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Postmortem Studios


Postmortem Studios

#RPG – Gorean Adventures 08: Catspaw RELEASED!

Jun 23 2020



In this adventure, your heroes of Gor take to the Northern Forests at the behest of a fallen warrior. Panther girls are shocking enough, but what awaits them there will shake them to their very core.

Contains additional rules for generating Tharlarion.


#RPG – Grimdark Playtest Open!

Jun 16 2020

If you’d like to playtest my Grimdark rules for 5e, the rules that are intended for use with Wightchester, please get in touch.

There’s a few things I’d like you to do with it, including running a little mini-scenario, generating a character and converting a monster. Deadline is mid July (17th)

Those who complete the full playtest will get a PDF of their choice, free, from the Postmortem Studios collection.


Gorean Adventures – In a Tarn’s Eye – RELEASED!

Jun 15 2020



In this adventure, your heroes of Gor take to the Voltai Mountains on a quest of import for the distant and unknowable Priest-Kings. Peril may well descent into farce as a complex kidnapping plot requires the involvement of an out-of-practice conjurer, and flight from a city known for its deadly tarns…

Contains additional rules for aerial combat.


#RPG – Dragon Warriors – The Hōl Tribe of the Northern Gnawing Wastes

May 18 2020

The Hōl

The Hōl (pronounced ‘Horl’) are an alliance of tribes from the far north of The Gnawing Wastes. Nomadic herders and raiders they are divided into a handful of clans, each associated with a different totemic beast. They are feared and respected throughout the north, and their yearly migrations can take them as far south as the northern parts of the Selentine Empire. So fearless are these tribes that they even raid the Nomad Khanates.


The Hōl appear to be something of a blend between the Mercanian people and those of the Nomad Khanates. They tend to be extremely pale, with pale blond or jet black hair and brown or blue eyes. There is a tendency towards stockiness, but something in the Hōl bloodline frequently produces giants of six or even seven feet in height. They tend to have high, rounded cheekbones and eyes that are slightly slanted and/or hooded. Some take more after the Khanate peoples, others take more after their Mercanian blood.


The Hōl have many expert craftsmen and women amongst their number and they produce a great deal of jewellery, typically in the form of bone, tusk or beads. Their nomadic lifestyle does not lend itself to metal-working, and so jewellery of a more conventional sort is uncommon amongst the Hōl, though they will trade for it – or steal it – should the chance come about.

Their armour is often extremely decorative, as are their tents and the harnesses and tack they use on their beasts and herds, these decorations conveying meaning through colour and arrangement. The more extravagant the bead-work, the more colourful the armour, the more prestige the tribe member has.

The Hōl still prominently use stone in many of their weapons, saving metal for armour, swords and axes, and still using flint or obsidian for spear, javelin and arrow heads. Stone weapons frequently have small totemic items – feathers, bone and bead-charms – attached to them, as a ward against chipping or breaking.

The Hōl tend to eschew dance as a waste of energy, the closest thing in their culture being an hypnotic swaying and chanting during some of their festivals.


Hōl tribe-members wear a fairly unisex outfit of fine-tooled, insulated buckskin tunics and britches, surmounted by a waist-mat of fur, their upper body further protected by a fur vest and a cross-piece of leather, fur or reindeer skin, covered in toggles, onto which they can hang their gear, weapons, bags, bottles, quivers and so forth. Their sleeves even have toggles, which their gloves or mittens button to, so they can free their hands for delicate work without losing them or setting them down.

The Hōl grow their hair and beards long, as protection against the cold, braiding them with beads and knotting them into elaborate ropes for special occasions, or out of vanity.


The Hōl primarily farm reindeer for meat, horn, bone, leather and milk, as well as drinking their piss – infused with hallucinogenic mushrooms – as part of their vision quests. They also maintain packs of wolves, trained as fierce hunting companions, a breed of battle-elk, and even a breed of bear that one tribe uses as mounts. Legends tell of lost tribes that tamed the great sabretooth tigers, or even the gigantic hairy mammuk. That knowledge has been lost to time. In addition to their herds they take food on their raids, gather and preserve berries, fruit, fish and nuts when they can and engage in trade if they have a surplus – but only during their seasonal festivals.


A tribal leader is accepted by a crude sort of consensus, if nobody significant objects. In times of battle a war leader is chosen amongst the warriors, through a combination of reputation, non-lethal single combat and consensus. Either leader is advised by a Shaman, typically an Air or Water Elementalist. There is no succession, save in the Shamanic line, where each Shaman educates two apprentices, only one of which can become the new Shaman.

