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Ally Yourself with the Force

Published 20 April 2018 | Star Wars: Force and Destiny

Ally Yourself with the Force

Unleash Untold Power with New Mystic Specializations

“That wizard is just a crazy old man.”
   –Owen Lars, Star Wars: A New Hope

The Star Wars™ galaxy departed the realm of typical science fiction with just a few words from Uncle Owen, snowballing into a space opera of mysterious powers and ancient religions that has enthralled generations. Unlimited Power, a new sourcebook for the Star Wars: Force and Destiny roleplaying game, expands the opportunities for Mystic characters in your campaigns with three new specializations, three new species, new gear and vehicles, and adventure ideas to give any campaign a greater focus on the otherworldly.

Few characters in Force and Destiny can encompass the captivating sense of mysticism and intrigue better than the Mystic. As a true ally to the Force, the Mystic has the opportunity to become that reclusive wizard—or that crazy old man—in their campaign. A true Mystic seeks to be a partner to the Force, channeling it through them, using it as much as it uses them. More than just a source of power, the Mystic is able to commune with the Force to determine his or her particular role in the galaxy.

There is no definitive Mystic however, and Unlimited Power reinforces that by doubling the number of available specializations for those who walk this mysterious path. Today's preview highlights those additions with a glimpse at the Alchemist, Magus, and Prophet specializations.

Make sure to pre-order your copy from your local game store or directly on our website here!


While the Jedi Order accepted that there were many ways to interact with the Force and different societies often communed in different ways, alchemy was essentially forbidden among the Jedi. Perhaps it is because spiritual orders like the Nightsisters of Dathomir practiced alchemy and were closely tied to the dark side of the Force. Perhaps the Jedi believed it sacrilegious to imbue inanimate objects with the Force. The loss of the Order means the loss of their rationale; all that we now know is that an Alchemist would not have been welcome on the Jedi Council.

The rise of the Empire has shattered the influence the Jedi Order may have had on practitioners of the Force, and now no one can warn a budding Alchemist from their art, and perhaps, for the better. After all, a blaster is neither good nor evil, light nor dark, and the Force flows through all matter. An Alchemist simply takes the logic behind a Jedi crafting his or her own lightsaber and applies it more broadly, creating a tighter bond between physical objects and the Force.

Alchemists have Knowledge (Education), Knowledge (Xenology), and Resistance as additional career skills, preparing them for the crafting of potions, elixirs, and poisons. They see the flow of a medicine or a salve as mirroring that of the Force and they are able to notice the presence of the Force in all things. This may put the Alchemist at odds as they question the barrier between the living and inanimate—how much difference can there be if the Force connects them all?


The final days of the Jedi Order were some of its most conservative, stemming from a fear of corruption by the dark side of the Force. Much like the Alchemist, the Jedi believed the Magus deviated too far from their understanding of the Force. Other teachings and experimentations were untested paths off the paved and well-trod road of the Jedi; they were uncertain, unclear, and too close to illusion and self-deception. The ambitious Magus stitches together the knowledge he or she has accumulated—knowledge many Jedi would brand as forbidden—to create a unique relationship with the cosmic Force.

The Magus typically has no formal training, allowing him or her to discover the Force firsthand and without restriction. There is something beautiful about such freedom and the unique relationship it encourages each Magus to have with the Force. It is a freedom that brings with it a significant danger, however: without a guiding hand or proper self-reflection, a Magus could unknowingly begin embracing the dark side and become ensnared in its grasp. In the case of the Magus, knowledge truly is power, and discovering knowledge from lost practitioners of the Force only strengthens their connection.

Magi have Coercion, Discipline, Knowledge (Lore), and Medicine as additional skills. Defiant of the Empire and uncontrolled by the Jedi Order, the Magus is defined by his or her pursuit of knowledge with one end: a greater understanding of the Force. This could put a Magus on the trail of an ancient artifact, lost society, or place of power. A Magus must be careful, however—though they can often do many impossible things, they still have mortal trappings. For many, Magus has been but a brief stop on the fall to the dark side.


The Jedi Order knew that to proselytize meant to risk pressuring potential students in their studies of the Force, and the dark side would love nothing more than to help those students rebel. Enter the Prophet. These Mystics did not attempt to convert—rather, they sought to offer a voice of hope during a dark hour… and has there ever been a darker hour in the galaxy than during the reign of the Galactic Empire? The Prophet proselytizes to encourage potential students who may want to learn about the Force.

There are few beacons of hope in such times, and the modern Prophet views his or her knowledge of the light side of the Force as a struggle against the dark. Like the Advisor specialization, the Prophet exists to offer insight and counsel, but the Prophet counsels on a large scale. Prophets believe they are most successful when more have heard their words, knowing that they only need spark a fire in one or two listeners to bring about change. Because they are only mortal, Prophets must be careful not to allow their own desires to seep into their sermons and influence listeners. Every character in a campaign should be wary of a Prophet who may take advantage of this time of darkness and dread for their personal gain.

Prophets gain additional career skills of Charm, Coercion, Deception, and Leadership, giving them the ability to win over crowds when your campaign needs more public support. There is little stopping the Prophet from hopping up onto a soapbox, the HoloNet, posting flyers, or even hand-distributing tracts to spread their word—for good or ill.

Trust Your Instincts

It is a part of their nature that the path of the Mystic is a unique one, and Unlimited Power gives players three new avenues to personalize their characters. Whether creating a new character or acquiring a new specialization, you will have incredible opportunities to roleplay the development of such singular characters.

In Unlimited Power, you will find the tools to expand the role of the Mystic in your campaign while also granting other player characters access to new gear and equipment. Open the doors of your campaign even wider with new species, new Force powers, and new adventure possibilities with Unlimited Power!

Commune with the Force by pre-ordering Unlimited Power (SWF52) today at your local gaming store or from the Fantasy Flight Games website here!

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Vicious Rippers

Published 20 April 2018 | Runewars Miniatures

Vicious Rippers

The Uthuk Y'llan Unleash their Cavalry

The deadly Flesh Rippers are some of the most useful units of the Uthuk army. They are swift and unrelenting assailants on the battlefield, they can smell the blood of enemies’ hearts at great distances, and witches of the Blood Coven can reach into their minds to perceive the world through the beasts’ own senses. This magic allows them to know when a great host marches, or a village’s protectors redeploy, enabling strikes at vulnerable, unprotected targets.

Before you release your demonic forces upon Terrinoth, Fantasy Flight Games offers you a closer look at the rash cavalry of the Uthuk Y’llan with the Flesh Rippers Unit Expansion for Runewars Miniatures Game! You can pre-order your copy of this expansion at your local retailer or online through our webstore today.

Cruel Cavalry

The vicious Flesh Rippers can shatter enemy formations, but they are often unreliable once the battle ends. Many handlers working with the beasts have attempted to collect their charges after a victory, only to find that the demons still have aggression to spare. The Flesh Rippers’ unruly and unpredictable nature shines on their command dial, which features a march action with a speed equal to the number of unstable energy runes in play. If the forces of the Ynfernael bestow their favor upon the Uthuk, this action may allow them to traverse a distance of four, the highest in the game. But even if the odds are stacked against the locust horde, the Flesh Rippers bear a bonus speed-two march action on their modifier dial to ensure that their assault shall be swift.

Once these demons ensnare an opponent with their catching claws, nothing can save them. When participating in a melee, the Flesh Rippers have a combined morale and surge modifier that they can spend alongside their unit card ability to create a deadly combination. When the Flesh Rippers fight in a melee, they may choose an enemy that they are engaged with and inflict damage equal to the number of surges spent. By fusing these elements, a player commanding the Uthuk Y'llan can build a strategy that guarantees their cavalry will cause at least one damage in every confrontation.

Designed for Dark Purpose

Although all Flesh Rippers are capable warbeasts, variation in the ritual magic used to call them from the Ynfernael can select a demon more suited to the purpose at hand, bringing forth a beast with the specific qualities the summoner desires. Varying the rites does provide noticeable effects on the demons summoned, sometimes branding them with magical runes or eldritch patterns along their hides. Those brought forth for swiftness bear jagged, dark-hued stripes, while trackers are the color of dried blood or the desiccated brown of the wastelands. Players commanding the Flesh Rippers can reflect this with the four unpainted miniatures included in this expansion that they can customize however they see fit.

In addition to these miniatures, the Flesh Rippers Unit Expansion includes two cavalry movement trays, six tokens, and five upgrade cards to make the demons even more volatile on the battlefield. At the beginning of the battle, players can set the Flesh Rippers off at a Dead Sprint.  This upgrade states that, during your activation, a player may increase the speed of the Flesh Rippers’ first march action by one, or treat the movement as modified by a turn. By bringing out this ability early in the battle, the Flesh Rippers can take on enemies who rely on ranged attacks or have the ability to shift away from direct confrontation, forcing them into a melee. The Ynfernael demons can tear their opponents limb from limb before the cowards have an opportunity to evade.

Once the battle begins in earnest, Flesh Rippers are nearly impossible to surprise. Their swiftness enables them to turn on enemies at a moment’s notice. Flank Guards prevents enemies attacking the creatures from gaining an extra die for flanking them. When robbed of their advantages, the enemies of the Uthuk do not stand a chance against the Flesh Rippers. All those who dare to defy the locust swarm will fall before the power of the Ynfernael and the Uthuk Y'llan shall revel in rivers of blood!

Dangerous Fiends

Should you choose to add these beasts to your ranks, be wary. Constant vigilance and endless cruelty usually keep the demons in check, but even the ruthless Uthuk handlers live in fear of a lapse that leaves their bones to fill the feeding pits on a successor’s watch. But if you can master the forces of the Ynfernael, the demons you call forth will ensure your victory as you seek to conquer Terrinoth. Unleash the Flesh Rippers and stand back as they tear your enemies to shreds!

Preorder the Flesh Rippers Unit Expansion (RWM26) from the Fantasy Flight Games website here or at your local retailer today!

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Adventure in a Shattered World

Published 19 April 2018 | Genesys

Adventure in a Shattered World

Realms of Terrinoth Is Available Now for Genesys Roleplaying

Terrinoth is a land of danger and decay, of lost legacies and forgotten glory. Devastated by the undead army of Waiqar, demon-possessed hordes of Uthuk Y’llan, and the terrifying dragons of the Molten Heath, Terrinoth has suffered from despair and destruction for hundreds of years. But in the depths of this despair, heroes await. Bold adventurers are ready to reclaim lost glory and take their place in a new age of heroes.

Realms of Terrinoth, a new sourcebook for the Genesys Roleplaying System is now available from your local retailer or digitally through and

Realms of Terrinoth is a book meant to spark your imagination as a Game Master running a game in the fantasy setting of Mennara. Realms of Terrinoth includes a full history of the land of Mennara, with an overview of its various regions and a breakdown of the enthralling NPCs that can be found there. Even beyond the rich fantasy trappings, you can look for new mechanics like Heroic Abilities and a slew of new talents, weapons, and more. These new mechanics stem from the world of Terrinoth, but they can be expanded to any fantasy setting that you imagine. Use Realms of Terrinoth to run a campaign in the world of Mennara, or as a source of inspiration for your own setting. With Genesys, the choice is always yours. 

A Heroic Feat

One cannot set out on adventure in the world of Mennara without experiencing terrible danger along the way. While many dream of becoming heroes, those who wish to succeed in their adventures will have to rely on their wit, courage, strength, and unique Heroic Abilities. These Heroic Abilities are brought to life in Realms of Terrinoth as a new mechanic that gives your characters extraordinary short-term skills in exchange for Story points.

These Heroic Abilities are yours to craft: everything from the primary ability to the name of the ability itself is customizable. Working with your Game Master, you can create a Heroic Ability that’s truly yours. Furthermore, as your character learns, grows, and changes, so too does your Heroic Ability, becoming stronger throughout the course of a campaign. For a full preview of how Heroic Abilities work, click here!

Shattered Magic

In the world of Mennara, magic works very differently than traditional fantasy settings. Magic users in Mennara must rely on mystical elements known as runebound shards. These shards are scattered across the world, and each is imbued with a magical ability. While anyone in Mennara can use these instrument's surface abilities, it takes a true master of magic to unearth the potential of these shards and unleash their true power.

Runebound shards are a vital part of the world of Terrinoth and new classes, talents, weapons, items, and more revolve around them in Realms of Terrinoth. For a preview of magic in Realms of Terrinoth with developer Tim Huckelbery, click here!

Stunning Talents

Heroes are more than just Heroic Abilities and magic. It is the unique talents of these heroes that truly makes them unique. Realms of Terrinoth includes over sixty new talents to customize your heroes. While many of these talents are based in the land of Mennara, they can be easily used in other fantasy settings and beyond. Invent your own signature spell, or solve a perplexing puzzle with a Flash of Insight. For a preview of the talents found in Realms of Terrinoth, as well as how they can be featured in other settings, click here!

