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Guidance on Crafting an Honest and Clearly Presented Project

Jun 13 2019
Please make sure the objects on your project page actually exist, unlike these compasses.
Please make sure the objects on your project page actually exist, unlike these compasses.

The second rule on our Rules page reads: “Projects must be honest and clearly presented.” But what do we mean by that? To provide some context for this rule, we’re releasing a new page today, “Honest and Clear Project Presentation,” and an accompanying feature for creators starting new projects.

Essentially our rule about honest presentation means that projects can’t mislead people or misrepresent facts. It also means that creators need to be candid with backers about what they plan to accomplish. For projects that plan to manufacture and distribute something complex, like hardware or gadgets, we require working prototypes and don’t allow misleading imagery.

We believe that transparency and open communication are essential in creating a healthy ecosystem and, ultimately, in cultivating trust. When creators present their campaigns in a way that exaggerates claims or downplays risks, they may inflate backers’ expectations beyond what is feasible for the creator to produce. On the other hand, creators who infuse their campaigns with openness and candor naturally set clearer expectations for their backers from the outset. They are more likely to build a supportive and engaged community that’s excited to stand behind them as they work toward bringing their creative project to life.

On our new page, we offer recommendations to creators on how to be forthcoming in a way that may be rare on the internet today. But we feel this is critical to setting up both backers and creators to have positive experiences on our platform over the long term. We’ve also added more specific context and examples to illustrate our existing rules requiring prototypes and prohibiting photorealistic renderings.

The new feature we’re adding will alert creators when they’re inserting superlatives or exaggerations like “World’s Best” into their project titles. It’s meant to warn creators when they are veering away from the principles of transparency and candor that we find so essential. We hope it will help to inspire creators across all categories to be as forthcoming as possible when building their projects.

We know that being open and honest can be challenging and scary, which is why we’re committed to building tools and resources that will enable open and honest dialogue between backers and creators. We deeply value the creators who make a commitment to transparency in their Kickstarter campaigns, and we know that backers do too. When we’re searching for projects to elevate within our own community — for example, in our newsletters — we seek out projects that amplify these values. We look forward to sharing more of the tools we’re building that are centered around transparency.

Kickstarter Teams Up with the École Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie to Highlight 5 Projects from Emerging Photographers

Jun 5 2019

Pour passer à la version française, faites défiler la page.

Throughout the month of June, Kickstarter and the École Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie (ENSP) will be spotlighting the work of five emerging photographers in France.

Our goal is threefold: help these talented photographers realize a project they’re passionate about, share their work with an international audience, and help them build a community around their practice.

A support system for ENSP students and alumni

During the past few months, we’ve guided five ENSP students and alumni through the process of getting ready to launch a Photography project on Kickstarter. These projects were selected based on the following criteria:

  • Projects with a unique creative angle 
  • Amplifies underrepresented voices and/or themes 
  • Potential to resonate with an international audience

ENSP’s mission: fostering talented new photographers 

Since 1982, the ENSP has been committed to training talented photographers, providing them with knowledge and practical experience in the field. Based in Arles, France, the home of the renowned photography festival Les Rencontres d’Arles, the school encourages experimentation, innovation, and new approaches to photography.

Building community through our network of partners 

In order to help our five photographers build community around their projects, we’ve teamed up with two cultural and institutional partners dedicated to supporting, serving, and championing artists and creative culture: Mouvement and Paris Aéroport.

Mouvement is an interdisciplinary cultural magazine that showcases the work of artists, musicians, performers, filmmakers, dancers, and writers. Throughout the month, Mouvement will publish interviews with each of the photographers. 

Paris Aéroport, the Paris airport authority, aims to make art a part of travelers’ journeys. After the photographers have completed their Kickstarter campaigns, they’ll be able to exhibit their work on billboards at Paris-Orly and Paris-Charles de Gaulle for a month.

Keep reading to learn more about the five projects we’re highlighting, or see them all here.

