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February 20, 2017: Munchkin Apocalypse: Judge Dredd Is Looking For Justice!

Munchkin Apocalypse: Judge Dredd Mega-City One is a dark place. It needs the law – law like the street judges, who take on the responsibilities of judge, jury, and executioner. But in the world of Munchkin, why would you want law and order when chaos and destruction are an option? Munchkins are the ultimate enemy of law and order!

Munchkin Apocalypse: Judge Dredd is the highly anticipated booster pack for Apocalypse, adding 15 cards from the world of the hit comic series. Collect iconic Judge Dredd loot, like the Judge's Badge, to help you fight, but stay off the streets when Judge Death is patrolling. (As a Dark Judge; he's a bit more concerned with the executioner part of the job.) You also get a new Seal card to add to the end of the world! If you haven't played Munchkin Apocalypse, Seals are a unique element, and a perfect reason to pick it up. They change the game, and can even end the game early, making the person who collected the best loot the winner! 

This booster works with Munchkin Apocalypse and Munchkin Apocalypse 2: Sheep Impact, including the recently released Guest Artist Edition of both. You can pick up Munchkin Apocalypse: Judge Dredd later this month at your friendly law-abiding game store

Hunter Shelburne

Warehouse 23 News: For The First Time, Munchkin Oz Is On Warehouse 23!

Want to journey through the land of Oz, Dorothy and Toto by your side? You can! In Munchkin Oz, many of the classic Oz characters from L. Frank Baum's novels are Ally cards who will help you reach Level 10! The game's enemies and treasures are all Oz-themed, too, so get ready to fight some Winged Monkeys and ride in a Hot Air Balloon. And now, for the first time, you can get Munchkin Oz on Warehouse 23. Pre-order your copy today! 

February 19, 2017: Munchkin, Zombie Dice, And Toys In NYC

New York Toy Fair As we reported yesterday, New York Toy Fair is happening right now, and our team is in place and sitting in on more meetings than we should try to attempt at a single show. Now, we're not talking Gen Con levels of meetings, where Ross and I often have three dozen scheduled meetings each, but there are still more meetings per day at Toy Fair than I'd personally like to see on the calendar. (Hey, we may have a blast working on games, but those long days grow exhausting by the second or third day.)

New York Toy Fair Our big assignment on Friday was the construction of the Steve Jackson Games display case. This year, I sat down and put together a quick video showing everyone not at the show a peek at what's inside the case. You can go to YouTube and watch to find something new for Zombie Dice, see some new Munchkin, and check out some of last year's new games – including Batman: The Animated Series Dice Game and Simon's Cat Card Game – on display at this year's New York Toy Fair.

On a non-work note, I managed to make my way down to Grand Central on Friday at 5:30 in the morning, with a 1983 Radio Shack battery-operated toy in my bag, to shoot video of the toy inside Grand Central. This is a toy I photographed and reviewed last year, and the video has fewer clips of the toy in action than I would have liked. The problem with this plan came down to noise; you see, those early eighties battery-operated toys aren't exactly quiet, and the grinding of the gears echoed a lot more in Grand Central than I was expecting. When you come up from being on your hands and knees playing with a toy to find police around you, maybe it is time to stop sending the little toy crawling across the floors of a very public space . . .

Phil Reed

Warehouse 23 News: Sing Your Way To Munchkin Victory

Today, we feature that most performative of Munchkin classes, the Bard! Introduced in Munchkin 3 – Clerical Errors, the Bard can "Enthrall" others to get help fighting monsters. Plus, they tend to have better "luck" with drawing Treasure cards. Find Clerical Errors on Warehouse 23 today! 

This might help tide you over if you're eagerly looking forward to the release of Munchkin Shakespeare, now on Kickstarter. That new game will have the Bard class in it, too (naturally)! 

February 18, 2017: New York Toy Fair

Toy Fair

The 2017 New York Toy Fair starts today. Our team flew to NYC Thursday to prepare for the event, and are ready to go. As always, our official home at this trade show is the PSI booth, where we'll spend many hours in discussions with retailers, distributors, marketers, and many others involved in the creation and sales of games. This show is always a spectacular bit of fun, and this year should be as exciting as ever as we show off some of our upcoming titles. Our new Munchkin Shakespeare game (now on Kickstarter!) is certain to grab attention during our sales meetings, but it is our completely new games – like Ghosts Love Candy – that will get most of our time outside of the closed rooms.