A Populated World

Mennara has been previously explored in games like Descent: Journeys in the Dark and Runewars Miniatures Game, and Realms of Terrinoth pulls all these sources together and allows you to learn about Terrinoth through a rich history and stunning artwork. Realms of Terrinoth explores each region of Mennara, peppered with adventure hooks, an expansive history, and a list of non-player characters that may be featured in the area. For a preview of the various regions featured in Realms of Terrinoth, as well as the characters found within, click here!

A New Realm

Realms of Terrinoth invites your players to experience a vivid fantasy setting in the Genesys Roleplaying System. With new mechanics and a fleshed-out setting to assist Game Masters and players alike, adventure is right around the corner. Will you become a hero in the deadly realms of Terrinoth?

Craft your own adventure and purchase Realms of Terrinoth (GNS03) from your local retailer,, and today!

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The Close of a Saga

Published 19 April 2018 | Star Wars: The Card Game

The Close of a Saga

The Final Force Pack Is Now Available for Star Wars: The Card Game

“Lord Vader has sent me in his place.”
–The Fifth Brother, Star Wars: Rebels

Order your own copy of Promise of Power at your local retailer or online through our website today!

The galactic battles of Star Wars™: The Card Game have been played out on countless tabletops, transporting players to a galaxy far, far away. You have fought with both the light side and the dark. You’ve learned the ways of the Force, mobilized soldiers and massive navies, and plunged into the seedy underbelly of the Star Wars galaxy. Now, your adventures with Star Wars: The Card Game can continue, though the game itself will be complete. Promise of Power, the final Force Pack for Star Wars: The Card Game, is now available at your local retailer or online though our webstore!

As the conclusion of the Alliances cycle, Promise of Power brings many of the themes of the cycle to their triumphant conclusion. Among its cards, you’ll find a thematic dive into the climatic end of Star Wars: Rebels Season 2, support for your Imperial Fighters, and reasons for you to bring multiple factions together in a single deck. With recognizable characters like the Inquisitors and Ezra Bridger to add to your decks, every Star Wars: The Card Game player will find new objective sets to enjoy in this Force Pack.

Although Promise of Power marks the end of product releases for Star Wars: The Card Game, there’s still plenty of opportunities to play the game through our Organized Play programs. For more information about upcoming Organized Play for Star Wars: The Card Game, click here!

The Order of Inquisitors

Throughout the first season of Star Wars: Rebels, the Lothal rebels are haunted by the menacing Grand Inquisitor. As the series progresses, however, they learn of an entire order of Inquisitors—all dedicated to stamping out the remains of the Jedi. Now, with Promise of Power, you can bring this terrifying dark side force to your games.

Your journey into darkness starts with this set’s objective— Order of Inquisitors (Promise of Power, 2195). This objective has a simple effect that can help you bring your forces into play: you simply reduce the cost of the first Inquisitor card you play each turn by one. Four Inquisitor cards in the set give you plenty of options for using the cost reduction. And as we’ll see, your Inquisitors can work quite well together.

The Seventh Sister (Promise of Power, 2196) is a fearsome combatant. Between the elite keyword and a good array of combat icons, she’s already worth her weight, but she’s even more valuable for the way that she makes your opponent approach the edge battle. Whenever The Seventh Sister is attacking, edge battles look radically different. Instead of alternating playing edge cards, your opponent must first put any number of edge cards into their edge stack. Then, after you’ve seen how many cards your opponent commits, you can choose how many cards you want to place in your own edge stack!

If it looks like your opponent has dumped most of their hand into the edge stack, you can mitigate your losses or wipe away your opponent’s efforts with a Twist of Fate. Or, if your opponent only commits a single card, it may be easy for you to tip the edge battle in your favor. No matter how your opponent chooses to act, The Seventh Sister is a powerful tool for upsetting your opponent’s plans.

Two other Inquisitors arise to stand beside The Seventh Sister as you pursue the goals of the dark side. The Fifth Brother (Promise of Power, 2197) and The Eighth Brother (Promise of Power, 2198) can both be lethal in pitched battle, and they both receive rewards based on units leaving play. Whenever The Eighth Brother leaves play, you can deal a damage to any unit, and whenever an Inquisitor unit leaves play, you can remove a focus token from The Fifth Brother!

Of course, you’ll be able to trigger these abilities when one of your Inquisitors is defeated, but it’s much more powerful if you have a way to trigger them whenever you choose. Fortunately, Double-bladed Lightsaber (Promise of Power, 2199) is just the tool that you need. This Weapon enhancement grants another unit damage icon, and more importantly, it allows you to return the enhanced unit and Double-bladed Lightsaber to your hand at any time! With the Double-bladed Lightsaber, you can strike and disappear before your opponent can return fire.

Finally, this objective set concludes with a way to harness the power of the Inquisitors and interfere with your opponent’s plans. Press For Answers (Promise of Power, 2200) is an event that reads, “Action: Look at the top X cards of your opponent’s deck. Discard 1 of those cards and return the others to the top of the owner’s deck in any order. X is the number of unique Character units you control.” By using your Inquisitors to put fear in the heart of the light side player, you can control their plans and gain insight into what they might try to do next.

Lead the Inquisitors

Star Wars: The Card Game may be complete, but there are still many adventures to have in the Star Wars galaxy with the cards in Promise of Power.

You can pick up your own copy of Promise of Power (SWC42) at your local retailer or online through our website today!

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Enter the Sanctum

Published 19 April 2018 | Mansions of Madness Second Edition

Enter the Sanctum

The Sanctum of Twilight Expansion for Mansions of Madness Is Now Available

“Searchers after horror haunt strange, far places… But the true epicure of the terrible, to whom a new thrill of unutterable ghastliness is the chief end and justification of existence, esteem most of all the ancient, lonely farmhouses of backwoods New England.”
  –H.P. Lovecraft, “The Picture in the House”

Order your own copy of Sanctum of Twilight at your local retailer or online through our website today!

Evil threatens Arkham from within with the approach of the Twilight Fair. The organization behind the festival, the powerful Order of the Silver Twilight, controls the city from the shadows, using their money and influence to forge alliances, lobby politicians, and conduct strange rituals behind closed doors. Those who seek out the truth of their operations often find themselves disgraced, arrested, or simply disappearing altogether. What is the Order trying to hide?

The Sanctum of Twilight expansion for Mansions of Madness is on sale now at your local retailer or online through our website!

New Blood

In Sanctum of Twilight, two to five players take on the roles of Arkham’s bravest investigators as they prepare to stand against the Order of the Silver Twilight in two digital scenarios that feature new map tiles to explore, a new monster to fight, and two new characters to embody.

This expansion unites allies from Arkham’s own backyard and across the globe with the introduction of Charlie Kane and Lily Chen. Kane is one of the city’s most trusted politicians, using his natural charisma to draw strength. While he is within range of a person, Charlie Kane may convert an investigation result to a success once per test. Meanwhile, Lily Chen may not be the most social investigator—indeed, she rarely speaks at all—but her skills in unarmed combat are unmatched. While Lily is attacking unarmed, she deals two additional damage any time that a monster would suffer at least one damage. Whether trained in the art of negotiation or combat, it will require every ounce of both these investigators’ skills to bring the Order’s plots to light.

Luckily, the investigators of Sanctum of Twilight have a new tool to help their investigations into the Order of the Silver Twilight with new Restraint tokens that you may be able to gain from items and spells. These powerful tokens allow you to trap a monster, binding it to its place on the map, so that you may slip past it without evading. Then, when the Restrained monster would activate, you may choose to spend the Restraint to cancel its movement, buying you a few more precious moments to gather the evidence you need to expose the Order.

Initiation Rites

Once you step into the shoes of Arkham’s investigators, you will face-off against the rich and powerful in two new digital scenarios. First, in Behind Closed Doors, there is nothing to disturb your peace for one blissful day. You decide to go for a stroll in the park, basking in the peace that you have helped to safeguard, until you notice that another of the park’s visitors is walking a little too closely behind you. It could be nothing, just your own creeping paranoia that refuses to leave even when you're safe, but you can’t help but think that something is not right. The next thing you know, your world goes black. When you awaken, you are trapped in a cold, damp cell with no memory of how you got here. But the circumstances of your capture are not important now. All that matters is, how do you escape?

Next, in Twilight Diadem, the long-awaited Twilight Fair has finally arrived. The streets of Arkham will light up for a week of celebration, but when this year’s honored Queen of Love and Beauty, Miss Mary Ann Chase, tells you that the festival is not what it seems, you have no choice but to abandon any wish for peace and protect the young debutante. The Twilight Ball will take place immediately following the parade later that day, and once Mary Ann has entered the Order’s seat of power, there will be no chance of stopping them. The only hope you have is to stop the Order’s dark plan is to interrupt the parade before it reaches its final destination.

Join the Ranks

In your mission to defend Arkham, you have confronted monsters, eldritch gods, and now the social elite. Step into the lavish rooms of the Silver Twilight Lodge, uncover the truth of the Order, and put a stop to their machinations before you become trapped in their web!

Pick up your copy of Sanctum of Twilight (MAD26) at your local retailer today or on the Fantasy Flight Games website here!

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The Guardians of the Soul

Published 18 April 2018 | Legend of the Five Rings LCG

The Guardians of the Soul

Explore the Phoenix Clan with Guest Writer Tobin Lopes

"The kami are my allies. How can you hope to stand against me?"
   –Isawa Masahiro

With the release of the Disciples of the Void Clan Pack, the Phoenix Clan has received an injection of power in Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game. Now, there are more ways than ever to work with this explosive clan through a variety of deckbuilding options. Today, guest writer Tobin Lopes unravels the mystery of the Phoenix and explores your options when working with the caretakers of the Emperor's soul. 

Tobin Lopes: Unlike Rokugan’s other Great Clans, the Phoenix operate under a duality—access to the tremendous power of the Elements coupled with a distaste towards violence and conflict. Their power amongst the clans stems from their potential to be the greatest clan yet disowning such a role, as their commitment to the harmony of Rokugan has no equal. While the aversion to conflict might seem odd in a conflict-based game, the Phoenix have some powerful methods to beat their opponents, which will only get stronger with the new cards in Disciples of the Void. It all starts with their characters’ interaction with the rings.

To Find Harmony

When you play the Phoenix Clan, it means the Elemental Rings are huge part of your game. The Phoenix have more Shugenja than any other clan, which means there are ways to shape the game that provide for some intense rounds and strategic decisions.

With multiple Shugenja on the board you can exert a great deal of control—albeit passively—on the types of conflicts your opponents declare. Consider Solemn Scholar  (Core Set, 83), Adept of the Waves  (Core Set, 81), Prodigy of the Waves  (Into the Forbidden City, 46), and Isawa Masahiro  (Core Set, 90). All these characters have a direct impact during certain conflicts or as a consequence of the conflicts. Once you have the Earth ring, the Solemn Scholar can bow an attacking character, making your opponent hesitant to attack unless they are very confident they can win. The synchronicity between Adept of the Waves and Prodigy is clear, so while the Water ring might not be ideal for your opponent at the moment, they may decide it is the best of bad choices. When you're playing the Phoenix, that's the ideal place to have your opponent.

Because of their relationship to the Elements, the higher-cost characters like Isawa Kaede  (Tears of Amaterasu, 9), Isawa Atsuko  (Core Set, 92), and the Clan Champion  Shiba Tsukune  (Core Set, 93) can impact the game in ways that your opponent’s will find either impossible or frustrating to counter. Isawa Tadaka (Disciples of the Void, 10), the first Elemental Master in the game, will force your opponents into playing completely differently and make the Earth ring even more important than ever, putting opponents in a tricky spot. Ultimately, you'll always need to keep a close eye on the Five Rings when you're playing as the Phoenix, but this attention can yield great rewards!

Balancing Your Conflicts

One compelling aspect of Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game is the two-deck system. Having your Dynasty deck and Conflict deck support and strengthen one another is one of the challenges and subtleties of the game. With the Phoenix’s Spell events and attachments, there are dozens of ways in which you can manifest the clan’s non-aggression mantra. Display of Power  (Core Set, 179) and Harmonize  (For Honor and Glory, 37) can keep your characters out of conflicts while keeping your opponent restrained and wondering if they should ever declare a conflict. 

As for Phoenix’s conflict characters, there's a lot to like. Ishiken Initiate  (Core Set, 170) is especially good in the last conflict of a round, especially with the new holding, Secluded Shrine  (Disciples of the Void, 12). Seeker of Knowledge  (Core Set, 171) allows you to get honor from your opponent or boost your own. And lastly, the Shrine Maiden  (For Honor and Glory, 36) works well to draw the powerful Spells that are the cornerstone of Phoenix conflict decks. She’ll be especially strong with the new stronghold, Kyūden Isawa  (Disciples of the Void, 1).

Glory’s Prideful Edge

Reflecting the duality of the clan is the higher glory values of Phoenix characters. They seek to balance the forces of mortals and magic, and they are proud of this role. Such work means they are constantly working through honorable actions. Honored characters like Tsukune and Kaede are powerful and become the focus of your strategies as well as giving your opponent difficult choices.

