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Happy New Year!

Jan 10 2018

Happy New Year!

Gosh, we're already incredibly busy in 2018, hard at work on Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Fourth Edition, Moria for The One Ring and Adventures in Middle-earth, and our new system for horror gaming that will power  World War Cthulhu and Cthulhu Britannica (and more)! Not to mention our Dungeon Abbey card games, which are shaping up to be something really special! It's all go!
Yesterday we took delivery of an enormous consignment of printed items in the UK. These are also due to arrive in the US in a couple of weeks.

On hand in the UK we now have:
Terror of the Darklords and the Narrator's Screen for Lone Wolf Adventure Game
Our American Cousins for World War Cthulhu (This one won't go on general sale, but will be heading out to customers who pre-ordered it)
And at last, Eaves of Mirkwood and Loremaster's Screen for Adventures in Middle-earth!

A reportage photo from the frenzied scenes in the C7 UK HQ as ALL THE GAMES get packed for dispatch!

We'll be dispatching copies of all of these to UK/European/"Rest of World" pre-order customers and Kickstarter backers beginning this week. As soon as they reach the US warehouse we'll get them sent out to our US customers. Stay tuned for confirmation of that.

Meanwhile in the US, dispatch is complete for C7 pre-orders of Mirkwood Campaign and The Road Goes Ever On for Adventures in Middle-earth.

The Road Goes Ever On hits US stores in January, The Mirkwood Campaign in February, so keep your eyes peeled for those if you didn't pre-order.

In upcoming pre-order land we have Rivendell Region Guide for Adventures in Middle-earth, Laughter of Dragons for The One Ring, Realm of Sommerlund for Lone Wolf and the Twelfth Doctor Sourcebook for Doctor Who Roleplaying Game. We'll also continue The Enemy Within Campaign for WFRP First Edition in PDF.

Lots to look forward to in 2018! Oh! We forgot to mention - it's our tenth birthday this year, so we'll be kicking off celebrations very soon. Stay tuned!

Lone Wolf Adventure Game – Narrator’s Screen Pre-order Open

Dec 20 2017

Available for pre-order now: Lone Wolf Adventure Game Narrator's Screen
A sturdy and durable screen to hide your Narrator plans, counter flips and die rolls from prying eyes!

One side is packed with useful information to keep your games flowing smoothly, however action-packed they become. The other side bears an epic vista of friends and foes as the inspirational backdrop to your party’s adventures.

A heavyweight four panel screen, this is the ideal accessory for every Lone Wolf Adventure Game table.

The PDF version, which comes free with every order, features each panel as an individual page for easy viewing, along with a file of each side as a whole.

Pre-order now:

Or you can grab the PDF from DrivethruRPG now.

About Lone Wolf Adventure Game

It began on Kickstarter, where we used the tide of support to create a beginner rpg that costs just $30/£20, but is full of components you'd expect in a box that cost twice that. The box teaches you how to play the game, and includes everything you need! Maps, character sheets, handouts, counters, books, the works!
Since then the line has grown, and there's a whole range of books and accessories to continue your journey into Magnamund. Whether it's the vast range of new character options in Heroes of Magnamund, or the epic Terror of the Darklords Campaign, there's something for everyone.
Find out more here.

Death on the Reik – The Enemy Within Volume 2 PDF

Dec 19 2017

Available now in PDF: Death on the Reik!

The time shall come when the enemies of Chaos shall relax their guard and pay no heed to the shadows at their backs. Then shall the Great Mutator cause the warped moon to awaken, and the beloved of Mórr shall spit upon the lands of The Empire. Where his spittle doth land, there shall the weak fear to tread, but the possessor of the spittle shall wield great power”
Extract from Omens and Prophecies of the Seer Unserfrau

The mighty river Reik: the longest waterway in the whole of the Old World, stretching almost a thousand miles from its source in the Black Mountains to the sea at Marienburg. The Reik and its tributaries are the arteries of The Empire, flowing through the dark forest to link its great cities.

As the river flows untroubled to the sea, strange things are moving on its forested banks; and somewhere along its upper reaches a great evil festers and grows. It has lain dormant for over a century, but now a prophecy is fulfilled and an unimaginable horror has awoken in the hear of Sigmar’s Realm. And the horror is spreading.

The rot must be cut out before it is too late – but first it must be found…

Death on the Reik can be played as a stand-alone adventure, or as a part of the Enemy Within campaign for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, continuing from Shadows over Bögenhafen.

