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Jul 312018

S02E00 – Welcome Back! - Fallout Wasteland Warfare


It’s Season Two of Modiphius Calling! It’s been four years since our last episode and we’ve come a long way! In this episode, James Sheahan tells us about Fallout: Wasteland Warfare which combines RPG and skirmish wargame elements into a game that’s dripping with theme. Giles tells us how he became a game designer and why he loves the  Symbaroum RPG and Zach tells us how knowing about the history of weapons can make your games feel more “real.”

1:54 – What’s On Your Table?

17:38 – Interview – James Sheahan – Fallout Wasteland Warfare

34:45 – Meet the Hosts – Becoming a Game Designer – History of Weapons


Music courtesy of Joshua John O’Connor
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Mar 242017
Immersion and Roleplaying Games

I once read an interesting blog from game designer Monte Cook about the challenge of pretending to be something that we are not.  As I recall, it hits on some deep and powerful threads of human psychology. (Sadly I can no longer find the article, as the original page has long since been deleted.) In essence, [...]

Sep 282016
Game Review - Ice Cool

GenCon 2016 Game review – Ice Cool At a glance – School is almost out in Antarctica but a few of the penguins are too hungry to wait!  They skip out on class and, racing through the hallways, make their way to the cafeteria to grab an afternoon snack.  Will they make it before being [...]