But sometimes an honored status is not possible, and if a high-glory character becomes dishonored, it can seriously hamper your game. No keyword reflects this more than Pride, which you can grant to your characters with a  Magnificent Kimono  (Core Set, 172)—win a conflict and become honorable, but lose, and you could pay a high cost.

Allies of the Phoenix

Given the cost of high-glory characters your choice of ally can be vital. When I consider the choices, the Lion, Dragon, and Unicorn cards stand out. With Lion I gain  Guard Duty  (The Chrysanthemum Throne, 76) to honor defenders, Vengeful Oathkeeper  (Core Set, 160) to combine with Display of Power, and Stand Your Ground  (Core Set, 166) to keep my honored characters in play. With the Dragon Clan, it’s more about board control. I include  Let Go  (Core Set, 155) because Cloud the Mind  (Core Set, 202) is powerful against Phoenix, and combine it with Mirumoto's Fury  (Core Set, 159) and Indomitable Will  (Core Set, 158) to control the conflicts that are declared.

The Unicorn Clan, however, might be your strongest choice. Spyglass  (Core Set, 193) can bring you card draw, Iuchi Wayfinder  (Core Set, 190) can seek the best or worst provinces to attack, and Talisman of the Sun  (Meditations on the Ephemeral, 119) can direct your opponent’s attacks. And, if you have room, then Gaijin Customs  (The Chrysanthemum Throne, 79) can be great at a key moment. With Unicorn you might give up a bit of character control but you're gaining card advantage in exchange. Still, any of these allies provide a Phoenix player with good choices to victory. Regardless of who you choose as your ally, your path to winning the game starts in your provinces.

The Basis for Victory

Phoenix players often start with the hope of dishonoring their opponents into a loss. Province and holding selection is important to that strategy. For me, Shameful Display  (Core Set, 24) wins out over Kuroi Mori  (Core Set, 12) since it gives a crucial way to honor my characters. Before the Throne  (The Chrysanthemum Throne, 61) can be a late game surprise that backs an opponent to the wall. Public Forum  (Into the Forbidden City, 42) typically costs an extra conflict to break. I add those to holdings like the Imperial Palace for securing the Imperial Favor in order to use Kanjo District (Meditations on the Ephemeral, 108), Forgotten Library  (Core Set, 94) to enable low draw bids, and Magnificent Lighthouse  (For Honor and Glory, 27) to manipulate my opponent’s options. 

Caretakers of the Soul

The Phoenix work to balance the elements as well as anyone in the game. They are proud of their role in the Emerald Empire and these themes are reflected strongly in their cards. Whether you choose to partner with Unicorn, Dragon, Lion, or another clan, balance between aggression and pacifism will be a part of your game. Whether you choose to use Kyūden Isawa or Isawa Mori Seidō  (Core Set, 5), the Disciples of the Void give Phoenix a number of choices in how to play Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game.

Tobin Lopes lives in Denver, Colorado with his wife Brenda and their kids, Ezri and Zachary. He  is co-creator of The Art of WarCast—a podcast about Legend of the Five Rings.

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Seekers of Knowledge

Published 18 April 2018 | Arkham Horror: The Card Game

Seekers of Knowledge

An In-Depth Look at the Seekers of Arkham Horror: The Card Game

“While I truly pray that this nightmare is just a singular abomination, I must admit that I am exhilarated by the possibility that this is but one specimen of a new genus!” 
Dr. M. Christopher

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In Arkham Horror: The Card Game, you become part of an unlikely team of investigators, battling to defend the world against maddening creatures that defy explanation. Each player is a vital member of the group, whether they're seeking out clues, guarding allies against cultists and monsters, or bending unnatural power to their will. As the stories of Arkham Horror: The Card Game have progressed from the Core Set, through The Dunwich Legacy and The Path to Carcosa, each faction has evolved, gaining new investigators and player cards to help them battle the many threats they face.

Now, as we move into The Forgotten Age, we turn to guest writers Frank Brinkley and Peter Hopkins for insight into what makes each faction unique, how they have changed, and how they interact to form a full team. Frank and Peter created the Drawn to the Flame podcast in 2017, combining their love of gaming and the Cthulhu Mythos to share the madness with the community. In this article series, they will bring us through each faction in turn, starting with the Seekers, the brave bookworms who work to survive the Mythos by understanding it.

Guest Writers Frank Brinkley and Peter Hopkins on the Seeker Faction

In a game of Arkham Horror: The Card Game, every scrap of knowledge you can get your hands on might make the difference between victory and defeat. These scraps normally take the form of clues. Without clues, even the best prepared team of investigators can quickly find themselves stalling. Every faction has ways of getting clues, sure, but one class in particular stands head and shoulders above the rest: Seeker. Since clues are the currency of progress in Arkham Horror: The Card Game, we’ve decided to look at those maestros of clue-gathering—the Seekers.

So who should play as a Seeker? These investigators are unmatched when it comes to, well, investigating; if you want to be the player responsible for forging ahead, even if that means wading into trouble every so often, Seekers have the tools to race around and find the clues your party needs. Unparalleled investigative abilities mean you’ll always feel confident snatching up clues like a Rogue pockets loose wallets.

Seeking Clues

The first thing you notice when picking a Seeker is the universally impressive intellect scores: Rex Murphy (The Dunwich Legacy, 2), Minh Thi Phan (The Path to Carcosa, 2) and Ursula Downs (The Forgotten Age, 2) all have a respectable four intellect, while Daisy Walker (Core Set, 2), with her connection to Miskatonic University’s Orne Library, boasts a mighty five intellect. Passing investigation tests is never going to phase you, and that’s before you’ve brought to bear the tools that any Seeker worth their salt employs. A Magnifying Glass (Core Set, 30) makes gathering clues that little bit easier and Deduction (Core Set, 39) lets you grab multiple clues for one action. With these cards at the ready, it’s hard not to feel just a little bit satisfied: you want clues? I’ve got this, folks!

Add in a splash of experience and you’ll find your clue-finding abilities improve even more: the upgraded versions of those cards take that feeling of being a clue-hound and enhance it. Quicker, cheaper tools! More clues! Or you can go for even more powerful cards, like Archaic Glyphs: Guiding Stones (A Phantom of Truth, 192) and Deciphered Reality (Lost in Time and Space, 303) to take clue-gathering to another realm entirely. Boosting your intellect to obscene heights is wonderful when the Archaic Glyphs let you turn that to your advantage; suddenly you’re able to sweep whole locations clear of clues in a single action. Decipher Reality sees you picking up clues many locations away (and at every location in between); surveying the map, it can feel like you’re being posed a puzzle that only your skills and knowledge can crack. Where’s the answer? What tools do I have to solve this situation?

In higher player counts, where locations are frequently chock full of clues, any way of getting multiple clues in a single action is vital. You wouldn’t expect a Guardian to be only doing one damage with every attack! Fortunately, if you’re playing Seeker, this is where the faction comes into its own. With a reliable boost to his intellect, such as having Dr. Milan Christopher (Core Set, 33) in play, Rex Murphy can scoop up an additional clue with his reaction ability every time he succeeds at an investigaton by two or more. That doesn’t sound like much, until you realize you’ve grabbed six clues in a single turn! Even in a faction acknowledged as the expert clue gatherers, Rex outstrips his colleagues.

Seeking Friends

Getting clues is great, but it isn’t the be-all-and-end-all of playing as a Seeker. If helping others takes your fancy, consider Minh Thi Phan: her reaction ability enhances the value of everyone’s cards committed to skill tests. Armed with an Old Book of Lore (Core Set, 31) or an Encyclopedia (Core Set, 42), she can share out cards and skill boosts, too, like she’s desperately thumbing through the pages and slinging out nuggets of knowledge. Minh’s Analytic Mind (The Path to Carcosa, 10) lets her stand somewhere safe, out of the way of roving enemies, while still supporting her team. She can even Barricade (Core Set, 38) the door to make sure she isn’t interrupted while she continues to find clues with In the Know (The Path to Carcosa, 27).

When you’re playing Minh like this, you may not feel like you are contributing much to the regular activities of the team. You fight fewer monsters and possibly even pick up fewer clues. But, crucially, your contributions mean that the other investigators can push themselves that little bit further, or save their own cards for the times they most need them, knowing that Minh’s got their backs. Time after time, other people will succeed because of the skill cards you’ve committed or the extra icons on their tests. These extra icons stack up, in particular if your team is standing together fighting a crucial enemy. Minh will rarely throw the final punch, but she knows exactly how to make sure it lands.

Seeking Trouble

This being the world of the Arkham Horror Files, trouble will surely come knocking. Seekers often have to rely on their wits or brains over pure speed or strength. If it comes to a fight, Mind over Matter (Core Set, 36) and "I've got a plan!" (The Miskatonic Museum, 107) both allow a Seeker to use book smarts instead of fists to deal with an enemy, and the Disc of Itzamna (Core Set, 41) sends one enemy fleeing away to the discard pile. Make sure you pick your moment to use these ploys, however; once they’re gone, you’re at the mercy of the encounter deck.

And before you can even consider these maneuvers, you have to find them. Fortunately Seekers are absolutely the best at drawing cards in Arkham Horror: The Card Game. That card draw can be found in assets, events and now even skill cards: nothing quite beats the feeling of committing Eureka! (The Pallid Mask, 231) to a test, passing, and shouting "Eureka!" as you find just the card you’ve been hoping for. For raw draw power, nothing can beat Cryptic Research (Core Set, 43), which gives you three cards while costing no resources and no actions. Playing it feels like a moment of inspiration as your hand swells with the cards you need to succeed.

What card draw really translates into is options, and having more options is incredibly useful. Seekers are the faction that's best placed to pitch cards to skill tests: the more you draw, the more you know and the more you can help. There’s nothing quite like sitting there with a handful of cards as the Seeker, knowing you can help out in a pinch. As a Seeker, you're never short of an answer!

And that’s at the heart of what being a Seeker is all about: with knowledge comes the opportunity to make the right choices. As you feel the brush of doom’s fingertips upon your back, you’re responsible for pushing the whole team forwards. Whether that’s by racing for clues or empowering your colleagues is up to you—but you’ll be the one who keeps your team from stalling!

Seeking Power

To have any chance of standing against the maddening monsters that threaten Arkham as they rip apart your understanding of the world, you will need to gather as much information as possible. Step into the shoes of the Seekers and uncover secrets long lost to time. Remember, knowledge is power. 

To join the investigation, you can pick up your own copy of Arkham Horror: The Card Game (AHC01) at your local retailer or on the Fantasy Flight Games website today! 

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The Star Wars Hyperspace Report

Published 17 April 2018 |

The Star Wars Hyperspace Report

Join Us for a Closer Look at Your Favorite Star Wars Products

“Many Bothans died to get us this information.”
–Mon Mothma, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

The epic, galaxy-spanning tournaments of the 2018 May World Championships are nearly upon us. From May 2nd – 6th, players will command squadrons of starfighters, lead strike teams into battle, take the helm of massive capital ships, and pit the greatest heroes and villains of the Star Wars saga against each other in these tournaments.

Today, we’re happy to announce a special presentation for those arriving at the 2018 May World Championships—the Star Wars Hyperspace Report!

The Star Wars Hyperspace Report is now open to anyone who wishes to attend! Space is limited, so click here to reserve your spot at this special presentation today.

A Closer Look at Upcoming Star Wars Products

On May 1st at 12:00 P.M. Central Time, we’ll be holding the Star Wars Hyperspace Report at the Fantasy Flight Games Center—a very special presentation to give you a look ahead at some of our upcoming Star Wars products.

World Championship attendees have the first chance to reserve their spot at the Star Wars Hyperspace Report! If you’re coming to the 2018 May World Championships, you’ll soon be receiving an email with information on how to reserve your spot at the Star Wars Hyperspace Report. Admission to the presentation is free, but space at the Star Wars Hyperspace Report is limited to the first 200 people to claim a ticket! If you’re planning on attending the 2018 May World Championships, and you’ll be in town on May 1st, keep an eye out for our email to reserve your spot. Pre-registration for World Championship attendees will open on Saturday, April 14th, at 12:00 P.M. Central Time.

Then, if there’s still space remaining at the Star Wars Hyperspace Report, we’ll open up registration to anyone interested! Starting on Tuesday, April 17th, at 12:00 PM Central Time, we will open registration to anyone interested in attending the presentation. Registration will only remain open until the 200 spots at the Star Wars Hyperspace Report have been claimed. The Star Wars Hyperspace Report is now open to anyone who wishes to attend! Space is limited, so click here to reserve your spot at this special presentation today.

If you aren’t coming to the May World Championships, or you won’t be in town until later in the week, not to worry! The Star Wars Hyperspace Report will be streaming live on the Fantasy Flight Games Twitch channel here. You can watch the Star Wars Hyperspace Report starting at 12:00 P.M. Central Time, then keep watching our channel all week for our coverage of the 2018 May World Championships.

