventure, and start roleplaying in the Emerald Empire. The Core Rulebook isn’t releasing on its own, however. Even the most skillful samurai still need to pass skill checks, and the Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying Dice Pack gives you the ring dice and skill dice you need to play. Finally, the Game Master’s Kit offers an invaluable accessory for Game Masters, complete with a deluxe screen and a pre-written adventure to jumpstart your journeys into Rokugan.

You can pick up the Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying Core Rulebook, Dice Pack, and Game Master’s Kit at your local retailer or online through our webstore today! And be sure to check out the player resources for Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying in the support section of our minisite, including blank campaign sheets, character sheets, the Game of Twenty Questions, and brand-new DLC content focusing on the Mantis Clan.

A True Samurai

Even if you’ve already gotten your first taste of Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying through the Beginner Game, there’s plenty more to explore and enjoy within the Core Rulebook. For starters, you aren’t confined to pre-generated characters. With the Game of Twenty Questions, you can create your own samurai in the world of Rokugan—an individual just as unique as you.

In our previews, we took a closer look at character creation through the Game of Twenty Questions, from selecting your clan and your family to choosing a school for your character and carefully picking advantages and disadvantages. With dozens of schools to choose from, all featuring unique abilities, you can create the perfect samurai for you to play—whether you’d prefer to be a silver-tongued courtier, a wandering monk, or a deadly bushi.

We looked beyond simply character creation, however, to explore the wealth of other options for customization included in the Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying Core Rulebook. You may select powerful techniques to give you an edge in your encounters, whether those techniques fall under kata, invocations, kihō, rituals, shuji, mahō, or ninjutsu. We also looked closer at the assortment of non-player characters included in the Core Rulebook, giving the Game Master a full assortment of potential allies or enemies to throw at the players. With a full chapter of advice for Game Masters on running roleplaying games (and particularly, roleplaying games in Rokguan!), even first-time Game Masters will have no problem picking up the book and leading their party into their first adventure in the world of Rokugan.

Finally, we also had insights from designer Max Brooke along the way, looking at the genesis of the unique roll-and-keep dice system that’s used in Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying. These narrative-focused skill tests open a wealth of opportunities for you to play out stories on the tabletop, but they can also introduce more strife to your character. In Max’s second preview, he looked closer at strife and the ways that samurai can struggle and change under the constant pressures of their society and the Code of Bushidō.

The Emerald Empire Awaits

Whether you got started with the Beginner Game or you’re new to Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying, you can find your next steps laid out before you with the Core Rulebook, the Dice Pack, and the Game Master’s Kit. Become a samurai and start your adventures in Rokugan today!

You can pick up your own copy of the Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying Core Rulebook (L5R02), Dice Pack, (L5R03), and Game Master’s Kit (L5R05) at your local retailer or online through our webstore today.

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Yig's Fury

Published 11 October 2018 | Arkham Horror: The Card Game

Yig's Fury

The Depths of Yoth Is Now Available for Arkham Horror: The Card Game

Formerly several races of them had inhabited the entire underground world, which stretched down to unfathomable abysses and which included besides the blue-litten region a red-litten region called Yoth, where relics of a still older and non-human race were found by archaeologists.
   –H.P. Lovecraft and Zealia Bishop, “The Mound”

Order your own copy of The Depths of Yoth at your local retailer or online through our website today!

You should have never come here.

In The Forgotten Age, you jumped at the chance to join a scientific expedition searching for a lost Aztec city-state, but your pursuit set off a series of events that placed the whole world in peril. You were forced to make your way back, to undo your mistake, but each step you take to save the Earth puts your own life in greater danger. Now, you find yourself at the edge of a seemingly bottomless, monster-filled cavern, and you cannot turn back. Your fate lies below.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce that The Depths of Yoth, the fifth Mythos Pack in The Forgotten Age cycle for Arkham Horror: The Card Game, is on sale now at your local retailer or online through our website!

Welcome to Yoth

Following your adventures in The City of Archives, you have reached the rim of a fathomless chasm. It is quiet, and only the crumbling of stone and your echoing footfalls can be heard in the tunnels surrounding you. Far below, a strange red glow illuminates the cavern, drawing your attention to a winding stair, the only path. Every fiber of your being is screaming for you to turn back, for only hell can await below. But where can you go? There is nowhere left to run. So slowly, cautiously, you begin your descent into Yoth.

Each level of the cavern speaks of another age lost to history, and the deeper you travel beneath the Earth, the more dangerous your journey becomes. As you journey deeper into Yoth, resources will be added to the “Current Depth” area on the scenario reference card. Deeper levels are deadlier, but the more you explore the ruins, the better equipped you will be to solve the riddle of what has led you here and save the world from your error. For example, the Abandoned Site (The Depths of Yoth, 294) has a shroud equal to the current depth level, while Bathophobia (The Depths of Yoth, 301) becomes more and more difficult to overcome the further you descend into the depths. But unfortunately for your team, the only exit lies below.

