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Thunderstone Quest Kickstarter: Aftermath

Mar 25 2017


After yesterday’s Grand Finale we’re all recovering and catching our breath!

Some things that are important for everyone to know:

1: We will get the details of the Pledge Manager finalized as quickly as we can. Look for an email about the Pledge Manager in 6 to 8 weeks via the email address you registered with Kickstarter when you set up your Kickstarter account.

2: We won’t be monitoring the Comments thread regularly from now own. If you have a question or a comment please direct it to the Thunderstone Facebook group:

or send us an email at

We’ll poke our heads in the Comments channel about once a week to see if there is anyone who doesn’t understand the above and is still asking questions.

3: Refunds and matters related to payment will start getting processed next week if requested. Please email if you need help with things related to your pledge.

4: If you credit card failed to charge for some reason Kickstarter will try it a few more times before they give up. If you still haven’t been able to arrange payment by the time the Pledge Manager opens we will attempt to help you on that platform. That will also be a way to use PayPal (probably although there are issues with PayPal and Kickstarters we need to investigate).

5: If you are a retailer or are interested in the AEG Kick It Here program please email for more information about carrying Thunderstone Quest in your store.

Thanks again for a tremendous finish!

— The AEG Thunderstone Quest Team

Thunderstone Quest Kickstarter: Day Thirty Two 2nd Post Thunderstone Quest Kickstarter Success

Mar 25 2017

Thunderstone Quest Kickstarter Success

Thank you for supporting us on our first Kickstarter. It has been a fun month launching and running this campaign and with your help it has exceeded our expectations.

The campaign is just the beginning and after a long weekend of sleep we will excitedly jump into the next phase of the process. As we noted in an earlier update, one of the great things about launching a game via Kickstarter is that we get to go on the journey together. We plan to make that journey as fun and informative as possible.

Next week we will be outlining those next phases and talking to you about how we will keep you updated on the progress of your copy of Thunderstone Quest.

Until then we hope you have a great weekend of gaming planned.


— John Zinser & The AEG Team

Thunderstone Quest Kickstarter: Day Thirty Two A Grand Finale Rushes to the Climax

Mar 25 2017

A Grand Finale Rushes to the Climax

After the Dark Spirits and the Gnawers in the Dark came the Heartless. Golems animated by ancient magic and automata given life by energies unknown, huge and brutal they trod over all who would not give way.

Then came the Fury of the Elements as the very stuff of the cosmos was given malevolent purpose and enormous power. The heroes watched in awe as earth, air, fire, water and the Thunder and Lightning themselves dominated the battlefield.

But then fear was truly felt when the skies parted and the Dragons Unleashed descended on the world. Five ancient serpents rampaged through the lands bringing death and destruction in their wake.

None thought worse could come but then the very gates of Hell itself were thrown open and the Legion of Pain came to the world of mortal men. Demonic figures wreathed in fire and shadow, legendary masters of the underworld who sought not just obedience but to rip the very souls of the living free and cast them down into the Pit from whence none ever returned!

Who will stand against the The Unholy Guardian?

These waves of monsters were faced by brave heroes. Men and women born of legend and empowered by fate. They brought with them powerful magic spells, enchanted weapons and artifacts of power. With their help the day would not be lost. Stand now with these mythic figures and fight, fight against all who try to bring darkness and despair to the world.  It is time for you to wield THE POWER OF THE THUNDERSTONES!

We are moments away from welcoming the 5,000th Backer to the Campaign and we are nearly finished with the Grand Finale!

Thanks to all who joined us on this incredible journey!

— The AEG Thunderstone Team

Thunderstone Quest Kickstarter: Day Thirty Dark Spirits and the Gnawers in the Dark

Mar 23 2017

Dark Spirits and the Gnawers in the Dark

We are a third of the way into A Grande Finale and we have progressed through the beginning part of the adventure.

The first stirrings of evil were the Dark Spirits. Risen from the grave, empowered with eldritch energy, and determined to destroy all within their reach. We saw five horrific spectres – led by the Tormentor.

But this terrible new threat drew a powerful divine presence from the desolation. Regian has arrived. He bore the King’s Sword. He could draw upon the power of the storm. And, he was warded by the power of Nature itself.


Nature’s Amulet is the 9th Stretch Goal and it will be achieved soon!

What will come after the Dark Spirits? Bright eyes in the darkness. The crunch of old bone. The stench of carrion. They are known as the Gnawers in the Dark. Gnolls – hideous doglike humanoids who skulk in the shadows and strike without warning, feasting on the souls of the weak and unprotected.

Here is a sneak peek at Stretch Goal 10!

Now is the time to back Thunderstone Quest and follow the reveal of the Grand Finale as we race towards the end of the campaign. Follow along with the discussion on the Comments thread!

— The AEG Team

Thunderstone Quest Kickstarter: Day Twenty Nine The Finale Begins

Mar 21 2017

Backers, we have reached the time of the campaign when the pace begins to accelerate into the final days. As more and more people sign up to receive their Rewards the volume of pledges will rise quickly.