Whether you’re joining us live or watching the event through Twitch, the Star Wars Hyperspace Report is a presentation not to be missed—and it makes the perfect start to the tournaments and competition of the 2018 May World Championships. If you’re joining us in Roseville on May 1st, watch your email to reserve your spot as soon as possible!

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Mansions of Madness: Mother's Embrace

Published 17 April 2018 | Mansions of Madness Second Edition

Mansions of Madness: Mother's Embrace

Announcing a New Game from Asmodee Digital

"I know not where I was born, save that the castle was infinitely old and infinitely horrible; full of dark passages and having high ceilings where the eye could find only cobwebs and shadows. The stones in the crumbling corridors seemed always hideously damp, and there was an accursed smell everywhere, as of the piled up corpses of dead generations."
   –H.P. Lovecraft, "The Outsider"

The year is 1926. In a once sleepy town, evil is stirring. The town is plagued by murders, disappearances, and impossible claims of creatures spotted in the shadows that defy explanation. You are one of Arkham’s leading investigators, tasked with getting to the bottom of these strange occurrences by exploring the desolate halls and dark alleyways. And now, a new doorway to the mythos has opened before you. Do you dare to enter? Asmodee Digital and Fantasy Flight Games are proud to announce the upcoming release of Mansions of Madness: Mother’s Embrace, a video game coming to Steam in the first quarter of 2019! Read on for more information, or you can also check out the Mansions of Madness: Mother's Embrace Steam page!

A New Nightmare

Mansions of Madness: Mother’s Embrace is a digital adventure game developed by LuckyHammers and published by Asmodee Digital. Based on the beloved Mansions of Madness board game series, this game invites you to experience Arkham Horror Files universe in a whole new way, elevating the immersive aspects of the game as you explore the mansions in a beautifully rendered, three-dimensional space. You can choose your favorite investigators from the Arkham Horror Files universe, playing as Jenny Barnes, Roland Banks, and Harvey Walters as you seek to understand and overcome the forces of the Mythos.

Arkham’s bravest investigators first stepped beyond the threshold in 2011 with Mansions of Madness, the classic tabletop game of Lovecraftian horror. Players united to uncover the secrets of the Mythos while facing-off against the Keeper who controlled the unnatural monstrosities that haunted the accursed house. Then, in 2016, Mansions of Madness Second Edition upped the ante by introducing the companion app and transforming the game into a fully cooperative experience. This groundbreaking integration of technology created an unprecedented cooperative game by allowing every player to embody an investigator as they battle the maddening forces arrayed against them.

Now, Mansions of Madness: Mother’s Embrace draws you into the digital world as it spins new tales of terror in the Arkham Horror Files universe. This digital adventure game invites you to step back into the shadowed halls of the mansions, elevating the terror once again until your mind is pushed to the brink of insanity. Here, you will lead a team of investigators as you seek to uncover the dark secrets hidden in the corners of the estate, but the truths you find may only bring you closer to danger. In the city of Arkham, nothing is what it seems. Over the course of your investigation, you will confront eldritch monsters, treacherous traps, and countless other horrors drawn from the pages of H.P. Lovecraft’s greatest works. Do you have what it takes to solve the mystery and escape with both your life and your sanity intact?

Embrace the Madness

Peer through the veil and travel beyond the world you think you know. Enter the halls of the Mansions of Madness: Mother’s Embrace and immerse yourself in a world of Lovecraftian horror unlike anything you’ve seen before!

Look for Mansions of Madness: Mother’s Embrace when it hits Steam in the first quarter of 2019! For more information, you can check out the Mansions of Madness: Mother's Embrace page on Steam here!

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Imperial Resurgence

Published 16 April 2018 | Star Wars: Imperial Assault

Imperial Resurgence

Two-Time World Champion Daniel Taylor on the Imperial Assault Metagame

"Vader wants us all dead."
     –Leia Organa, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Thanks to the recent introduction of the Legends of the Alliance companion app, you can make your Imperial Assault campaigns more team-based than ever. In fact, since the app can control the game's Imperial forces, your Imperial Assault campaigns can be fully cooperative, if you so choose. Everyone can be a Rebel. Everyone can be a hero.

But something entirely different has happened in the skirmish game. It has become more aggressive and confrontational than ever—fueled by the new units and skirmish upgrades from the Heart of the Empire expansion—along with the Ally and Villain Packs for Maul, Ahsoka, and the Emperor. Even as their battles have intensified, players have gained new ways to pursue their objectives… and they've gained access to a resurgent Empire.

The Imperial forces in Imperial Assault are stronger than ever, as are iconic characters such as Han Solo and Chewbacca , and that puts us in a very interesting place as we look forward to the 2018 Imperial Assault World Championships and the showcase it provides for the game.To offer some additional insight into what we can expect from the current metagame—and to advise us what we should look for on the stream—we turn to two-time World Champion Daniel Taylor.

Two-time World Champion Daniel Taylor with his 2017 World Champion trophy.

Two-Time World Champion Daniel Taylor on the State of Imperial Assault

The Imperial Assault World Championships will be particularly exciting this year—in my opinion, the game is the best it’s ever been!

With the recent releases of Heart of the Empire, the accompanying expansion packs, and skirmish upgrades like Driven by Hatred and Rogue Smuggler , we're seeing more of the iconic heroes and villains from Star Wars like Darth Vader and Han Solo. In fact, each faction has several viable options for its armies—with none clearly superior to the others. Let's take a look at what each faction has to offer.

Imperial Armies

The Galactic Empire will surely arrive to Worlds in full force, headed by the two Sith powerhouses, Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine . After the Imperials were completely shut out of the Top 16 in 2017, they can no longer be ignored. Darth Vader and the Emperor will be exerting their powers across the battlefield, and anyone who wants to achieve victory this year will need a solid plan to deal with these units as they are all but guaranteed to be present.

Darth Vader proves that the best way to balance your defense and offence is to take the best of both. His devastating lightsaber attack can bring a unit to its knees or outright remove it in one slice, and his double black defense dice—plus a built-in reroll—ensure that it will take multiple attacks to bring him down, if he can be taken down.

On the other hand, if your squad can’t threaten to remove Vader, you’ll need to focus on the objectives and keep him stunned or delayed as best as possible. When you see Darth Vader on the table, you know his opponents are going to have to commit hard to taking him down—or ignore him and burn down his support. In the World Championships, you'll find players running Darth Vader trying to get him into close combat quickly and completely dismantle the opposing team with his melee attacks and Force chokes.

This is not where IG-88 and Jabba the Hutt want to see Darth Vader.

Emperor Palpatine brings a different kind of threat to the table—one built around a host of insidious abilities that allow him to be a little bit of everything. His Emperor ability gets more attacks out of friendly units, which is particularly devastating with Darth Vader. Force Lightning can finish off those characters with pesky white defense dice without having to attack them, and Tempt cleans up any enemies with just one health remaining. Palpatine's versatility really helps the Imperial squad come together and finish the job. As such, the Emperor will have a huge target on his back, so look for players to try to eliminate the old Sith as quickly as possible to prevent their team from being whittled away by Force Lightning and the temptation of the dark side.

Along with the two most important Imperial leaders, expect to see an assortment of Jet Troopers , Riot Troopers , and Sentry Droids . Providing the Imperial faction with mobility, durability, and firepower respectively, these troops are a force to be reckoned with, and fielding a pair of elite Riot Troopers or Jet Troopers may make it hard for your opponent to finish them all off and hold the objectives. In fact, some players may even forgo bringing the leaders in order to fit more of these dependable units in their army.

Given the Empire's other strengths, I also wouldn’t be surprised to see Agent Blaise or Captain Terro on the field as well. These units provide interesting abilities, and having your command cards knocked out of your hand or having your team blasted by a flamethrower can certainly ruin your day. Don’t count the AT-DP out either. The large vehicle provides good firepower and health for its cost. Combined with the Emperor, it can quickly blow away enemy troops, and Palpatine can clean up any survivors.

With his "Emperor" ability, Emperor Palpatine can even direct attacks against foes to whom he has no line of sight.

Finally, most squads will also have an Imperial Officer or two, plus some upgrades like Rule by Fear and Zillo Technique . Unshakable is also a solid option for those focusing on Darth Vader as the centerpiece of their armies.

All told, the Imperial faction has many options right now, so the key to victory will be finding out exactly what works best for you and honing it to perfection. When playing against the Imperials, you'll need to keep them from stealing all the objectives while you try to figure out which units you actually need to go after.

Mercenary Armies

The Mercenary faction conquered all in 2017, and it remains strong, driven by the revival of IG-88 with the Focused on the Kill upgrade from the Jawa Scavenger Villain Pack. I’m sure many players will be bringing IG-88 along with the reliable Weequay Pirates . Hunters have been strong since Jabba’s Realm, and the threat of seeing bursts of damage fuled by command cards like Blaze of Glory and Assassinate is sure to make many a player sweat during a match.

Even with the strength of IG-88, some players are seeing success building their armies around an assortment of other strong Mercenary units. Vinto Hreeda , Greedo , and Onar Koma all still see play, and the new Clawdite Shapeshifters provide Mercenary players with even more interesting options.

A Clawdite Shapeshifter in Streetrat form can move surprisingly fast and hits nearly as hard as a Sith Lord.

I also expect a few players to bring more wild Mercenary armies, including units like the Bantha Rider or Ugnaught Tinkerers .

What you can expect to find with any of these lists, though, is that Mercenary players will be looking to strike fast and hard to bring down key units in their opponents’ armies. To snatch victory, they’ll want to jump at the right moment and leave their enemy wondering what happened.

As a result, if you see a Mercenary player hanging back in the first round of a game, it might be because the player is waiting to draw some more powerful command cards. Few things in Imperial Assault can do more damage than IG-88 rolling out with Tools for the Job , Assassinate, and Heightened Reflexes to remove the opponent’s defense. Combining all of that damage may be enough to remove a Rebel hero like Han Solo in a single attack—before he even gets a chance to retaliate. Focused and hidden Weequay Pirates are also very threatening and will discourage their opponent from making any risky moves.

With Focused on the Kill, Assassinate, Tools for the Job, and Heightened Reflexes, IG-88 can take down Han Solo in a single shot.

To come out ahead in a battle against these Mercenaries, you’ll need to plan ahead for what their powerful units are going to do and find a way to get the jump on their softer targets. If you survive the initial volley with enough troops remaining, you should be able to find an opportunity to retaliate. Cards like Reinforcements , On the Lam , Brace for Impact , Stealth Tactics , and Run for Cover can help dampen the first strike and save your allies so you can strike back with force.

Rebel Armies

The Imperials and Mercenaries are definitely bringing tough competition this year, but you can never count the Rebellion out. This year's Rebel armies will see Han Solo leading the charge, backed up by a collection of other heroes and—most likely—some Alliance Rangers .

Rangers provide a powerful option for long-range damage that can force your opponent to stay out of sight. You'll have to be careful, though, as their health won’t keep them alive long when someone like Darth Vader closes in on them.

Rebel armies have long been home to some of the game's greatest support—with units like like Gideon Argus and C-3PO —and some newer units like Hera Syndulla and "Chopper" are likely to make an appearance and lend their support as well. Don’t forget R2-D2 either, as the card advantage he offers can lead to great benefits for some lists.

What's better than using R2-D2's Scomp Link to draw into Son of Skywalker ? Not much.

Rebel armies can also benefit from a wide variety of unique units and their special abilities. Bringing in a few spies like Mak Eshka'rey or Murne Rin opens up your command card options, and Ahsoka Tano can give you a good jump on your opponents. Be careful with Ahsoka, though, as she won’t survive long after jumping alone into the middle of enemy forces. The new heroes Drokkatta and Ko-Tun Feralo may also see play, as they provide good shots and fun abilities. And you can’t forget Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight . Although most Rebel armies are focusing on long-range damage these days, Luke is never afraid to jump into the fray and get things done.

As I mentioned, most Rebel armies will be looking to keep their opponents at bay with the threat of heavy long-range firepower. They’ll win by defeating units from afar and locking down the objectives with the threat of concentrated fire. For example, the idea of advancing against a focused Han Solo or Alliance Ranger unit is scary, so just having these units on the board helps the Rebel player keep their opponents off of objectives. If anyone pokes their head out, Han and the Rangers can blast away, and if they can keep these units safely within striking range, Rebel players can jump in at a moment's notice to eliminate the key units holding their opponent’s army together.

Also look for Rebel players to bring higher numbers of deployment groups than their opponents. A Rebel player with eight or even nine activations will guarantee Han Solo the ability to activate last at the end of the first round, allowing him to move to a spot where he can blast an opponent with a focused shot. His end-of-round attack can then be used to do even more damage, potentially removing a unit and limiting your opponent’s options for striking back against the Rebellion's generally fragile heroes.

After surprising IG-88 with his Urgency , Han can potentially fire three times before IG-88 can retaliate—if the droid is even in one piece after Han's attacks.