What It Takes to Survive

The monster-filled depths below the surface of our world are full of danger, but you are not without new tricks of your own. If you are stepping into the role of a Guardian like Leo Anderson (The Forgotten Age, 1), you can use a set of Handcuffs (The Depths of Yoth, 265) to slip away from any mortal pursuers and lock them down, unable to ready or push you closer to your doom. Or for the less conventional, Guardians gain access to their first Spell in the form of Blood Eclipse (The Depths of Yoth, 266). In addition to paying a resource, you may also choose to offer a blood sacrifice, suffering up to three damage to increase the spell’s effectiveness. Then, you'll attack using your willpower instead of combat, increasing your willpower and dealing extra damage to your enemy for each damage you suffered. While switching combat and willpower may not offer an additional benefit to Leo, his signature Ally, Mitch Brown (The Forgotten Age, 6), gives him two additional ally slots, so it is incredibly unlikely that he will have to pay the blood price himself.

But Guardians are not the only investigators who find new surprises in The Depths of Yoth. Rogues have a new trick up their sleeve with the Colt Vest Pocket (The Depths of Yoth, 268). With this Firearm, you have five shots, but only one round to use them. You'll have to use your cleverest tricks, like Ace in the Hole (Where Doom Awaits, 266), to get the most out of this weapon. As Rogues put their cunning to use, Survivors can take what they have learned in past investigations and try Winging It (The Depths of Yoth, 272) to search for clues at their location. After all, if it works in the movies, who’s to say it can’t work here?

The journey to this point has already pushed you to the edge of death and insanity. Now, trapped in the dark ruins of Yoth with a long road ahead of you, all you may wish for is a small memory of home to remind you what you’re fighting for. You can store a little healing comfort in a Thermos (The Depths of Yoth, 274), which any investigator can carry, regardless of their class. Partaking of this healing draught can heal a single damage or horror, or more if you have suffered trauma. Not only can this Item be carried by anyone, its healing properties can also be offered to any investigator at your location. If your team can stick together and care for one another, you may just make it out of here alive.

Begin the Descent

While it is easy to become consumed by dread, you may also experience a tinge of morbid curiosity. Something terrible and unnatural awaits at the bottom of this pit—what is it? Stand tall, face your fate with courage, and uncover the secrets of The Depths of Yoth

Pick up your copy of The Depths of Yoth (AHC24) at your local retailer today or on the Fantasy Flight Games website here!

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Dawn of Discovery

Published 10 October 2018 | KeyForge

Dawn of Discovery

Unlock the First Secrets of KeyForge Organized Play

"Gather that Æmber!"

Welcome to the Crucible!

You are an Archon, and the Crucible is your home—a world cobbled together from the fragments of countless other planets. A world populated by all manner of people, creatures, vegetation, cultures, and technology. A place where anything is possible. A world where conflict is inevitable.

As an Archon, you are one of the Crucible's only native residents. You can also count yourself among the most powerful and mysterious beings in all of existence. Other beings regard you nearly as a god. But you are neither omnipotent nor omniscient. In fact, many of the Crucible's greatest secrets lie just outside your grasp—locked away in hidden Vaults.

In KeyForge, the innovative Unique Deck Game by Richard Garfield, you have gathered supporters from the world's Houses, and you must collect Æmber to forge keys and open these hidden Vaults. Other Archons will try to stop you, and you will face them in battle… or you will elude them, racing for Æmber while avoiding their attacks.

Battle or race. Race or battle. The Æmber, the keys, and the secrets within the Crucible's hidden Vaults must be yours—and, now they can be—with KeyForge Organized Play!

KeyForge Organized Play is your key to all that the Crucible has to offer. It transports you to a world built from from the fragments of countless other planets. It helps you find more Æmber, more Vaults, and more ways to enjoy a game in which no two decks are the same.

Sound good? Of course it does! And you can get started before the game even releases!

  • November 10th — Select retailers will grant you entry to the Crucible with special PRE-LAUNCH EVENTS. Pick up your first decks, learn to play, and forge your first keys!
  • November 15th — Retailers everywhere will run LAUNCH PARTIES to celebrate the game's official release. Dive deeper into the game with three quick activites, each of which comes with its own rewards!
  • AND THEN… Immediately after the game's release, we enter the first full era of KeyForge Organized Play, an era of weekly gaming and monthly tournaments, an era that shal henceforth be known as…

Dawn of Discovery!!!

KeyForge is a game where no two decks are the same. Where there are countless formats and variants to explore. And it permits a vast range of experiences that take time to savor fully… There is an otherworldly beauty in the elegance of its mechanics. Players familiar with other card games may find the KeyForge metagame wholly strange and alien.

As the first age of Organized Play, the Dawn of Discovery focuses on the exploration, discovery, and enjoyment of different decks.

