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Rumors of Deadlands

Jan 21 2020

If you sit still and listen closely to the warm, howlin’ winds blowin’ in off the High Plains, you might just hear faint, disembodied voices whisperin’ of an imminent return to the Weird West.

In a little more than a month we’ll launch what is certain to be one of Pinnacle Entertainment Group‘s most exciting Kickstarters ever!

Gather your posse, saddle up, and watch this space…

Deadlands returns in 2020!


Comix Asylum Chats with Shane Hensley and Scott Woodard

Jan 21 2020
Clint and Jodi Black Talk to the Goblin Beat

Recently, Comix Asylum (“your #1 source for pop culture entertainment”) posted a fun little interview with our illustrious leader, Shane Hensley along with Scott Woodard (The Savage World of Flash Gordon™).

In this article, the two briefly discuss the history of Pinnacle Entertainment Group and some of the products the company is best known for. Scott also offers up a few Savage Worlds dream settings he’d love to see, a couple of which may surprise you!

Our thanks to interviewer Thomas Riccardi and Comix Asylum for putting this all together.


HexaCon 2020 Wrap-Up!

Jan 21 2020

HexaCon 2020 is now in the rear-view mirror, and this year, the Rocky Mountain Savages hosted over a dozen Savage Worlds sessions including exclusive previews of games for the upcoming Savage Cruise (setting sail this coming Sunday)!

From the sound of things, everyone had four fantastic days of fun, and if you’re in the Denver, Colorado area, be sure to add HexaCon to your calendar for next year.

Watch this page for information about pre-registering for HexaCon 2021!


Rifts® Bundles of Holding PLUS the all-new Garden of the Gods™ Fantasy sourcebook

Jan 21 2020

Now is a great time to upgrade your Rifts® collection thanks to TWO new Bundles of Holding! While these products are all for the original Rifts® tabletop roleplaying game line from Palladium Books, it doesn’t take much effort to adapt the amazing content to work with your Savage Rifts® campaigns.

The first bundle is the Minion War Bundle presenting the complete Megaversal crossover saga of demonic annihilation for the Rifts® tabletop roleplaying game. Demons from the dimension of Hades dare to dominate the Deevils of Dyval, and the conflict ranges across Rifts Earth. Now your characters can fight side-by-side to keep the Megaverse from becoming an annex of Hell.

For just $14.95 USD you get this new offer’s Starter Collection with DRM-free .PDF ebooks of the complete five-supplement Minion War sequence (retail value $66.50), including the twin Dimension Books Hades, Pits of Hell and Dyval, Hell Unleashed (plus the Hades & Dyval Map Pack); Dimensional OutbreakArmageddon Unlimited; and the spectacular climax of the sequence, Megaverse in Flames.

And if you pay more than this offer’s threshold price of $26.09, you’ll level up and also get this offer’s entire Bonus Collection with six more titles worth an additional $63.50, including two Rifts Conversion Books, the Wormwood Dimension Book, the character sourcebook Heroes of Humanity, and two more sourcebooks from the Phase World offer: Heroes of the Megaverse and the equipment book Naruni Wave 2.

The second bundle is the Rifts® Essentials Bundle. This bundle presents the core rulebook and key supplements for Kevin Siembieda’s Rifts® tabletop roleplaying game from our friends at Palladium. This bargain-priced collection is your starting point for a campaign of mind-blowing adventure across a future Earth shattered by countless otherworldly invasions.

For just $8.95 USD you get all three titles in this Essentials offer’s Starter Collection (retail value $33.50) as DRM-free .PDF ebooks, including the complete 384-page Rifts Ultimate Edition™ plus the Rifts Primer and Rifts Sourcebook One™ Revised Edition.

And if you pay more than this offer’s threshold price of $20.11, you’ll level up and also get this offer’s entire Bonus Collection with three more supplements worth an additional $45.50, including the Game Master Guide, a 360-page equipment collection; the Book of Magic™; and the Game Master Kit with useful play aids and pregenerated characters.

Ten percent of each payment for these two offers (after gateway fees) goes to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, so not only will you be grabbing a deeply discounted assortment of gaming goodies, you’ll also be helping a great cause!

These bundles wrap up next week (January 27), so don’t delay!

Also note that the new Garden of the Gods™ Fantasy sourcebook is currently shipping from Palladium Books.

Though this hotly-anticipated, 224-page adventure sourcebook has been designed specifically for the Palladium Fantasy RPG®, it can be easily tweaked to fit almost any setting and system. Spice up your games with new deities, magic items, blessings that enhance your characters, and 100+ adventure quests. Packed with stunning artwork, 200+ blessings, 100+ magic items, 50+ curses, 45 forgotten gods, over 100+ adventure hooks and more.

Check out the FREE, 60-page PDF Sneak Preview of Garden of the Gods™ on DriveThruRPG to get a glimpse of what to expect.


The SWAG Top 10 Best Sellers of 2019

Jan 14 2020

The Golden Globes! The Critics’ Choice Awards! The Oscars! No doubt about it, it’s awards season around these parts, and what better time for us here at Pinnacle Entertainment Group to premiere an award of our own!

Introducing the 2019 SWAG Awards!

While there is no extravagant ceremony with hundreds of celebrity guests in-attendance, today we acknowledge the best of the best in the recently-forged Savage Worlds Adventurer’s Guild.

The following 10 products were the SWAG program’s best sellers of last year over on DriveThruRPG and we celebrate their success with our thanks and a shiny new, major award!

We ask that all of the above winners please contact us at for more information about your award.

