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January 17, 2018: Forum Area For The Fantasy Trip

If you've been following our Fantasy Trip discussions, you'll be glad to hear that the threads have been collected into their own forum area. That's already making it easier to follow the discussions of what should change and what should never, ever, how-can-you-even-think-of it (not) change.

We have also built a web page that will be posted as soon as the domain resolves properly. However, there's probably nothing on the page (yet) that you don't know if you have been following discussions so far.

Thanks for your interest!

Steve Jackson

Warehouse 23 News: Everyone Has A Game Inside Them

Almost everyone who's ever played a game has had an idea for how to make it better - to tweak it, improve it, or even build something new from its miniatures, cards, cubes, and concepts. The White Box from Atlas Games gives you everything you need to get that idea to the table. Order now on Warehouse 23!

January 16, 2018: PAX South 2018 Convention Report!

Incredible. It's the one word that keeps coming to mind when thinking about this past weekend at PAX South in San Antonio. This was our first convention with actual, real-life Munchkin Collectible Card Game product, and it was simply . . . well, incredible. 


The booth was hopping from morning until night with people trying to get a seat for a demo, and everyone was having a blast with the game! Not only that, but some lucky players walked away with some early promos from our organized-play kits, which will be available to local game stores when the game releases! And did I mention our how-to-play events? Not only did all four events sell out, but we had overflow players who we taught between events, and even passersby trying to get in on the action. Ariel and I tried our best to keep up, and we appreciate everyone who attended the scheduled events; it was a blast teaching you all! But all of this was the preamble to the main event: the very first organized Munchkin CCG tournament! Attendees picked their deck, and played four rounds of bluffing, squishing, spilling action! All six classes were represented, and in the end, it came down to Dwarf Cleric versus Elf Thief. I won't spoil the ending; we recorded it at the event and will be posting it online soon with commentary. The winners and top eight performers took home some of the first booster packs off the production line, plus they kept their starter decks! To say we're excited that fans are finally able to take cards home with them is an understatement. 

[Image] [Image]

If you missed out on the event and want to check the game out, make sure to look for prerelease events in your area coming at the end of the month. And remember, preorder at your local game store or on Warehouse 23! It's coming out in February, but based on the response, you may want to preorder to make sure you get the starter sets and packs you want. 

PAX South wasn't just Munchkin CCG, though; we also showed off Munchkin Magical Mess, the upcoming sequel to Moop's Monster Mashup. Full of monstrous mashups and jokes that were just too groan-inducing for anyone but Moop, Magical Mess will be out at the end of the month (you can also preorder now). Our tournament ended in a very munchkin-y way, which is, of course, the best way. Speaking of tournaments, thanks to all of the attendees of our other events, like the Super Kitty Bug SlapOgre Sixth Edition, Zombie Dice, and Batman: The Animated Series Dice Game events, as well as PAX for running the massive Munchcathlon. This was the biggest PAX South yet, and we wouldn't be able to do it without the assistance of the awesome Enforcer staff, and the enthusiastic gamers who come to the events, so thank you all!

[Image] [Image][Image]

We've got a lot of shows coming up, including our Munchkin CCG prereleases (where I'll be in the Baltimore/Washington, D.C. area), so keep an eye out for SJ Games around the U.S., and come play some games with us!

Hunter Shelburne

Warehouse 23 News: Cue The Laughter

Clowns bring joy and laughter to people everywhere with their happy antics. For many circus-goers, the clowns are the best part of the show. Not the clowns in Munchkin Clowns, though. Wear your Big Red Shoes and Big Red Nose for big bonuses! Fight Poundfoolish with Pound Cake. If you fail, that's it . . . you're dead! Preorder today at Warehouse 23!

January 15, 2018: Munchkin Musings: January 2018

Munchkin Musings Welcome back, Munchkin fans! Hope everyone had a good break for the holidays and a fun, safe New Year celebration.

January is going to be a busy month here at Munchkin HQ. The biggest thing we're working on is the run-up to the Munchkin Collectible Card Game release in February (!!!). We're sending our team all over the country (countries, actually, as Rhea's heading to Toronto) to demo the game and talk to retailers about what to expect. We'll also be showing it off at PAX South in San Antonio, so come down to Texas for the margaritas and kolaches but stay for the monsters and loot! (Or vice versa . . . but, really, don't skip the kolaches.) Make sure to tell your Friendly Local Game Store that you want the game, and preorder it now if you want to be extra sure of getting a copy in the first wave; we already have two reprints in the works because of the demand!