We want to give you time to sample the countless formats and variants and game experiences of which KeyForge Organized Play is comprised. We want you to dabble in different Houses, getting a sense for each. We want you to meander—at least once—through the game's many forested paths and hidden glades.

     …But Wait—There's MORE!

Even as KeyForge Organized Play offers you more ways to find Æmber, more Vaults to discover, and more ways to enjoy your decks, it's going to lead you into conflict with other Archons. They'll be drawn to the Crucible's hidden Vaults, as well, and looking to oppose you.

You'll have battles. Some fast and furious. Some epic. And some… EVEN MORE EPIC! And you'll have chances to prove your dominance in trials and championships and other top-level events, the details of which will be forthcoming, but are currently sealed within several locked Vaults on the KeyForge Organized Play website.

So for now, we'll focus less on conquering your opponents than on discovering your own latent powers. There will be time enough later for racing and battling… Only a Brobnar wants to smash everything, all the time.

What's that you ask? Are there prizes? Of course, there are prizes!

As we unlock the secrets of the different layers of KeyForge Organized Play, we'll certainly discover some of the game's myriad prizes as well.

      A World of Constant Discovery!

In KeyForge, each new deck is an entirely new play experience waiting to be savored. And that's why the game's Organized Play is opening with Pre-Launch Events, Launch Parties, and the Dawn of Discovery.

But remember… all of this is intended as a welcome to the Crucible. Eventually, the winds will shift. The skies will darken. The hosts of Dis will emerge from their subterranean lairs. The air will reverberate with distant Brobnar battle cries…

The Crucible is built of many things. KeyForge Organized Play is built of many things. Want to know what else is coming? Visit the KeyForge Organized Play website and stay tuned. This is only the first Vault of knowledge among many!

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Early Access

Published 10 October 2018 | KeyForge

Early Access

Learn About the In-Store KeyForge Pre-Launch

Gain early access to the Crucible and to all the action, discovery, and excitement of KeyForge at the upcoming Pre-Launch being held at select retailers!

Starting November 10, you'll be able to find retailers selling a limited number of Archon Decks ahead of the full, official KeyForge release. These stores will also have Learn-to-Play stations, meaning this is your chance to pick up early decks and explore a bit of the Crucible before the Launch Parties begin on November 15!

Forge Your First Keys

Attend a KeyForge Pre-Launch, and you'll get a better sense of what this game is all about.

Yes, it's the world's first Unique Deck Game, and that means that for every deck, there's no other deck exactly like it.

But how does the game play? Well, it's crazy, unexpected, fast… and FUN! None of the cards come with resource costs, so everything is free to play! But you can only activate the cards from one of your deck's three Houses in any given turn.

As a result, you have to learn how to use the cards in your hand and your deck as effectively as possible as you race your opponent to gather Æmber, forge three keys, and claim the secrets hidden within one of the Crucible's many Vaults.

During the Pre-Launch, you'll have your chance to sample all the game's wild and explosive back-and-forth action. Giant creatures! Tiny creatures! Cute creatures! Advanced technology! And wormholes that deposit you in lush jungles! In the Crucible, anything's possible… and it usually happens.

Get Some Swag

Join the rush of players looking to collect their KeyForge decks at the Pre-Launch, and you can even claim some cool swag!

After you learn to play the game in the store, you can collect a special KeyForge lanyard and glossary card (while supplies last). Then, after you purchase your Archon Deck, you can claim a pin for your favorite House (again, while supplies last).

Discover What the Architects Hath Wrought

The Crucible, the world of KeyForge, is a place of many quirks, constant change, and ever-evolving delights. Come discover this world, this game, its many Houses, and their species, cultures, and technology. Come play. Have fun. Gain swag.

Your early access to the Crucible opens on November 10. Attend the KeyForge Pre-Launch at a participating retailer near you!

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Launched into the Crucible

Published 10 October 2018 | KeyForge

Launched into the Crucible

What to Expect from Your KeyForge Launch Party

“Did it just say Niffle?”
–Captain Val Jericho

The Crucible is a strange and wondrous place. A world where you are considered almost godlike, O Archon, and the creatures of the Great Houses that follow your lead may very well represent species that originated at the farthest corners of the galaxy.

This is a world cobbled together from the fragments of countless other planets, and it houses untold knowledge and power—most of which are hidden away in secret Vaults…

And now, O Archon, the time to open these Vaults is fast approaching, for on November 15, KeyForge shall be released, accompanied by a series of Launch Parties held at retailers all over the world, and your quest for the Crucible's greatest secrets shall commence!

Three Activites Full of Awesome!!!

The Launch Party consists of three (fully awesome) activities designed to transform you from a novice human outworlder to a fully capable Archon—an ethereal and godlike native of the Crucible!

And more than this, O Archon, these activities will not only see you awaken to your full, majestic self—they will also lead you to your first prizes. You'll even capture your first shard of Æmber for your future conquests.