There is no appreciable gender division in Hōl society, everyone must be able to fight, everyone must be able to tend the herds, everyone must be able to craft – to at least some degree. There is no more or less honour in any particular role, and every tribe-member is free to seek out their calling and their place, their ‘Kashin’, one of the two most important concepts in Hōl society.


The Hōl practice ancestor worship, or rather memorial, and animistic respect of the spirits. They see no spirit in rocks, plants or places, but only animals and people. This spirit they call ‘Liekki’ or ‘soulfire’ and many of their sayings revolve around the relationship between fire and life. Unlike most inanimate things, the Hōl believe fire itself is alive, and can convey some of that life when it is applied to things – like metal-working or fire-hardening. Just as it sustains the life of those who warm themselves by it.

Chief totemic spirits of the Hōl include the reindeer, the elk, the wolf, the fox, the eagle, the tiger, the mammuk, the bear and the rabbit. Though every animal in their land has a place in their pantheon.


An unfortunate aspect of the Hōl is their practice of slavery. On their raids they frequently take captives from the places they raid, and consider the act of sparing those captives to mean that they are now owed that person’s life. These bondslaves are considered part of the tribe, albeit at a low rung, and can ‘buy’ their way out of their position by saving a life of the tribe, bearing a child for the tribe or committing an act of heroism or great worth to the tribe.

War Beasts


Battle-Elk (a moose for our transatlantic cousins), never shed their antlers. Instead they continue to grow constantly throughout the elk’s lift, and have to be constantly trimmed, honed and sharpened. Battle-elk are also considerably larger and more powerful than their wild cousins.

Attack: 22, Horns (d8+1/5), Kick (d10/6).
Armour Factor: 1 (4 in armour)
Defence: 6
Movement 10m.
Magical Defence: 5
Evasion: 3
Health 3d6+16
Stealth: 9
Perception: 5
Rank: 8

Special: Charge attack: Speed 14 vs Evasion, 1d6+5 damage, minus Armour and thrown 5m back and winded for 1d3 combat rounds.


Herd-Wolves are enormous, wolf-like dogs with pure white fur, who serve as hunting companions and warriors alongside their tribe partners.

Attack: 21 Fangs (d6/6)
Armour Factor: 0 (3 in armour)
Defence: 5
Movement: 12m
Magical Defence: 3
Evasion: 3
Health Points: 2d6+4
Stealth: 16
Perception: 11 (elfsight)
Rank: 4


Bears, bred to be mounts as well as for size and fierceness, bringing them close to the legendary cave bears in ferocity. They do not hibernate, and require considerable resources from the tribe to stay fed – especially during winter.

Attack: 23, Claws (d10/6)
Armour Factor: 1 (4 in armour)
Defence: 9
Movement: 10
Magical Defence: 5
Evasion: 4
Health Points: 3d6+20
Stealth: 10
Perception: 6
Rank: 9


#RPG – Dragon Warriors – Breylak

May 15 2020

The City of Breylak

Completely non-canonical, just some musings I had for my own game.

Breylak is a major port city in Albion, straddling the watermill-choked River Abus before it turns into marsh and mud, and laying south-east of The Noden Moors.

The Moors are a wind-blasted, bleak landscape of gorse and heather. Their windswept expanse is dotted with stone tors, burial mounds and the occasional copse of twisted trees. The land is virtually useless for anything beyond grazing sheep, and often plagued by monsters.

Breylak is a city that suits its location, grey stone walls against grey skies, full of no-nonsense, hardy men and women. Even the Breylak cathedral is a simple, minimalistic slab of a building and its clergy grey-faced and humourless.

Most of the folk, rich or poor, are involved with the wool, linen and rope businesses that dominate the city. Other businesses buy and sell material from across Albion and trade it for goods from the continent.

The water mills were supposedly engineered by the dwarves, originally, who dwell in the cave systems beneath the moors. Whether this is true or not is unknown, though some claim to hear the beautiful sound of the dwarven battle-choirs echoing out of the ground.

Very occasionally a few dwarven traders do appear, to exchange coal, tar, bitchimen, copper, lead and crystals of fluorite for food and cloth. Despite the distance these dwarves observer, the stubborn and wilful nature of the people of Breylak leads many to speculate that there’s more than a little dwarvish blood in their human stock.

Breylak is split between it’s eastern and western sides, with a Duchy on the Eastern half of the city – and its surrounding moorland – and a much older Earldom on the western half, which lays claim to the more arable land, south-west of the river.

While the city is a single entity, the split nobility has people from different parts of the city in fierce competition with one another, even coming to sectarian blows over whether they serve the poor, but plucky, ‘newcomers’ to the North-East (Osterlak) or the more established and traditional ‘old timers’ to the South-East (Vesterlak).