A seemingly simple man-hunt turns out to be far more complex and dangerous, and adventurers will be pitted against mutants, Skaven, and desperate cultists before they discover the truth – and a climax which will plunge them into the midst of Chaos.

As well as an extended campaign adventure with 20 pages of maps and player handouts Death on the Reik features an appendix on the rivers of the Empire.

New rules for river navigation and trading are included, plus full details on the river boats of the Reik and the people who use them. There are extensive outlines of possible hazards, incidents and encounters, plus a fully developed, ready to play scenario, ‘The Maria Borger’.

This PDF reissues the Hogshead Publishing Edition of Death on the Reik book. We’ve painstakingly scanned every page, and created a PDF that maintains the appearance of the original. This does make for a slightly larger file than we’d normally produce, but on this occasion, we think it’s worth it for all the great First Edition feel! The PDF is also extensively bookmarked for ease of reference.

Get it now here!

The Road Goes Ever On – in stores soon!

Dec 15 2017

Coming to US stores in January - The Road Goes Ever On for Adventures in Middle-earth!

The Road Goes Ever On is a set of four, double sided, large format maps covering the greater part of known Middle-earth: Eriador, Wilderland, Rohan and Gondor/Mordor. With Player maps and hexed Loremaster maps, these provide an invaluable play aid for planning your Adventures in Middle-earth journeys.

Also included is a 32-page supplement, packed with ideas, new rules and guidance, which includes:
• Extra inspiration for Journey Events and the wonders of Middle-earth

• Helpful tables to generate and inspire encounters

• A generation system for Middle-earth ruins

• A selection of pre-made monster groups to drop into your Journeys

• Battle maps for camp sites

• A new optional system for awarding XP to those characters who chose to evade combat

• Details on places to stay

• Guidance for awarding XP on the road

• Dooms of Departure and Oaths of Return

Written by Francesco Nepitello, Steve Emmott, Jon Hodgson, TS Luikart, and Jacob Rogers, and with art by Paul Bourne, Andy Hepworth, Jon Hodgson, and Sam Manley, The Road Goes Ever On is a must-have for your Adventures in Middle-earth games.

If you'd like to pick up a copy in your local games store then be sure to ask your store owner to order their copies now! Here's the vital statistics:
US Retail Release: January 2018

Find out more about Adventures in Middle-earth, the 5th Edition Middle-earth setting here.
The Road Goes Ever On is also available in PDF here.
Or direct from our website here.

Bundle of Holding: 2 One Ring PDF Deals!

Dec 14 2017

Our friends at Bundle of Holding are currently hosting not one but TWO One Ring PDF Deals!

In the first Bundle you can get started with The One Ring for just $14.95. That gets you the Core Rules PDF and the Lake-town Guide. That’s $45 of PDFs for just $15!

If you want to level up your deal, and pay more than the Threshold Price (currently around $30), then you’ll also get another four PDFs – Tales from Wilderland, The Darkening of Mirkwood, Heart of the Wild and Rivendell. That’s another $80 worth of PDFs for an absolute bargain price!

Bundle One:

In the second Bundle, you can add some newer releases to your PDF library. Start off with the Adventurer’s Companion and Journeys & Maps for just $14.95. (Those two PDF titles are worth $38)

If you level up this second deal by paying more than the Threshold Price, you can add three more PDFs – Horse-lords of Rohan, Erebor – The Lonely Mountain, and Ruins of the North. Together these extra PDFs are worth $64!

These two deals run for another 20 days, so don’t delay!

Bundle Two:

WFRP 1st Edition: Shadows Over Bögenhafen comes to PDF!

Dec 12 2017

The Enemy Within Campaign Volume 1 - Shadows Over Bogenhäfen is out now in PDF for the very first time!

“And at the appointed time we shall rise from our secret places and throw down the towns and cities of the Empire. Our brethren shall pour forth from the forests to slay and burn. Chaos will cover the land and we, the chosen servants, shall be exalted in His eyes. Hail to Tzeench, Changer of the Ways – Njawrr’thakh ‘Lzimbarr Tzeentch!”
Excerpt from The Book of Transmutation

The Empire. Perhaps the greatest nation of the Old World, it has stood for two and a half millenia as a bulwark against the threat of Chaos. Down the ages – from the time of legen when Sigmar Heldenhammer ruled, to the peaceful days it now enjoys – the Empire has endured. Within its borders, the Emperor’s armies keep the peace. The Empire stands firm against the enemy without.

