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Sep 25 2019
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3-6 13+ 2-6 hours TBD


Heroes of Legend

Far back in the mists of antiquity, a poet sings of great deeds wrought by mighty heroes—of monsters slain and justice restored, of wise council and devious strategies, of courage, valor, and daring—defiant of the gods themselves. In Agon, you create and play these heroes, crafting their epic tale into an immortal legend.

On their way back home from the war, the heroes have become lost among strange islands populated by mythical creatures, dire beasts, treacherous landscapes, legendary kingdoms, and desperate people—all somehow cursed or abandoned by the cruel power of the capricious gods.

It falls to you to seize this opportunity for greatness—to set things right in these lost lands, overcome the trials of gods, monsters, and people, prove the glory of your name, and win your way back home.

In this book, you’ll find:

  • Rules for creating your heroes of myth and legend, building the glory of their name, and forging their eternal legend.
  • Divine favor, bonds, and pathos for each hero to call upon to reach further than a mortal could.
  • Islands full of gods, monsters, and people to challenge your heroes.
  • Guidance for the Strife Player, who presents the challenges on the island.
  • The Vault of Heaven to record your progress towards returning home and the ire of the gods.
  • Contests and Battles that reveal the heroes greatness and glory as well as what they care most about.

The Trials of Glory Await!

Number of players: 3-6
Age of players: 13+
Length: 2-6 hours
Type of Game: Roleplaying Game
Languages Available: English
Product Number: TBD
Page Count: TBD
Format: Hardcover and Digital formats.
Release Date: Est. May 2020
Availability: Check here
Game Designer: John Harper and Sean Nittner

A Further Word About Kickstarter

Sep 23 2019

Ten days ago, in light of troubling allegations of union busting by Kickstarter management, we decided to pause the launch of our crowdfunding campaign for the new edition of Agon. Although we had the specifics planned, the draft project approved, and marketing efforts underway, we felt it was important to stop and evaluate both the situation and our relationship with Kickstarter. We strive for transparency, fairness, and equity in the way we operate our business and we look for those same values in the companies we partner with, whenever possible. 

To be honest, Kickstarter management has put us in a bind. Their policies and actions have left us with a situation where we will lose some of our regular backers if we stay, and lose others if we move to an alternative. When it comes down to it, we will act according to our conscience, and for the first time in a decade of crowdfunding, that conscience has us seriously considering other crowdfunding platforms. If management continues to act against the public’s benefit by undermining unionization efforts, they will leave us with little choice in the coming year. We stand at an unpleasant and unexpected crossroads.

After more than a week of internal deliberation and due diligence, we’ve concluded the following:

  1. The situation is still fluid. The organization effort continues – and we’re encouraged by that – but management has not made any public steps to recognize the union.
  2. Union organizers at Kickstarter have not called for a boycott. That would represent a dramatic and deliberate escalation and it’s their responsibility to decide if and when such an important action would be warranted.
  3. As a company we have maximum influence when we work within the Kickstarter ecosystem, not outside it. Completely walking away at this point, while possible, would not just be premature but also undercut the impact of our support for the union.

So: we have determined that at this time our values, our business, and our commitment to the unionization effort are all best served by continuing to use Kickstarter with one important caveat: if management refuses to recognize the union after a majority of employees vote to organize or if the union calls for a boycott, we will cancel any ongoing campaign immediately—regardless of how much money it’s raised or how many days are left in its funding period. (Campaigns which have already funded and concluded will not be canceled; Kickstarter has already collected their fee on those and we remain committed to delivering what we’ve promised.)

The true power of Kickstarter is realized when collective action comes together to create something greater than any one individual can achieve. If you are reading this and would like to voice your support for the organizing employees at Kickstarter, we encourage you to sign this petition. If you are a creator on Kickstarter, this petition would be a good one to sign as well. We’ve signed both.

At its core, Kickstarter is a platform fueled by hope, optimism, and excitement. 

We are excited to launch Agon later this week.
We are optimistic that unionization efforts at Kickstarter will succeed. 
And we hope that management is listening to our concerns, and do the right thing.