Duke Eadva Osterlak rules over the newer, watermill and grazing part of the city, supported by two barons. Baron Langley whose lands encompass the estuary, and Baron Bran whose lands, technically, spread north onto the moors. Baron Bran styles himself ‘of Breylak’, refusing to take part in the petty squabbles of times past. For this moderate and measured attitude, he is treated poorly by the rest of the local gentry.

On the other side of the river Earl Cynnamar Vesterlak’s claim takes in the wealthier and older parts of the city, as well as the more fertile farmland. His subordinates are the young dowager-Baroness Alethia of Vesterlak, and Baron Chauncey of Vesterlak, each with equal subdivisions of the city and its farmland.

A rising power in the city is The Syndic of the Draper’s guild, the anonymous council of the most powerful guild in the city, to which all other guilds are subordinate. Their wealth is distorting the traditional power dynamic of the city’s feudalism, but the Osterlaks and Vesterlaks are too consumed by their rivalry to pay attention.

While they squabble The Syndic begins to bring in mercenaries from the continent, to provide security to their shipments, sheep herds and mills. A private army in all but name.

Recent Events

A series of murders in the city were blamed on a minority group, The Ibram, a monotheistic precursor to The True Faith, which existed in small numbers in the city, primarily as assayers and crafters. This mass murder is now a guilty, open secret that has riven the city even more.


#RPG – Open Art Call – Gorean Adventures – The Tarn’s Eye

Apr 29 2020

Another adventure for Tales of Gor is ready to come out. This is a game and a series of adventures set in the adult science-fantasy world of the Counter Earth, written by John Norman.

The spec is for four pieces, A6, 300 dpi, black and white. Further details available on contact. Budgeting around 100-150 USD for all four. There is also a second job of similar spec in the near/immediate future for the right artist.

  • A familiarity with Gor, Greco-Roman style and drawing animals/creatures is helpful but not essential.
  • Familiarity and comfort with bdsm themes is necessary.
  • Comfort drawing the naked (or semi-naked) human form is essential.

Apply via email to, or via the usual social media or comments boxes.


#RPG – MotSP, Satana Station, Pod 101: Wobot World

Apr 8 2020

[Don’t judge me man. If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry. When life takes a shit in your punchbowl, use it as fertiliser for your imagination].

A beaded curtain – made of bolts, tied onto fishing line – grants you access to a pod that has been converted into a robot repair shop. There are pieces, everywhere, organised by body configuration and location. Part of the workshop is closed off, off limits, behind an armoured secondary door, much tougher than the airlock hiding the pod.

A boxy robot, with tentacle arms and a viewscreen for a head is constantly indexing the parts and re-sorting them, as well as carrying tools to and fro to the man you take to be the proprietor.

Another droid, some sort of patchwork creation from bits and pieces of other, industrial robots, perches on the edge of the work table, sucking on a cigarette holder that occasionally issues sparkling smoke. Her hard angles tear through the lace and silk of her clothing here and there, giving her a strangely sexual, mechanical look. Like someone dressed a muscle car in a teddy and stockings.

He is a rangy-looking fellow, with a long, well-oiled beard, groomed into a point, a handlebar moustache and his dirty-blonde hair is pulled up into a tight man-bun. He turns from the sparking soldering he’s performing on a robot chassis and regards you with bulky, obvious, cybernetic eyes. A pair of cybernetic clamps, attached to extra arms, protrude from his sides, looking disconcertingly like yellow-and-black striped lobster claws.

“Hey! Welcome to Robot World. Can I help you?”

Lord Adama Kobol

Dispossessed from his migratory family of space-lords, Adama settled on Satana to indulge the very thing that got him exiled – klanking. Adama puts a great deal of effort into organising klanker pride events, fighting for robot rights and even making himself more and more robotic, but it all feeds his twisted perversion. He’s not just a klanker, but an auto-robophile and he particularly likes to have sex with helpless, deactivated, non-sexual robots when they come in for repair. Despite the whispering campaign, his specialist knowledge on running mods and conversions on klankers to allow them to enjoy sex with humans keeps him wealthy, and stops his perversion coming to light.

Unless R2-Me2 spills the beans.