Soleil Torride 

By Aude Carlton

Aude Carleton’s project will take her to Martinique, the island where her father was born, for the first time. Her rewards include personalized poems; she’ll even sing one to you!

The Veil 

By Nina Medioni

In 2015, Nina Medioni visited her Orthodox Jewish cousin and her family in Bnei Brak, Israel, photographing them during the course of everyday life. Now she hopes to return and expand her project to other members of the community.

Chasing the Sun 

By Adrien Vargoz

Rjukan is a village in the hinterlands of Norway where the sun doesn’t shine for six months out of the year—that is, until local Martin Andersen erected a system of gigantic mirrors that refract sunlight into the town’s center. In Chasing the Sun, Adrien Vargoz will explore how the return of the sunlight reshaped the village’s social life.

Hang Up

By Prune Phi

Prune Phi’s Hang Up will be the third chapter in a series exploring her Vietnamese heritage. She plans to take a three-month trip to Vietnam to learn about youth culture and the social and cultural issues they face.


By Chloé Wasp

What are the odds you’ll ever see a jaguar? Pretty low—even in southeastern México, where locals have been fascinated by “el tigre” since prehispanic times. This "soul searching" in the jungle revolves around the confusion between sight and vision, between reality and imagination.


Kickstarter et l’École nationale supérieure de la photographie présentent cinq projets par de nouveaux talents

Traduit vers le français par Angela Benoit.

Tout au long du mois de juin, Kickstarter et l’École Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie (ENSP) vous invitent à découvrir les travaux de cinq nouveaux talents photographiques français.

Notre objectif est triple : guider ces photographes émergents dans la réalisation d’un projet qui les passionne, présenter leurs travaux à un public international et les aider à mobiliser autour de leur pratique.

Depuis maintenant 10 ans, Kickstarter accueille sur sa plateforme les créateurs qui veulent faire vivre leurs rêves les plus audacieux. Certains sont des artistes établis, mais beaucoup n’en sont qu’à leurs débuts, encore peu reconnus par leurs pairs. Depuis 2019, près de 3 000 projets de photographie – des projets magnifiques, uniques, expérimentaux, risqués, petits et grands – ont trouvé leur public sur Kickstarter, un public de plus de 435 000 contributeurs qui ont versé plus de 35 millions d’euros.

Un réseau de soutien pour les étudiants et les anciens de l’ENSP

Ces derniers mois, nous avons accompagné cinq étudiants et anciens de l’ENSP dans la préparation de leur projet de photographie sur Kickstarter. Nos critères de sélection des projets étaient les suivants :

  • Angle créatif unique 
  • Amplification de voix/thèmes sous-représentés 
  • Potentiel de visibilité internationale

La mission de l’ENSP : encourager les nouveaux talents

Depuis 1982, la mission de l’ENSP est de former les talents par l’acquisition de connaissances et l’expérience de terrain. Basée à Arles, où se déroule le festival mondialement connu Les Rencontres d’Arles, l’école encourage l’expérimentation, l’innovation et les approches novatrices de la photographie.

La portée de notre réseau de partenaires

Afin d’aider nos cinq photographes à trouver leur public, nous nous sommes associés à Mouvement et Paris Aéroport, deux acteurs culturels et institutionnels qui soutiennent, appuient et défendent la vision de l’artiste et la culture créative.

Mouvement est un magazine culturel interdisciplinaire consacré aux artistes, musiciens, interprètes, réalisateurs, danseurs et auteurs. Ce mois-ci, la revue publiera des entretiens avec chacun des photographes sélectionnés pour cette initiative.

Paris Aéroport s’engage à ce que le meilleur de la culture rayonne partout dans ses aéroports pour que l’art fasse aussi partie du voyage. Une fois que les photographes auront terminé leurs campagnes Kickstarter, ils seront invités à exposer leurs travaux sur des affiches à Paris-Orly et Paris-Charles de Gaulle pendant un mois.