1. Learn to Play

You'll barely get into the door and secure your Call of the Archons starter set before you'll begin your quest for Æmber with a Learn-to-Play match against another newly awoken Archon. Using the QuickStart Rules and one of the two fixed starter decks—Radiant Argus the Supreme or Miss “Onyx” Censorius—you and your opponent will go head-to-head for the secrets of the first Vault you find.

After your game, however, you both win! Let your Launch Party host know you've finished your game, and you'll be awarded your choice of an Active House card. Active House cards can be used to declare your House during your games, and each offers a shocking look at one of the Great House's icons on one side and a Chain Tracker on the other.

Chain trackers on the back. Click the above image to see them.

2. Call of the Master Vault

After you've jumped into the game with one of the starter decks and shared the rewards of your first Vault, you'll be ready to explore the Crucible's secrets on your own terms—as a unique Archon!

You'll open the two unique Archon Decks from your Call of the Archons starter set. You'll download and open the Master Vault app, or access the website. Then you'll scan and register your decks… and voilà, you now have two decks that no one else in the world will ever have (unless you trade them away). You are now ready to become one of these Archons and battle for your next Vault.

As a reward for awakening these two unique Archons, you'll earn another Active House card, as well as a chance to add to your store's Create-an-Archon poster.

As an Archon, you may be ethereal…
but you'll still want your ethereal head, arms, wings, and body!

But wait! That's not all—there's still the Launch Party Tournament!

3. Launch Party Tournament

This is a chaotic time, O Archon, right after the Crucible first opens to a surge of outworlders—and so we recognize you'll likely try many chaotic things. And one of those things may be enjoying the opportunity to shapeshift from game to game, as you become four different Archons in four different games!

Yes! It's an astounding and unusual opportunity to explore unnatural phenomena… The Launch Party Tournament that concludes your KeyForge Launch Party will present you an opportunity to learn more about KeyForge first-hand.

This is a card game with no deckbuilding. With no resource costs. Where every single Archon Deck is unique. And where learning to play well is almost the same thing as uncovering the secrets of your deck. And this Launch Party Tournament will give you not one, but four ways to explore how those secrets manifest over the course of play.

It also gives you a chance to claim your third Active House card and a House poster. Finally, each of the event's top three players will designate one House for the store's Create-an-Archon poster.

Blast Through the Nearest Wormhole!

Do you still feel… human? Like a being incapable of commanding the legions of Mars, Brobnar, and Sanctum—or Shadows, Dis, and Logos—or any other combination of the Crucible's Great Houses? Do you still need to eat? Sleep? Breathe? Are you limited by your physical form?

Well, don't walk—run to the wormhole nearest you! These portals are opening everywhere. You can see which stores are participating. So blast through, and join us for a KeyForge Launch Party on November 15. We've got the Æmber!

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Knowledge Is Power

Published 10 October 2018 | KeyForge

Knowledge Is Power

Previewing House Logos in KeyForge: Call of the Archons

“Interesting reaction, but what does it mean?”
   –Dr. Escotera

Order your own copy of KeyForge: Call of the Archons at your local retailer or online through our website today!

KeyForge takes you to the mysterious planet of the Crucible, the enigmatic construction of the Architects, who have brought pieces of countless worlds together in the center of the universe. The diverse creatures of this world gather under the lead of their chosen Archons and then fight side by side, reaping precious Æmber and using it to forge keys that will unlock the Crucible’s hidden Vaults!

But the Archons are not the only ones who seek knowledge of the Crucible. The members of House Logos crave nothing less than complete knowledge and understanding, and aligning with an Archon is often the best way to achieve this. While some may call their experiments “unethical” or “crazed,” their advanced technology can make them powerful allies and fearsome foes.

Today, we're pleased to offer you a closer look at House Logos in KeyForge: Call of the Archons—now available for pre-order at your local retailer or online through our website!

Do Androids Dream

The Society of Logic and Reason, or Logos for short, is home to the foremost intellectuals of the Crucible. The House is further divided into two factions: Theorists and Mechanists. Theorists focus on the realm of reason and possibility, working around the clock to forge theories that unlock the secrets of the Crucible and the greater universe, both as they are and as they may be. Meanwhile, Mechanists work with the world as it is, running tests and studying the results, believing that theories are useless unless they can be proven.

What the two sides have in common is their enthusiasm for the pursuit of knowledge and acceptance of brilliant minds in any form. As they see it, members will likely cast off their mortal shells soon enough, so any judgement based on appearance is meaningless. Members of House Logos often replace pieces of their bodies with machines over time, prolonging their lives and leaving behind trivial needs like food and rest and completing more work than they could have ever done otherwise. Many of the scientists who choose to become cyborgs do not fully realize the consequences of the transition, as seen in unfortunate souls like Dextre (Call of the Archons, 138). But the benefits of these operations are undeniable, as in Dextre’s case, where he is saved from death whenever he would be destroyed, returning to the top of his Archon’s deck. With a few minorly painful operations, Logotarians can continue their work indefinitely.