Level: 4
Close Defence: 12
Ranged Defence: 12
Armour: 1d4 Coveralls and brown suede combat jacket.
Hit Dice: 4 (30hp)
Initiative: +0
Movement: 10m
Attacks: 2/+0 (One attack must be with the cyber clamps)
Damage: 1d4 fists, 1d8 cyber-clamps.
Saves: (Charm 7, Looks 5, Tough 4, Reflexes 4, Logic 7, Power 6, Will 4)
Traits: 3 – Adaptable x3
Skills: Security 2, Tinker 3, Hacker 5
Gear: Cyberspine, Quad Arm Option, two additional cyberarms with cyber-clamps, twin cyber-eyes with EM-Field vision.
Weapon: ECUX69 personal shocker, D4 electrical damage, shocking, point-blank range, Ammo Save 18.

Werner the Wobot

Werner is a small robot, about four feet tall, with tentacle claw-arms and a monitor screen for a head, which displays semi-random, appropriate images or punctuation while he’s talking. He has a thick, breathless, German accent and suffers from rhotacism, the speech impediment where you pronounce ‘r’ as ‘w’. The Germanic accent also means he pronounces normal ‘w’s as ‘v’s. It’s all rather confusing. Blend Jonathan Ross with Herzog and you’re just about there.

Level: 3
Close Defence: 12
Ranged Defence: 12
Armour: 1d6
Hit Dice: 3 (27hp)
Initiative: +0
Movement: 10m
Attacks: 1/+0
Damage: 1d4 h2h
Saves: 5 (Logic 7)
Traits: Dead Flesh, Interface, Carapace.
Skills: Tinker 2, Security 2, Search 3.

FAER-XX Femme Fatal Error

A sort of ‘frankenstein’ creation from old and recovered parts, Faer is ‘frankenhooker’ for klankers. She’s Adama’s personal creation, programmed to have the same kinks and tastes as him, but somehow it doesn’t thrill him the same way it does with other droids. She’s frequently neglected and bored and she deals with this by outrageously flirting with anyone who comes into the pod, and trying to distract Adama. She also doubles as his bodyguard.

Level: 3
Close Defence: 14
Ranged Defence: 10
Armour: 1d6
Hit Dice: 3 (27 hp)
Initiative: +0
Movement: 10m
Attacks: 1/+1
Damage: 1d6 h2h
Saves: (Charm 7, Looks 7, Tough 5, Reflexes 5, Logic 3, Power 5, Will 3
Traits: Dead Flesh, Interface, Carapace
Skills: Tinker 2, Security 2
Gear: 10 hp force-field, palm blaster (1d8, point blank, ammo save 18).


#RPG – FATE – Motherfuckin’ Science Ninjas, beotch.

Apr 1 2020

Konichiwa! I am Doctor Science, and I have had my robots kidnap you and bring you here for one, very important purpose.

Our planet is in grave peril! Lizard Men, fleeing environmental catastrophe on their home planet of Venus, have come to Earth in a fleet of Ark ships and plan to destroy our defenses and venusiform our planet, using a series of ever-more-improbable giant monsters!

The military is helpless! I was laughed out of academia!

Only a group of radical teenagers, with precocious martial arts skills, equipped with skin-tight spandex and giant robots can hope to meet the menace! You are those radical teens, I have the giant robots. Will you answer the call?”

– Doctor Science Phd

Sentai is the name of type of Japanese action series, one that has gone on – in its main form – (with some vague sense of continuity) for a very long time. That longest-running series is what gave its name to the genre as a whole, Supa Sentai Shirizu, along with its huge number of imitators, spin-offs and re-dubs.

You may know the genre from its western form, Power Rangers, or from anime such as Voltron, or G-Force. Personally I always had a soft spot for X-Bomber (Starfleet).

Sentai means ‘task force’ or ‘squadron’, and the genre has some pretty consistent conventions that will probably be familiar to you.

  • A skillful team of oddballs.
  • Who can transform into superheroes with some unique powers and weapons.
  • Who are colour-coded.
  • Who often have mecha, or transforming vehicles.
  • Which can often combine into one giant robot.

It’s high camp, high adventure, full of imaginative strangeness, monsters, giants and drama. The sheer creative chaos of the whole thing is inspiring, energetic, and a lot of fun. Well worth playing in RPGs.

I’m going to suggest that you base your game off Daikaiju Die, which, while it is more geared towards Pacific Rim or Giant Robo style games, is more than capable of standing in for Sentai, and scaling from teenage martial artists, to super-suit wearers, to mecha drivers, to giant robot combat.

There’s a few changes that need to be made, however.

New Skill

Synergy replaces the Interface Skill found in Daikaiju Die. Rather than complex systems of rolling, Synergy just provides you, flat out, with a number of additional FATE points that you can tap into, while you’re occupying your personal or combined mecha.

Mecha and Skills

In Daikaiju Die, and in this game-sketch, Mecha have their own skills, as they have a sort of personality and psychic connection with their driver. However, driver and mecha’s mutual skill interrelate with each other.