Speaking of the CCG, we'll be working hard on the second expansion, Fashion Furious, as well as starting to playtest the third expansion, which we aren't yet ready to name publicly. We're even starting the framework for our second season of the Collectible Card Game, which will be coming in 2019.

In addition to that, I've been reviewing USAopoly's first Munchkin title for 2018, and it's a good one. I'm very excited to see the reactions when this one gets announced. It'll be one of several big announcements this year, so stay tuned!

Of course, we have our own Munchkin projects this year, starting with Munchkin Magical Mess this month. Come find out what Moop has been up to! (Spoiler alert: he's still mashing up monsters and Treasures to make awful, terrible jokes. Or maybe that was me.)

That's it for now; I have to dash back to the desk and get cracking on several things intended for later this year or even next year. Keep your eyes open for a bunch of great Munchkin news coming in the next several months!

Andrew Hackard

Warehouse 23 News: A Magical Mess!

Moop is back with more magical messed-up mayhem in his menagerie! Murder more monsters for much merriment! Munchkin Magical Mess is a complete game but is also fully compatible with Moop's Monster Mashup and all the other Munchkin games. Preorder now on Warehouse 23!

January 14, 2018: Preparing For New York Toy Fair

It's almost that time of year again, when I head out to NYC to freeze . . . and for the annual New York Toy Fair! This is the first big trade show of the year, the first show in 2018 where we take our new games into the wild to share with retailers, distributors, and press. This year, our focus is on the upcoming Munchkin Collectible Card Game - which you can preorder today at your favorite local game store or Warehouse 23 - and as part of the festivities, we're running a how-to-play event at the Compleat Strategist on Friday, February 16, at 5 pm. Stop by the store for a close look at the game and to try out one of the six different starter decks!

In addition to the Munchkin Collectible Card Game, we also expect to show a new Munchkin title or two and the new edition of Illuminati. Many of you participated in last year's open Illuminati playtest, and we can now report that the game is progressing nicely and that we're close to seeing the last of the new artwork. We'll show off the new edition in New York next month, and we will update the Illuminati webpage at that time with the new cover and release information.

Phil Reed

Warehouse 23 News: Pinny Arcade Pins

Were you unable to attend PAX South? You're in luck! Normally, you have to attend a PAX event to get these but we hoarded some for Warehouse 23! Eat brains with the Zombie Dice Pinny Arcade Pin! Or get your very own Munchkin Head Pinny Arcade Pin! These won't last long, so get yours today at Warehouse 23!

January 13, 2018: Munchkin Collectible Card Game Unboxing With The GameBoard!

The GameBoard, one of the retailers participating in the Munchkin Collectible Card Game prerelease events later this month (find the complete list of participating stores here), recently received early samples of the new game and shared an unboxing on the store's Facebook page. Thank you, Lynn and Amy, for your support, for welcoming us into your store later this month, and for taking the time to show the world what the finished game looks like!


If you want to see more of what's inside the game, please don't forget to like the Munchkin Collectible Card Game page on Facebook, where Hunter continues to crack packs and provide a commentary on each and every card he pulls.

Phil Reed

Warehouse 23 News: Oh, The (Strange) Places You'll Go

Go off the beaten path with GURPS Classic: Places of Mystery. Discover the Pyramids, the Stone Circles of Europe, and dozens of other unusual locales. Plan your visit today, with a download from Warehouse 23!

January 12, 2018: Preorders Open For The Munchkin Collectible Card Game!

Munchkin CCG The Munchkin Collectible Card Game is releasing in February, and you can reserve your own starter sets and boosters right now at your local game store or on Warehouse 23!

A starter set is the perfect introduction to the game for new players, and has enough in the box for two to play right off the bat. You get two 40-card decks, plus all the tokens you'll need, and a bonus booster pack to let you and a friend expand your game! If you have never played a collectible card game before, or the idea of collectibility makes you wary, you can play a full, fun game out of the starter, no extra boosters needed. In fact, we did just that on #SJGamesLive - take a look!