The use of cybernetic bodies is so widespread that no one outside of House Logos can even recall what the physical bodies of the original Logotarians looked like. Did they come to the Crucible in their cybernetic forms, or did the riddle of the Crucible compel the intellectual zealots to prolong their lives artificially until they can solve it? The fully mechanical and potentially oldest members of Logos, like Mother (Call of the Archons, 145) and Novu Archaeologist (Call of the Archons,147), remain silent on the matter.

Altered Æmber

For the members of House Logos, Archons are the greatest puzzle in existence, but unlike many of their other questions, this one leads to a clear destination—the Vaults. The secrets within these structures call creatures from every House to join the Archons’ teams, but for House Logos, their interest borders on obsession. They are more than willing to work and fight on behalf of the Archons if they can study and observe them in close proximity, and Archons are happy for the help in their personal pursuit for knowledge.


One of the specialties of House Logos is the ability to search for solutions to any problem. Cards like Library Access (Call of the Archons, 115) and Library of Babble (Call of the Archons, 129) increase your ability to draw on your turn, giving you the chance to play even more cards immediately if they belong to your active House. But if all else fails, House Logos can throw caution to the Wild Wormhole (Call of the Archons, 125) and simply play the top card of their deck. What awaits atop an Archon’s deck is always a surprise, but just imagine what you may discover!

Arguably more than any other House in KeyForge: Call of the Archons (at least according to their own ranks), House Logos benefits from incredible in-House synergy, featuring cards designed to interact with one another. For example, a Timetraveller (Call of the Archon, 153) can benefit from Help from Future Self (Call of the Archons, 111), jumping into the deck to discard any damage and then returning to play healthy and ready to fight. If you find this powerful combination, you may notice that one of the cards features the ‘special’ rarity symbol. Special cards have a different type of distribution and do not obey the standard rules of rarity. This means that if you get Timetraveller in your Archon deck, you're guaranteed to find at least one copy of Help from Future Self, and vice versa.

The House with All the Gifts

Bringing their synergy beyond the confines of their own House, Logos can use a Phase Shift (Call of the Archons, 117) to play one non-Logos card during their turn, and in the fast-paced clashes of KeyForge, a single card can make all the difference. This is especially true if you are aligned with House Mars, which boasts cards like Orbital Bombardment (Call of the Archons, 172) and Battle Fleet (Call of the Archons, 161), which offer significant benefits for revealing Mars cards from your hand. Whether you're dealing damage or drawing cards, you're sure to reap the benefits—especially if you've drawn even more Mars cards on your turn.

When they unite with other Houses on an Archon’s team, Logotarians bring some of the greatest knowledge on the Crucible. This House features a variety of cards like Labwork (Call of the Archons, 117) or the thankfully uncommon Sloppy Labwork (Call of the Archons, 123) which allow you to store cards in your archives—an area where you can store and protect cards facedown until you are ready to access your archives and re-add these cards to your hand on a future turn.

Along with their expansive archives, House Logos also benefits from some of the most advanced technology on the Crucible, and they often have loose morals surrounding how it should be used. They understand that battles are often a numbers game, and they are willing to use whatever means necessary to shift those numbers in their favor. Bouncing Deathquark (Call of the Archons, 107) destroys as many enemy creatures as you wish, so long as you sacrifice an equal number of friendly creatures. This can work particularly well with characters like Bad Penny (Call of the Archons, 296) who are skilled at avoiding death, but even without Bad Penny, these sacrifices are made in the name of science, and Logotarians won't let something silly like a conscience cloud their judgment.

Make Contact

When the Archons clash, they must find balance between reaping and fighting, and there is no House more skilled at discovering balance than House Logos. With seamless synergy and unmatched access to the knowledge of the galaxy, these scientists and cyborgs make valuable allies. Just take care not to awaken too much of their curiosity, or you may end up their next test subject!

Pre-order your copy of KeyForge: Call of the Archons(KF01) and your own collection of Archon Decks(KF02a) at your local retailer today or on the Fantasy Flight Games website here!

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A Call to Stewardship

Published 10 October 2018 | Legend of the Five Rings Fiction

A Call to Stewardship

A Letter from Shinjo Altansarnai, Esteemed Champion of the Unicorn Clan

The Unicorn have always been outsiders in Rokugan, but tensions between the clan that rides and the rest of the Emerald Empire are higher than ever. Though the Unicorn could not lay a claim to Toshi Ranbo, an attack led by Shinjo Shono has captured Hisu Mori Mura and its adjoining fortification, Hisu Mori Toride, back from the Lion. Rokugan is changing faster than ever, and it will take strong leadership for the Unicorn to maintain a position of power.

Join us today for a letter from Unicorn Clan Champion Shinjo Altansarnai and the repercussions it will have during the upcoming Winter Court!

The letter details the challenges facing the Unicorn Clan, and can be downloaded here (6.6 MB)! After you’ve read the letter, continue on for an examination of the story choice facing the Unicorn Clan at the upcoming Winter Court!