  • When driving a Mecha, you use your FATE points (and Synergy) to empower its stents and so forth.
  • If a character’s skill is higher than the Mecha’s skill, then that skill counts as one higher.
  • If the character’s skill is lower, then the Mecha’s skill is reduced by one.
  • When Mecha combine, you take the average of the Mecha skills (rounding down), and modify by the highest pilot Skills from the team.
  • Combined Mecha can use the FATE/Synergy points of any of the pilots to power its moves and special abilities.


FATE often uses a group or team-oriented character creation method. I’m not usually much of a fan of this approach, but for a Sentai game it makes a lot of sense. There should be some sort of commonality between the team’s members, both in terms of their overt purpose as super-sentai, and their cover story.

Sentai teams have been many things in the past. You might be able to draw some inspiration here for the theme of your team. This is just a handful of examples, including both their cover identities, and the themes of their outfits and abilities.

Athletes, Cards, Countries, Cyborgs, Dinosaurs, Elements, Fashion Models, Gemstones, High School Students, Inventors, Martial Arts Team, Ninjas, Olympians, Planets, Predators, Race Team, Rhythmic Gymnasts, Rock Band, Scientists, Secret Heritage, Siblings, Special Police Unit, Students.

It’s also a good idea to take this opportunity to define the source of the threat that they are coming together to fight. Some examples include:

Alien Invaders, Crime Syndicate, Demon Clan, Dimensional Invaders, Evil Magician, Evil Scientist, Evolved Dinosaurs, Ghosts, Hollow Earth Empire, Ninja Clan, Space Pirates, Spirits, Terrorists, Time Travellers, Vampires.

Example: Inu Burasage is the Black Ranger in Science Ninja Team Matsukaze. The team is made up of three Science Ninjas, who are also stuntmen – their cover identity. The Black Ranger is joined by the white and grey rangers, who combine their Mecha to form Robo-Matsukaze to take on larger threats. Together they battle alien infiltration and terrorism conducted by Tokage No Ō and the Lizard Men from primeval Venus.

Making Your Character

Creating your character proceeds as normal, though you should try and make sure your character fits, at least minimally, into the group theme.

  • One Concept Aspect, one Trouble Aspect, three free Aspects.
  • 20 skills. I prefer free-spend, with a limit of +4 for a starting character, but you could go 1×4, 2×3, 3×2, 4×1 if you prefer a more forcefully rounded persona.
  • 3-5 Stunts. These typically provide special, permanent bonuses of +2, allow the automatic invocation of aspects, or the manifestation of new capabilities.
  • Refresh is 5, minus the number of Stunts that you have.
  • Characters typically have 2 Mental and Physical Stress boxes, and three Consequences in each category. Sentai tends to be combat heavy, and while it’s not shy of killing off characters I’d still suggest upping the base Stress to 3. Additional Stress boxes (and Consequences) can come from Skills and can come from Stunts.

You’ll also get your colourful, skin-tight Sentai suit and helmet, that counts as Armour +1 (Skintight) by default, and can be summoned from your ring/belt-buckle/watch. You also get a basic sidearm that’s Weapon +1 (Laser Accurate). Special Sentai weapons will have to be paid for with Stunts or gained during the game – you have to have room to grow.

You’ll also need to create your personal Mecha!

Individual Mecha

Your Mecha is just as important as your character. When you’re creating your Mecha you need to also consider how it fits in with the other characters and their Mecha. Sentai Mechs typically have a running theme, like a type of animal, or fit together as different aspects of the same thing.

  • Scale: A personal Mecha is usually Scale 1 (Motorcycle), 2 (Car), 3 (Tank) and not bigger.
  • Concept Aspect: Just like a character, but portraying the Mecha’s true essence.
  • Trouble: A drawback that the Mecha has, such as ‘slow to turn’ or ‘weak underbelly’.
  • Bonus Aspect: A free extra aspect for the Mecha.
  • Stunt: Mecha start with a single Stunt.
  • Skills: You have 20 points to buy Skills for the Mecha, but these can only be spent on Athletics, Fight, Notice, Physique and Shoot. You can, however, also spend from this pool to buy additional things from the list below.
  • Bonus Items: Armour (1-4), Weapons (1-4, each weapon has a free aspect), Extra Stunt (3 points), Bonus Aspect (1 point per Aspect or weapon Aspect), Independent FATE Pool (3 points per point).
  • Stress: Mecha only have Physical Stress, but besides the Skill bonus you also get to add the Scale as additional Stress boxes.