A Word About Kickstarter

Sep 13 2019

Over the past 10 years, Kickstarter campaigns have been an essential business driver for Evil Hat. Thanks to Fate Core’s 2013 Kickstarter, we were able to publish an award-winning game that has been the backbone of many new and exciting products we have made since. While we don’t crowdfund every game we publish, over the course of 14 Kickstarter campaigns we have reached 36,000+ gamers and raised over $1.6 million dollars. As a company, Evil Hat uses Kickstarter as a key tool in managing production budgets and engaging new customers.

At the same time, Evil Hat is a company that attempts to live our values and serve as just one example of integrity and fairness in this small but competitive industry. Whether that means prominently featuring safety tools in the Fate Horror Toolkit, publishing disabled designers in the Fate Accessibility Toolkit, or taking the simple step of making sure the art and NPCs in our games cover diverse representation, we believe it’s important to make money in a way that aligns with our values and principles.

So we were very disappointed to learn yesterday that Kickstarter management may be engaged in union-busting efforts. These actions don’t speak well to Kickstarter’s self-proclaimed role as a public benefit corporation and they don’t align with Evil Hat’s values when it comes to transparency, fairness, or equity.

We have had plans and marketing efforts underway to launch Agon 2nd Edition in partnership with designer John Harper next week. This would be our 15th KS campaign, and one which we have strong hopes for. We appreciate that the Kickstarter union organizers are not calling for creators to cancel their projects or for backers to boycott the platform at this time. However, we recognize that the situation between Kickstarter management and its employees is still developing.

In that light, we’ve discussed the issue both internally and with John, and we all agree we need to take a week to consider our future with Kickstarter, and assess whether or not we can continue to use the platform in good faith. Accordingly we’ll be delaying the launch of the Agon KS.

We welcome your thoughts and comments in the intervening time.

Fate Accessibility Toolkit

Sep 4 2019
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3-6 12+ 2-8 hr $10

Fate Space Toolkit

Fate Accessibility Toolkit

The Fate Accessibility Toolkit is a new toolkit for Fate Core that brings characters with disabilities into your game and supports players with disabilities at your table. We’ve assembled a team from disabled communities to ensure that this book speaks to you from their real, lived experiences.

You’ll also want a copy of Fate Core or Fate Accelerated to play; that said, we provide plenty of advice and perspectives you can use with any game system!

Inside the Fate Accessibility Toolkit you’ll find:

  • An exploration of the challenges and experiences facing people with a variety of physical and mental disabilities, in their own words.
  • Advice on compassionately and respectfully playing characters with disabilities, as well as strategies for welcoming disabled players to your game table.
  • Discussion of specific disabilities, including blindness, D/deafness and hardness of hearing, mobility issues, dwarfism, chronic illness, autism, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolarity, and PTSD.
  • Options for representing disability in the Fate system, using a mix of aspects, stunts, and conditions, and including an exploration of adaptive devices available to characters across a variety of settings.
  • Appendices focused on creating safe spaces at your table, an ASL reference for common RPG terms, and a large-print character sheet for Fate Core.

This is the Prototype Edition of the Fate Accessibility Toolkit. What’s that mean?

TL;DR: There’s no art, but sales of this will help us get art, and once we get art, we’ll upgrade your PDF to one with art at no added cost.

The Fate Accessibility Toolkit has been under development for several years at Evil Hat. During that time we’ve gone through a number of transitions. Towards the end of 2018, Evil Hat realized it was over-extended and needed to slim back its product offerings for the coming year. You can read more about this in our public blog post from then, found here.

Even facing some financial turbulence, we remained committed to Fate Accessibility. The mission of the book was too important to us to consider canceling it. We knew we would be able to ensure that the game’s text would be completed at the very least, and we knew we could make that text available to the public if all other avenues failed.

So for the Fate Accessibility Toolkit, we’re going to do a “Prototype Edition” release. While there isn’t budget to make the art happen at this time (let alone put the book into print), we can make the content of the book available to you now. So with that in mind, we’ll sell Fate Accessibility in this art-free form (the grey rectangles throughout the text are place-holders for eventual artwork) until it generates enough revenue to pay for the missing art budget (likely requiring several hundred sales as a baseline).

