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Final Month for the Wendigo Tales: Volume One & Deadlands: Lost Colony PledgeManager

Jun 2 2020

If you missed out on our Kickstarter campaigns for Deadlands: Lost Colony and Wendigo Tales: Volume One, don’t dismay! You have until the end of this month (June 30th) to jump into the PledgeManager.

Through the PledgeManager, just select the highest reward tier you desire, and then pick-and-choose all your various Add Ons including Savage Worlds Adventure Edition (2nd printing), The Cackler graphic novel, Deadlands: Hell on Earth50 Fathoms, and discounted bundles for Deadlands: NoirEast Texas UniversityWeird War OneRippers, and Weird Wars Rome.

Please note that if it’s your first time using the portal, especially those of you overseas, be sure to read through all the fine print in our latest Kickstarter Update for details about taxes, shipping label prep, and more.

Despite all the delays and setbacks of the current pandemic, we plan to begin shipping these products in mid-July, so act now!

Be sure to contact if you have any questions at all.


FREE PDF Errata Bookmark for Deadlands: Lost Colony

Jun 2 2020

Mysterious forces have interfered with the upcoming printed edition of the Deadlands: Lost Colony core rulebook resulting in a couple minor issues with the way Fear Levels are presented.

While the PDF version has already been corrected, each physical book that leaves our warehouse will be accompanied by a printed bookmark with errata. Until then, you can download a free PDF of this bookmark from our store and print out as many as you want for your players!

The error in question occurs on pages 63 and 100: The penalty to Fear checks isn’t the Fear Level itself, but -1 for each Fear Level after 2 (so -1 at Fear Level 3, -2 for Fear Level 4, and so on).

We also added this under Creatures on page 179: “Fear: Supernatural creatures are born of the Reckoning and ignore Fear Level penalties.”

Download and print this bookmark to ensure you’re all playing with FEAR correctly!


This Week’s Top 5 in the Savage Worlds Adventurers Guild

Jun 2 2020

There’s always something exciting available through the Savage Worlds Adventurer’s Guild (SWAG) and this week is no exception!

Here are the current TOP 5 products representing sourcebooks, add-ons, and even a rules supplement for a miniatures game all for use with Savage Worlds!

  1. Summoner’s Circle from author Dylan Brooks is a 38-page supplement that includes a system for designing summoned allies, new Edges and Hindrances for conjuration and its practitioners, 36 sample creatures to summon across all Ranks, and 10 fleshed-out NPCs ranging from an elven ecoterrorist to a dinosaur-summoning, time-traveling big game hunter.
  2. Companions & Familiars (Fantasy Add-On) from Cyril Ronseaux is an add-on for Savage Worlds to help make various types of pets, companions, and familiars. Companions & Familiars includes new Edges, companion abilities, 10 sample characters along with their companions, and a variety of other options that can be added to any fantasy setting.
  3. Designed by S.J. Sams, RuinAtion: A Savage World Post-Apocalyptic Miniatures Game, is a 56-page “crew” based miniature skirmish game set in a world destroyed by two imperfect Artificial Intelligences. The basic game has over 40 customizable figure types, rules for strange energies, and a myriad of weapons and warriors including tragically-enhanced beings and rare ammunition.
  4. Of Breath and Flow: Mystic Martial Arts Action and Savage Wuxia Adventures from Matthew Hoeveler and Steve Spaulding is a collection of rules and setting content that GMs can use to add a Wuxia action vibe to any game they run — from fantasy to science fiction! Included are new Edges and Hindrances, five Fu Schools, 20 Fu Styles, three new Powers, an appendix of more than 20 traditional Fu weapons, plus rules on the Wu Xing five-element cycle as Trappings and Cultivated Chi.
  5. And in the number one slot, Modern Monsters from Dylan Brooks is a collection of monsters derived from modern mythology, cryptozoology, and the terrors of everyday life. The fifteen monsters in the book are given Savage Worlds stats, detailed descriptions, advice for using them in your games, plot hooks, and monster variations if the default versions don’t quite fit the tone of your campaign.

Just hover over the “FORUM” tab (directly above this article if you’re reading it on our site) and under it you’ll find the link to access the SWAG portal where you can purchase these incredible, community-generated products for Savage Worlds.

You’ll also find all the info you need to publish your own gaming material through the Savage Worlds Adventurer’s Guild!


Deadlands: Lost Colony and Widowmaker PDF Updates

May 26 2020

Whether it was through the sinister influence of a dreaded braincrawler or the unfortunate result of a roving band of wild chirakas, we recently stumbled upon a couple glitches that needed to be addressed in the Deadlands: Lost Colony rulebook and Widowmaker adventure.

What this means is that you should re-download the PDFs of both the rulebook and Widowmaker as both are now fully repaired and ready for action! Find the updated versions in our store or over at DriveThruRPG.

And as for the printed version of the Deadlands: Lost Colony core rulebook, we’ll be including a shiny new PRINTED bookmark with every book to correct an issue with Fear Levels.

The error occurs on pages 63 and 100: The penalty to Fear checks isn’t the Fear Level itself, but -1 for each Fear Level after 2 (so -1 at Fear Level 3, -2 for Fear Level 4, and so on).

We also added this under Creatures on page 179: “Fear: Supernatural creatures are born of the Reckoning and ignore Fear Level penalties.”

Thanks to all of you for your feedback in our forums to help us polish everything up!


FREE Form-Fillable Deadlands: Lost Colony Character Sheet

May 26 2020

To keep track of all those colonists wandering about the surface of Banshee (or traveling among the stars above), we present to you our FREE, form-fillable, PDF character sheet for use with Deadlands: Lost Colony!