Congratulations to the creators of all these amazing products, and we look forward to even more exciting support materials for Savage Worlds through the Savage Worlds Adventurer’s Guild in 2020!


Pinnacle Takes on PAX South This Weekend

Jan 14 2020

While it may feel like PAX Unplugged wrapped up just a little over a month ago (it actually did, by the way), this weekend (January 17-19), PAX South returns to the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in the heart of San Antonio, Texas.

While there are sure to be plenty of fantastic games on the schedule (a few of which will be in the hands of our friends with the Rocky Mountain Savages), along with several amazing seminars and other events, you’ll also find Jodi Black (Pinnacle Entertainment Group COO) in Booth #25037 promoting Carolina Game Tables and sharing space with the fine folks from the Last Gameboard.

Additional Pinnacle peeps on-hand will include writer/editor Preston Dubose as well as Sean and Robin Bircher of the Savage Rifts® development team! All will be happy to talk shop, sign books, or just say “Hi!”

So warm up those Wild Dice and get ready for three days of fun and games at PAX South this weekend in San Antonio.


Licensee Spotlight – Clock and Dagger from GRAmel

Jan 14 2020

Clock and Dagger is a brand new setting for Savage Worlds from “Ace” licensee, GRAmel (Beasts & BarbariansNemezis, and Tyrnador).

In Clock and Dagger, players take on the roles of humans and “shelicans” to plunder the ruins of the Immortals and wield strange “clockpunk” gadgets, all the while avoiding the fanatical Paladins!

Once, the world was ruled by Immortals – godlike figures wielding immeasurable sorcery, building towers hundreds of miles tall, erecting strange monuments, and crafting wonderful devices.

They have created the humans and tamed the wild cat-people named shelicans to serve them, but the half-human offspring of Immortals rebelled. They defeated their Immortal ancestors — except one — and took over their cities, where their descendants rule now as the aristocracy.

But while the nobles lord over vast domains, the poor get poorer. And sometimes they strike back, seizing gold, relics, and magical secrets of the First Ones. This is not the time for heroes – it’s a time for Professionals, thieves, con artists, and ruin explorers.

This setting offers a number ideas to inspire you to run a heist-based campaign, explore the mysterious world, and develop your own Guild using the Achievement system. In this 94-page book you’ll find new Edges and Hindrances, three Arcane Backgrounds, and a description of Urx, the city of thieves.

Check out the free preview or pick up the complete book from DriveThruRPG today!


Deadlands Lost Colony PDFs Released to Kickstarter Backers

Jan 7 2020

For Kickstarter backers at the Digital Colonist level and above, we now have “work in progress” PDF versions of the Deadlands Lost Colony core rulebook plus a set of Archetype Cards ready for you to enjoy—with more on the way soon.

With these two files in-hand as well as a copy of the new Savage Tale, A Billion Miles from Home, you’ll have everything you need to take your players off to the outer fringes of the Faraway system!

The Deadlands Lost Colony core rulebook and Archetype Cards files will be updated periodically as we gather feedback from everyone, so we don’t advise printing anything out at this time.

Please note that Pinnacle depends on both print and electronic sales, as well as great friends and fans like you, so please don’t distribute these files. They will release to the public soon. If you want a reminder to join in as a “late backer,” sign up for the PledgeManager Bridge here.

If you backed the Kickstarter for Deadlands Lost Colony at the Digital Colonist level or above, look for an email/Kickstarter Update with detailed instructions about how to download the two new PDFs. If you have any questions, email

The Dark Awaits… are you ready for it?


2019 Was a Great Year for Savage Worlds on DriveThruRPG

Jan 7 2020

At the end of 2019 (just last week for you and me), popular gaming blog Geek Native reached out to DriveThruRPG to compile lists of some of the most popular RPG items of 2019.

Though Savage Worlds Adventure Edition actually hit the virtual shelves of DriveThruRPG in 2018, in the category of Best Selling Multi-Genre or Generic RPGs of 2019, the indispensable Savage Worlds World Builder and Game Master’s Guide got a shout out, coming in at number three alongside several other excellent tabletop gaming products!

Obviously we’re extremely proud of this volume and we encourage you all to check it out even if you’re (gasp) not a Savage Worlds fan!

The Savage Worlds World Builder and Game Master’s Guide features articles from Pinnacle staff, freelancers, and favorite Game Masters on such topics as running Savage Worlds for All Ages, Risks & Reversals, High Powered Games, building a core group for yearly conventions, maintaining settings for decades, and even a practical guide for publishing your world under the Savage Worlds Adventurer’s Guild!

Order your copy today from our store or DriveThruRPG!


Savage Worlds Makes More Top 10 Lists from 2019

Jan 7 2020
Savage Worlds on the Web

Last week, we posted about Savage Worlds getting a shout-out in the pages of Forbes(!) and this week, we’ve got a couple more Top 10 lists to share where Savage Worlds Adventure Edition got a little love.

First up, Game Informer, “the World’s #1 Video Game Magazine,” presents the Best Role-Playing Game Releases Of 2019 in which Savage Worlds Adventure Edition snags a spot alongside a number of other notable RPGs.

Contributor Matt Miller writes: “If you like the idea of role-playing games, but in practice you sometimes feel like the experience can get bogged down or feel too slow, Savage Worlds Adventure Edition is a game you should check out.” And we couldn’t agree more!

Secondly, our friends over at Victory Condition Gaming recently posted a YouTube video counting down the Top 10 Tabletop Role Playing Games of 2019. Spoilers… Host Douglas Shute drops Savage Worlds Adventure Edition into the number seven spot!

Check out the video here and be sure to follow Victory Condition Gaming on Facebook.