Alderac Entertainment Group

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Josh Wood

Aug 24 2021

Josh is the designer of Cat Lady for AEG.

Board Game Geek: Josh Wood

David Thompson

Aug 24 2021

David is the designer of War Chest for AEG.

Board Game Geek: David Thompson

JT Smith

Aug 24 2021

JT is the designer of The Captain is Dead.

Board Game Geek: JT Smith

David Short

Aug 24 2021

David is the designer of Scorpius FreighterAutomobilesPlanes and the Destination Fun Combo Pack. He is also the designer of Backyard Builders Treehouse.

Board Game Geek: David Short

Paul Peterson

Aug 24 2021

Paul is the designer of Smash Up.  He is also the designer of Guillotine, and he shares design credit for CloutApocrypha and The Ninth World.

Board Game Geek: Paul Peterson

Daniel Skjold Pedersen

Aug 24 2021

Daniel is the designer of Inner Compass. He has also designed Deep Blue.

Board Game Geek: Daniel Skjold Pedersen

Ryan Miller

Aug 24 2021

Ryan is the designer of Fantahzee. He has also designed Epic PVP, and Valerian the Alpha Missions.

Board Game Geek: Ryan Miller

Bryan Merlonghi

Aug 24 2021

Bryan is the designer of Cutthroat Kingdoms.

Board Game Geek: Bryan Merlonghi

Peter McPherson

Aug 24 2021

Peter is the designer of Tiny Towns.

Board Game Geek: Peter McPherson

Wei-Ming Ling

Aug 24 2021

Wei-Ming is the designer of Walking in Burano. He also designed Planet Defenders and Trial of the Temples.

Board Game Geek: Wei-Min Ling