The Proper Path

In the wake of Shinjo Shono’s newest assignment, the town of Hisu Mori Mura (and its adjoining fortification, Hisu Mori Toride) is in need of a steward. At the 2018 Winter Court World Championships, the top performing Unicorn player will be given the opportunity to choose what kind of samurai (by family) is to be put in charge of managing that fortification and its associated village. Should a Unicorn player earn the title of Shogun, they will have the oppurtunity to recommend a specific samurai to serve as steward!

To help offer guidance in the selection of a samurai for the task, here are brief summaries of the different options:

  • If selected, a samurai of the Shinjo Family rules the village with compassion and open-mindedness.
  • If selected, a samurai of the Iuchi Family commands the spirits of the land to bolster the village’s defenses.
  • If selected, a samurai of the Ide Family transforms the village into a vibrant center of trade.
  • If selected, a samurai of the Utaku Family instills honor upon the village’s inhabitants by ensuring the tenets of Bushidō are strictly followed by all.
  • If selected, a samurai of the Moto Family rules in the style of their ancestors, bringing foreign traditions to the people of the village.

What will the future of Hisu Mori Mura be?

A Vital Decision

The choice is solely in the hands of your clan’s best representative. Who will have the wisdom to choose a proper path? Find Fantasy Flight Games on Twitter to voice your support for a family, and tune in on Twitch November 1 – 4 to discover the fate of the Unicorn at the 2018 Winter Court World Championship. 

This is just the first of seven letters from the Clan Champions. Join us every Wednesday and Friday for additional letters as we prepare for a most contentious Winter Court!

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Children of the Empire

Published 10 October 2018 | Legend of the Five Rings LCG

Children of the Empire

Announcing a New Premium Expansion for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game

"But these words were heavier than even the death of a clan champion—or a brother. This scroll, this particular piece of paper, was likely the most important he would ever write. No, this scroll would be the most important one that would be written—during his lifetime, at least."
   –D.G. Laderoute, "Tiger Stalks His Prey"

Order your own copy of Children of the Empire at your local retailer or online through our website today!

The land of Rokugan is shifting. Where once there was balance in the elements, there is now chaos. And where once there was peace amongst the Great Clans, there is now conflict. Though mending this wound in the world is of the utmost importance, a monumental edict from Hantei XXXVIII will once again shift the course of history, and it will fall to the children of the empire to find a peaceful way forward for the Emerald Empire.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to present Children of the Empire, a new Premium Expansion for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game!

A Premium Expansion is a new level of product for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game, featuring 234 cards (three copies each of 76 cards and one copy each of six cards), a number comparable to the Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game Core Set. Unlike previous expansions, Premium Expansions are not tied to a specific clan, nor do they form part of a cycle—instead, these expansions focus on developing specific themes and mechanics, rewarding every clan with a wealth of new cards in a single expansion! 

In Children of the Empire, you'll find a celebration of the tranquility brought to Rokugan by the Hantei Dynasty. Every Great Clan gets new tools, with themes of dueling and honor persistent throughout the expansion. Children of the Empire also provides a snapshot of characters and events in the Legend of the Five Rings story as they stand today. Look for cards that represent some of the biggest moments from Legend of the Five Rings fiction, and an updated version of an iconic character whose role in the celestial order has shifted!

With 234 new cards covering every clan and dedicated themes, Children of the Empire is the perfect companion to the Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game Core Set for new players, and it offers a meta-shifting influx of new cards for veteran players from every clan!

Maintaining Composure

Children of the Empire places a heavy emphasis on honor—not just on the honor of your individual characters, but your clan as a whole. In the field of battle and in the courts, composure is key to victory.

Composure is a new mechanic introduced here, in Children of the Empire. So long as your honor bid is lower than an opponent’s, you are considered to have composure. While this does nothing on its own, every clan gains new cards with effects that only activate if you have achieved composure. For example, the Student of War  (Children of the Empire, 23) is a straightforward Bushi with three military and two political skill. However, if you have composure, the Student of War cannot lose fate or be discarded! If you can consistently keep your honor dial lower than your opponent’s, the Student of War will never abandon you, fighting by your side until victory is reached.

Of course, maintaining composure can be just as hard as achieving it, especially if your enemy operates by undermining your honor. The Scorpion thrive on high-honor bids, and may struggle to gain composure through traditional means… but the Scorpion have never been the most traditional clan.

As long as you have composure, the Scorpion can manipulate the target of your opponent’s events with the Social Puppeteer  (Children of the Empire, 34). While this is a strong ability on its own, this three-cost Courtier also offers a way to gain composure by switching honor dials with your opponent during a conflict! If you steal an honor dial with a lower bid than yours, this can quickly swing things in your favor. Not only must your opponent now focus on the Puppeteer, their own composure characters deactivate, giving the Scorpion the advantage.

Gaining and maintaining composure can be a difficult task, but the rewards can be game-defining.