Vous trouverez un aperçu des cinq projets sélectionnés ci-dessous. Retrouvez-les aussi ici.

Soleil Torride 

Par Aude Carlton

Le projet d’Aude Carleton l’emmènera pour la première fois en Martinique, l’île natale de son père. Ses récompenses comprennent des poèmes personnalisés, et même des chants !

Le Voile 

Par Nina Medioni

En 2015, Nina Medioni rend visite à sa cousine juive orthodoxe et sa famille à Bnei Brak, en Israël, afin de photographier son quotidien. Aujourd’hui, elle espère y retourner et prolonger ce projet en s’intéressant à la jeunesse de sa famille et aux gens rencontrés sur place.

Chasing the Sun 

Par Adrien Vargoz

Rjukan, un village de l’arrière-pays norvégien, vit dans l’obscurité six mois par an. Un jour, Martin Andersen décide d’ériger un jeu de miroirs énormes qui renvoient les rayons du soleil sur la place du village. Avec Chasing the Sun, Adrien Vargoz compte étudier l’effet de ce halo lumineux sur la vie sociale du village.

Hang up (Raccroche) 

Par Prune Phi

Hang up (Raccroche) sera le troisième chapitre d’une série signée par Prune Phi sur le thème de ses origines vietnamiennes. Elle prévoit un périple de trois mois au Vietnam pour collaborer avec les jeunes sur des questions culturelles, sociales et identitaires.


Par Chloé Wasp

Apercevoir un jaguar reste relativement rare, même au sud-est du Mexique où les habitants sont fascinés par « el tigre » depuis l’ère pré-hispanique. Cette « chasse à l’âme » dans la jungle s’articule autour du trouble entre vue et visions, réalité et imaginaire.

Break Tradition. Break Habit. Break Expectations. Break Kickstarter.

Jun 3 2019

Your work takes risks. Your project can, too. 

Over the past 10 years the Kickstarter community has learned a thing or two about how to develop and run a Kickstarter campaign. This July, we invite you to rethink everything with Break Kickstarter

Stretch the limits of our platform

Break Kickstarter is an initiative supporting unconventional campaigns, running from July 15 to August 15. You’re invited to play with the structure or concept of running a campaign, and stretch the limits of our platform. Take it apart, put it back together, and try something new.

Experimentation can lead to new ideas and new ways of seeing. By reimagining the very components of Kickstarter’s platform, we hope that you’ll discover new ways to find support for your work and to connect with the people who love it. 

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Turn project updates into a choose-your-own-adventure experience. 
  • Design your project page in a way you’ve never seen before—tell your story only in emoji or images. 
  • Create packaging and shipping materials that become an essential part of the work—or the work itself. 
  • Make reward tiers an opportunity for backers to unlock a new element of your project, like a new character in your comic or player in your game. 
  • Turn your project video into a web series that backers can revisit each day.

How to get involved 

To take part in Break Kickstarter, create a project that reinterprets the basic components of a traditional campaign. Add “Break Kickstarter” to your project title, and launch your project anytime between July 15 and August 15, 2019.

We’ll celebrate Break Kickstarter projects through July and August in newsletters, on our site, and on social media. Until then, stay tuned for updates and inspiration for those planning their projects along the way.

Learn more, start a project, and explore past projects related to Break Kickstarter.

Note: Keep in mind that we're asking you to break convention—not our rules. Only projects that follow Kickstarter's rules and guidelines will be considered for Break Kickstarter. Contact if you have any questions about what’s possible or when/how to launch your campaign.

Kickstarter Is Now Available in Chinese and Italian

May 16 2019

Today we are excited to announce that Kickstarter is available in two new languages: Traditional Chinese and Italian. We’d like to extend a warm welcome to Chinese and Italian speakers around the world, and especially to backers and creators who can now use Kickstarter in their native language.