For players looking to collect more cards to customize their decks, the booster packs are what you want. These packs include 12 random cards, including various rarities, and even cool alternate-art cards! Find the perfect card for your class . . . or maybe you'll come across one of John Kovalic's alternate-art Hero cards! We are opening packs weekly on #SJGamesLive, and have pulled some amazingly cool cards, like an alternate-art Dwarf Cleric, and a lot of full-art cards. Check out our streams on the Munchkin CCG Facebook page!

If you want to try before you buy, make sure to check us out at booth 104 at PAX South, or find a prerelease event at a game store near you. You can also preorder at your store using the preorder form; just let them know what you want and give them the form with your information. If you don't have a store near you, Warehouse 23 preorders are also open now, but quantities are limited. 

You can always read more about the game, including interviews, individual cards, and rules articles, at Preorder soon to get this awesome loot in February! 

Hunter Shelburne

Warehouse 23 News: You Say The Treasure's Defended? Rats!

Have you played the adventure included with the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game and want to see what happens next? Then prepare your weapons and venture onward, with Dungeon Fantasy: Against the Rat-Men. It features more threats, traps, treasures, and (spoiler?) rat-men! Download it today, with a trip to Warehouse 23!

January 11, 2018: Come See Us At PAX South This Weekend!

Come Hang Out With Us Help us start 2018 off right at PAX South, happening January 12-14! We're going to be at booth 104, demoing our new releases and our upcoming games, as well as handing out free swag.

Swing by to play some hot winter releases like Munchkin Shakespeare Deluxe and Super Kitty Bug Slap, and pick up your own copy to take home. We'll also have Munchkin Magical Mess to demo! The adventures of Moop continue in this monster mix-up beyond compare. Look for this hilarious new game later in January!

And while you're there, you should definitely check out the Munchkin Collectible Card Game, coming in February. We've featured the game extensively on our new site, and we'll also have learn-to-play events and a tournament at the convention. Find out more at the show, but make sure you sign up at Tabletop HQ early on the day of the event; the spots will fill up fast! Even if you miss out on an event, you can always demo the game at our booth. If you make time for one game at the convention, make sure you get a demo of this one! 

Of course we'll have some free loot at the booth, like Munchkin promos and bookmarks. Play a game and get a card just for hanging out!

We're kicking off our convention schedule strong with PAX South! See you this weekend at booth 104!

Hunter Shelburne

Warehouse 23 News: Paws And You Lose!

Grab the coolest cats you can find for some bug-slappin' action in this speedy card game of quick thinking and swift paws! Super Kitty Bug Slap is a fast-paced game for 3 to 5 players, where slapping the right cards will put you in the lead, but slapping the wrong cards will send you home with your tail between your legs! Grab yours today at Warehouse 23!

January 10, 2018: Triplanetary Shoots For The Stars On Kickstarter!

Triplanetary The wait is over – Triplanetary is now on Kickstarter! It's been more than 25 years since we announced the return of your favorite game of interplanetary warfare, so we are delighted to finally make this a reality.

This classic game of space combat was designed by Marc "Traveller" Miller and originally released in 1973. A second edition was released in 1981, but it's been out of print since then. Now, you can get this game through Kickstarter, with a larger map and 5/8" counters! For those who like more detailed space warfare, this version includes an alternative combat system . . . but the original rules play just as well as they did in 1973, so we kept them as the default.

Triplanetary backers can support at the Triplanetarian level to get one copy for $45 (with free shipping), or they can be a Humanitarian and back for $80 to receive two copies (again, free shipping). Give one to a friend! And yes, we also have a support option for brick-and-mortar retailers.

We expect to get Triplanetary to its backers by August 2018, and will hold preview sessions at Origins 2018. This Kickstarter campaign will close on February 9; time flies, so take a look at the Kickstarter and back this classic game's revival! 

Tyeera Garza

Warehouse 23 News: Collectible Munchkin!

The Munchkin Collectible Card Game is almost here! Play as a Centaur Warrior or Halfling Ranger in the Ranger & Warrior Starter Set. Or maybe you want to rock out as the Orc Bard from the Wizard & Bard Starter Set! Is cheating your style? Then the Elf Thief from the Cleric & Thief Starter Set is just for you. Get even more cards for your collection with the Munchkin Collectible Card Game Booster packs! Preorder all this now on Warehouse 23!