Combiner Mecha have to have ‘Combine’ as a Stunt, if it’s a major theme of the campaign you might want to let the players have it for free.

Mecha combiners are typically comprised of five mecha (two arms, two legs and a body-head), but they can be less (Dai-X: legs/body/head) or more (Super Turbo Robo: Legs, arms, body, armour). Combination Mecha can consist of as few as two, or as many as sixteen Mecha. Player groups are best kept at 4-6 players, so you may either want to be flexible, or plan around that.

The combined Mecha generally has a Scale of one higher than the individual Mecha that came together to form it. When it is beaten, it dissolves into its individual Mecha, but they’re no more damaged than they were when the Mecha combined.

  • Scale: Constituent Mecha scale +1
  • Skills: Take the highest Skill level in each skill from each constituent Mecha and count that, once, for the combined Mech, modified by the Skill of the leader (typically the guy in the head).
  • Aspects: Aspects equal to the average of the Mecha making it up, rounded down. Give it new Aspects.
  • Weapons: Re-Spend half the constituent Mecha’s weapon investment as new weapons.
  • Armour: Take the average of the constituent mecha and round down.
  • Stunts: Total and halve the number of Stunts from the constituent Mecha, and choose new ones.
  • The Combination Mecha can use FATE points from any of its pilots.
  • The Combination Mecha has its own stress track.



1Reliable LieutenantBitter and JealousKiller InstinctUnfailingly PoliteDutiful Perfectionist
2Does the Dirty JobsDark PastWhirlwind of DestructionGraceful EleganceStylish Dandy
3Silent NinjaUnsettling PresenceIntimidating GlareUnfailingly LoyalSmooth with the Ladies/Men
4Driven to MasteryHyper CompetitiveTerrifyingRadiates RespectHidden Soft Side
5Upbeat ComedianChildish JokerUtterly FearlessAdventurous SoulUncommonly Strong
6Deadly WarriorThe Worst LuckHardened by TraumaNatural TacticianFreakish Agility


1Reliable SoldierClumsy ShildInner CalmNatural AcrobatInspired Daydreamer
2Experienced VeteranProne to TantrumsStable MindedAffinity for WaterMemory for Detail
3Sober RationalistHotheadedHeavyweight FighterPeaceful HeartBrave Explorer
4Wise MentorGermaphobeHolds Himself BackSport LoverLifelong Learner
5Pure and IncorruptibleCold and DetachedExotic GourmandInventive MindLevel Headed
6Scrupulously WorkerRepresses EverythingDancer’s GraceFriend to ChildrenGreat Determination


1Humble HelperNever VolunteersFather FigureSpirit of BushidoAffinity With Wood
2StrongmanDon’t Know my own StrengthEager to LearnBound by HonourWarm and Loving
3Unbreakable StoicLunk-HeadedPatient TeacherNatural HomemakerWholesome
4Wilderness HunterLost in the PastWell-TraveledComforting PresenceSolid and Reliable
5Tough SurvivalistInscrutably TaciturnFighting SpiritKeeps things SimpleGifted Healer
6Spiritual ExemplarRather Old-FashionedWarrior’s HeartMean Cup of TeaAura of Honesty


1Noble BloodlineArrogant NarcissistSentimentalistAlways AlertPlayful Nature
2Religious ScholarHidebound ZealotTalent for MagicRites and RitualsRulebreaker
3Mystical GuruPseudo-IntellectualLegendary ReputationIrrepressibly HappyAnti-Authoritarian
4Musical ProdigyLost in DaydreamsCool HeadedWabi-SabiHidden Emotions
5Sword SaintThe Battle is AllSuperior ConfidenceAntifragileMan out of Time
6Warrior PhilosopherCod PhilosopherSixth SenseKnack with MachinesAdaptable Chameleon


1I Work AloneBad TeammateAffinity for NatureExcellent TeacherPunishing Training Regimen
2Brave WarriorBrashly OverconfidentLucky DevilUncommonly PreciseBrooding Charm
3Bold StrategistTakes too many RisksYoung and VitalAccurate ShotSuave and Smooth
4Bionic CommandoColdly MechanicalVigorous EnergyMerciless to EnemiesAlways in Control
5Mission FocusedTunnel VisionHard to KillKind to the InnocentNimble Fingers
6Finding His WayAll at SeaDeductive ReasoningInner ReflectionBurning Curiousity


1Martial Arts ChampionAwkwardResolvedBrave of HeartNuanced Thinking
2Always ImprovingOld InjuryFearlessTraditional ValuesChi in Balance
3Sword SaintOverconfidentImpartialStrong in BodyLuck of Fools
4ShinobiIncurable RomanticUnflappableHealthy ConstitutionSpiritually Centered
5Manga-KaPushoverDiplomaticFurious PowerChivalrous
6ArtistShyNimbleIn BalanceCreative Genius