This campaign has wildly exceeded our expectations. Before we began we had a plan to use the Stretch Goals we had built for Total Eclipse of the Sun through the last day. But the pace of pledges was so high that we decided to accelerate the schedule and give you more content than we had originally planned.

Our team of designers have been working on a special surprise and we’re able to reveal it today. For the Finale of the Thunderstone Quest Kickstarter we’re undertaking …

The Quest for the Quest!

The team has been able to outline, create and begin testing the 5th Quest for Thunderstone Quest which to honor the campaign will be titled A Grand Finale. We are going to release the cards in this Quest as a series of Stretch Goals between now and the end of the campaign.

This will be a complete 243 card Quest just like the other four already in the Campaign. It will have 3 Dungeon Tiles (instead of 6). It will use artwork from previous releases in the Thunderstone line. The cards will be mechanically new, but you will see some familiar faces, some benign and welcome, others that have haunted your dreams, since the first Thunderstone was discovered!.

Tracking the Grand Finale

We are going to close the Dungeon for the Stretch Goals already released in the campaign and start a new tracking graphic just for the Finale. You will note that the graphics for the Explorer and Champion Rewards have been updated to reflect the inclusion of The Total Eclipse of the Sun. Nothing has changed regarding the inclusion of the Stretch Goal content – both Rewards still include all the Stretch Goals in the Campaign, both those already unlocked and those that will be unlocked during the Finale.

A Grand Finale is going to be comprised of over 50 Stretch Goals. We are setting up the Quest for the Quest with individual cards as goals so that we can generate maximum momentum as we go into the final hours of the campaign. Being able to keep up a pace of regularly hitting and revealing new goals will keep the campaign fun as we head into the final stretch.

A Grand Finale Stretch Goals will be tracked in their own graphic which will appear at the top of the Campaign page. The graphic for both Rewards will show a numerical indication of each Stretch Goal as it is added to the Reward packages but we’re not going to replicate the graphics twice like we did for the earlier Stretch Goals and Champion Reward. That will make it easier for us to keep updating the page in near real-time and streamline our process for pushing information out about new Stretch Goals.

Thank You For Your Support!

A Grand Finale has been made possible by your generous contributions to the Campaign. We are incredibly pleased that due to the amount of money we have raised we’re able to add this extra content to your Rewards. Without you, none of this would be possible.

Now it is time to get ready. Terrible forces of Evil stir in the land. Legendary heroes gather. At the Grand Finale your sword, your spells and your faith will be all that stands between the green and verdant lands and the homes of the common folk and an onslaught of monsters and nightmares!

Thunderstone Quest Kickstarter: Day Twenty Five Part Two Get the Print & Play Rules Now

Mar 21 2017

We are making available a First Look Print & Play for Thunderstone Quest. Click this link to access the Drop Box folder containing the files.

The Print & Play is not final, not finalized, subject to change, and not complete. It represents enough of the Thunderstone Quest rules, cards and components to let you play the game, see how the game differs from classic Thunderstone and Thunderstone Advance, and get a sense for the kinds of components we’ll be producing for the Kickstarter Rewards.

There are 6 files in this folder. You will need to download each file, and print it out then cut & prepare the components as necessary to play.

Because a significant amount of questions and answers about rules could clog the Comments channel and make it hard for us to monitor it for questions about the Campaign, we ask that you please take questions about the Print & Play rules to our Facebook Page where we’ll be able to more effectively answer them. If you post rules questions to the Comment thread they won’t be answered. We’d appreciate it if you would “Like” our Facebook Page while you’re there!

We hope you have as much fun playing Thunderstone Quest as we have had making it!

Thunderstone Quest Kickstarter: Day Twenty Five Announcing Add-On Two: Card Sleeves

Mar 21 2017

Today we updated the Campaign with our 2nd Add-On, Premium Sleeves!

We are providing these Sleeves (which use the same plastic that we used for the Mystic Vale sleeves) in packs of 500 for $15. You can order as many packs as you wish but you must be at least an Adventurer Level Backer to order.

You will need 4 Packs (2,000 Sleeves) to sleeve all the playable cards in the Champion Reward plus Epic Add-on. You will need 2 Packs (1,000 Sleeves) for the Adventurer Add-On.

How to Use Add-Ons:

Kickstarter does not directly support Add-Ons. They are not a formal part of the Kickstarter system.

Calculate the total amount of your Reward plus all the Add-Ons, and alter your Pledge to that total. For example if you wanted the Champion Reward, the Epic Add-On and 4 Packs of Sleeves, you would manually adjust your Pledge to $190 ($100 + $30 + $15 x 4).

When the Kickstarter ends you will be sent a link to a Pledge Manager. The Pledge Manager is a 3rd party tool that we will use to manage your Pledge. In that tool you will be able to allocate the extra funds you pledged to the Add-Ons you wish to include with your shipment. The link to that Pledge Manager will be sent to the email address you have associated with your Kickstarter Account so be sure that address is current and being monitored. (If you are reading this in an Update Email from Kickstarter, the link will go to the address that received this Update).