Over 16 million people from across the globe have backed a project on Kickstarter. Our backers come from nearly every country, and currently, creators from 22 countries can launch one. We are a global company, and we want our product to reflect that.

We are constantly striving to make Kickstarter more inclusive through language localization. In 2015, we translated our site into French, German, and Spanish when we opened up to creators in France, Germany, and Spain. When we came to Japan in September 2017, we translated the site into Japanese.

For now, Chinese and Italian will be available as beta languages, so community support, our Help Center, and our app will not be available in these languages. We recommend that creators who launch projects in Chinese or Italian also include a translation into one of the five languages for which we offer support: English, French, German, Spanish, and Japanese. You can read more about best practices for translating your project page here.

To change your language preferences on Kickstarter, scroll down to the bottom of any page and select the language of your choice from the menu on the right-hand side. (Our site is available in Emoji, too! 😃)


Kickstarter 現已推出繁體中文與義大利語介面

Kickstarter 今天很高興地推出兩種全新語言介面:繁體中文和義大利語。我們熱烈歡迎世界各地的中文和義大利語使用者加入,使用自己的母語在 Kickstarter 上發起和支持專案。

在 Kickstarter 上,超過 1600 萬人曾支持過自己喜愛的專案。我們的支持者遍及全球每個角落。目前,來自 22 個國家的創作者可以發起專案。我們是一家全球性的公司,我們希望我們的產品也能夠反映出這一點。

我們一直在努力透過當地語系化使 Kickstarter 更具包容性。2015 年,當我們向法國德國西班牙的創作者開放時,我們將網站翻譯成了法語、德語和西班牙語。當我們在 2017 年 9 月來到日本時,我們同樣將網站翻譯為日語。


要在 Kickstarter 上更改語言偏好設定,請在任意頁面向下滾動底部,然後從右側的下拉式功能表中選擇所需的語言。(我們的網站同時支援 emoji 語言!😃)


Kickstarter ora è disponibile in italiano e in cinese

Oggi siamo lieti di annunciare che Kickstarter è disponibile in due nuove lingue: italiano e cinese (caratteri tradizionali). Desideriamo dare un caloroso benvenuto agli utenti di tutto il mondo che parlano queste due lingue, in particolare ai sostenitori e ai creatori che ora possono utilizzare Kickstarter nella loro lingua. Oltre 16 milioni di persone da tutto il mondo hanno sostenuto i progetti su Kickstarter. I nostri sostenitori provengono da quasi tutti i Paesi e attualmente i creatori di ben 22 Paesi possono pubblicare un progetto. Siamo un'azienda globale e desideriamo che il nostro prodotto rifletta questa prerogativa.

Cerchiamo costantemente di rendere Kickstarter un sito più inclusivo attraverso la sua localizzazione nelle varie lingue. Nel 2015 abbiamo tradotto il nostro sito in francese, tedesco e spagnolo e abbiamo aperto la nostra piattaforma ai creatori in Francia, Germania e Spagna. Quando siamo arrivati in Giappone, a settembre del 2017, abbiamo tradotto il sito in giapponese.

Per ora, l’italiano e il cinese saranno disponibili come lingue in beta test, quindi il supporto della community, il nostro Centro assistenza e la nostra app non saranno disponibili in queste lingue. Consigliamo ai creatori che lanciano progetti in italiano o in cinese di includere anche una traduzione in una delle cinque lingue che supportiamo: inglese, francese, tedesco, spagnolo e giapponese. Puoi leggere maggiori informazioni sulle migliori pratiche per la traduzione della pagina del tuo progetto qui.

Per cambiare le tue preferenze di lingua su Kickstarter, scorri fino alla fine di qualsiasi pagina e seleziona la lingua che preferisci dal menu sul lato destro. (Il nostro sito è disponibile anche in Emoji! 😃)

Ideas Into Plans: Our London Workshop for Women and Nonbinary Creators of Color

May 9 2019

Photos by Adrianne McKenzie
Photos by Adrianne McKenzie

Kickstarter and gal-dem teamed up to host a workshop for women and nonbinary people of color where artists shared inspiring stories, practical skills, and tips for bringing creative projects to life. 