1Renaissance ManForever in LoveDead-Eye ShotStraight ShooterStrong Family
2ProfessorCuriosity Killed the CatKnack for ScienceCarefreeStrong Friendship
3DoctorTragic OrphanClassical TacticianAnimal LoverNatural Healer
4SavantInveterate GamblerNatural RhythmDark and BroodingWeapon Savant
5Loving CaregiverAlways Protects the WeakMachine TouchEagle EyedPolice Training
6Sharp as a TackFormerly EvilSoul of LightPersonal ArmouryFriends Everywhere


1Animal WranglerPrissy PrincessEffeminateUnbearably CuteNatural Dignity
2Fashion ModelEww, Gross!Dirty FighterChildlike WonderNose for Liars
3Sex KittenYouthfulDancer’s GraceComforting PresenceTomboy
4Bionic WomanHealthyAthleticMotherly LoveDedicated
5Karate RenshiInappropriate JokerGifted TeacherSisterly SolidarityMeditative
6Intelligence AgentLewdEmpathetic HeartPulchritudinousTop of Her Class


1Royal BearingSelfish PigCompassionateEccentricCircumspect
2Natural LeaderImpulsiveCaringEnigmaticRespectful
3Fierce FighterMean and StrictReserved and CarefulPast Life MemoriesNaturally Cautious
4WandererVindictiveConfidentHeadstrongMaster of Deception
6Big BrotherCompulsive LiarLinked to their CrushIndependent MindedKnight’s Honour


1CommanderYoung and InexperiencedMaster of DisguiseDriving ZenQuick Thinker
2Master TacticianNever SatisfiedFinds any WeaknessNature LoverHard Worker
3SharpshooterOvershadowed by PredecessorAstronaut TrainingDeeply PassionateRock and Roll!
4Gold MedalistUnder PressureWorld TravelerVery ResponsibleAce Pitcher
5Leads from the FrontOut of their DepthUrban ExplorerEmotionally InvestedSelf-Sacrificing
6Paladin KnightEasily BoredMountain ClimberStubborn GritUpbeat and Happy


1Super-ScientistUnreliable PrototypePerfectly PreciseGreen ThumbRapid Runner
2Martial Arts MonkQuickly ExhaustedBleeding Edge TechHighly EmpatheticPin-Up Idol
3Masterless SamuraiRisk-TakerPool HustlerDrives others to GreatnessGives no Quarter
4SenseiFish out of WaterMusical TalentCarefreePowerful Strength
5Mysterious WarriorStuck-UpBreathtakingSense for EvilSense of the Dead
6Pop MusicianToo SensitiveMonkHard to HitUnemotional


1Intellectual ScholarMournfulWell EducatedIdeal MotherSerious Focus
2Brilliant SurgeonCold and DistantSweet and CaringKeeper of SecretsUnbridled Enthusiasm
3Flamboyant PlayboyScoldSensitive to OthersCapacity for MercyFast Reflexes
4Brilliant Battle PlannerSpoilet BratEncyclopedic BrainWith you in SpiritReliable Friend
5Computer BrainStickler for MannersThrill SeekerFree SpiritCool-Headed
6Wealthy HeirPrim and ProperExperienced VeteranUnfailing OptimismDiscerning Palate


1Genius MechanicTreacherousSacred AuraShoulder to Cry OnPhotographer’s Eye
2Judo ChampionLover not a FighterBig StrengthEmotionally StrongPuckish Trickster
3Scientist InventorBig EaterStout ToughnessSneaky ShadowInfuriates Bad Guys
4Expert BotanistTerrible at PuzzlesLightens the MoodImpeccably DressedBig Loving Family
5FarmerString of Bad LuckBonded TwinLoyal LieutenantFacility for Languages
6Wrecking BallComic ReliefMischief MakerPerfect Pitch

Weapon Ideas

Axe (+2, chopping blow)
Ball (+1, Knock Down)
Battle Rifle (+3, Powerful)
Bazooka (+4 Cumbersome, Exploding)
Boomerangs (+1 Return to Sender)
Bow (+2 Payload)
Clubs (+1 Beat Senseless)
Crossbow (+3, Slow, Payload)
Dagger (+1, Stab Deep)
Darts (+1, Accurate)
Fan (+1, Deflecting)
Hammer (+2 Slamming Blow)
Nunchuks (+2 Intimidating)
Ribbon (+1 Entangling)
Ring (+1, Multiple Attack)
Sabre (+2 Slashing)
Sap Gloves (+1 Knock-Out Punch)
Shield (+1 to Defend/Deflect rolls, Unbreakable Aspect).
Sickles (+1 Hook and Cut)
Sidearm (+1 Colourful Beam)
SMG (+2, Autofire)
Staff (+1, Double-Blow)
Throwing Knives (+1, Deadly)
Throwing Stars (+1, Multi-Throw)
Whip (+1 Entangling)