Once we have that, we can commission the art, and at least provide a final version of the book in electronic form. (If that happy event comes to pass, we’ll upgrade all purchases of the Prototype Edition PDF to the full final PDF version at no added cost.)

As to whether or not the book will see print, who knows? At the least, if we get the budget for art, we’ll be able to take a look at making it available as a print-on-demand title here on DriveThruRPG. If interest is high, we may go beyond that. Your purchase is your vote! (And thank you for your support.)

Fate Toolkits. All the tools to build your stage.

Expansion Information

Number of players: 3-6
Age of players: 12+
Length: 2-8 hours
Type of Game: Roleplaying Game Supplement for Fate Core
Languages Available: English
Prototype Edition Price: $10
Length: 124 Pages
Format: PDF
Release Date: July 23, 2019
Game Designers: Elsa Sjunneson-Henry, Laurel Bell, C.D. “Casey” Casas, Lillian Cohen-Moore, Philippe-Antoine Ménard, Zeph Wibby, Mysty Vander, ASL For RPG, Brian Engard, Clark Valentine, Sophie Lagacé.

Agon Resources

Aug 28 2019

Character Sheets

Download coming soon…


Download coming soon…

Players Kit

Download coming soon…

Improv For Gamers – Reviews and Actual Play

May 22 2019

Check out these podcasts, live streams, reviews, and interviews!

Plot Points

Ben did a great interview with Karen about gaming, improv, and everything in between on Plot Points. Listen here:


That DnD Podcast Actual Play

That DnD Podcast Interview with Karen Twleves

The Critshow Podcast

Rev and Tass of The Critshow chat at the end of Episode 55 about Improv for Gamers and what insights they had as fellow dual-classed improvisor-gamers. Listen to their segment below:

Gaming with Gage: Sean Nittner

Sean Nittner from Evil Hat sits down with Gage Verronneau to chat about the publishing process and current projects. Check out the discussion of Improv for Gamers starting at 26:33!

The Gauntlet Podcast

Lovely chat with Jason Cordova on The Gauntlet podcast about improv, performative play and creativity, capped off with what is currently bringing us joy!

She’s a Super Geek

Mia and Karen joined Senda and Andi from She’s a Super Geek to talk about improv, how the workshops developed, and play some fun games!

Gnome Stew: Review

Gnome Stew provides a comprehensive review of our book and what readers can expect to learn from it.

Review by The Anxious Gamer

An insightful review by Eleanor Hingley, with thoughts on how to expand and customize improv for tabletop groups!

Once Upon a Game: Improv for Gamers Special Look

Eric Vulgaris featured Improv for Gamers on Once Upon a Game. We played some fun and silly improv, and also stretched our repertoire of character voices.

Twitch Stream with Ash McAllan

Fun times were had playing some improv games on Twitch, hosted by Ash McAllan, and talking about what we all can take away from it to apply to our roleplaying experiences.

Review: Improv for Gamers

comprehensive review from Brazillian reader, Fábio Emilio Costa.

Five or So Questions on Improv for Gamers

We answered Five or So Questions with Brie Beau Sheldon about the workshops, the book, and what a gamer can take away from an improv class.

Backstory Podcast

Have a listen to a lovely chat between Karen Twelves and Alex Roberts about performance, play, and the importance of trust on Backstory.

Super Geeked Up

Jeff, Francis, and Karen discover the hidden secrets of Ewoks and anteaters while playing Animal Secrets! Check that out and more geeky improv fun in this special episode of Super Geeked Up!

Fate Community

Apr 20 2019

Here are some of the places to connect with other folks in the Fate community:

Discord – https://discord.gg/btPbUZP

MeWe – https://mewe.com/join/fate_core

Reddit – https://www.reddit.com/r/FATErpg/

PashPost – https://pashpost.com/group/fate-core

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/groups/FateCom/

The venerable/original locus, the FateRPG Yahoo Group – https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/FateRPG/info

Alas, poor G+. We knew them, Horatio.

Fate of Cthulhu

Apr 18 2019
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3-6 13+ 2-8 Hours $35


Fate of Cthulhu

The stars are right for Great Cthulhu’s return. It’s up to you to make them wrong again!