Ideas flourish when they’re shared with others. At Kickstarter, one of the most powerful ways we support artists is by offering dedicated time and space to develop projects alongside fellow creators.

To mark Kickstarter’s 10th birthday on April 30, our UK team partnered with the magazine gal-dem to host an event for women and nonbinary people of color. With drinks and pizza in hand we welcomed our guests to Second Home London Fields, a venue dedicated to creative collaboration, for an evening of presentations, discussion, and lively workshop sessions with gal-dem founder Liv Little, The Literary Consultancy director Aki Schilz, Pakistan for Women creator Maliha Abidi, and Granby Workshop operations manager and artist Sumuyya Khader.

gal-dem founder Liv Little
gal-dem founder Liv Little

gal-dem’s success story wows the crowd, and a Kickstarter primer kicks things off 

Liv Little kicked off the evening. The story of how she turned the site, launched to address inequality in the media industry, into a sustainable company captivated the room. And our UK Outreach Lead, Gemma Seltzer, offered thoughts on how to successfully bring ideas to the Kickstarter community, and discussed how the platform empowers and supports independent creators, particularly those who are underrepresented in their fields.

“Even though not all of our [participants’] projects are the same, there is so much benefit from having women of color and nonbinary people of color in a room to share experiences,” said Little. “Transparency and openness is key.”

The Literary Consultancy director Aki Schilz
The Literary Consultancy director Aki Schilz

Storytellers learn to hone their creative vision with a few choice questions 

“Stories connect us,” said Aki Schilz, who presented on the theme of storytelling. But finding the words to share your story can be the hardest creative task. She offered three touchstones any artist can use to refine their creative vision: Why me? Why now? Why this story?

Pakistan for Women creator Maliha Abidi
Pakistan for Women creator Maliha Abidi

The creator of an inspiring book of empowering stories shares her motivation 

Maliha Abidi shared the ideas behind her Kickstarter campaign, a book of 50 true stories of Pakistani women who achieved extraordinary things. She was motivated, she said, by a desire to take action—to tell the stories she hadn’t seen told elsewhere.

“I picked up a pencil, bought a new notebook, and made a list of all the women I found inspirational in Pakistan,” she said. “I didn’t just want to make a list. I wanted to do something with the list.”

Granby Workshop operations manager and artist Sumuyya Khader
Granby Workshop operations manager and artist Sumuyya Khader

The value of open, transparent communication strikes a chord 

Finally, Sumuyya Khader talked about developing and sustaining a community around a project. She emphasized the importance of engaging with others honestly and genuinely—a sentiment that resonated with everyone in the room.

“Our machines broke down—we told people. We had a contaminated batch of plates—we lost 400 plates and it was a nightmare—we told people,” she said. “Whatever it was, we told people, so no one felt we had forgotten them.”

The group, together with Kickstarter's Heather Corcoran and Gemma Seltzer
The group, together with Kickstarter's Heather Corcoran and Gemma Seltzer

We’re all out to answer the big questions about creativity—together 

There were a few key themes we kept returning to over the course of the evening: confidence, trust, and building community. Deciding how and when to share your creative vision with others can be both exciting and challenging. Is an idea ever ready? What are the best strategies for communicating it? How can you incorporate feedback into your work while remaining true to your original plan and vision?

These are the big questions creators in all disciplines face, and we’re excited to work alongside you to find the answers—for the next 10 years, and beyond.

We Got You Something for Our Birthday

Apr 30 2019

Ten years ago this week, Kickstarter landed on the World Wide Web, and our whole office erupted in cheers. Except there was no office, just some folks working out of their New York City apartments. The office came in 2010. A few other things have changed since then. For example, 16 million of you have backed a Kickstarter project!