Example: Inu Burasage is the Black Ranger in Science Ninja Team Matsukaze. The team is made up of three Science Ninjas, who are also stuntmen – their cover identity. The Black Ranger is joined by the white and grey rangers, who combine their Mecha to form Robo-Matsukaze to take on larger threats. Together they battle alien infiltration and terrorism conducted by Tokage No Ō and the Lizard Men from primeval Venus.

Concept: Daredevil Motorcycle Stunt Man
Trouble: Hey baby, how you doin’?
Aspect: Grew a Thick Skin from a Tough Past
Aspect: Unfailingly Loyal to his Friends
Aspect: Freakish Level of Agility.
+4 Skills: Drive
+3 Skills: Synergy, Athletics
+2 Skills: Physique, Fight, Shoot
+1 Skills: Notice, Provoke, Stealth, Resources
Stunt: One with my Bike – +2 on Drive checks when using his motorcycle
Stunt: Ladykiller – +2 on social checks with women
Stunt: Silent Communication – Burasage can convey a great deal of meaning with a look, an eyebrow and hand gesture, without having to speak
Refresh: 2
Mental Stress: OO
Physical Stress: OOO
Gear: Black Sentai Suit +1 Armour (Skintight), Blackblaster sidearm +1 (Laser Accurate).

Mecha: Onyx Mecha Bike
Scale: 1
Concept: Fast as a Bullet
Trouble: High Maintenance
Aspect: Flip Out, Like a Ninja
Stunt: Transform – Motorcycle to Battle Suit (Free Stunt).
Stunt: Combine to form Robo-Matsukaze
Stunt: Summonable.
+4 Skills: Fight (+3)
+3 Skills: Athletics (+3)
+2 Skills: Shoot (+2)
+1 Skills: Notice (+1), Physique (+1)
Weapon: Darkblade +3, Armour Piercing
Weapon: Fire Breath +1, Burning Blaze
Armour: 2
Physical Stress: OOOO

Scale: 2
Concept: Hot-Rod Mecha
Trouble: Mind of its Own
Aspect: Loud as Fuck
Stunt: Clouds of Exhaust – Can blast out an obscuring cloud of -2, choking exhaust
Stunt: Quick off the line – +2 to out accelerate, or rapidly change speed
Stunt: Wheels – Can move as fast as a car or motorcycle on roads, as though having giant rollerskates
+4 Skills: Fight
+3 Skills: Athletics, Shoot
+2 Skills: Notice, Physique
Weapon: Fire Katana +3, Razor Sharp, Flaming
Weapon: Ice Wakazashi +2, Razor Sharp, Freezing
Weapon: Heat Ray Gaze +3, Burning, Melting, Sustained Beam
Armour: 2
Physical Stress: OOOOO

I might work this up into a longer version with more details and examples for Autopsy, and if there’s sufficient interest, into a more full game for FATE like Daikaiju Die.


#RPG – Postmortem Studios Game Giveaway!

Apr 1 2020
Isabelle Gedigk

I’ve been doing giveaways since the beginning of this year, sending physical items and gifts out to people to help with promoting my store and games. With the whole pandemic thing, visits to the Post Office are a bit trickier and more time consuming, and you have to be careful in general.

Even to, I really would like to still give some things away, so this month – and for as long as we have to avoid contact – I’ll be doing electronic giveaways.

This month’s giveaway will be sent out in about two weeks from now. To go into the draw all you have to do is one of the following…

Tweet something nice about Postmortem Studios and include @Grimsaur, a link to and the hashtag #RPGsToDieFor.

Make a post to Facebook, adding me (James Desborough) in the comments or ‘who I’m with’ section, and include the hashtag #RPGsToDieFor and a link to

Post a review of one of my games or books to Youtube, your blog or anywhere else you can and then drop a link to it for me in the comments below this blog.

Bish bash bosh, you go into the draw, and Robert’s your mother’s brother.

This month’s giveaway includes:

  • Satana Station
  • Swords & Shields
  • Election Party
  • Fistful of Foes 1-3
  • Top Table Comix: What is an RPG?
  • Actual Fucking Monsters
  • Tales of Gor
  • World of Gor

A total combined value of almost $50!