A Test of Skill

You'll make an honor bid every round as you draw more cards, but that's not the only time that you can gain or lose composure. Fittingly, Children of the Empire also places a heavy emphasis on duels, and it starts by updating the template for the mechanic. Repetitive wording on cards like Policy Debate  (For Honor and Glory, 40) has been replaced by the simple phrase, “Initiate a duel,” making cards clearer and allowing space for more complicated effects. To initiate a duel, the player resolving the ability simply chooses two characters to duel against each other: one they control and one controlled by an opponent. If the duel was triggered by the ability of a character, that character must be your representative in the duel. 

More importantly, every clan will receive at least one new Duelist character to add to their ranks—challenger characters that initiate duels during conflicts for potent effects.

The court is the domain of the Crane, and though their Kakita duelists are deadly with steel, the clan’s words cut just as deep. The Courtly Challenger  (Children of the Empire, 12) is a two-cost Duelist that becomes honored when it wins a duel, and dishonored when it loses a duel. Moreover, as an Action, you may initiate a political duel, with the winner drawing two cards. With powerful composure cards introduced in Children of the Empire, low honor bids will be attractive, but this means less cards for your conflict hand. Luckily for the Crane, cards like the Courtly Challenger can keep your hand stocked and your honor bid low.

The Unicorn, meanwhile, gain the power of the Honest Challenger  (Children of the Empire, 37). This more traditional Duelist gains two military skill while you have composure, and a successful military duel lets you move a character into the conflict, perhaps giving you the backup to break a province. If you maintain your composure, your opponent will be hard-pressed to defeat the Honest Challenger in a one-on-one duel, especially considering you're always picking your opponent.

Of course, this cycle isn’t the only duel support in Children of the Empire—you can look for events that trigger duels, more experienced duelists to join your clan, and more.

For example, the Mirumoto Daishō  (Children of the Empire, 58) is a powerful new Dragon attachment that provides a buff to both military and political skill. However, it’s true power is revealed during a duel, as it prevents your opponent from bidding 1 or 5. Not only does this restrict your opponent’s options, it can ensure victory for your Duelist when the time is right. 

Specters of the Past

Children of the Empire is a snapshot of Rokugan, a celebration and examination of the events that have unfolded since the launch of the game. As such, it includes cards that reference some of the most important story moments in Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game.

Hida Kisada constantly oversees the fight against attacks from the Shadowlands. Some attacks are worse than others, and one led by an obsidian-plated oni was significant enough that Kisada himself had to intervene, as described in “Dark Hands of Heaven” by Annie VanderMeer Mitsoda. While Kisada was evenly matched with the oni, his leadership was needed elsewhere in the battle, so a loyal retainer named Hida Tomonatsu intervened and sacrificed herself to bring the oni down.

In Defense of Rokugan  (Children of the Empire, 52) recreates that moment of Tomonatsu’s sacrifice, allowing the Crab to sacrifice a defender to reduce an attacker’s military skill to zero for a conflict. Not every character is created equal, and a Marauding Oni dwarfs the skill of an Eager Scout. But for one moment, the scales equal and a moment of bravery and self-sacrifice can defeat even the strongest of foes.

In Robert Denton III’s novella, The Sword and the Spirits, Shiba Tsukune pursued Isawa Tadaka to the remote shrine of Sanpuku Seidō. What neither expected to find was a shrine haunted by spirits from Tōshigoku, the Realm of Slaughter. Together, the two—with the help of an unassuming shrine maiden named Kaito Kosori—banded together to fight the spirits that infested the shrine and cleanse it of a long-forgotten enemy.

Subdue the Spirits  (Children of the Empire, 68) represents this conflict, allowing you to add your characters' glory to their skills during a conflict in which you are more honorable than your opponent. Since this even stacks with characters who are already honored, this can give a massive boost to the Phoenix regardless of what conflict type you find yourself in!

The Emerald Lion

Finally, Children of the Empire includes multiple neutral cards focusing on the Hantei dynasty, and includes a new version of one of Legend of the Five Rings most prolific characters. Akodo Toturi  (Core Set, 79) began his journey as the Lion Clan Champion, but the heavens have forged a new path for him as the Emperor’s right hand. As the Emerald Champion, Akodo Toturi must now balance his duty to his clan and his duty to the Emperor.

Children of the Empire’s Akodo Toturi  (Children of the Empire, 45) is a neutral, five-cost character with impressive skills, and so long as you hold the Imperial Favor, the ability to lock your opponent down. As an Action during a conflict with Akodo Toturi, you may declare that each player cannot play cards from their hand until the end of the conflict!

Akodo Toturi seeks the truth and has no patience for underhanded methods. You’ll have to succeed on the field of battle or in court if you have any hope of victory. While triggering this Action also prevents you from playing cards, Toturi's ability can be used at any point in the conflict, ultimately triggering this only after you've played any cards you need to!