To defeat the Rebels, you’ll be looking to catch their key damage-dealers out of position and eliminate them before they can bring their firepower down on you. Moving your troops to a vulnerable—but hard to reach—location may coax the Rebels into an easier position for you to target. Many Rebel armies will also have a hard time contesting multiple objectives, so be sure to use that against them. The Rebels work best when they can focus all of their units in one spot where they can use their support to its fullest extent. By contesting objectives across the map, like on the huge Nal Hutta Swamps, you'll force the Rebel squad to bleed away valuable victory points or stretch themselves thin, leaving them in vulnerable positions.

The Fate of the Galaxy

Planning for Worlds this year is tough; there are just too many good options for all of the factions. Which faction will end up on top is anyone’s guess, but the battles are sure to be entertaining.

Last year, several of my games could have easily gone either way. One came down to a tie except for the final cards flipped by Black Market on both sides. Another involved the last couple minis in each army fighting to their last health after massive losses on both sides. At this level of competition, you can never count the other players out. In the finals against Paul Heaver last year, I was able to open with a devastating command card combo that removed his Bantha Rider before it got to do much of anything; however, through careful play, Paul fought back and was nearly able to secure the victory points to steal the game.

At this top level, you always have to think about the game on multiple levels, and it can slip away from you on objectives or as you lose units. It's part of what makes the game exciting, and if you can’t make it out to Worlds this year, be sure to tune in to the live streams to see how top players navigate these challenges in the heat of battle!

     —Daniel Taylor, Two-Time Imperial Assault World Champion

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Around the World

Published 16 April 2018 | Genesys

Around the World

Preview the Regions and NPCs in Realms of Terrinoth

Order your own copy of Realms of Terrinoth at your local retailer or online through our website today!

Terrinoth is a land filled with adventure. But what is thrilling adventure without dangerous adversaries to stand against your mighty heroes? And what is an adventure without strange new locations to explore? Mennara is filled with fascinating characters and places, all of which are detailed in Realms of Terrinoth, a new fantasy sourcebook for the Genesys Roleplaying System.

Join us today as we preview the unique regions found in Realms of Terrinoth. Explore the ancient Aymhelin, the terrifying mistlands, the hidden Dunwarr Mountains, and more as you explore the world of Mennara. Within the description of these regions in Realms of Terrinoth, you'll not only find mechanical information for Game Masters, but tidbits to spark your imagination, helping you develop your own unique fantasy setting based on the varied landscapes of Mennara. 

A Terrifying Domain

Pity those who find themselves in the domain of Waiqar the Undying. Those who dare travel beyond Greyhaven find themselves in a shrouded, ever-shifting landscape where warming light seldom reaches the ground. Bounded by fetid marshes on the west and the Dunwarr Mountains to the north, these are the cursed lands of the thirteenth baron of Terrinoth, he whose seat at Archaut has remained empty for hundreds of generations. This region is filled with volcanic crags and sprawling marshlands that bubble and boil, expelling murderous gases and trapping foolish adventurers in black muck for eternity.

The dank, cold lands of the Thirteenth Barony contain terrible monsters, all the worse as many of them were once Human. Thirst for power, jealousy over status, desire for revenge, and other vices have corrupted once-noble leaders into deathless things that exist only to consume all that lives.

This includes the terrifying Death Knights, Waiqar’s hatred and maliciousness made manifest. Made from the dust of his most loyal original soldiers, few live to tell the tale of coming across a Death Knight in the dreaded Mistlands. Riding vampiric steeds, there is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide from the pursuit of a Death Knight. Now, these terrifying, twisted, corrupted warriors of Waiqar can join your game of Realms of Terrinoth, and you can get a taste of their power below.

The stat line for Waiqar's dreaded Death Knights show but a taste of their true power, purchase Realms of Terrinoth for a look at their frightening talents.

Ancient Magic

To the uninitiated, the Aymhelin may look like an undeveloped, sparsely populated woodland region of Mennara. But a deeper examination reveals something spectacular. Each gleaming spire, each brilliantly sparkling stone pathway, each dense copse of stately trees, each beautifully manicured acre of prairie, and each crystal-clear pond and lake has been carefully harmonized to bring nature and civilization into near-perfect accord. It allows the Elves who dwell in the cities to commune with nature, those who live in the verdant forest townships to easily partake in the benefits of modern civilization, and the entire nation to rally together under threat of foreign or supernatural invaders.

The inhabitants of the Aymhelin have a deeper connection than most to the strange magic of Mennara. Storm Sorceresses can take control of the very air around them, manipulating their environment with frightening skill to call forth blinding blizzards, gale-force winds, and more. To face down a Storm Sorceress is to engage your very environment in battle, and your heroes best be prepared. Though they mostly keep to the deepest part of the Aymhelin, occasionally they find themselves in the outside world, searching for valuable resources to further their magic.

A preview of the power of the Storm Sorceress. 

A Hidden Civilization

Bleak and foreboding, the Dunwarr Mountains are a collection of blizzard-pounded peaks, sharp ridges of gray slate, and gnarled clusters of twisted evergreen trees. Between the snowy crags lie high meadows, fed by swift-flowing, icy brooks. Apparently home to nothing beyond the occasional goat and jackrabbit, the Dunwarr range is the last place one would expect to find an empire. But deep within these mountains resides a forgotten ancient civilization of dwarves.

These Dunwarr Dwarves are a fierce, noble people and few exemplify this like the Dwarven Dragon Hunter. Trained in the ancient art of Dragon Hunting, these warriors make pilgrimage to areas where these feral beasts of legend have been sighted and look to eradicate them, recruiting any adventurers they find along the way. To refuse will lead to a barrage of insults, and at worse, a physical confrontation. Should your heroes face down a Dwarven Dragon Hunter, they face a foe trained for life to take down the most fearsome creatures Mennara has ever seen. Of course, the heroes may also choose to join a Dragon Hunter in their quest, seeking the thrill of taking on a fearsome creature. 

The Dwarven Dragon Hunter is trained in ancient arts, which is reflected in their skills.

A New World

This is but a taste of the world of Mennara. Every region offers new characters, environments, and adventures for your hero. The Mistlands, Aymhelin, and Dunwarr Mountains hold many secrets, and new allies, enemies, and more await. Lead your heroes into the world of Mennara in Realms of Terrinoth.

Dive into the world of Mennara with Realms of Terrinoth (GNS03), available Thursday, April 19th from your local retailer or our  website!

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Tyrants of Lothal

Published 13 April 2018 | Star Wars: Imperial Assault

Tyrants of Lothal

Announcing a New Expansion for Imperial Assault

"I will start my operations here and pull the Rebels apart, piece by piece. They will be the architects of their own destruction."
   –Grand Admiral Thrawn, Star Wars Rebels

The struggle against the Empire is just beginning. Throughout the galaxy, resistance groups have begun to join together into a Rebel Alliance. The Outer Rim planet of Lothal is under the watchful eyes of Grand Admiral Thrawn, who monitors the planet for Rebel activity, looking to crush it beneath the Empire's heel. The Lothal Resistance has arisen to fight back against this tyrannical oppression, and now it's your turn to answer the call!

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Tyrants of Lothal, a new expansion for Imperial Assault, available for pre-order now from your local retailer! Tyrants of Lothal is not releasing alone either, so be sure to also pre-order the Ezra Bridger and Kanan Jarrus Ally Pack, the Sabine Wren and Zeb Orrelios Ally Pack, the Thrawn Villain Pack, and the Hondo Ohnaka Villain Pack to upgrade your Imperial Assault experience! You can find out more information about these additional figure packs here.

Tyrants of Lothal introduces new heroes, enemies, allies, map tiles and a six-part mini-campaign for Imperial Assault, the strategy game of epic missions and thrilling combat. These components bring the planet of Lothal to life and give you the oppurtunity to join the burgeoning Rebel Alliance. Whether it's in a campaign or skirmish game, the fate of the Rebellion rests on your shoulders… but you're not alone. Join the crew of the Ghost from Star Wars Rebels in your epic fight against Grand Admiral Thrawn, your dealings with the shifty pirate Hondo Ohnaka, and your mission to take down the tyrants of Lothal!

A Time For Heroes

Inspired by a transmission from young Rebel Ezra Bridger, heroes on the planet of Lothal have decided to stand up against the Empire and spark their own rebellion. But will they have what it takes to stand up to the might of Grand Admiral Thrawn?

Tyrants of Lothal gives you the opportunity to play as two new heroes from the Star Wars galaxy, including Tress Hacnua,  a Cybernetic Brawler who brings a unique style to the combat of Imperial Assault. Tress begins the game with a fairly average speed of four, but that can be buffed by testing strength at the start of her activation and moving a number of spaces equal to the surges you roll. These Leg Hydraulics give Tress upgraded mobility, but her unique combat prowess really shines through her Fyrnock Style combat. Whenever you resolve an attack with a melee weapon, you gain a style token!

Tress’s starting weapon, the Reinforced Cyberarm,  is the perfect way to start spending these style tokens. Whenever you attack with a melee weapon, the Reinforced Cyberarm lets you spend any number of your style tokens to increase your damage for each token spent. When playing as Tress, you can always augment your melee attacks with style tokens, or save up two of them for a massive attack on a difficult foe.

Tress’s other upgrades also revolve around her style tokens. If you manage to save up four XP during a campaign, you can purchase  Fluidity  to give Tress even more options—you can exhaust Fluidity and spend two style tokens to perform a move, rest, or interact without spending an action. Tress can become extremely efficient during your turn, taking down enemies and making her way to mission objectives in half the time that it would take to do so normally.

By spending two style tokens, Tress adds two damage to her melee attack with the Reinforced Cyberarm! After the attack resolves, she will gain one token back thanks to her Frynock Style ability. 

 Tress will need all the help she can get with the enemies found in Tyrants of Lothal. Far more deadly than an Imperial Stormtrooper, Death Troopers are an elite group of soldiers specialized in guarding high-ranking Imperial officers. Now, they enter Imperial Assault as a well-trained force for the Imperial player. Not only do the Death Troopers roll a red and yellow attack die with deadly accuracy, but they can organize to allow the Imperial player to activate multiple Death Troopers in a single turn. Their coordination starts during setup when you can choose any number of Death Trooper deployment cards as one open group. Furthermore, after a Death Trooper activates, you can activate another Death Trooper or a Leader group that costs six or less, allowing you to use multiple groups before the Rebel players can activate. Death Troopers work best by fighting in unison, and with surges giving them extra accuracy and Pierce 1, they are sure to hit their target with amazing speed and efficiency.

If you're fielding the  elite version  of a Death Trooper as part of your open group, you'll also gain the advantages of the Squad Captain ability, granting an adjacent Trooper or Leader character a power token of your choice to give Imperial forces an edge in combat. These power tokens were first introduced in Heart of the Empire, and they make their return here to boost your allies on the battlefield.

A New Fight

Tyrants of Lothal presents several new ways to play the Imperial Assault campaign game, with six missions that can either be incorporated into any full campaign or played in sequence as the Tyrants of Lothal mini-campaign. Join the crew of the Ghost on a galaxy-spanning adventure, and team up with Ezra Bridger, Sabine Wren, and more familiar faces to outwit the Empire and bring freedom to the galaxy. But you have to start somewhere, and thanks to the unlikely assistance of the pirate Hondo Ohnaka, your burgeoning heroes have learned the location of an Imperial arms shipment, ripe for extraction. It is now or never—time to step out of the shadows and join the Rebel Alliance! 

Furthermore, Tyrants of Lothal includes two new skirmish missions for use on the Lothal Wastes map built from new tiles featured in the box. Skirmish versions of the new heroes promise to shake up up the format, and new command cards give you even more customization options. Tress Hacnua is an offensive powerhouse in campaigns, and she brings this same vigor for combat to skirmishes. While she loses her style tokens she gains a massive advantage with her Krayt Dragon Fury, which allows her to gain massive bonuses based on the number of surges rolled during an attack. This includes a powerful Cleave ability which can be further augmented with the Spinning Kick command card! Add some style to your Imperial Assault skirmishes with Tress Hacnua and the rest of the Tyrants of Lothal figures!

Tyrants of Lothal

The Rebel Alliance is growing. With a call to arms from Ezra Bridger, heroes across Lothal are standing up and fighting for freedom. Team up with the crew of the Ghost in any campaign with the missions found in Tyrants of Lothal, or go on a galactic adventure with a six-mission mini-campaign! And be sure to supplement the expansion with the four figure packs launching alongside it—you can find more information here.

Become a Rebel with Tyrants of Lothal (SWI54), a new small box expansion for Imperial Assault, available for pre-order now from your local retailer!