If you have any questions about this Add-On, or Add-Ons in general, please post to the Comments channel and we will do our best to respond quickly!

Thunderstone Quest Kickstarter: Day Twenty Four How to Play Thunderstone Quest Video (And and Update for Brazil)

Mar 21 2017

Backers today we posted a How to Play Thunderstone video that we recorded during the AEG Summit last week. It’s a little rough but quite serviceable.

You will hear Mark and John talk about a Print & Play version of the game. We will have that posted to the Campaign soon – it is in final editing and review!

If you have any questions about the rules and systems you see in the video please feel free to raise them on the Comments channel on the Campaign page and our crack team of Thunderstone experts will attempt to provide illumination!

We have also achieved the Yellow Knight Stretch Goal at $360k! A new Stretch Goal will be posted later this afternoon.

Sadly we have some news for our Brazilian backers that is not good. After consultation with several of the shipping companies that we’re consulting with to handle fulfillment we’ve added Brazil to the list of countries we’re not going to be able to ship to. This is due to the fact that shipments into Brazil cannot be reliably delivered. If matters improve before we begin shipments we will be certain to update the community.

Remember that you can cancel your pledge at any time before the campaign ends inside Kickstarter.

Thunderstone Quest Kickstarter: Day Twenty And Now The Guardian

Mar 21 2017

The final confrontation in Thunderstone Quest is with the Guardian.

The three Monster decks in the Dungeon have six Keys hidden within them. When the fourth key is revealed from a Monster deck the Guardian appears in the Wilderness. Once the Guardian has appeared each player has the opportunity to either attack the Guardian or have one last visit to the Dungeon and then the game ends.

In the final turn each player performs their normal card draw and draws an additional four cards and then discards down to their current hand size. This means that on the final turn each player has the opportunity to get a great starting hand to defeat the Guardian.

The Guardian is not removed when defeated by a player.  If a player beats the Guardian that player will be amply rewarded. But the rewards for the Guardian scale, based on how successful the player is.  Each player has an opportunity to earn those rewards independent of the others. Players are not compelled to fight the Guardian.  After a player has assessed their final draw they can choose to take a final Dungeon turn instead of confronting the Guardian.

Each Quest comes with three versions of the Guardian, each of slightly different difficulty, meaning that different Adventures within the Quest have a scaling challenge.

Once each player has either fought the Guardian or taken a final turn in the Dungeon the game ends and Victory Points are totaled to determine the winner.

We think the appearance of the Guardian provides a dramatic conclusion to the game. Players are building their decks to attempt Side Quests and to achieve Guild Quests but the biggest rewards come from defeating the Guardian which provides an excellent comeback mechanic and increases the suspense about who will win when the Victory Points are finally tallied.

— Mark Wootton

Thunderstone Quest Project Lead

Thunderstone Quest Kickstarter: Day Nineteen What is Your Quest

Mar 21 2017

With the revelation of the 23rd Stretch Goal, the Dungeon Room tiles, we confirmed the Backer theory from the Comments channel that the card-based Stretch Goals so far add up to a whole new Quest, Total Eclipse of the Sun!

(Graphics and packaging are not final and subject to change)

So what constitutes a Quest? A Quest is comprised of:

  • 6 Heroes
  • 6 Monsters
  • 12 Support Items
  • Dungeon Tiles
  • Treasure
  • A Guardian

We have developed several Adventures for each of the 4 Quests in the Champion Reward (and the 2 in the Adventurer Reward, of course). Each Adventure is a list of Village and Dungeon cards that you use as your initial setup for a game of Thunderstone Quest. Of course you can design your own Quests (and Adventures) by selecting your own set of cards, or you can make a randomized game (using the provided Randomizer) cards. All the components from all the Quests can be combined as you wish just as in Classic Thunderstone. We are thinking about ways to link all the Quests together with some elements of persistence between Adventures and the developers have some really interesting ideas!

(For those who are wondering, YES! all the unlocked Stretch Goal cards will also automatically appear in the Epic Thunderstone Add-On at no additional cost.)

When you combine the Side Quests and Guild Quests to the mix we think there’s an incredible amount of replay value in Thunderstone Quest!

Not every Quest will have 6 unique Dungeon Room tiles, although the 4 Quests in the Champion Reward do. And future Quests might have different ratios of card types, or different numbers of cards in a type. But generally speaking a Quest is approximately 240 cards of the types listed above and a selection of Dungeon Room tiles.

You can probably guess what the next unrevealed Stretch Goal will be. Our team originally designed the Kickstarter to end with the next unrevealed Stretch Goal if we hit our optimistic target for pledge levels. But the demand has been so much greater than we hoped that we simply cannot stop the momentum.

The Thunderstone Quest Developers have been burning the midnight oil and today at the Summit they presented their plans to keep up the tempo.  We have added some additional interim Stretch Goals that we’ll be revealing in the next 10 days, and those will lead into The Finale, the final 4 days of the Campaign for which we have prepared a really exciting finish!

— The AEG Thunderstone Team

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