New York Toy Fair is also a fabulous opportunity to give some older games a chance to shine. You can be certain that last year's new games – Batman: The Animated Series Dice Game, Simon's Cat Card Game, I Hate Zombies, and Ogre: Objective 218, to name just a few – will be front and center in our display case in the show lobby, as well as at the PSI booth. Most of last year's new releases missed their chance to get in front of a larger audience at the 2016 show, which means the games will be seen as "new" in some of our meetings. A second chance at all the "What's New" lists? Awesome!

On a personal note, New York Toy Fair continues to be one of my favorite shows for one reason: New York City! This year, I'm staying at the Citizen M, and I am blocking out time for a visit to Toy Tokyo, since it has now been over a year since I last visited the store. Even just walking the NYC sidewalks is a joy, so any opportunity I can get to visit the city is one I'll snatch eagerly.

Phil Reed

Warehouse 23 News: Try Chess With A Twist!

Today's SJ Games classic game is Knightmare Chess! It's a deck of nightmarishly illustrated cards. Each card adds chaos to your traditional chess match - some just for one move and others for the whole game. The current edition includes both the original game and the expansion Knightmare Chess 2, for a total of 158 cards. Get it today on Warehouse 23, and play chess like you never have before. 

February 17, 2017: Munchkin Shakespeare Project Update

Munchkin Shakespeare Hark! Lend me your ears and I'll tell a tale of bardic campaigning – the tale of Munchkin Shakespeare! We've surpassed our initial goal by leaps and bounds, and unlocked a ton of extras to boot, and we're on our way to even more!

If you don't know the backstory, Andrew Hackard explained the origins of Munchkin Shakespeare on Medium. Suffice it to say it's a Munchkin game based on the writing of William Shakespeare, with some ideas crowdsourced from our fans! We've got a lot of awesome loot, and even more surprises to come, happening over on Kickstarter. What started out as a Munchkin Christmas Lite-sized set and Kickstarter Exclusive Expansion has grown into a core-size box, and a core-size expansion box, with tons of accessories!

Backers at the "Shakespearean Player" level or higher are now going to get more than 200 cards, plus bookmarks, a metal coin (something we haven't made in a long time), and even a Kill-O-Meter. Backers at the "I Want It All!" level are getting even more, like additional dice, Flowerspeare pawns, and an extra Kill-O-Meter, among other things! And yes, you read that correctly, we are bringing back a version of the highly requested Flower pawns! We've even introduced blank Dungeon cards, something we haven't done before. 

This is a campaign of firsts, and we're not through yet! We have more cards unlocking soon, and at $180k, we will unlock Spykespeare pawns as an add-on, with more secrets to be revealed. We're also sharing some sneak peeks at art and cards for the set, so keep an eye on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, as well as the campaign updates, for more on that.

The campaign closes March 10, so make sure you don't miss your chance to get stuff like the Kickstarter Exclusive Expansion. Once it leaves the stage, there is no encore! 

Hunter Shelburne

Warehouse 23 News: It's A Centennial Celebration!

The 100th issue of Pyramid is here, and it includes an assortment of new goodies supporting a sizzling swath of the GURPS line, from weapons for GURPS High-Tech to gear and organizations for GURPS Ultra-Tech to heroic possibilities for GURPS Dungeon Fantasy . . . and much more! Dare you uncover the enigmas of Pyramid #3/100: Pyramid Secrets? Of course you do! Download this issue individually, or subscribe today for more months of mystery . . . only from Warehouse 23!

February 16, 2017: Loren Wiseman

Loren Wiseman We learned today that Loren Wiseman had passed away, apparently from heart failure.

Loren was one of game design's earliest "greats." He was a founder of Game Designers Workshop and a co-creator of Traveller, the science-fiction roleplaying game that set the standard for all the others. He was also a good friend.

He was inducted into the Origins Hall of Fame in 2003.

Loren worked with Steve Jackson Games for many years: writing GURPS Traveller, editing the GT line, and creating an online incarnation of the notable Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society.

Loren is depicted, along with the late Mike Ford, on the INWO "Evil Geniuses for a Better Tomorrow" card.

He'll be missed.

Steve Jackson

Warehouse 23 News: Check Out This Swag . . .

Play in style with a shirt from your favorite Steve Jackson Games line! Show your pride in Ogre, Munchkin, Car Wars, Ninja Burger, and more with these comfortable T-shirts. Get yours today from Warehouse 23!