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Spectres, Tyrants, and Pirates

Published 13 April 2018 | Star Wars: Imperial Assault

Spectres, Tyrants, and Pirates

Announcing Four New Ally and Villain Packs for Imperial Assault

"You can keep the lightsaber you stole, let it become just another dusty souvenir, or you can give it back and come with us—come with me, and be trained in the ways of the Force. You can learn what it truly means to be a Jedi."
   –Kanan Jarrus, Star Wars Rebels

Before Luke Skywalker blew up the dreaded Death Star, before Princess Leia called for aid from an old war hero, before the Rebel Alliance crystalized into a force that would bring down a Galactic Empire, there was Phoenix Squadron. They were a band of rebels who fought against the Empire in the Lothal sector, tucked away in the outer rim of the Star Wars galaxy. Thanks to the crew of the Ghost from Star Wars Rebels, they acheived great success.

Still, Phoenix Squadron has enemies. With the increased Rebel activity in the Lothal sector, the Emperor has sent one of his most trusted and efficient servants, the dreaded Grand Admiral Thrawn, to hunt down and destroy Phoenix Squadron. Sensing profit from chaos, the pirate Hondo Ohnaka hides on the edges of the conflict, more than willing to assist the side with the deepest pockets.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce four new figure packs for Imperial Assault available now for pre-order from your local retailer:

These figure packs contain everything you need to add these heroes and villains to your Imperial Assault campaign and skirmish games! Daring missions, powerful command cards and beautifully sculpted figures await you in each of these packs! These figure packs will release alongside Tyrants of Lothal, and they work in conjunction with the mini-campaign found in that expansion. For more information on Tyrants of Lothal, click here.

The Spectres

Force users are rare in the time of the Rebellion, with Emperor Palpatine twisting them to his own nefarious purposes. The exception to this is the former Jedi Kanan Jarrus and his young Padawan Ezra Bridger.  Because of their knowledge of the Force, these two heroes can become valuable allies during your Imperial Assault campaign. Recruiting them to your side will take work, but perhaps a common enemy will bring your heroes and these Force users together...

Kanan’s experience in the ways of the Force can add a tactical advantage to your missions. At the start of Kanan’s activation, the Imperial player selects one Imperial group—that group must be activated next, if able. This decision gives Kanan vital information, as he knows which ready Imperial groups he can safely ignore, and which ones are activating next, giving him important potential targets.

Contrast this with Ezra Bridger’s brashness, which allows him to move up to four spaces at the beginning of each round. While he does not have the foresight of his mentor, his pure speed can get him into the perfect position at the start of a round.

Welcome these Force users into your campaign with the Ezra Bridger and Kanan Jarrus Ally Pack!

A History of Combat

While some of the Spectres rely on their connection to the Force to aid the Rebels, others rely on their skills and technology. The Sabine Wren and Zeb Orrelios Ally Pack gives you access to two characters with a long history of combat.

A former member of the Lasan Honor Guard, Zeb Orrelios is the muscle of the Spectres, taking down foes with his mighty bo-rifle. One of the few survivors of the destruction of his homeworld by the Empire, Zeb gives all he has in the fight against tyranny.

Zeb’s bo-rifle is a powerful tool that can allow him to take down enemies very quickly. Once per turn, he may use it as a melee weapon, making a free melee attack with two red dice. This makes Zeb an extremely efficient brawler, able to perform both melee and ranged attacks with ease.

Sabine Wren,  a former bounty hunter, is one of the biggest assets that the burgeoning Rebel Alliance has. She's not only a source of hope in the darkness of the galaxy, but also an extremely effective soldier trained in the Mandalorian ways. As an action, Sabine can take evasive maneuvers, moving up to four spaces and recovering two damage, making her a target that's difficult to hit. With three dice rolled for a ranged attack, Sabine can quickly make her away across the map, damaging any target she chooses with either a ranged attack or a final Parting Gift.

While convincing these warriors to assist you will take some effort, your mutual connections in the Rebel Alliance may soon see you fighting side-by-side in the name of freedom.

The Tyrant

With the Spectres on your side, it may seem as though you're invincible. With the backing of the Rebel Alliance, surely you can rise against the Empire and bring freedom to the galaxy. However, on the planet of Lothal, there is an enemy even the Spectres have little chance to overcome. Grand Admiral Thrawn is one of the Empire’s brightest minds, and with an order to destroy the Phoenix Squadron, nothing will stand in your way with the Thrawn Villain Pack.

Thrawn’s impact is felt in the game at the very start of the round. The Imperial player may choose one hero, and if that hero is the first to activate, it becomes stunned. Thrawn’s bold predictions can shake up the Rebel players' plans, penalizing a hero who wants to escape quickly before you have an opportunity to activate your own forces. No matter what heroes dare to face the might of the Empire, few will be able to overcome Thrawn’s tactical mastery.

The Pirate

Heroes, villains, rebels, empires… these distinctions make little difference to the respectable businessman Hondo Ohnaka.  Hondo can be a dear friend or a frightful enemy, depending on the size of your pockets. You can make a profit for yourself with the Hondo Ohnaka Villain Pack!

Whenever Hondo declares an attack, the heroes must choose to either increase threat by two or increase the damage of the attack. Furthermore, Hondo increases the threat by two whenever he enters a space with a crate. With these abilities, it’s clear that Hondo is a harbinger of things to come, pushing up the threat and allowing the Imperial player to deploy ever more dangerous groups to fight alongside him against his foes.

Heroes, Villains, and Pirates

The Lothal system is a powder keg ready to explode. While the Spectres and the rest of the Phoenix Squadron have had some success in undermining the Galactic Empire, the stakes have been raised. Grand Admiral Thrawn has arrived, and with him, the threat of the Rebel Alliance being wiped out. In the midst of this chaos waits a pirate hoping to make a profit. The Spectres are strong, but can they stand up to Grand Admiral Thrawn and the tyrants of Lothal?

Find out and pre-order the Ezra Bridger and Kanan Jarrus Ally Pack (SWI55), the Sabine Wren and Zeb Orrelios Ally Pack (SWI56), the Thrawn Villain Pack (SWI57) and the Hondo Ohnaka Villain Pack (SWI58) from your local retailer! You can learn more about the Tyrants of Lothal expansion here.

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Welcome to the Jungle

Published 13 April 2018 | Arkham Horror: The Card Game

Welcome to the Jungle

Previewing the Dangers of The Forgotten Age

“When I drew nigh the nameless city I knew it was accursed. I was traveling in a parched and terrible valley under the moon, and afar I saw it protruding uncannily above the sands as parts of a corpse may protrude from an ill-made grave.”
   –H.P. Lovecraft, "The Nameless City"

Order your own copy of The Forgotten Age at your local retailer or online through our website today!

There will be no rest for you on this expedition.

Everything you think you know about the history of our world is about to be undone. Like any expedition, your journey is fraught with dangers, but these threats appear more unnatural the further you trek through the jungle. To help you survive the unimaginable horrors that haunt your team, today, we are pleased to offer you a closer look at the new dangers that await you in The Forgotten Age deluxe expansion for Arkham Horror: The Card Game!

Fight for Survival

As a member of an expedition team, you and your allies have the chance to become five new investigators as you search for the ruins of a lost Aztec city-state that you believe lies undiscovered deep in the rainforests of southern Mexico. Descriptions of this place defy all understanding of history, and if you manage to uncover the remains of this society, it could lead to fortune and fame within the intellectual community. You cannot allow this chance to pass you by.

If you wish to head deep into the rainforest, you must make the proper preparations, carefully deciding which Supplies to take with you. Supplies differ from cards like Emergency Cache (Core Set, 88) that bear the Supply trait. In The Forgotten Age, Supplies do not have designated cards, but they are recorded in your campaign log, and what you have in your possession can trigger certain card effects. Whereas you can store extra Item or Supply cards in a Backpack (The Forgotten Age, 37), you only have the capability to carry a certain amount of Supplies. You cannot bring everything. Rather, you must listen to your gut and attempt to anticipate what you will need on your expedition. Is it important for you to carry a length of rope for climbing and spelunking, or would you rather keep a cache of medicine in case of infection or disease? It will be possible to restock your Supplies at certain points, but there is no telling when this will occur or how often you will be able to replenish your reserves. Hundreds of miles away from civilization, you must choose wisely.

Once you are ready for the journey, you will embark on a mission through uncharted areas in two new scenarios that challenge you to become not only an investigator, but a trailblazer. The rainforest is dense, with only scattered speckles of sun breaking through the canopy, and there is no telling what sort of threats lurk in the impenetrable underbrush just off the trail. In our first look at The Forgotten Age, we looked at the new Explore ability, which you can use to search the treacherous territory in the hopes of discovering new locations to further your expedition. The jungle becomes safer the more you Explore, but as you search the undergrowth, you may encounter a plethora of venomous serpents and other dangers. You must be careful not to come too close to the vicious vipers, lest you become Poisoned (The Forgotten Age, 102). If this occurs, you simply put a set-aside Poisoned weakness into your threat area. This permanent treachery does not harm you on its own, but it may cause other effects to trigger. You may never even come across the dangers that the poison would trigger, but the longer you leave your ailment unattended, the greater risk you take. How long do you have until your luck runs out?

Shadows in the Trees

The Forgotten Age forces you to make impossible decisions as you must choose whether or not to kill the creatures you encounter. This dilemma is not born of some secret mercy within your heart, but rather due to the inclusion of the new Vengeance keyword. Contrary to victory points, Vengeance represents the awareness and animosity you draw from the Father of Serpents, the malicious entity who watches over the venomous beasts of this region. Like Victory, when you defeat an encounter card with the Vengeance keyword, such as a Pit Viper (The Forgotten Age, 78), you must add it to the victory display until you complete the scenario. While Vengeance points have no impact on the game unless specifically referenced by another card, it may be best to avoid incurring the wrath of the Father of Serpents while you are in the heart of his domain.

In The Forgotten Age, you will endure the worst the rainforest has to offer from dangerous terrain to poisonous reptiles, all while staving off starvation and exposure, but the very thing you seek poses your greatest threat. The closer you come to reaching the supposed location of the Aztec ruins, the closer you come to danger, encountering enemies in strange garbs that appear to be from an entirely different time. While their weapons may appear primitive, those who wield them are deadly. The Forgotten Age increases the peril you find yourself in with the new Alert keyword. Alert enemies like Ichtaca (The Forgotten Age, 52) strike with the speed of a viper. Each time you fail a skill test while attempting to evade them, the Alert enemy performs an attack against you, and to make matters worse, they don't become exhausted following the attack! But perhaps violence is not the answer. Maybe there is another way to reach the ruins without angering the people who dwell there. Either way, you must stay on your toes if you wish to communicate with them, or at the very least, survive.

No Risk, No Reward

Now that you have been given the opportunity of a lifetime to make a world-changing discovery, you must decide whether the adventure is worth the risk. Ready your supplies, prepare for danger, and embark on a journey into The Forgotten Age!

Pre-order your copy of The Forgotten Age (AHC19) at your local retailer today or on the Fantasy Flight Games website here!

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The Old Gods and the New

Published 12 April 2018 | A Game of Thrones: The Card Game

The Old Gods and the New

The Faith Militant Is Now Available for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game

"The septons preach about the seven hells. What do they know? Only a man who's been burned knows what hell is truly like."
   –Sandor Clegane, A Game of Thrones

Order your own copy of The Faith Militant at your local retailer or online through our website today!

As Westeros has fallen into chaos and war, the people of the realm have turned to religion to make sense of the madness. In the north, the Old Gods and the Drowned God find new devotees to their ancient religions, while the ranks of the Lord of Light and the Seven gain momentum in the southern lands.

Now, these religions find unprecedented power in The Faith Militant, the fifth Chapter Pack in the Flight of Crows cycle for A Game of Thrones: The Card Gameon sale now at your local retailer or online through the Fantasy Flight Games website!

A Suitable Offering

When A Song of Ice and Fire began, many in Westeros followed the Seven, but as the world has become more violent, religions have become more radicalized. This is reflected in the resurgence of vengeful, nearly forgotten gods of old and the adoption of fiery gods from foreign shores. These gods are not satisfied with simple prayers. Only an offering of blood, a show of true devotion, will please them. If you control a character aligned with the Lord of Light, you can offer a character to the flames with Sacrifice to the Red God (The Faith Militant, 88). If one of your characters has outlived their usefulness, you can use this event to sacrifice them and bring a R’hllor character with equal or lower cost to your hand. For example, if Beric Dondarrion (The Brotherhood Without Banners, 117) has used five of his lives, leaving him with a measly STR of one, you can gift his life to the Lord of Light to add the powerful priestess Melisandre (Core Set, 47) to your hand. It is only through fire that the the world can be reborn—the truth is in the flames.

If, opposed to the god of light and fire, you align with He Who Dwells Beneath the Waves, loyalty to the Drowned God has untold rewards in The Faith Militant. Given to the Drowned God (The Faith Militant, 92), for instance, lets you kill a Drowned God character to draw cards equal to the offered character’s cost! You might use this ability to kill the non-unique Acolyte of the Waves (The Archmaester’s Key, 12), earning a power for your faction as well as drawing two cards. This combination becomes even more deadly when you control Tarle the Thrice Drowned (The Faith Militant, 91), who gives you the power to marshal the low-cost Acolyte from your dead pile as if it were in your hand; continually killing, earning power, and restoring life to prove that what is dead may never die.

