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Sep 212013

Modiphius Calling 300x300 Featured image

In episode 3 of Modiphius Calling Nick Fallon of F3D joins us to talk about games and his Cimmerian Space Kickstarter, we have two interviews from Gen Con; Margaret Weis talking about her writing career and new projects including the fantastic Firefly RPG plus Monte Cook tells us how he got in to the industry and what led him to the world of Numenera.

Running Order
01.00: News From Modiphius: 3d Virtual Tabletop (they subsequently ended at $56k on their Kickstarter)
02.25: Interview with Nick about Cimmerian Space
14.06: Mobile Boardgaming: Chris: Eclipse, Ancient Rome, Josh: Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition
24.54: Margaret Weis Interview
34.35: What’s on Your Table – Chris: Dungeon Roll Josh: Ambush Alley; Nick: Defenders of the Realm
54.24: Monte Cook Interview

In episode 4 Josh will be reporting on the Tokyo Game Show and we’ll have interviews with Chris Pramas of Green Ronin and Charlie Krank from Chaosium.

Episode 3 Links

Margaret Weis
Margaret Weis - http://www.margaretweis.com
Storm Riders - http://www.margaretweis.com/#!congrats-margaret/czdi 
Firefly RPG - http://www.margaretweis.com/#!shop/c23st

Monte Cook
Monte Cook Games - http://www.montecookgames.com
Numenera RPG - http://www.numenera.com

What’s On Your Table
Pandemic - http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/30549/pandemic
Dungeon Roll - http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/138788/dungeon-roll
Ambush Alley - http://ambushalleygames.com
Defenders of the Realm - http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/65532/defenders-of-the-realm

Modiphius News
3D Virtual Tabletop

Nick Fallon – Cimmerian Space

Mobile Gaming
Ancient Battle – Rome
Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition


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