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Gantz Omnibus Volume 3 TPB

May 15 2019

How long will you stay in the game?

The stakes rise for the con- scripted Gantz team as they face an increasingly deadly array of bizarre alien adversaries. But while the team remain in the dark about the nature of the lethal ''game'' theyre forced to play, the consequences of losing couldn't be more crystal clear! Collects Gantz Volumes 7-9.

*Over 600 pages, value priced.

''Drawn with eye-popping realism . . . raising standard geek fare to a new level of sophistication.'' -Entertainment Weekly

American Gods: The Moment of the Storm #2

May 15 2019

The battling gods have a momentary ceasefire as they mourn a death in their ranks. However, the ''vigil'' that Shadow wants to be a part of may end up being more than he can handle.

Emanon Volume 1: Memories of Emanon TPB

May 8 2019
A new series begins from the artist of the Eisner-nominated?Wandering Island!
The year is 1967, and a young Japanese man is thinking about the future. On one side of the water, the war is raging in Vietnam; far away on the other side, the Apollo Project has just met with disaster as three astronauts die in a capsule fire. And here and now, on a long nighttime ferry ride back home, he will meet and fall in love with a mysterious young woman who carries a past deeper and more profound than his dreams and fears of tomorrow. Her name, she jokes, is no name--Emanon...and she can never be forgotten, any more than she can forget...

Beasts of Burden: The Presence of Others, Part One

May 1 2019

A team of paranormal investigators poking around Burden Hill disturb the graveyard where the ''Master'' lies, setting off a chain of events that will have serious consequences for the animal defenders of the haunted town.?