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Oct 082012

MetAnon AvatarIn the inaugural episode of our new interview series, we sit down for a casual discussion with legendary writer and game designer Robin D. Laws. Robin talks about some of his personal interests and background as both writer and gamer, waxes philosophically about diving into the world of podcasting, and touches on the inspiration behind several of his most renowned projects. He also tells us all about his newest game Hillfolk, now available as a Kickstarter. Metagamers Anonymous is a weekly podcast dedicated to tabletop roleplaying games and (mostly) related material. Feel free to post any comments or questions to our forum, or drop us a line at

Links from the show:

Robin’s personal website
Robin’s Twitter Feed
Robin’s Laws of Good Gamemastering
Hamlet’s Hit Points
Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff
The Toronto International Film Festival
WTF with Mark Maron
Doug Loves Movies
The Nerdist Podcast Channel
and, of course, The Hillfolk Kickstarter!

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