We’re kicking off our big tenth birthday celebration today with a few things you might enjoy:

  • Over at you can take a quick quiz and we’ll connect you with a live project that is unscientifically proven to be just what you’ve been looking for.
  • On the same page we share the stories of six Kickstarter creators from the past decade whose projects have made surprisingly big splashes in the world, from Elliot Higgins’ Bellingcat to Issa Rae’s “Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl.”
  • Our CEO Aziz Hasan talks about the importance of creative work in an essay for Kickstarter Magazine: “A world that optimizes for profit will optimize away from chance, beauty, dissent, free expression, and diversity. We need those things to survive.”
  • Speaking of Kickstarter Magazine, we’re publishing a whole series of creator-to-creator conversations and how-I-built-this essays that celebrate past projects and introduce some new ones. It starts today with a chat between the indie filmmakers Hal Hartley and Alexandre Rockwell.
  • This week's episode of our podcast, Just the Beginning, to be released Thursday, will take a look back at some personal moments from the first 10 years of Kickstarter, as told by creators and backers.
  • If you’re among the Kickstarter loyalists that we’ve dubbed superbackers, watch your email for a cool way to let the world know how much you’ve done to help creative ideas bloom. (We hope to roll this out for everybody else soon!)
  • Watch our Insta/Twitter/Facebook for chats about your own creative process, odd animations, amazing new projects, and… mad libs?
  • Backers and creators alike should watch out for surprises stashed in Kickstarter’s nooks and crannies.

Thanks for being part of our community and celebrating with us. Here’s to the next decade — and beyond!

Kickstarter Partners with Kodansha to Support Creators in Japan

Apr 17 2019


Today, we’re excited to announce a partnership with Kodansha, one of Japan’s leading publishers, to support creators in Japan across all categories.

Connecting creators in Japan with the rest of the world

Through the partnership, Kickstarter will provide Kodansha’s team with the tools, knowledge, and resources to help creators in Japan bring projects to life on our global platform. With these insights and tools in hand, Kodansha will advise creators on how to effectively tell their stories and find supportive audiences on Kickstarter.

“Like Kickstarter, Kodansha is a private company focused on championing each individual creator,” says Taro Kodama, Kickstarter’s Country Manager, Japan. “With Kickstarter, Kodansha’s team of over 500 experts will strengthen the bridge between talented creators in Japan and the rest of the world. We are excited to see how this new partnership will impact other markets to induce more creativity everywhere.”

A family-owned publishing powerhouse

Founded in 1909, Kodansha is the family-owned publishing powerhouse behind some of the most critically acclaimed manga series worldwide, including Akira, The Ghost in the Shell, and Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. In addition to manga, Kodansha produces magazines and books across all categories. Their editorial team has accumulated vast experience working with creators and helping to unlock their full storytelling potential.

“A Kickstarter project is a story in itself,” says Miki Nakata, Kickstarter’s Outreach Lead, Japan. “Every creator has a compelling story to tell, and they invite their audience to become part of that story. Kodansha is an expert on this exact matter—their name, ‘Kodansha,’ literally translates to 'storytelling company'—and we are excited to work with them.”

“The partnership is an excellent opportunity for both teams and many of the amazing creators they’ve connected with, who we couldn’t provide an ideal platform for,” adds Yuki Kishi, a representative at Kodansha. “Kickstarter will enable us to direct creators who weren’t able to find a place on our publishing platform to a fitting outlet.”

Keep an eye on to discover new projects launching as part of the partnership.