January 9, 2018: Preorders Closing For Munchkin Starfinder

Munchkin Starfinder preorder Munchkin Starfinder preorders close on Friday, January 12, and with them, your last chance to reserve the game until it comes out later this year. Preordering ensures your copy will be shipped when we ship Kickstarter backer rewards, in summer 2018, well before it releases to the general public!

The I Want It All Box is stacked with Munchkin Starfinder goodies, including the core game, Munchkin Starfinder 2, the Star Field board, a Starfinder Kill-O-Meter, metal Credsticks, a dice pack, The Swarm mini-expansion, the Hero Pack mini-expansion, and the Space Goblins mini-expansion, which is exclusive to this box. Not to mention the extra bookmark and certificate . . . it's a veritable treasure chest of space loot!

In addition, you can add more copies of the game or add-on to your order; it's a perfect gift. Or you may just want to hoard Credsticks, which is understandable; they are hefty littly chunks of metal that can double as props for your Starfinder RPG game! If you want a peek inside, make sure you like our Facebook page, and you may get an up-close view of all the goodies packed in the box. 

Again, preorders close on Friday, so make sure to preorder soon. Look for Munchkin Starfinder to start hitting backer and preorder mailboxes in May 2018! 

Hunter Shelburne

Warehouse 23 News: Stay Class-y With Illuminati University

Class is in session, with GURPS Classic: IOU. Going to school has never been this weird! Get ready for collegiate memories that will last the rest of your life, thanks to this download from Warehouse 23.

January 8, 2018: Come to a Munchkin Collectible Card Game Prerelease Event!

[Image] The Munchkin Collectible Card Game hits stores in late February but we know some of you don't want to wait that long! So we've worked with select stores around North America to plan Munchkin Collectible Card Game Prerelease Events for late January! 

In the Munchkin Collectible Card Game, players go head-to-head as fantasy-style heroes using cards chock full of Munchkin-style jokes, in a game designed by award-winning creators Eric M. Lang and Kevin Wilson. If that sounds good to you, check the list of stores below to see if we'll be holding a prerelease at one near you! 

Each event will be limited to 12 participants. Steve Jackson Games will send a staff person to each one, to teach participants how to play the game. Every player will go home with one of the six starter decks, plus promos. 

Don't see your favorite game store here? You won't have to wait too long to play, but you will have to wait a little while. Until the first weekend in March, to be exact. That's when a lot more stores will host Munchkin Collectible Card Game Release Events!  

Either way, follow the Munchkin Collectible Card Game page on Facebook for the latest news. 

Now, on to the prerelease list!

Pair-a-Dice Games
Friday, January 26 - 6 p.m.
Event page
2020 Hacienda Dr.
Vista, California 92081

Crazy Squirrel Games
Saturday, January 27 - 1 p.m.
464 E. Bullard Ave. #105
Fresno, California 93710

Games of Berkeley
Sunday, January 28 - 1 p.m. 
Sign up online
2510 Durant Ave.
Berkeley, California 94704

Face to Face Games
Saturday, January 27 - 12 p.m. 
Sign up online
2077a Danforth Ave.
Toronto, Ontario M4C 1J8

X Planet Games 
Friday, January 26 - 6:30 p.m.
5170 Dixie Rd, Unit 102 
Mississauga, ON L4W 1ES 

Cool Stuff Games 
Saturday, January 27 - 1 p.m. 
Sign up online
8550 S. US Hwy. 17-92
Maitland, Florida 32751

Sci-Fi City
Saturday, January 27 - 6 p.m. 
Event page
6136 E Colonial Dr.
Orlando, Florida 32807

Pro-Play Games
Sunday, January 28 - 3 p.m. 
Event page
1405 SW 107th Ave. #202c
Miami, Florida 33174

Games and Stuff
Saturday, January 27 - 1 p.m.
7385 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd.
Glen Burie, Maryland 21061

Millennium Games 
Sunday, January 28 - 3 p.m. 
3047 W. Henrietta Rd.
Rochester, New York 14623

Board and Brew 
Friday, January 26 - 6 p.m.
8150 Baltimore Ave.
College Park, Maryland 20740

Compleat Strategist Falls Church 
Sunday, January 28 - 1 p.m. 
103 East Broad Street
Falls Church, Virginia 22046

Rainy Day Games
Friday, January 26 - 6 p.m. 
Events calendar with sign-up details
18105 SW Tualatin Valley Hwy.
Aloha, Oregon 97003