Akodo Toturi is just one of the many neutral cards featured in Children of the Empire. Look for Duelists, Courtiers, Magistrates, and even the Son of Heaven himself to join the Imperial ranks. 

A New Dawn

Rokugan sits on the edge of change. But before the Emerald Empire can move forward, celebrate the tranquility of the Hantei Dynasty with the 234 cards featured in Children of the Empire, and prepare for the future of Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game!

Gather your honor and pre-order Children of the Empire (L5C16) available now for pre-order from your local retailer or our website! You can look for this expansion to release in the first quarter of 2019.

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Specialize Your Army

Published 9 October 2018 | Star Wars: Legion

Specialize Your Army

Announcing Two Personnel Expansions for Star Wars: Legion

"This is our most desperate hour."
   –Leia Organa, Star Wars: A New Hope

Fantasy Flight Games is happy to announce the Rebel Specialists Personnel Expansion and the Imperial Specialists Personnel Expansion for Star Wars™: Legion!  

Order your own copy of these expansion packs at your local retailer or online through our website today!

Armies are more than just soldiers. To wage an effective war across the countless planets of the Star Wars galaxy, both the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire need recruits who can do more than fight. In the chaotic battles of the Galactic Civil War, soldiers who can facilitate communications, keep their troops and vehicles in the fight as long as possible, and effectively lead every part of their army into the thick of the battle are just as valuable as the rank-and-file. These supporting troops keep armies up and running, and now, they’re making their ways to the battlefields of Star Wars: Legion.

In each of these expansions, you’ll find everything you need to incorporate these specialists into your Star Wars: Legion units. Four finely sculpted specialist miniatures, including an officer, a comms specialist, a medical droid, and an astromech droid stand ready to support your units, while three new command cards give you the chance to further hone your battle plan and plot your strategies. Finally, an array of upgrade cards let you further customize your units, turning them into crack teams of soldiers. Releasing in the first quarter of 2019, these two expansions open up new possibilities for your Star Wars: Legion armies!

Veteran Instincts

Both the Rebellion and the Empire are fortunate enough to have their share of powerful leaders. No matter if their troops are led into battle by the inspiring presence of Leia Organa or terrified into performing their best by the intimidating Darth Vader, each faction’s commanders bring their own style to the battles of Star Wars: Legion, shaping the flow of battle with unique abilities and signature command cards. But the Galactic Civil War rages across many worlds, and these commanders cannot be present at every battle. In those cases, both Rebellion and Empire rely on their veteran officers to implement their battle plan and seize victory.

Appropriately, then, both personnel expansions give you an alternative to these more well-known heroes in the form of non-unique Rebel and Imperial officers. Not as widely celebrated as other commanders, these officers contribute to the cause nonetheless, making your armies more flexible with their ability to be deployed in two different ways. On one hand, these minis can be added to a specific unit as its leader, inspiring the troops in that unit to new heights.

On the other hand, these officers can take on a larger role, becoming a cheap alternative to your other commanders. In this case, they can benefit your entire army by filling the role of commander, spotting targets for your other units or helping them take cover. Regardless of how you use them on the battlefield, the officers in both personnel expansions are accompanied by three new command cards that can be used by any commander in their faction. A good commander needs to coordinate with all their troops and, appropriately enough, these cards let you issue orders to any type of unit, ensuring that the right unit is ready to go exactly when you need them and letting you tailor your strategies to specific units in your army.

We’ll take a closer look at both the Rebel and Imperial officers and their command cards in future previews!

Special Forces

Officers on both sides of the conflict oversaw many of the unsung battles of the Galactic Civil War, working alongside their troops to capture objectives and secure victory. But they are far from the only troops to take on a specialized role within their units. Many Star Wars: Legion units, such as Rebel Troopers and Stormtroopers, feature the personnel icon in their upgrade bar. Thus far, these spots have been reserved for adding extra figures of the same type to these units, adding extra dice to their attack pool and making the unit a bit heartier.

Any unit with the Personnel upgrade icon can add one of these specialists!

With the miniatures included in these personnel expansions, however, you suddenly have more options for customizing your units and enhancing the effectiveness of your army. Each miniature supports your units in a different way and can give even the most basic trooper squad a purpose beyond blasting away at enemy forces. For example, assigning a Rebel Comms Technician to a unit of Rebel Troopers adds a comms upgrade, potentially making this unit a linchpin of your strategy, receiving orders from the far side of the battlefield, relaying orders to other units, or even jamming enemy transmissions.

We’ll take a closer look at the other miniatures in these expansions, including all of their upgrade cards, in future previews!

Ground Support

Armies that operate efficiently and effectively rarely taste defeat, and with the Rebel and Imperial specialists on your side, you can be sure that your troops will be at their best.

Look for the Rebel Specialists Personnel Expansion (SWL26) to release alongside the Imperial Specialists Personnel Expansion (SWL27) in the first quarter of 2019. Pre-order your copies of these expansions at your local retailer or online through our webstore today

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