このたび Kickstarter は、株式会社講談社(本社:東京都文京区、社長:野間省伸、以下講談社)と、日本のクリエイターを支援していくためのパートナーシップを締結いたしました。

このパートナーシップにより、Kickstarter は講談社チームに、Kickstarter プラットフォームやミッションに関する情報を共有し、クリエイティブなプロジェクトを実現していくためのツールやリソースを提供します。これにより Kickstarter と講談社の両チームは、クリエイターの効果的なストーリーテリング、およびオーディエンスをみつけるための指導と支援に協力して取り組んでまいります。


■ Kickstarter Outreach Lead, Japan 中田 美樹によるコメント

Kickstarter のプロジェクトは、それ自体がひとつの物語です。クリエイターが実現したいと思っているアイディアの背景には、共感や応援の気持ちを呼び起こすストーリーが必ず存在します。それがうまく伝わることで、オーディエンスがバッカー(支援者)としてプロジェクトの一員となり、アイディアの実現を可能にしていきます。物語づくりのエキスパートである講談社チームの力によって、クリエイターそれぞれのストーリーがより一層強化され、世界中のバッカーとつなげていくことができると確信しています。

■ 講談社担当窓口 岸 勇喜によるコメント

本パートナーシップは、講談社と一緒に作品を生み出している多くのクリエイターと編集者が今まで実現できなかったアイディアを表現する場を提供します。Kickstarter を通じて、出版だけに捉われず、新しい表現の場で「今まで世になかったクリエイティブなアイディア」の実現をサポートします。

■ Kickstarter Country Manager, Japan 児玉 太郎によるコメント

Kickstarter と同様に、講談社はクリエイターを主役にすることを最も大切にしている非上場企業です。Kickstarter と講談社の500人以上のエキスパートが協力することによって、日本と世界のつながりが広がり、世界中のクリエイティビティがより活性化することを期待しています。また、このパートナーシップが日本以外のマーケットにもより良いインパクトを与えることができることを楽しみにしています。

講談社のサポートを得てローンチしたプロジェクトは、今後 にて紹介していく予定です。

$1 Billion (and Counting) Pledged to Games

Apr 16 2019
Meredith Graves, our director of music, and Luke Crane, our head of games, wielded frightful powers at the Roadburn Festival in the Netherlands last week. Our friend Christophe Szpajdel made this logo and now we have to get tattoos.
Meredith Graves, our director of music, and Luke Crane, our head of games, wielded frightful powers at the Roadburn Festival in the Netherlands last week. Our friend Christophe Szpajdel made this logo and now we have to get tattoos.

It’s a great time to love games. We are stoked-and-a-half to report that backers have now pledged more than $1 BILLION to Games projects on Kickstarter. And we’re just getting started!

Since launching in 2009, the Games category has grown steadily, helping titles like The Banner Saga, Exploding Kittens, Darkest Dungeon, Kingdom Death, Shovel Knight, and many more get the funding they needed.

Backers like you have funded nearly 17,000 Games projects, bringing to life the beautiful, bold, and unexpected visions of creators from across the globe. We’ve seen projects that made us laugh, cry, shoot lasers at bad guys, and think about games in totally new ways.

And as we’ve grown, we’ve continued to look for ways to support our creator community and get our backers the latest info. Whether it’s through our weekly emails, Projects We Love, or our creator-focused podcast, we want to give our more than 3.2 million Games backers the latest from the bleeding edge of independent games projects.

With $1 billion in pledges under our belt, we can’t wait to continue to grow Kickstarter Games and bring you more of the irresistible projects you never knew you needed.

Speaking of the future, here are a few of our favorite campaigns that are live right now. Their fate is in your hands...


A PC and VR adventure from the folks who brought you Myst. Strap on your goggles and your little robot buddy and solve puzzles in an intricate steampunk world.


Run a cozy cat cafe in this magical-girl-themed community sim. We need you to also know that there are giant cats you can ride like a pony.


Every creature in the land of Arzium sleepwalks endlessly through ancient ruins and unexplained wonders. Wake them and recruit them to help you find the cute.


Tell the tale of millions of years of marine evolution in this vibrant board game that is as educational as it is fun to play.

Blood on the Clocktower

You can’t be eliminated in this new social deduction game, but you may be taken to beyond the grave.