February 15, 2017: Announcements For June

Ghosts and guns! That's what June will bring to you from Steve Jackson Games. We'll release Ghosts Love Candy, a game about ghosts haunting kids to get their candy, as well as Munchkin Pathfinder 2 – Guns and Razzes, an expansion to our popular Munchkin Pathfinder series. Check out all the phantoms and firepower!

Ghosts Love CandyGhosts Love Candy

It's Halloween and you're a ghost who loves candy!

In this adorable game for ages 8 and up, the players are all ghosts haunting cute, costumed children on Halloween night! You want the kids to grab you the most candy, but you have to be careful not to haunt each one too often. They might get scared and run away, and that gets you negative points.

This game came from Kickstarter, where fans helped it meet its funding goal. But it didn't deliver, so Steve Jackson Games picked it up to make sure these ghosts could materialize. 

It's a spooky good time for three to six phantoms. Preorder it at your friendly local game store!

Munchkin Pathfinder – Guns and RazzesMunchkin Pathfinder – Guns and Razzes

Sling guns, find paths. 

This new expansion to Munchkin Pathfinder gives players the Gunslinger class and a new faction: the Razmiran Vision. The Gunslinger class specializes in firearms (always the best specialty for a fantasy character), and the Razmiran Vision faction lets players benefit from backstabbing. 

It's a 112-card expansion that draws on the rich Pathfinder lore. You can also pair it with Munchkin Pathfinder Guest Artist Edition

And that's it for June! Watch out for these two new titles at your local game store when the temperatures start to climb. 

Ariel Barkhurst

Warehouse 23 News: Have Your Game And Draw On It, Too!

Ever wanted to customize the cards in your Munchkin set? Then Munchkin Sketch Edition is for you! It's all the Munchkin goodness you know and love with the opportunity to make the cards your very own. You could be the next Rembrandt or Picasso!* . . . Be the "guest" artist by getting your Munchkin Sketch Edition from Warehouse 23 today!

* It's a slim chance, but it's still a chance!

February 14, 2017: Get Loots Of Love This Valentine's Day

Munchkin Bundle Of Love With all the backstabbing in our games, you'd think we're heartless, but in reality, we here at SJ Games have a bleeding heart for one thing in particular: Loot! So of course, we have a lot of awesome Valentine's Day Munchkin swag to help you get in the good graces of your fellow munchkins, and show them how much you care (about loot). 

Everyone loves receiving valentines, so why not give them Munchkin cards, too? Munchkin Valentines are available now at your local game store, and come with five unique valentines, and five card packs to bribe . . . ahem, I mean, gift to your significant others. But if valentines aren't enough, you could always give them a collection of all the cutest Munchkin games and expansions ever. So we've collected them all for you, in one Bundle of Love on Warehouse 23! You can get a collection of games with the most adorable art from Katie Cook and John Kovalic, including Munchkin Cthulhu Guest Artist Edition, Munchkin Love Shark Baby, and Munchkin Puppies, among others. You may want to throw some more into your order, because until February 16, orders of $75 or more will get a free, exclusive Munchkin Valentine's Day Monster Box. Currently, the only way to get this is through this deal and at select conventions, and we're giving it away! Are we crazy? Maybe. But we're definitely crazy in love! 

And retailers, don't forget that you have a little more time to get a free Munchkin Playmat: The Flower of Love with orders of $200 MSRP or more. Just show us your receipt from your distributor and we'll get it out to you. You can find details on that deal here

Celebrate your love with loot, and don't forget the chocolates! Maybe we should make some Munchkin chocolates . . . 

Hunter Shelburne

Warehouse 23 News: Protect Your Cards In Style

Your enemies will shudder in fear when you reveal that your deck is protected by sleeves decorated with the classic image of Spyke and his Chainsaw of Bloody Dismemberment or Flower with her Unnatural Axe! With the newest additions to our card-sleeve collection, Munchkin Standard Card Sleeves: Spyke and Munchkin Standard Card Sleeves: Flower, you can protect your cards with some Munchkin flair! Order yours from Warehouse 23 now!

February 13, 2017: Munchkin Shakespeare Expansion: Exclusive To The Kickstarter

Munchkin Shakespeare Expansion If you don't know what we're talking about, I hope you aren't too chilly from being frozen in ice for the last month! Go look at our Munchkin Shakespeare Kickstarter and then come back here.

We've had some questions about the expansion that's exclusive to Kickstarter backers. Here's a quick FAQ.

