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Immortalize Your Love in The Big Easy Kickstarter This Valentine’s Day!

Feb 12 2019

This Valentine’s Day don your fedora, head over to Kickstarter, and get ready to show your sweetheart you mean business in The Big Easy!

The Big Easy from Last Lion Games launches on Kickstarter at noon Eastern Thursday, February 14, and there are limited* reward levels available to put your friend, family member, or significant other’s likeness on a Suspect card. Gumshoes the world over will seek them out as a femme fatale or tough guy!

The Big Easy is a brand new competitive card game for 2–4 players designed by  John Goff (Deadlands Classic and ReloadedDeadlands: Hell on Earth Classic and Reloadedand many others) and set in the universe of Deadlands Noir.

Each player takes the role of a private detective trying to solve a nefarious crime. All players use communal decks as they try to gather the clues they need to solve the mystery. You win the game when you have a Suspect, Motive, and Evidence Clue card in your case file and reveal them to accuse your Suspect of the crime.

Check out the teaser video of The Big Easy from Games Previewed, visit Last Lion Games to sign up for their newsletter, and get ready to pledge your support for the game on Kickstarter at noon this Thursday (Valentine’s Day)!

* This is the perfect gift for any Deadlands fan. If that’s you, consider sharing this article with your other half as a “hint!” Some beaus need something akin to a whack on the ol’ noggin’ to get the idea, if you catch my drift…


SWADE Mini Settings Are Now Yours to Discover

Feb 12 2019

While these four Mini Settings will be packaged with the upcoming print version of the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition Game Master’s Screen, you can now grab the PDF and bring them to your game tables today! This book features FOUR incredible settings complete with background, new rules, and plenty of Savage Tales:

Spirits of 1786

Written and © By: Matthew Cutter
The War of Independence is won…but the herculean effort to build a more perfect union has only started. This isn’t history—this is Pulp History in the post-Revolutionary Era! Nefarious Illuminati agents hatch plots in smoky Boston taprooms. Fallen gods of the Northmen stalk Ohio’s howling wilderness. Risen ghosts abound. Against them, the Sons of Liberty wield diplomacy as well as muskets, but they also dabble in Scientifick Philosophy and even magick! A handful have the blood of the old gods in their veins. So load your flintlock and gather your flats, sharps, and sundry supplies: the battle for liberty has just begun!


Written and © By: Shane Lacy Hensley
A family of explorers joins a United Nations expedition to explore a mysterious “Event” at the bottom of the Marianas Trench. What they find there will change the world forever. This Saturday morning cartoon-inspired setting features strange and enhanced sea creatures, insidious rival corporations, and the growing urgency of the Event itself and the inexplicable force behind it!

Tesla Rangers

Written and © By: Cheyenne Wright
It’s been 11 years since America lost the Robot War and ceded everything west of the Mississippi to the automatons. Now a fresh young scientist with a government contract and a load of new experimental devices is outfitting a voluntary expeditionary force to cross the ol’ Miss and head deep into No Man’s Land.
Tesla Rangers is a high-octane action adventure pitting cowboys with lightning guns against cast-iron killer robots in a battle for the Wired West.

The Lost City of Astla

Written and © By: BJ Hensley
As Astla’s resources dwindled, the ancient “elves” fled to a massive city-ship in the stars, hoping to wait out the barbaric and destructive People who overran it. But now the Astlatians have begun to suffer from a terrible wasting disease, and the only cure may be a return to their homelands. Some urge war, some peace. As they debate, small bands return to the surface to scout, raid, and learn from those who remain in the barren wastes.

Available for purchase from our store right now, the Mini Settings PDF can be yours for just $6.99!


Doomtown “In Cahoots” with Millennium Blades!

Feb 12 2019

Millennium Blades is a board game from Level 99 Games about a fictional collectible card game, which is also called… Millennium Blades! You begin the game on pre-release night with just your starter deck. You’ll open new packs, form collections, and sell your junk cards on the aftermarket to buy hot new cards. Trade with your friends, build up your deck, and prepare to compete at Millennium Blades Worlds for the title of World Champion!

Doomtown, our expandable card game set in the Deadlands universe, is a part of Millennium Blades: Collusion, the “final” expansion for the game currently running on Kickstarter!

These Doomtown promo cards feature a keyword called “Holdup” which allows you to rob another player’s Rank Points, or take out one of their singles (their choice). This is based loosely on the call-out mechanic in the original Doomtown. Target high-value cards that your opponent can’t afford to lose in order to make off with their Rank Points!

To find out more and to pledge your support, visit the Millennium Blades: Collusion Kickstarter page today!


Licensee Spotlight: Heroes of Terra

Feb 12 2019

Tomorrow (Wednesday, February 13th), Heroes of Terra: The Mushroom War for Savage Worlds Adventure Edition launches on Kickstarter!