And while you’re downloading that indispensable item, be sure to grab all our other print-and-play PDF freebies for Lost Colony including our Harrowed Cards, Power Cards, and Power Templates imbued with wild purple energy trappings!


Licensee Spotlight: New Releases from Ace GRAmel Books

May 26 2020

Ace licensee GRAmel Books (Beasts & BarbariansNemezis, and Tyrnador) has been extremely busy during the global lockdown, and they’ve got several new releases to prove it!

First up, 15 Barrels of Wine on the Wall is a simple one-shot adventure for their comedic, culinary fantasy setting, Béchamel, in which the heroes need to track down barrels of poisoned wine before the “Great Feast.” Fast, simple, and action packed (thanks to Quick Encounters from Savage Worlds Adventure Edition), 15 Barrels of Wine on the Wall is a delicious treat for starting Béchamel adventurers!

Michał Studniarek’s Stones of Contention is a longer, more atmospheric adventure set in Dark Ages Britannia. It is a low fantasy tale where players feel the mood of the glorious past and take care of their own Celtic tribe. It can be played over just two sessions, and comes with pre-generated characters.

And finally, their most recent one-shot adventure is for their atomic, post-pulp setting Attack of the Giant Monsters! Can your brave monster hunters, luchadores, and investigators help an atomic scientist solve… his marital problems? Find out in this all-new, hair-raising adventure… I Married a Mutated Toad!

Find these and several other licensed products for Savage Worlds from GRAmel Books over on DriveThruRPG, and be sure to follow them on Facebook.


Con+3: An RPG Convention for a Great Cause

May 26 2020

ConPlus is an annual, online, 24-hour tabletop roleplaying game convention which raises funds for renowned charity the Butterfly Project. This year’s convention, known as Con+3, raised an impressive £3567 (over $4400 USD), bringing their current fundraising total to £7545 ($9300 USD)!

The Butterfly Project is a small charity operating in Kampala, Uganda that aims to provide underprivileged children in remote and often overlooked villages with the tools needed to inspire kids to think about change. By using board games and roleplaying games as a core part of their tool set, they’ve already made change makers out of dozens of children in Uganda.

The proceedings were interrupted by Toki the Kitten!

ConPlus began as BrigadeCon back in 2014 and has grown every year. The event has had the pleasure and privilege to be supported by so many fantastic pioneers of the RPG industry including Pinnacle Entertainment Group.

While this year’s event is now over, you can still support the Butterfly Project here with your one-time or monthly donation. And make sure you’re signed up to their mailing list to get all the latest news PLUS some gorgeous Swag Bag goodies!


Thank Y’all for a Phenomenal Deadlands Kickstarter

May 19 2020

Last Tuesday, our hugely successful Kickstarter for Deadlands: the Weird West rode off into the sunset with almost 5,000 of you pledging a whopping $567,000 to help bring this project to (new) life!

We really cannot thank you enough for all your support, especially during these rather unusual times.

Now, things are going to go a bit quiet for the next few weeks as Kickstarter takes about a month to collect pledges. During that time, we’ll keep working away on all the goodies you unlocked, and once funding is complete, we’ll start releasing PDFs and gathering any last minute proofing before we send everything off to our printer.

If you missed out on the Kickstarter, be sure to sign up here to be notified the moment the PledgeManager goes live! (And note that late backers will only be able to pledge for the physical reward tiers.)

Thanks again for your support and we look forward to seeing you all in the Weird West soon!


Deadlands: Lawless Actual Play by Wildcards

May 19 2020

In a special, two-episode arc sponsored by Pinnacle Entertainment Group, the WildCards team from Saving Throw recently rode the dusty trails of Deadlands once again for Deadlands: Lawless!

The toubleshooters ride a spur into Flat Edge, Kansas, to investigate the disappearance of several Empire Rails coworkers. The townsfolk are none too friendly, the Crit Fail count is higher than ever, and the laughs and chills are all too real!

Marshal Jordan Caves-Callarman leads actors Gaurav Gulati as Weird Scientist Wheeler McLentic, Meghan Caves as Chi Master Cherry, Jordan Pridgen as one-armed Gunslinger Elden Fallon, and Dom Zook as Huckster Ransom Keane.

These episodes are an excellent way to see the Savage Worlds rules in action and get a taste of the updated Deadlands: the Weird West rules in play. Although our Kickstarter for Deadlands wrapped up last week, you can sign up to be notified when the pledge manager opens.

Check out both episodes of Deadlands: Lawless on the Saving Throw YouTube channel:


Deadlands: the Weird West Actual Play on Dicebreaker!

May 19 2020

Learn the basics of Savage Worlds and preview the new Deadlands in Dicebreaker’s actual play of the Weird West!

Releasing Saturdays in bingeable, hour long (or less) episodes on the Dicebreaker YouTube channel, join notable GM Johnny Chiodini as the Marshal along with actors Alex Lolies as Howdy, a gunslinger of few words, Matt Jarvis as the Harrowed, Jackie Daniels, Alex Meehan as “the gunslinger with the gift of gab,” Charles P. McGinty, and Michael Whelan as blessed Pastor John Virtue.

In just the first two rootin’-tootin’ episodes, the posse has already witnessed a miner’s death, experimented with Thievery, chattered about exorcism, and figured out exactly why Harrowed drink. Not to mention that unfortunate cardiac event as well as that attack in the cave!

Saddle up and ride into Dicebreaker’s Let’s Play Deadlands: The Weird West series over on YouTube today.