Q. What's going into this expansion?
A. Right now, some game cards, some Dungeons, some blank cards, a journal, a bookmark, a Kill-O-Meter, and a coin. We have more content planned!

Q. How big is the expansion?
A. It's a box the same size as a regular Munchkin game. We need the space to fit all the swag that's going in there!

Q. I want a copy for my buddy who can't pledge to the Kickstarter. Can I get an extra one?
A. Sure! As long as you backed at the $20 tier or higher, you can add $15 to your Kickstarter pledge directly or add $15 in BackerKit after the Kickstarter has ended. Adding it now helps push us over the next stretch goal, so we'd be thrilled if you did that, but do what's best for your bank account.

Q. I can't back the Kickstarter, unfortunately. How can I get one of these expansions later?
A. See if you have a friend who's a backer and ask them really nicely to order you one. Or see below . . .

Q. Is the expansion going to be available in stores?
A. If a store is in our Store Finder, they'll be getting an email at the conclusion of the Kickstarter with instructions for ordering Shakespeare and the expansion (and all the unlocked add-ons they want!) for their shelves.

Q. So the expansion won't be going through regular distribution?
A. Nope. It's only available through this Kickstarter or to stores in our Store Finder.

Q. Are you going to reprint it later?
A. No. Once we sell through the copies we printed, they're gone forever.

Q. I don't want to miss out! How can I make sure to get a copy?
A. Go to the Munchkin Shakespeare Kickstarter page and pledge at the $20 tier or higher to be able to add the expansion in BackerKit later. If you pledge at the $35 tier, you'll get Shakespeare and the expansion, and if you pledge at the $60 tier, you'll also get all the unlocked add-ons: a second Kill-O-Meter, blank cards, pawns, dice, and more stuff to come!

Andrew Hackard

Warehouse 23 News: Riddle Me This . . . Riddle Me That . . .

Based on the award-winning TV show, Batman: The Animated Series Dice Game lets you become a Super-Villain in a press-your-luck game for the whole family. Scheme your way to victory with your chosen scoundrel's special abilities. Just make sure to complete your heist before Batman arrives! Buy your copy from Warehouse 23, and see if you can outsmart the bat!

February 12, 2017: Reporting In From OwlCon

OwlCon is in full swing and it's awesome! Owlcon is a gaming convention held at the Student Center (and surrounding buildings) on the Rice University campus in Houston, TX. If you like board, card, miniature, LARP or roleplaying games, this is the con for you! Come say say "Hi!" to Houston MIB Demo Team members Christopher, Don, James, Jessica, John, Maurice, Marybeth, Neal, Sarah and I at the Mid Level Conference Room 1.

Friday got off to a bang with lots of games. The Demo Team and I were busy running Car Wars: The Card Game, Revolution!, Simon's Cat Card Game, Batman: The Animated Series Dice Game, and LOTS of Munchkin! Many people came by, games were played, and swag was given away.


Saturday offered a full day of fun and games to satisfy the most hardcore gamer. We be played even more Munchkin, dice games, Simon's Cat, and Ogre, which rumbled into OwlCon in two waves: Ogre Sixth Edition and Ogre: Objective 218! OwlCon attendees also got a sneak peek at Ghosts Love Candy. Scary fun for ghosts with a sweet tooth!

We still have a most excellent surprise for OwlCon attendees as well! Check out our most excellent giant sized copy of Bill & Ted's Excellent Boardgame! Travel the circuits of time, collect figures of historical significance, and ace your oral history exam! Even though it's the last day, there's a lot to do at OwlCon, so come by and say "hi!", play some awesome games, and pick up a little swag. Plus, if you show us your #SuperbOwlConSuperMunchkin post on social media, we'll give you extra swag! See you soon!

Al Griego

Warehouse 23 News: Whoa . . . This Is Definitely NOT Bogus

Is there a better use for a time machine than preparing a history report for class? That question's totally rhetorical, but the fun is real in Bill & Ted's Excellent Boardgame. Get yours from Warehouse 23, and get ready to party on!

February 11, 2017: Munchkin Sketch Edition "Mashkin"

Munchkin fans are some of the most creative people I've ever seen, and the things people do with Munchkin Sketch Edition continue to prove that to me. Today, I want to highlight a fun project from our friends at Trollune, a game store in France, who have taken their Sketch Edition customization to the next level.

Last year, the store owner brought back an early copy from GAMA Trade Show (after attending our panels and party – hint, hint, retailers), and from there the Mashkin project was born. The store has been getting artists and creatives to draw on individual cards to create a massive, unique set! Check out some of the pictures here, and follow their project on Facebook. (It's in French, but the site translation works ok. Plus, Munchkin is a great excuse to learn a second language!)