Heroes of Terra: The Mushroom War, from Ace licensee Blackwing Productions, is an homage to pulp sword-and-sorcery settings slammed together with classic video games of the early ’80s. Grow huge, jump high, eat mushrooms to gain magical powers, and smash open stone blocks filled with treasure! Adventure in a world where the dinosaurs never died out and humans are rare, mythical heroes.

Heroes of Terra: The Mushroom War is the first full-length setting book for the world of Terra, focusing on the continent of Lemuria and the epic struggle between the Peachblossom Resistance and the tyrannical Dragon Empire. This book will give you everything you need to adventure in the pulp-fantasy world of Terra and explore its wonders, mysteries, and terrors.

To learn more, pick up the 12-page Heroes of Terra JumpStart Edition today. With your purchase, you’ll be the first to know when the Kickstarter is live!


Licensee Spotlight:

Feb 5 2019

If you’re looking for an online toolset to help upgrade your Savage Worlds games, look no further than!

Developed by Ace licensee, Alliante Entertainment, is a one-stop application for character, vehicle, power armor, starship, and walker creation along with other handy tools for the Savage Worlds roleplaying game including a searchable bestiary and a raise calculator.

Create characters, save them, generate printable PDFs, and even share them with a unique, short URL to your online and local friends.

While many of the site’s features are available for FREE, a paid membership gives you access to additional settings (official and licensed), unique PDF templates, and other tools to let you customize your creations.

Power up your Savage Worlds games with today!


Promote Your Savage Worlds Games with This Poster

Feb 5 2019

With our brand new, customizable poster, you can let the world know where Savage Worlds games are played!

Print it out, add times, dates, and other deets to the bottom, and then hang it in your local game shop or library, use it to promote your convention games, or spice up the walls of your game room!

Featuring fantastic new art ripped from the pages of Savage Worlds Adventure Edition, download this FREE, full-color poster from our Conventions page today!


Updated Map for Deadlands Reloaded: Coffin Rock

Feb 5 2019

Deadlands Reloaded: Coffin RockWe’ve recently updated the full-color map of the town of Coffin Rock (that appears on the last page of this excitin’ Savage Tale by Sean Michael Fish).

If you already own the PDF of Coffin Rock for Deadlands Reloaded, just go ahead and redownload this revised version to ensure you have the best map possible!

Heck, you don’t want your posse gettin’ lost on the streets of Coffin Rock, Colorado now, do ya’? The local soiled doves are a making a killing, some say ghosts walk the streets, and a mad serial killer is on the loose. And there’s more, amigo! Lots more.

If you’ve never experienced the joys of the Weird West at high altitude, buy Coffin Rock today!


The Big Easy Comes to Kickstarter This Valentine’s Day!

Feb 5 2019

This year, Valentine’s Day means jealousy, betrayal, and murder on the mean streets of New Orleans with the launch of the Kickstarter for The Big Easy, a thrilling card game for 2-4 players set in the shadowy world of Deadlands Noir.

It’s 1935 and death’s a way of life on the mean streets of New Orleans, but you’re a gumshoe on a case and you have a job to do. You need to find who committed the crime, why they did it, and then you have to prove it.

But solving a crime this juicy isn’t fun and games. Most folks don’t want their dirty laundry aired out. And when you go poking around in dark corners, sometimes you turn up something much worse than an ugly mug with a heater.

Still, your worst enemies just might be the other gumshoes trying to beat you to the solution. 

You can’t trust ANYONE in The Big Easy.

The Kickstarter for The Big Easy launches next Thursday, February 14th! To learn more, visit Last Lion Games and sign up for the newsletter, and be sure to Like the Last Lion Games page on Facebook.


New SWADE Combat & Chase Charts PLUS GM Screen Inserts

Jan 29 2019

It’s time to up your game with our revised, SWADE-compatible, Game Master Screen Inserts and Combat & Chase Maneuvers Quick Reference Charts!

First up, our FREE Combat & Chase Maneuvers Quick Reference Charts include the Combat Options and Situational Rules summary, Injury table, Bennies reminders, and everything you need to know about using the Chase Rules or vehicles in your Savage Worlds games.

Second, the Savage Worlds Game Master Screen Inserts contain all the most important tables, reference charts, and a summary of the Combat Options and Situational Rules—plus amazing art selections ripped from the pages of Savage Worlds Adventure Edition!

The GM Screen Inserts PDF is designed to work with the Savage Worlds Customizable Game Master’s Screen, available from or through your local game store.

Pick up these handy GM Screen Inserts and Reference Charts from our store today!


Doomtown: Too Tough to Die is Ridin’ Into Town

Jan 29 2019

Heads up, amigos!

Next Monday, February 5th, Doomtown: Too Tough to Die releases for retail sale around the globe! If you’re a Doomtown fan, be sure to tell your friendly local game shop that you’d love to see Too Tough to Die on their shelves.

This expansion is set during the legendary conflict between the Cowboys and the Earps. In Death’s domain, tensions are high and the body count is higher. Whose fight will you join in this high-stakes battle for the soul of the town that’s Too Tough to Die?

Too Tough to Die is an expansion for Doomtown and you need the base game to play.