Baptism of Fire

Beyond enhancing the theme of religion and how it plays into the unfolding saga, The Faith Militant offers players new versions of powerful, fan-favorite characters. Following the narrative of A Feast for Crows, this pack features new versions of beloved characters, highlighting how they have evolved throughout the series. Once, Arya Stark (Core Set, 141) was an unwilling Lady, just starting her training and bearing only a power icon unless she had a duplicate. Now, Arya Stark (The Faith Militant, 81) always bears a military and an intrigue icon as she begins her training with the Faceless Men, the elite band of assassins who worship none but the God of Death, considering their murders to be a holy sacrament. While she is still in training, Arya now has a cost equal to her strength, but her effect can shape the entire game. While she is standing, characters cannot be saved by any means. Obviously, this makes your military challenges and kill effects more dangerous, but it also gives you the power to kill every character in play with a well-timed Valar Morghulis (There Is My Claim, 80)

If Arya can accomplish her goal and become a full member of the Faceless Men, she can truly tell her fellow acolytes, I Am No One (The Faith Militant, 82). To align with the practice of the Faceless Men who give up their past identities to worship in the House of Black and White, this event removes the faction affiliations and Traits from one of your low-cost characters in exchange for granting them insight and stealth. Now able to pass unseen among the shadows or remain unknown in a crowd, your chosen character also does not kneel when declared as an attacker. With a skilled assassin at your call, you are sure to cross your enemies' names off your list.

The Faith Militant also features the first iteration of Daenerys Targaryen (The Faith Militant, 93) since the Core Set, inviting you to explore new ways to play as a Targaryen while staying true to the style that has earned the faction some of the most devoted followers in A Game of Thrones: The Card Game. Her cost has been reduced from seven to five, making her easier to play, and the Mother of Dragons has grown from the wife of a powerful khal to the Queen of Meereen. While her STR is reduced from five to three, her position is more secure in that her strength cannot be reduced by card effects. Once you further turn fate to your favor by playing a Targaryen event, such as A Dragon is No Slave (Guarding the Realm, 34) or Dracarys! (Core Set, 176), you may exert your influence over your opponent by choosing any character to suffer -1 STR. And even more importnatly, if this causes that enemy’s STR to reach zero, they are instantly killed! Daenerys Targaryen's power can scarcely be overestimated as she rules the game with an onslaught of fire and blood, destroying all who oppose her will. 

The True Faith

The acolytes of each religion in Westeros and Essos serve their gods with faith and devotion. What do you believe? Choose your god, make an offering, and claim the Iron Throne with their favor!

Purchase your copy of The Faith Militant (GT27) at your local retailer or on the Fantasy Flight Games website today!

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A Time of Spring

Published 11 April 2018 | Legend of the Five Rings LCG

A Time of Spring

A New Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game Rules Reference Is Now Available

The latest version of the Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game  Rules Reference is now online! This update contains the usual streamlined rules, clarifications, new questions, and other minor changes that come with refining the rules. In addition, today’s update includes errata and a change to claiming rings with multiple elements that players should ensure they read about. Learn why these changes were made directly from the developers in the paragraphs below, and then download the new Rules Reference to see all the changes for yourself!

Click on the image above to see the new Rules Reference.
This update goes into effect immediately.

The Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game Developers

This Rules Reference update contains minor clarifications within the rules to make some phrases and interactions more clear, as well as to explain how the Support of the Phoenix (Disciples of the Void, 3) card from the new Disciples of the Void expansion works in relation to the Keeper and Seeker roles. In addition, this update includes two additions of card errata for cards from the clan pack. This errata does not change the function of the cards, but is being used to clarify ambiguity as to how the cards work within the rules.

Kaito Kosori (Disciples of the Void, 18)

This card’s ability allows Kaito Kosori to contribute her skill to Air conflicts while at home. With this update, it is clear that her ability only works while she is ready. The intent was always that she needed to be ready to contribute, as the rules state that “During a conflict, bowed characters do not contribute their skill.” However, due to the Jade Rule (which states that card abilities override the rulebook), it created a situation in which it was possible that her text could allow her to contribute even while bowed. This situation was sufficiently unclear as to warrant errata, as we wish to ensure that the game is as easy to understand as possible between the rules and the card text.

Yogo Kikuyo (Disciples of the Void, 25)

When an opponent plays a Spell event, Yogo Kikuyo can enter play from your hand to cancel the effects of that Spell. However, the rules state that “Card abilities on characters… can only be initiated or affect the game while they are in play unless the ability specifically refers to being used from an out-of-play area.” While you cannot pay the cost of Kikuyo’s ability while she is in play, the ability does not state the out-of-play area from which it can work. To clarify that her ability works from your hand, we have added “from your hand” to its cost.

Download the new Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game Rules Reference now to read the entire update. If you're planning on playing in an event, make sure to read the changes so you're prepared!

As always, game rules, tournament regulations, and other support materials for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game can be found on our Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game page.

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Prepare for Ground Assault

Published 11 April 2018 | Star Wars: Legion

Prepare for Ground Assault

Launch into Your Star Wars™: Legion Campaign with the Season Two Ground Assault Kit

"Prepare for ground assault."
     –General Rieekan, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

With its detailed miniatures and comprehensive, intuitive ruleset, Star Wars™: Legion offers you the chance to imagine the infantry battles of the Star Wars galaxy—wherever you and your friends might fight them!

You can fight atop the shifting dunes of a desert planet, battle before the entrance to one of the galaxy's abandoned mining facilities, or crash through the forests of a mission-critical moon. The rules for terrain beg you to take your battles to a wide array of battlefields, and it's easy to envision how the changing battlefields might shape the composition of your army or the objectives you'll fight for.

After all, the Star Wars galaxy is a vast place—full of conflict and adventure. And it's all yours to explore with Star Wars: Legion.

To help you explore more Star Wars battlefields and enjoy more of Star Wars infantry battles, you have Star Wars: Legion Organized Play. Its far-ranging scope covers everything from special one-time events like the In-Store Demos and Launch Weekend to a competitive track that culminates with the World Championships, but the heart of Star Wars: Legion Organized Play lies at the local level—with your favorite local game store and the seasonal Ground Assault Kits!

Tactical Operations

Building upon the model established by the recently announced Recruitment Kit, each Ground Assault Kit comes with materials to support a group of up to eight players for three months of in-store play.

Each month, you'll be able to enjoy a new style of play as each Ground Assault Kit supports three different operations.

Before the release of each new Ground Assault Kit, you'll find new operations posted online. As the game grows and more Ground Assault Kits are released, these operations will remain online, meaning that your local playgroup will have tremendous flexibility to play the newly recommended operations or replay past favorites.

With the 2018 Season Two Ground Assault Kit, you'll be challenged to seize control of a vital battlefield in Operation: Take the Hill. You'll march to battle with ever-larger armies in Operation: Massing Superiority, an operation that easily translates into a thrilling tournament experience. And, finally, you'll enjoy the thematic experiences of Operation: Blue Metal, an operation in which each game has consequences that play out in subsequent games as opposing armies vie for control of an old metal mining facility on a frozen planet.

Alternatively, your store could swap one of these operations for one of the operations from the Recruitment Kit. Because we will keep these operations archived online, each new Ground Assault Kit introduces additional freedom for your community. Aim for the experiences that best reward your community.

Enjoy the League Structure That Works Best for You

Even as they afford your local community the opportunity to choose from a growing range of operations, Ground Assault Kits come with guidelines for three different league structures, each of which covers one month of in-store events.

  • A Weekly League allows you to match up against other players at a pre-scheduled time each week for four weeks.
  • A Rivals League allows you to pair against a single rival for all four league games, scheduling those games for whenever you can play them in the host store.
  • A Single-Day Event features an entire league in a single, epic day of in-store Star Wars infantry battles.

It's worth noting that this flexibility doesn't just make it easier for your local community to get together—it also lets you change the tenor of your battles.

Play through the four stages of an operation over the course of a relaxed Weekly League, and you'll have plenty of time to tinker with your forces between each new assault. But you won't necessarily know who you're going to face. However, that changes in a Rivals League, in which each game after the first offers you a new chance to outguess your rival.

And, of course, a Single-Day Event can play out like a competitive tournament, or it can simply serve as a fantastic bonding experience for your local community—gaming, laughter, revelry, competition, and excitement. As any veteran gamer knows, the nature of an event changes as players relax over the course of full day of gaming. By the end of the day, it's often less about the competition on the table than the camaraderie over it.

Earn Prize Cards and Tokens

After you play through a few of the battles supported by a Star Wars: Legion Ground Assault Kit, you'll no longer be a raw recruit. You'll be a battle-tested veteran. You might even be a decorated war hero.

Like the Recruitment Kit, each Ground Assault Kit comes with an array of prizes to be distributed with each new operation, and these are awarded when you first participate in the league, after you've completed three of your league games, and at random—although you can increase your chances by achieving more of the operation's various objectives.

For example, the 2018 Season Two Ground Assault Kit supports your first operation with seventeen extended art copies of the Ambush command card in Aurebesh, as well as thirteen copies of a custom Aim token.

  • One copy of each of these prizes is the tournament organizer's to keep or to hand out at his or her discretion.
  • You'll get one copy of the extended art, Aurebesh Ambush command card after you play your first league game.
  • You'll get one of the acrylic Aim tokens after you finish your third league game.
  • Eight of the extended art Ambush cards are patronage cards for your local game store to hand out to people who purchase Star Wars: Legion products.
  • The Aim tokens that weren't distributed to players based on participation are distributed in a semi-random fashion. Players check the boxes on the league's Achievements tracker by participating and scoring specific goals. Checked boxes are selected at random for additional tokens, so the more you play, and the more you focus on your achievements, the better your chances of claiming multiple tokens.

Each month's operation is accompanied by a new assortment of cards and tokens. Over the course of your second operation, you'll have a chance to earn a custom Dodge token and an extended art, Aurebesh version of the Push command card. The third operation affords you a chance at one or more Suppression tokens, and an extended art, Aurebesh version of the Assault command card.

In the end, Star Wars: Legion Ground Assault Kits don't just provide you new ways to enjoy your Star Wars infantry battles—they also reward you for your successes. You can collect decorative cards and tokens to demonstrate your rank and prestige and, perhaps, even use them to inspire your troops!

Celebrate the Hobby

As much as it is a game of thrilling infantry battles—one that pulses with laser fire and hums with the sound of ignited lightsabers—Star Wars: Legion is also a game that begs you to explore all the creative possibilities of hobby miniatures.

Star Wars: Legion rewards you for all the time you invest in everything from painting your miniatures to carefully sculpting and designing the terrain on which you wage your battles. When you do, the game doesn't just represent the Star Wars galaxy and its infantry battles in some abstract fashion, it brings them to life in an explosion of color, detailed sculpts, and action!

Accordingly, each Ground Assault Kit celebrates the hobby aspect of Star Wars: Legion with materials to support three painting contests, each of which focuses on a different type of unit. In the 2018 Season Two Ground Assault Kit, you'll find prize certificates to be awarded for the best painted Support unit, Heavy unit, and complete Army.

The 2018 Season Two Ground Assault Kit comes with materials to support three months of in-store play.

More Battlefields. More Battles.

The Star Wars galaxy numbers countless planets, and with Star Wars: Legion, you can imagine the battles of the Galactic Civil War playing out on pretty much any of them. The Core Set gets you started. Unit Expansions add extra dimensions and possibilities. And the support of Star Wars: Legion Organized Play ensures you'll find plenty of new opponents waiting to face you and your forces on these countless battlefields.

More battlefields. More battles. That's the mission of Star Wars: Legion Organized Play, and it takes shape in your community with the forthcoming Ground Assault Kits. Talk to your favorite local game store about participating today!

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The First Scroll

Published 11 April 2018 | Legend of the Five Rings Fiction

The First Scroll

A Free Anthology of Legend of the Five Rings Fiction Is Available Now

"If Rokugan was the Emerald Empire, then the emerald was flawed—small cracks threatening to lengthen, to widen, to cause the whole of it to crumble to fragments and dust."
   –D.G. Laderoute, Her Father’s Daughter

Legend of the Five Rings has engrossed players, not only with its deep, intricate gameplay, but its sprawling, player-influenced story. With the Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game Core Set and the Imperial Cycle already released, the sprawling samurai epic has already taken a variety of twists and turns in the forms of web and official product fiction.

Now Fantasy Flight Games invites you to the world of Rokugan with “The First Scroll,” an anthology of Legend of the Five Rings fiction available here (7 MB) or online through

The First Scroll

The First Scroll is a free e-book that collects the first set of fiction for Legend of the Five Rings that includes:

These fictions introduce readers to the Great Clans of Rokugan and their Champions. Each Great Clan has their own political makeup and problems, and these stories immerse you in these issues while introducing you to the major players, making The First Scroll the ideal starting place for Legend of the Five Rings fiction.