Guardian Games
Sunday, January 28 - 4 p.m.
Event page
345 SE Taylor St.
Portland, Oregon 97214

Mox Boarding House
Saturday, January 27 - 5 p.m. 
13310 Bel-Red Rd.
Bellevue, Washington 98005

Common Ground Games
Saturday, January 27 - 1 p.m.
Event page
1328 Inwood Rd.
Dallas, Texas 75247 

Dragon's Lair
Thursday, January 25 - 6:30 p.m.
7959 Fredericksburg Rd. #129
San Antonio, Texas 78229

Bedrock City 
Sunday, January 28 - 12 p.m. and 3 p.m. 
6516 Westheimer Rd.
Houston, Texas 77057

Dragon's Lair
Saturday, January 27 - 12 p.m. 
2438 W. Anderson Ln. B1
Austin, Texas 78757

Pegasus Games
Sunday, January 28 - 1 p.m.
Event page
6640 Odana Rd.
Madison, Wisconsin 53719

Board Game Barrister
Friday, January 26 - 6 p.m. 
2500 North Mayfair Rd.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53226

The Game Board
Thursday, January 25 - 5:30 p.m. 
1832 N. 8th St.
Sheboygan, Wisconsin 53081

Gnome Games
Saturday, January 27 - 6 p.m. 
2160 Ridge Road
Green Bay, Wisconsin 54304

Gnome Games
Saturday, January 27 - 2 p.m. 
W3192 CTY Hwy. KK
Appleton, Wisconsin 54015

--Ariel Barkhurst

Warehouse 23 News: Rare Cards And Bonus Loot!

When we play Munchkin, we like to mix it up by adding rare cards to our hand. With Munchkin Hidden Treasures, you get to do that, too! These are 78 hard-to-find cards to include in your Munchkin game, plus two bonus blister packs: Munchkin Knights, illustrated by Ian McGinty, and Munchkin Marked for Death, illustrated by John Kovalic. Get your copy today at Warehouse 23!

January 7, 2018: Illuminated Site of the Week: . . . Though Most Of It Is Right Here On Earth

Illuminated Site of the Week: Mysterious Universe details all sorts of high weirdness from around the world (hmm . . . there might be something to that). Veterans of foreign wars bring home stories of things seen out of the corner of one's eye on the battlefield. Croatia may have invented the practical joke as early as the fourth century. Only marijuana, even without benefit of inhalation, could freak out the West Coast and turn into a UFO sighting. All this plus a podcast by the same name is waiting within clicking distance to, er – illuminate? – you.

– Andy

Warehouse 23 News: Become The Most Notorious Merchant!

At last! The award-winning game of competing pirate-merchants is now available in the U.S. Port Royal encourages you to push your luck to amass the most wealth – but if you push it too far, you get nothing. Hire specialized crew to help trade with – or fend off – ships in the busy harbor. Pick up your copy today at Warehouse 23!

January 6, 2018: Unboxing A Classic: Triplanetary

Triplanetary Unboxing We are so excited about the return of the inimitable space game, Marc Miller's Triplanetary! On Kickstarter January 15, we'll deliver on Steve Jackson's promise to release a new edition of this long-awaited classic, and to prepare, we have video for you . . .

Triplanetary, first released in 1973, depicts ship-to-ship space combat using a vector movement system. You can race across the solar system, patrol to stop the pirate menace, defend humanity from alien invaders, and more! Steve has been a fan of this game since college and maintains that Triplanetary is one of the best space games ever created. We agree!

Steve has a perfectly preserved Triplanetary copy in his office that we've been itching to take a look at. Well, we finally stopped resisting and unboxed it on #SJGamesLive. Those of you who have a well-loved copy of the game can revel in Triplanetary in all its glory, while new fans have the opportunity to see a small slice of history from the dawn of the hobby.

Check out our Facebook page, and journey through the past, and the stars, with Steve Jackson!

Tyeera Garza

Warehouse 23 News: Visit Scenic Mars!

Don't go far for your next vacation; the ideal spot might be right next door! Cosmically speaking, that is . . . With GURPS Classic: Mars, you'll get five views of the red planet, ranging from totally plausible hard science to bug-eyed monsters. Book passage to the future, thanks to this download from Warehouse 23!