The Great Old Ones reach out from the future and into their past—our present—corrupting the timeline such that events and individuals turn towards the apocalyptic and lead to their inevitable rise. A small and battered resistance effort mounted by time-travelers and present-day heroes stands in their way.

You are those one-way travelers from a dark future and their crucial allies from the present day, working together to save the human race from looming apocalypse. Armed with foreknowledge of Judgment Day, you must succeed at a series of vital missions aimed at restoring hope to the future.

Can you defeat the vast unknowable evils of the Great Old Ones before you become a monster yourself? Find out in Fate of Cthulhu!

Fate of Cthulhu is a stand-alone game powered by the Fate Core System. No other books are needed to play. In this game, you’ll find:

  • Corruption mechanics that show how close your heroes are coming to the monsters they fight, and the monstrous abilities they gain!
  • Five detailed example timelines plus rules for running them and making your own.
  • A system for tracking key events leading up to the apocalypse that the players change through their actions and choices during play, including support for ripple effects and time paradoxes.
  • Modifications to stress and concession rules, including support for heroic last stands that sacrifice a character but help turn the timeline towards a better outcome.
  • A rituals and spells system that offers great power at a cost, treating spells as secrets of arcane Elder technology that must be sought out in play.

The apocalypse is coming. It’s time to punch it in the face or die trying in Fate of Cthulhu!

Number of players: 3-6
Age of players: 13+
Length: 2-8 hours
Type of Game: Roleplaying Game
Languages Available: English
Product Number: EHP0047
ISBN: 978-1-61317-172-1
Page Count: 256 Pages
Format: Hardcover and Digital Formats
Release Date: December 2019
Availability: Check here
Game Designer: Stephen Blackmoore, PK Sullivan, Ed Turner, Leonard Balsera, Misha Bushyager, and Sophie Lagacé.


Kickstarter is live now!

Band of Blades

Mar 2 2019
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4-6 13+ 2-6 hours $45


Band of Blades

The Road to Skydagger Keep

The Legion is in retreat following a failed battle against the armies of the undead. You are a member of the Legion, your bonds to one another forged in the dark by bone and blood.

But time is running out as more fall to the indomitable forces of the Cinder King. As Legionnaires, you must make it to Skydagger Keep before you’re cut off or overtaken by the undead. Paying horrifying costs, you’ll employ offensives, maneuvers, unwise bargains, and desperate gambits as the ever-ticking clock nears its final hour.

Do you have what it takes to outwit, outrun, and outlast the endless hordes of the undead, or will your band of blades break beneath the Cinder King’s iron fist? Play to find out in Band of Blades, a stand-alone, Forged in the Dark RPG of dark military fantasy.

Band of Blades contains all the rules you need to play. In this book you’ll find:

  • A clear game structure for playing out missions filled with moment-to-moment danger and tracking the overall fate of the Legion.
  • Rookie, Soldier, and five different Specialist playbooks, with Legionnaires created as they are needed when the casualties of war set in.
  • Legion roles for all of the players: the Commander sets mission priorities, the Marshal directs the troupes, the Quartermaster manages precious resources, the Spymaster gathers intel in the field, and the Lorekeeper preserves the histories of the Legion.
  • Three different Chosen—humans imbued with the powers of the gods, each with their own unique gifts, who aid the Legion.
  • Army advancement throughout the campaign, including gaining new materiel and the promotion of the Legion’s troops.
  • Four distinct heritages of brave and flawed people seeking to survive another night from the Cinder King’s horrors.

Join us on the road to Skydagger Keep. Our numbers are few, our supplies are low, and every operation is a deadly risk—but if any chance exists to make a difference in the outcome of the war, it is this cohort, the only remaining hope, this bloody band of blades!

Number of players: 4-6
Age of players: 13+
Length: 2-6 Hours
Type of Game: Roleplaying Game
Languages Available: English
Product Number: EHP0048
ISBN: 978-1-613717-173-8
Page Count: 464
Format: Hardback and digital editions
Availability: Check here (Release date: August 1, 2019)
Game Designers: Stras Acimovic and John LeBoeuf-Little