The anthology also includes Smokeless Fire and A Most Suitable Teacher, a story choice determined by the Hatamotos crowned at Gen Con 2017. Furthermore, you can get a taste of the Imperial Cycle with In the Garden of Lies and To The South, two stories that help to illustrate the motivations of the clans battling for the Emerald Empire.

This free e-book provides a convenient and fast way to engross yourself in the world of Legend of the Five Rings. Not only does the anthology provide twelve introductory fictions, but also includes a full map of Rokugan, grounding you in the events that are transpiring.

A New Legend

To download The First Scroll, click here! And be sure to check back to the Fantasy Flight Games website for additional Legend of the Five Rings fiction!

Gain ancient wisdom and download The First Scroll e-book, available for download from our website or now!

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The Mountain Does Not Fall

Published 10 April 2018 | Legend of the Five Rings LCG

The Mountain Does Not Fall

Examine the Crab Clan with Guest Writer Joe Habes

"What need have I of glory to defend this Wall?"
   –Hida Kisada

Of the Great Clans of Rokugan, few know the cost of battle like the Crab. Manning the massive Kaiu Wall, the Crab defend the Empire from encroaching darkness. Ever-vigilant, the Crab are the most defensive clan in Rokugan, forming an impenetrable shield that defends the Emerald Empire from the horrors beyond. Join us today as guest writer Joe Habes examines the most steadfast of the Great Clans and their role in Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game.

Stand Against Darkness

Joe Habes: The Crab Clan: for nearly a thousand years, we have stood against the darkness. From a horde of goblins to monstrosities most mortals cannot comprehend, the samurai of the Crab Clan have stood, fought, and died for the Empire. We do not fight this evil to say that we can, as false bravado is reserved for the Crane, nor do we fight for the glory of battle that the Lion crave so ceaselessly. No, the Crab fight because it is our duty! We fight because we must! We fight because the other clans cannot face such horrors and survive. To be a Crab means that one must endure neverending hardships, fighting against impossible odds so that the rest of the Empire can sleep safely in their beds at night. Indeed, to become a Crab, one must know when to win and when not to lose. This is the essence of the Crab.

As such, the Crab have no interest in the court. Instead, we focus our efforts towards defending the Empire. The magistrates and courtiers in the capital seldom appreciate the work we do in the Empire. They’d rather spend their days bickering amongst themselves about petty squabbles. We are seen as brutes by the other clans, but they are merely blind to the reality of our lives.


The first thing Crabs learn is the resilience that it takes to hold the greatest structure in Rokugani history against the Shadowlands. With cards such as Reprieve  (Core Set, 132), Vanguard Warrior  (Core Set, 30), and Iron Mine  (Meditations on the Ephemeral, 103), the members of the Crab Clan last much longer in battle than those of any other clan. In fact, many other warriors (especially the ones in the northern mountains) do their best to imitate us in this regard. Due to this capability, it is possible for the Crab to maintain a powerful army while accumulating excess fate which can be used for other high-impact abilities that may not be possible for other clans. While our opponent’s army inevitably dissolves over time, we stand ever stronger.

The next lesson learned is that of sacrifice. Every day on the Wall is a struggle. We face unnaturally powerful demons and maintaining morale is crucial to our success. For that reason, companionship with our fellow Crabs is of the utmost importance. Even the greatest warriors cannot fight forever. When our time comes to leave this world, the Crab have ways of benefiting from each soldier’s exit. With cards such as Stoic Gunso  (Core Set, 131), Steadfast Witch Hunter  (Core Set, 35), Way of the Crab  (Core Set, 137) and Funeral Pyre  (Core Set, 39), bowed Crab Clan characters with no fate and no other ways of staying in the battle can be sacrificed for the betterment of the clan. Whether by strengthening his brethren (Stoic Gunso), inspiring them to gain a second wind (Steadfast Witch Hunter), taking an enemy soldier with them (Way of the Crab) or merely providing additional resources towards the cause (Funeral Pyre), every Crab warrior can help their clan one last time before leaving the battlefield.

Defend the Wall

When most Rokugani think of art, they picture origami, paintings, and elegantly woven tapestries. But to the Crab, there is only beauty in that which serves a purpose, such as an Iron Mine, from which valuable resources can be retrieved; a Funeral Pyre, on which dead and tainted corpses may be cleansed; a Trading District  (Tears of Amaterasu, 4), in which goods can be purchased to assist in protecting the Empire. To that end, the Crab view holdings as the only true form of artwork.

The Crab not only have several characters that benefit from the presence of holdings, but they also have several holdings that are so valuable, the Crab wish to rebuild them if they are ever destroyed by their enemies. With the event Rebuild  (Core Set, 136), the Crab clan can return a holding from their discard pile back to an unbroken province. This can even be used to unexpectedly activate their characters. Kaiu Shuichi  (Core Set, 36) can provide additional fate, the Shrewd Yasuki  (Core Set, 29) draws additional cards, and the Hida Guardian  (Core Set, 26) can strengthen her fellow soldiers. In addition, it also allows for on demand and repeated use of the various holdings that the Crab have available to them. Iron Mine can be reused in this way, further increasing the resilience of the Crab. Other targets include Karada District for precious attachment control, Favorable Ground  (Core Set, 128) for mobility in combat, and Funeral Pyre or Imperial Storehouses  (Core Set, 129) for additional cards when they are needed most.


In addition, the Crab Clan are unusually skilled in their ability to bend without breaking. We may not win every conflict in which we enter, but our efficiency in defending our lands forces our enemies to spend far more resources than they may expect. Whether that is their soldiers (characters), equipment (attachments), or tricks and favors (events), our enemies need to expend more to take our lands than against other opposition. With cards such as Defend the Wall  (Core Set, 8), Shiro Nishiyama  (Core Set, 1), The Mountain Does Not Fall  (Core Set, 138), and Borderlands Defender  (Core Set, 31), the Crab Clan encourages its vanguards to take on attackers and repel them while sacrificing less position or resources than their foes.

Due to these attributes, the Crab Clan are very unforgiving to their adversaries. The efficiency with which the Crab defends their lands forces attackers to spend several cards from their hand in order to break our provinces. With  Watch Commander  (Core Set, 133), every card our opponent dares to use against us comes at the cost of their own honor. On top of that, if our opponent decides to bid higher than us during the draw phase (a very dishonorable proposition), they potentially lose honor from drawing new cards as well as playing them into our Watch Commanders. As it is very shameful to attack the ones defending the Empire, our opponent may lose the Emperor’s favor before they even reach our stronghold. After all, those who are seen as dishonorable in the eyes of the Empire are not fit to fight upon its battlefields or in its courts.

Finally, the Crab have the highest honor of all! They fight alongside the Great Bear himself, Hida Kisada  (Core Set, 37). Although he may not say much, his actions speak louder than any words possibly could. He is so intimidating that his mere existence strikes fear into even the greatest combatants. The first action taken against the Crab Clan in each conflict is cancelled while Hida Kisada is in play, unless the Crab Clan has already lost a conflict that round. This not only enhances the Crab Clan’s efficiency in battle (forcing their opponent to waste precious resources just to satisfy Kisada’s condition), but it can also catch foolhardy opponents wasting impactful abilities if they ever lose sight of Kisada’s presence on the field.

No Need for Glory

Make no mistake; there is very little glory to be gained here. In fact, most of our warriors have zero interest in glory. To fight for the Crab Clan is to dismiss the fineries of what many citizens of the Empire believe to be the typical Rokugani lifestyle. However, in doing so, we rest easy knowing that, despite their feelings, we still protect their lives from the true threat every single day.

Joe Habes (AKA Joe From Cincinnati) started playing Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game when it launched at Gen Con 50 in August 2017, where he became one of the first Crab Hatamotos during the Kiku Matsuri. He was also a player from the original Legend of the Five Rings game since Samurai Edition. He writes articles about the game for his website, Wardens of the Midwest, and posts games he has played on his YouTube Channel. Joe also writes and posts on various websites, including Facebook, CardGameDB, FFG’s community forums and the Discord Group  built around this game. John Merholtz, a fellow Crab Hatamoto from Gen Con 50, played a key role in the editing and refinement of this article. John is a frequent contributor to The Jade Throne podcast and has been a Legend of the Five Rings player since Imperial Edition.

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Orders From High Command

Published 9 April 2018 | Star Wars: The Card Game

Orders From High Command

A New Star Wars™: The Card Game FAQ is Now Available

The latest version of the Star Wars™: The Card Game  FAQ is now online! This update contains the usual clarifications, updates, new questions, and other minor changes that come with refining the rules. In addition, today’s update includes a couple rules changes and an update to the restricted list that tournament players should be sure to read about. Learn why these changes were made directly from the developer in the paragraphs below, and then download the new FAQ to see all the changes for yourself!

Click on the image above to see the new FAQ.
This update goes into effect 4/23/2018.

FAQ Update

This update to Star Wars: The Card Game is intended to set the stage for the upcoming World Championship in May. The goal of this update is to ensure that the rules are coordinated with the most recent product releases and the metagame remains as enjoyable as possible!

To that end, we have cleaned up a pair of rules and added a few groups to the restricted list.

Rules Changes

The first rules change clarifies the wording surrounding damage, so that card text works as intended. The word “dealt” in regards to damage now operates with its expected English meaning, rather than having the specific meaning of “damage that has already made it onto the card.” This reversal does not change any card interactions except for that of Confronting the Terror (Assault on Echo Base, 255), which will now redirect all damage from a single source back to that source’s controller.

The second rules change is a reversal of a previous ruling regarding blank enhancements. If an enhancement’s text box is made blank, it is no longer discarded. An enhancement will only be discarded if its attachment conditions are contradicted, not if they cease to exist. This clears up the inconsistency between enhancements that attach to other cards and enhancements that attach to the play area.

Restricted List Updates

The light side Restricted Group 5 has been updated. This was originally created to break up two of the most powerful light side Jedi objective sets: May the Force Be With You (Join Us or Die, 567) and Spark of Rebellion (Galactic Ambitions, 1114). A third card is being added to this group, so that it cannot be played with either objective set: the Guardians of Justice affiliation card (Allies of Necessity, 2063). The consistency of May the Force Be With You, the explosive potential of Spark of Rebellion, and the edge advantage of Guardians of Justice have proven to be too dominant in the tournament metagame. Aspiring Jedi players will have to choose which of the three powerful effects they wish to leverage in their battles against the Empire.

A new restricted group is being added to the light side as Restricted Group 6. This group contains Fleeing the Empire (Core Set, 56) and Sacrifice at Endor (Between the Shadows, 652). Funeral Pyre (Between the Shadows, 654) is a powerful card, but it is limited by a requirement of focusing to trigger its ability, while Leia Organa's  (Core Set, 88) powerful refreshing ability is mitigated by the inconsistency of when it can be triggered. Funeral Pyre mitigates Leia’s inconsistency and Leia mitigates Funeral Pyre’s once-per-turn-cycle limitation. In addition to allowing players to completely dictate which Characters get to participate in a turn, it has enabled an effective late-game infinite combo alongside Rescue Mission (Core Set, 117) that removed interaction from the game.

The last restricted group added to the light side is Restricted Group 7. This one breaks up another powerful Jedi combination: Matter Under Mind (The Forest Moon, 959) and Running the Canyon (Technological Terror, 2040). These two sets have been paired to great effect, as Brainiac (The Forest Moon, 960) is able to alter the text of Luke’s T-16 Skyhopper (Technological Terror, 2041) to make it deal two objective damage with the first light side event played each turn. When combined with Memories of Home (Technological Terror, 2043) in the Skyhopper’s objective set, the three cards have allowed light side players to deal four damage to dark side objectives each turn cycle without ever attacking, so long as they can hold the Force. While some amount of direct pressure is valuable for a game, this combination is too effective at allowing the light side player to win without participating in the most interactive part of the game: engagements.

One restricted pod has also been added to the dark side in the wake of the release of the final pack. Dark Side Restricted Group 5 contains I Don’t Like You, Either (A Wretched Hive, 1167) and Double-Crossing Droid (Promise of Power, 2205), breaking up the same two cards that were restricted in Restricted Group 3. Using I Don’t Like You Either to copy an event, Chain Reaction (Promise of Power, 632) to copy the objective’s ability, and the objective to copy Chain Reaction again, a Scum player can conceivably resolve a single event four times (or an opponent’s event three times). As this interaction only costs one card, one resource, and four objective damage, it has proven too efficient and remains on the restricted list.

This update will help keep the game diverse for everyone attending the World Championships next month and will hopefully carry into the final tournament season in the summer and fall.

May the Force be with you!

Download the new Star Wars: The Card Game FAQ now to read the entire update before it goes into effect on April 23rd. Players attending an event before April 23rd can still find the previous FAQ on the Star Wars: The Card Game page.

As always, game rules, tournament regulations, and other support materials for Star Wars: The Card Game can be found on our Star Wars: The Card Game page.

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