But what of The Enemy Within?

The Enemy Within: Shadows Over Bögenhafen is the first volume in an epic campaign for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. It is the definitive guide to the mighty Empire of the War hammer Old World, full of background information covering the history, geography, politics and religions of the Empire, as well as invaluable material on starting and running the campaign.

And you can begin straight away with an intriguing and chilling adventure which introduces the players to the Empire, sets them on a hunt to seek out and destroy the heart of a demonic conspiracy, and brings them face to face with the corruption threatening the very foundations of their world.

This PDF combines material originally published separately as The Enemy Within and Shadows Over Bögenhafen, revised into a clear, easy to use format, as published in print in 1995 by Hogshead Publishing. We’ve painstakingly scanned every page, and created a PDF that maintains the appearance of the original. This does make for a slightly larger file than we’d normally produce, but on this occasion, we think it’s worth it for all the great First Edition feel! The PDF is also extensively bookmarked for ease of reference.

We'll be bringing the entirety of The Enemy Within Campaign to PDF in the coming weeks.

Grab Part One, Shadows Over Bögenhafen at DrivethruRPG now!

The Great Cubicle 7 Call of Cthulhu Sale Continues!

Dec 11 2017

The Great Cubicle 7 Call of Cthulhu sale continues! Almost all of the Call of Cthulhu titles on our webstore are reduced by 25%! Any of them which survive the sale will be removed from the webstore on January 1st when our Call of Cthulhu License expires.

We will be bringing these titles back with a new system at some point in the future, but in Call of Cthulhu flavour, their days are numbered! Get them while you can!

Dom talks Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay to Tabletop Gaming Magazine

Dec 8 2017

The latest issue of Tabletop Gaming Magazine features an interview with Cubicle 7 CEO Dominic McDowall. Dom talks about our plans for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and the Age of Sigmar Roleplaying Game. Issue 13 of Tabletop Gaming is available all good newsagents now!

This week we released Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay First Edition in PDF! Check it out! We'll have more First Edition releases coming to PDF soon. For more Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay news be sure to sign up to our newsletter.

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay First Edition PDF

Dec 6 2017

We’re delighted to be able to bring the much loved First Edition of WFRP to PDF!

We’ve painstakingly scanned every page, and created a PDF that maintains the appearance of the original. This does make for a slightly larger file than we’d normally produce, but on this occasion, we think it’s worth it for all the great First Edition feel! The PDF is also extensively bookmarked for ease of reference.

We released a version earlier in the year via Humble Bundle that did not have the colour plates of the Games Workshop edition, but this new PDF does have all those glorious colour plates we know so well.

Grab it now at DrivethruRPG and re-enter a grim world of perilous adventure!

Stay tuned because we'll be bringing more WFRP First Edition titles to PDF in the coming weeks, including the seminal The Enemy Within Campaign.

Cubicle 7 Call of Cthulhu Sale!

Dec 5 2017

Following our announcement that our Call of Cthulhu license is set to expire on January the 1st 2018, we are throwing a grand everything-must-go sale on all our Cthulhu lines! It begins today with physical copies, so squirm over to our store right now and ensnare a bargain in your slavering mandibles.

Here's the science part:
• On January 1st 2018 we will take all of our current, licensed Call of Cthulhu products off sale permanently. They will not be sold by Cubicle 7 after that date.

• Before 1st January we’re reducing the price on almost all of our Call of Cthulhu licensed game titles. These are: World War Cthulhu: Cold War, World War Cthulhu: The Darkest Hour, The Laundry, and Cthulhu Britannica.

• You may still see some of these fine games in your local game store for a month or two, but there will be no restocks available. As they sell out they will not be replenished.

• These games will not be reprinted or republished by Cubicle 7 in their current form using the Call of Cthulhu rules.

• Currently, our plan is to reboot these lines with a new system or systems. It is a little too early in that process to confirm any more details with regard to the potential for backwards compatibility. We're exploring a lot of exciting options right now, and we will keep you posted on our website, newsletter and social media.

• Because some of these titles are newly released, and pre-orders have been only open a short time, we will not be discounting those titles out of respect for our customers who pre-ordered or Kickstarted those titles. A huge thank you to those customers – we really appreciate your support.

We hope you have enjoyed our Call of Cthulhu settings and supplements. We certainly had a great time working on them.

C7 Store links:
World War Cthulhu Lines
The Laundry
Cthulhu Britannia