Mashkin Mashkin Mashkin

Hunter Shelburne

Warehouse 23 News: Get Ready For A Shockwave Of Fun!

Ogre fever is in the air, with the recently released Ogre Sixth Edition and the forthcoming Ogre Reinforcements. Turn up the heat with the digital version of 2001's Shockwave supplement. It includes maps, units, and scenarios perfect your classic Ogre needs. Download Shockwave today, only from Warehouse 23!

February 10, 2017: Ogre Sixth Edition Launch Offensive Begins Saturday, February 11

Ogre Launch Kit Steve Jackson Games has launched Organized Play support with Ogre Sixth Edition. Stores everywhere have received their Ogre Launch Kit, designed to showcase the new Ogre Sixth Edition and provide all the necessities for a great #PlayOgre Launch Event tomorrow, Saturday, February 11!

What should you expect at a #PlayOgre Launch Event? To play Ogre, obviously! But that's not all. Each launch kit was filled with Ogre goodies like Uncommon Ogre Counter Sheets and Ogre Dice sets! So contact your friendly local game store to find out what it takes to walk away with the prize of your choice! To see if your favorite store has signed up, check our previous Daily Illuminator post.

Don't forget to share pictures from your local event with the hashtag #PlayOgre and #PlaySJGames on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram! Not only will we share them, you'll be entered to win great prizes the following Monday. #PlayOgre to prove you are the best!

We'll see you today, February 11, at the #PlayOgre Event!

(Stay alert! We have huge Organized Play plans for 2017, so you will find a lot more Steve Jackson Games being supported by your local store.)

Ian Richards

Warehouse 23 News: Bring Justice To The Apocalypse . . .

. . . with our newest offering, Munchkin Apocalypse: Judge Dredd! This 15-card booster brings the characters and items from Judge Dredd to your Munchkin Apocalypse game. Let it be known that you are The Law by pre-ordering your very own copy from Warehouse 23 today!

February 9, 2017: Who Is Going To OwlCon? We Are!

OwlCon Whooo is going to be at OwlCon this year? Whooo? We will!

I'm back on the road again! I will be joining our awesome Houston MIBs this weekend at OwlCon, at the Student Center (and surrounding buildings) on the Rice University campus in Houston, TX. Stop by Mid Level Conference Room 1 to say "Hi!" to Houston MIB Demo Team members Christopher, Don, James, Jessica, John, Maurice, Marybeth, Neal, Sarah, and me, check out our latest games, and get the scoop on new releases.

Munchkin fans, this is the convention for you! We're playing many different flavors here, including Munchkin Oz, Munchkin Fu, Munchkin Steampunk, and Munchkin: Marvel Edition! If you've a mind for something "bigger," Ogre Sixth Edition and Ogre: Objective 218, our classic games of armored combat, are also crashing into OwlCon, and they'll be crushing everything in their path.

More gaming goodness to try: Play as Gotham City's greatest supervillains and get the most loot in Batman: The Animated Series Dice Game. Get the most braaaiiiinnnsss without getting shotgunned in Zombie Dice. Blow up the most cities in Mars Attacks Dice Game. We'll also be offering OwlCon attendees a sneak peek of Ghosts Love Candy. Haunt the trick-or-treaters and steal their best candy, but don't scare them away! If you have an oral history-exam coming up, check out our most excellent, giant-sized copy of Bill & Ted's Excellent Boardgame! Fans of feline frolicking will love Simon's Cat Card Game; have fun, make messes, but don't get the blame!

There's a lot to do at OwlCon, so come by and say "Hi!", play some awesome games, and pick up a little swag. Plus, if you show us your #SuperbOwlConSuperMunchkin post on social media, we'll give you even more swag! See you there!

Al Griego

Editor's Note: Feel free to call him Owl Griego, or call the convention Al-con. Al loves it. -HS

Warehouse 23 News: Experience Moop's Magical Mischief In A Whole New Way!

This is our silliest Munchkin ever . . . but it's still Munchkin, so the first player to level 10 wins! Our new and improved Moop's Monster Mashup comes in a deluxe-sized box and includes all your favorite mashed-up monsters along with a game board and standies to track your progress. Take a stab (or a poke) at the Kangarooster or an Owligator by pre-ordering your copy from Warehouse 23 today!
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