Jan 022013

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This is just a brief minisode to announce the winner of our Holiday Giveaway.  The cast wants to offer our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to everyone who entered or even thought about entering the contest.  It was a lot of fun, and it was a very rewarding experience for us here at the Prismatic Tsunami community.  Thanks again!  And thanks to our sponsors, linked below!

We look forward to more great promotional ventures in the years ahead, and we encourage to visit any or all of these fine folks and let them know how much you appreciate their support of the hobby, the community, and our humble little program.

Cheers! And Happy 2013!

~ E.

P.S. If you are one of our alternate prize winners, expect to be hearing from me soon.



DicePouch.com – The Bag Lady manufactures extraordinary custom bags for your cards and dice. Select your favorite color, style, material, and design, and order a pouch for you or the gamer in your life today! You can even make all your selections right there on the website. Let Amy know we sent you!

The Burrow: Gifts for Geeks – A cool place to find all kinds of fascinating collectibles to help celebrate your inner (and outer) geekness. If you see something on their Facebook page that you’d love to get your hands on, drop them a line!

Pinnacle Entertainment Group – Makers of Deadlands and Tsunami favorite Savage Worlds. Pinnacle’s line of excellent products covers a broad expanse of RPG goodness that just keeps on giving… stop in and see what they can offer you and your gaming table!

Engine Publishing – The RPG publishing arm of Gnome Stew… producers of excellent tools and advice for successful game mastering, and a bunch of really spectacular folks. Check out their latest product, Never Unprepared. And don’t miss out on their back catalog…!

herolabiconLone Wolf Development – Makers of the excellent and astoundingly versatile character creation and management toolHero Lab, with platforms for numerous systems including D&D/OGL, Pathfinder, D&D4, ShadowrunCall of Cthulu,Savage Worlds, and more!

cahimageCards Against Humanity – Seriously. Just go buy it.


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